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  1. At this point I think it’s safe to say all 3 will be off. Be very surprised if they’ve signed again
  2. Yeah sure did! Presume it was from buying a stream
  3. Robbie Murihead signs for another year
  4. We are after mcginn permanently. Also tele says that McLean from Montrose has decided to stay part time
  5. Andy Millen assistant to end of season https://www.gmfc.net/club-statement-4/
  6. Robbie muirhead signs an extension until the end of the season....anyone else know that he had only so nee a 6 month deal?
  7. That is tremendous. He’ll be riddled with the fear today
  8. Surely we aren’t going without a back up goalie?
  9. Presume that’s the top smiths are promoting with a dodgy mock up photo digital photo again
  10. Yeah you still see the odd nike jumper getting used. Tinpot
  11. Yeah same! Or even better the admiral training stuff. Smiths and Morton should be promoting this his social media, email drops etc not just fire it on website and stumble across it
  12. Seen smiths have the “est 1874” training stuff for pre order. The t shirt and quarter zip top
  13. Good news. Another 2/3 next few weeks also needed but might get better quality loans nearer start of season Another goalkeeper and centre back a must. Would love a striker too but don’t think we’ll go for one
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