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  1. Expect ST holders to take up 475 of the tickets The residue should be given to essential workers as a freebie Shocked the season card can't be loaded need to skip down from Glasgow over lunch. Emailed Brendan but no response. Might be an overnight rabble forming Thursday'
  2. After the lift from getting an away win the relegation current is suddenly stronger against us. After Queen's game a difficult run before the Arbroath and Alloa games. At a minimum we need to be four points off the bottom spot going into those game to stand a chance and not shit our pants. Have not given up as I still see signs of good team spirit which we might need in buckets.
  3. Queens have two reds Shit result if the 9 men don't equalise
  4. Great save by McAdam Web main dunfermline page again I WANT MY MONEY BACK!
  5. A lot of the ball but no penetration or shots on goal. Great work by McGinn 10 mins ago
  6. Fecking stream off again Appologies for poor camera work but nothing about stream dropping out.
  7. Yes felt we were playing well but not creating any decent chances. Poor pen to give away boy had lost control and it was heading out. Also poor goal failed to clear after pushing them wide and left their man free on the midle of the six yard box. Feel we should still get a draw today.
  8. I went off line Any problems elsewhere Got back on lost first 4 mins
  9. After substitutions on Saturday it became clear Anton was not the solution. Tenure started with a surprise win and finished with one. Well Gus does have experience and hopefully get us over the line.
  10. A bit of a hypocrite Gordon. I have attracted 101 red dots and most of these are from you and your snapchat group. I am unaffected by such acknowledgements and will post as I see it. Yes I did read your post but are more in tune with VT and Dunning's thoughts on this matter. I am sure you have little if any management and financial experience. As dropping to league 1 is a car crash as you say. I see Clyde and Airdrie have benefited from that strategy. Let's not forget Partick and Falkirk. In the lower leagues in Scotland most clubs sign their players on 12 month contracts.
  11. Not sure you are any good at poker. I am more of a VT supporter. The Raes must go this season. There are only two options MCT and administration as the Raes won't service any debt over and above that owed to Golden Casket. Yes, I want to cut my £20/month contribution, but having paid it for two seasons I actually want a return or more accurately a successful outcome. So I would suggest we all take a moment and consider who is responsible for this mess. I hope current MCT members continue to pay their subs at least until we have an outcome this season and then make their decision.
  12. Didn win the 50/50 Gerry suggested who should go off. Then realises Nesbitt is staying on. If we turn this around it will confirm I know fuck all about football.
  13. Ah feck it. Seaside day outs order of the day? Get any 3 from 7 on for the second half. Might be an idea to appoint big Andy seems to understand what's not happening can't be the worse roll of the dice. Gerry says give it 10 to 15. I would say 2 mins.
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