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  1. Yes good on Tuesday also. No fulltime relays did they decide none worth showing. Pity really as I could only tune in from 16.15 and from the comments I missed our best period. Why did we get pinned back for the last 15 was Hoppy not shouting for them to get up the park where are our leaders in the team. With such a short season every win is a success but my nerves may not hold out.
  2. Live. Camera work big improvement, but keep it simple. Already seen the S St corner
  3. Good a few goals. Let's hope they are all at the WDE. On a serious point. I invested my last Tuesday's refund on a Queens PK PPV ticket. I would advise supporters to buy tickets early as suggested by Morton. My experience was simple but the match did not appear on my account for two hours. So might be a problem with buying just prior to match. Also can't seem to get by PayPal option, maybe PC knows I have an account. It may also be the verification paying by this method needs validation before loading matchday tickets. Buyer beware.
  4. Still not resolved test due to end 2 mins See team told to get out Quality not 1080 but watchable on laptop. Maybe not cast to TV Well I have things to do no further Tweets I see.
  5. Now a bit of pan and tilt still can't see SSt corner Not going well
  6. Yes does this each time. Doubt if the numbers are that high yet
  7. Some of my QOS pals text me they have got their money back. I had let things settle down before having a moan but outdone by Morton refund in account already so hang with it. As they say it's in the post. Better statement and correct result only need it sorted for Saturday test before I pay my cash. Any idea how many signed up doing the system in?.
  8. This match is on Premier TV which is a subscription channel. Not sure if they offer day passes, couldn't see that option when I viewed their terms after they confirmed they would show the game. Don't know the contract terms, but are Sky not allowing home supporters, maybe just season ticket holders, to stream. Will at least be professional camera work. So you pay your money and take you chances, must turn out better than tonight though they might think of getting Andy on their team.
  9. Sadly WDE good save from goalie Now TonTV giving an update. Need to learn from this. Andy was good and Gerry maybe a7. Need to get player names correct. Camera work was very poor. Was it a temp because Pixelot system faulty, need a further test run 1st v 2nd 11 30 mins each way.
  10. Can the camera not keep the ball in view
  11. Got 2nd half Maybe a bit less Gerry No cover of Sinclait St stand side corner, poor coverage of Queens goal
  12. I have not connected 504 error Utube on restricted mode feck me Is it on the radio
  13. Agree with what you say. Few of us asked for our residual tickets to be refunded and bought next season's ticket to keep the club alive. Interested to find our how our Edinburgh rivals price PPV as they charged the 36 game rate for their season ticket holders and normally charge premium rates for away supporters. Yes the Ranger's rate is a joke but at least you don't get a one pence in change, it being bacs Celtic on the other hand is season ticket politics. How do away fans get a look in which is not fair giving all OF away games and OF matches will be on Sky. Even Sky are doing great deals and I signed up for 9 months HD at £23/month for 3 passes on their NOW TV platform to help get me through the Covid winter restrictions. I think £10 is a fair rate, while missing the away matchday experience I will be viewing all away games if confirmed. Sadly laptop's N key packed in so awaiting delivery of new one today and then will give the PPV purchase system ago.
  14. What's the update on Ton TV access for season ticket holders and single game users. New site launched no tag for Ton TV. Media section just seems to be Utube videos. Could have given us some promotional preseason games.
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