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  1. Well its great to hit a nerve. Same old group of Whatsapp buddies called in for support. Have you signed the Arbroath Boy up yet? "ambulance chasing " is def not someone seeking financial gain for getting on the case. Is that not the reason for your operational participation in running this site. ie making money out of all the hits I and others generate. Pity you don't seem to understand my post or maybe copy and paste is the limit of your talents and buying and reading books is beyond you.
  2. Sad back to old habits Gordon, or is it Mr Gordon. Red dot response. Just when I thought you had grown balls. My post was aimed at MCT and a way forward too improve matters. I have been busy this week and didn't consider the old pals route simply because many are still avoiding attendance with Delta surging. As an aside I read an interesting book by Dr Anna Lembke, a world expert in addiction, Finding Balance in the Age of Indulgence. Have you considered reducing the need to heighten your dopamine levels through promotion/participation in this forum , in particular utilising your position/influence. She suggests you may have a digital dependency, much like a drug craving but more about self worth and less detrimental to the environment. I was happy that recently you had adopted a more mature and balanced approach to my postings and ask that you reconsidered what I said and really keep the red dots for comments that merit them.
  3. So that went well. Normally go to Firhill as its local but unable to get down for tickets this week. While commercially this does not affect Morton we need to get fans back in the habit of attending games. Anticipate MCT will have considered our fans comments and implement plans to overcome issues for non Inverclyde fans. Sale after home games a common sense solution and with some time to plan, omit Celtic B game.
  4. Sense has prevailed and we are now moving forward. Club have now issued new protocol for attendance at matches. End of zoned timed entry and compulsory masks , except when moving about the stand corridors or getting a pie. Full details on club web site.
  5. Scottish Gov allow crowds of 5,000 without application to local council's We are back unless some Council officer wishes to be on standby should the crowd exceed 5,000.
  6. Lithgow was a big upgrade on what we have had in the last few seasons. Sadly McGregor was light weight and found out by Dunfermline. Might be better against bottom half clubs or impact sub has something but not today. Hynes playing out of position and got lucky a few times in the first half need McLean back or new central recruit to let Ledger play right back. Big Muirhead had a few fresh air attempts when he looked odds on to score. Overall happy as I expect Dunfermline to challenge for the title. Equalizer was a cross come deflection lovely. 🤔
  7. Now urgent that Inverclyde Council authorise use of standing room or attendance will be limited to season ticket holders. As all MCT are basically volunteers need a result on this by Tuesday to allow progress on pay at the gate (cash tickets) or we will fail to maximise income and available cash to entice any decent players. Email you local councillor now!!!!!!
  8. The real season kicks off next week. Any idea how you access game. Told my card will work but if you need to come down to Greenock to pick up a ticket I am F$@ked.
  9. Just been for my jacket fitting. Now looking forward to free entry at away games. Might get invited to join a 4 ball with Crawford and the boys. Ah summer!,,
  10. Unless Toby has his red paint brush in hand. Record of giving 523 reds. As he has giving me only 100 who got the rest? Anyway he got a pat on the back from admin, do they do forum blazers? Anyone giving this a red dot must consider this not to be an open supporters forum but an extension of their WhatsApp group. Oh have a nice summer 😇😇😇
  11. One of the biggest winners will be the VAT man at 20% Seats will have to be cleaned. Stewards will be around for much longer with the phased entry system. So costs may be higher but as said this is a get the fans back involved and onboard initiative. The real question is why has the Scottish Gov. imposed such restrictions while in England they set reduced capacities but no evidence of social distance restrictions. As for all "we didn't get value for season tickets" sorry I don't agree. Been in fkin lockdown and was more than happy with the deal.
  12. After the lift from getting an away win the relegation current is suddenly stronger against us. After Queen's game a difficult run before the Arbroath and Alloa games. At a minimum we need to be four points off the bottom spot going into those game to stand a chance and not shit our pants. Have not given up as I still see signs of good team spirit which we might need in buckets.
  13. No need Alloa to sink to the bottom. Might work for us no great record in management.
  14. Yes looks like we might have seen the QOS door closing. Bigger worry Alloa have equalised and Arbroath drawing
  15. Well 25 mins and Morton still to record a shot on goal never less target.
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