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  1. Yes, should bin the social media promotional strategy. Must only post and not read what's being said as he has been well supported for starting games on this platform. A bit like Lyons maybe Anton doesn't like or read what's posted here.
  2. Yes 2 points chucked as you say. Opened brightly and got forward was looking good. Sadley fuck entertainment it's a win we need.
  3. Have gave this away. Nobody defended the left hand side at the free kick.
  4. Sterling can't be up to much surely would replace Salkeld after that final warning. Had a chance but can't get fully competitive with the CB
  5. Deselect McLean and Oliver. If Sterling does not start questions must be asked on why we took him on loan. Agree must be aggressive and test Dundee's back line.
  6. No need Alloa to sink to the bottom. Might work for us no great record in management.
  7. Heard the Bobsleigh team where head hunting him. Committee said his record of taking a team downhill quickly is second to none.
  8. Sad news a horrible condition. Sadly lost a friend last year who contracted at 60 no retirement life at all.
  9. Don't see Miller being the main man. As budgets will still be limited opportunity for player coach? Any decent players who have started their coaching badges on the horizon, Tam O Ware did a fair bit of shouting when in the team ? In truth not that excited by this feel we just need to make sure we stay in the championship.
  10. Glad of that point but this overall has not been a good day. Still touch and go if we can survive the eleven games to go. Only team in the championship who have not won I their last five games. 3 points a must v Dundee next week.
  11. Yes looks like we might have seen the QOS door closing. Bigger worry Alloa have equalised and Arbroath drawing
  12. Well 25 mins and Morton still to record a shot on goal never less target.
  13. Best outcome today is all lower placed teams fail to get a point. Yes a bit negative but that is where we are. Maybe a miracle will happen.
  14. Yes first game I will give a miss this season, pricing is a joke and tit for tat on that Hearts currency. Will also be giving the Inverness pixelate coverage a miss. Really irritated my Queen's supporting mate on Weds by shouting on IC to get stuck in and get the goal back only for him to confirm the live stream was still 0 v 0 and not only late but poor quality. So much so he couldn't make out which Queen's player was on the ball.
  15. I was always concerned that MCT appeared when GC were looking to plug their losses and seemed to find a willing partner who in turn sold this to the fan base. Starting to think I have been sending GC £240/year when I thought I was helping to keep Morton going. Unless MCT step up to the mark soon and demonstrate leadership and an understanding of property ownership and management this is going tits up and GC are taking my cash with them. I understand MCT are a voluntary group and their chairman has had major health issues but surely their risk management consultants would have id
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