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  1. Cadden off to Forest Rov a significant loss. Urgent we tie up Nisbitt
  2. So you don't come from Greenock. Larkfield was commonly know as Burns Square because as you said previously the buses stopped there. The bus destination was Burns Square that's why. I know for sure Cumberland Road houses are still standing. Did you play for St Andrew's boys club last chance?
  3. Do you have a brain? What I do is clearly within the lockdown rules. Essential travel to what was my nearest shop offering click and collect for a weekly food and drink uplift at a non contact shop. My local shops were not offering this service. You you seek a GP appointment the cabin fever is worsening to help matters I have put you on ignore as you comments and language skills are of no interest to me.
  4. Burns sq was use as the collective name given to the area. For interest I lived in Cumberland Road just across for Ravenscraig and hence why I went to Greenock Jns games. Correct there are only one s, but late at night I am prone to errors, a bit like reading anous comments. As for why I go there who knows but slots were available and it's nearly all motorway for me and gives the car a run. Burns Sq used to have a library as well as being a terminal. My house was built in 1954/55 just to complete the Jack in Story report.
  5. One of the few places I have never visited, Linwood that is. If you are suggesting I am a St Mirren supporter I am lost why you would think that. I grew up in Burns Square and while I attended Greenock Jns games for a while started following the Ton home and away from 1968 and have held a season ticket since 1975. I moved to Glasgow to stay while at University in my 4th year in 1977 and decided to stay as my partner was doing her Phd and it was easy to drive to Greenock for the games. Hope that's cleared it up 4 you. As now retired I attend the majority of games when staying in Glasgow. Funnily enough I have been going to Morrissons in Johnstone for my click and collect shopping easy down the motorway.
  6. Gentle respectability!!!!! Oh la la As an OAP I find you language offensive and bullying what kind of humane being are you less Morton supporter. In my time I have survived some dangerous violent thugs in Burns Square but moved on when 21 and they went down for murder and I thought they where my friends. I have found your red dots funny but they concerned me as they displayed a physiological undertone. You have a right to disagree with the points or comments I make but please make a reasonable agrument or just amuse me with a red dot.
  7. When you boys fall out you fall out for life. Only posted here so I could be last man on all forum sections. That's how bored I am. Can't wait for Capjamie to load up my red dot total, might go top of the league.
  8. VT could fill all these posts and still have time to post here.
  9. Thought games behind closed doors would work sadly all are like training games. Atmosphere is essential in Bundesliga fixtures. Maybe if it included the Ton might just keep awake.
  10. Depends probably on if and when our business interruption insurance pays out. I see a number of companies are saying does not cover Covid 19. Hopefully a new super Renfrewshire team located in BishopTON will rise from the devastation in Scottish football. That not being the case might catch a few Greenock junior games. Is Martin still involved?
  11. Yes good news and Dundee and Budge well shafted. VT's position that we should all play for places in any newly constructed league format is the only fair way forward if they continue to promote this. Do I smell another Raging investigation. Collusion seems endemic in Scottish Football.
  12. Keep up with the government statements not your social media account. Have a look back at what was said on Wednesday by the Chief medical officer England, Scotland will follow this strategy. Also look at the iplayer for the channel 4 programme. Yes we will get a clearer picture once the Scotish Gov. Publish their strategy. So maybe you could give it a view before ranting on and provide a comment on our response to games without fans. I am lucky I was married to a bioscience research fellow and have a fair knowledge of what's required in developing a vaccine so sadly I fear no footie attendance in the near future.
  13. Well that's put the cat among the pigeons. Gov medical advisor today indicating we should expect social distancing until at least Jan 2021. Discussion by scientific panel on channel 4 tonight indicates no chance of Covid-19 jab this side of Christmas and more like 18 months before they can produce large quantities of the vaccine, if successful in developing one. No chance we are getting to Cappielow to see a live game then before next year. So what's the Government lockdown plan? Players tested weekly and games behind closed doors? Will supporters be willing to pay per view for internet access to games, will be cheaper with no travel costs but can Morton survive? When will life get back to normal? Life and income for those in the GIG economy is well and truly down the pan. Thoughts!
  14. Not sure on the 14, 10, 10 and 10 set up for one season. 8 in bottom div won't be happy with two new teams who might survive the initial season, if happening keep to eight teams. No promotion from the championship, no point in attending games and high chance original survivors will be relegated next year. More than just St M, L and Hamilton could be in the PL relegation mix. Time to accept this is not a normal year so current decision was necessary for survival and getting to next year. Let's continue with the strategy that PL games should be completed by a set last date. Would suggest end of June and work out when games must start by. This will impinge on the summer break but so be it. Once we reach the point of no return vote to end the league and award the title and relegation spot.
  15. Well it's a sad day for all as we have finally loss Dundee Unt. I dare say trips to the capital was offer us some consolation. Ha Ha With Patrick in league 1 poor auld Falkirk might have a fight on their hands getting third after Cove.
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