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  1. Hopkin mentioned in his interview last week that the players are still technically on furlough until Oct so i'm wondering if we are not bringing any new players in now to purely save on paying their wages for a few weeks and we will bring loans, free agents( if there is any left) in as late as possible. Pretty stupid from a time to gel point of view and the potential to miss out on certain players but if the board can save a couple of grand for a month, I'm sure they would be willing to take the risk. Hope i'm wrong and we sign 3 players today though!
  2. Probably because no one else wanted them, ( Nesbitt excluded) If someone was stupid enough to offer some of our dead wood more money, they would have been off in a shot but many of our squad wouldn't get a game for a Championship club and were probably buzzing just to get an offer. He even spoke about his disappointment at not retaining Ramsbottom, Doolan etc. The whole interview was really frustrating and Hopkin has no one to blame but himself if he doesn't have money left after spunking it on 4/5 players who are simply not good enough. Still can't believe he had the audacity to ask for more funds from MCT.
  3. Aye would be happy to take him back, Better than what we have, knows the players, how the manager works etc. Will no doubt have a couple of offers but he seemed to like it here and I would imagine Hopkin will be speaking to him.
  4. We never had anyone with 10 league goals last season and did ok in the end. Mchugh finished on 8. For me, we need both. A quality CB to come in and be a starter straight away with Mcginty/Mclean/Jim fighting it out for the other starting place and a striker to hopefully come in and score at least double figures. Would agree that a top striker is a must and its something we have lacked at this level since Denny Johnstone 5 years ago. Worry for me is that we will struggle to attract someone who can come in and score 10-15 goals this season. Maybe Orsi or Muirhead will shock us or we will need to get very lucky and find a gem from somewhere.
  5. Hoping a keeper, RB and a CB comes in sooner rather than later. A big problem last season was the defence was all over the shop as it was practically a brand new back 4/5 and it took a few months to settle down resulting in a few absolute pumpings. You'd like to think at least 3 new players will come in and be certain starters and we don't have the luxury of a full Betfred cup campaign to gel before the league starts so we really need to get them in soon to give them time to work on shape, get to know each other etc etc. Presumably we will hear about friendlies soon too, hopefully 3 or 4 lined up before the 1st cup game. Or Salkeld.
  6. Aye cause another midfielder is exactly what we need, only have ten on the books to date...
  7. I bought mine 2 weeks ago and we were around 250. The tele reported this week that we had sold 60% of last years number already so must have sold no more than 500 last season. We seemed to market the season tickets much better when Snake took over and we sold 1100-1200 that season but of course the reduced price helped big time and we signed a couple of decent names ( on paper) and there was a feel good feeling throughout the whole of pre-season and the league starting until that famous Friday when he fecked off. With the current situation, I can't see our number improving much unless we make some good signings.
  8. Tom English man, can't stand him! Darryl Broadfoot came across well to be fair to him, certainly won that debate! Loved his wee digs at Hearts!
  9. Surely with our jack of all trades recruitment expert, we can bring in someone a bit more high profile and experienced. Don't fancy going into the season with 2 young inexperienced keepers. I don't mind Wylie being number 2 as long as we have a dependable number 1.
  10. Argument here is about them starting training a few weeks ago. The 24th Aug rule only kicked in recently after the Boli and Aberdeen farce which then forced Hearts to stop training. Ive not seen anything to suggest they broke the rules a few weeks ago, if they had, im sure a lot more would have been made about it at the time.
  11. If they were allowed to start training a few weeks ago, don't see the problem. If we were allowed to but decided not to in order to save a few quid, that's our decision. Dont really agree with Mckinnon at all here.
  12. Aye it was purely tongue and cheek when i said they are theoretically paying their wages. Think everyone knows MCT can't control that in the slightest. The frustration lies with Hopkin offering these guys new deals in the 1st place.
  13. Could argue MCT are covering all the dead wood like Blues, McLean, Millar, Muirhead and Mcginty.... Really frustrating that we are paying out wages on players we all know are not good enough knowing it could be spent on 3/4 better players who would actually make a difference. Wouldn't surprise me if we go into this season with no right back again whilst being overloaded with duds elsewhere.
  14. St Mirren will be away wont it, hopefully away to QP so we can go and social distance at Hampden!
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