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  1. Delighted with Nesbitt, was convinced we were losing him. Happy for Jim to stay on too. Always liked Oliver, when he was on form, he was very good. He won't get us 15 goals though. Surprised at some names on that retain list but at least it keeps most of the squad together and gives us a bit of continuity. (trying to stay positive with most of them) Hopkin does infuriate me though looking at the midfield. Our budget will be tight as we will no doubt hear every week from now on yet we have 4 players who effectively do the same job in Jacobs, Millar, McAlister and Blues. How much game time will Blues and Millar actually see? Could have easily utilised their wages elsewhere and be no worse off. Lyon can also play that deeper position if Jim/Jacobs were out. Centre back, keeper, right back and maybe another striker and that will be us i think. Imo, hopkin has been far too loyal to 4/5 members of that squad. Surely we could do better without stretching the budget. Big few weeks ahead.
  2. And yet nothing from the club as usual! Remember when McKinnon banged on about communication is key etc, any chance of practicing what you breach? Whats happened the the "weekly update". The last one was 4 weeks ago..
  3. 14 home games, 13 away too.
  4. Its pretty fair when you compare to the rest of the full time clubs. I looked at a few earlier; Dundee- £255 ICT-£246 Para-- £250 Queens- £210
  5. Can see McGinty being offered a new deal. I certainly didn't think he was as bad as some Thistle fans made out but wouldn't want him as a 1st choice next season. If he is a backup, then fair enough.
  6. Less homes games this year so will certainly be cheaper! We wont know how many home games we will have until the fixture list comes out right enough.
  7. Ive no doubt Hopkin will be speaking to players and agents all day every day regardless of being on furlough.
  8. Aa did Warren, Crawford and David...
  9. Hope it works but members contribute around 80k a year and that can drop at any time if people cancel their memberships. Surely it needs a lot more than that to be successful?? We need more fans through the gates and more members for MCT for this to work well. Not expecting much this coming season then, Crawford won't want to create any more debt Interesting times ahead.
  10. Dont think it's a given Nesbitt will stay, won't be short of offers either. Hope he does of course and as you say, it's a chance for McGuffie to stake a claim now
  11. Is the rule not under 23? He's 24 in Sept so expecting feck all.
  12. Dundee averaged over 5000 crowds last season, Dunfermline over 4000. Ours was 1600. That's a massive amount of revenue over a season, close to a million more in Dundee's case. Their budget will be considerably higher than ours. Id imagine budget wise, we will be competing with Raith, Ayr, QOTS and maybe ICT this season. No reason we can't compete for top 4 though.
  13. If we manage to keep Tumilty, Nesbitt and Cadden ill be absolutely delighted but i do fear the worst, especially with Cadden. He was brilliant last season abd got a lot of praise and good media attention. Can easily see a Dundee/dunfermline coming in and giving him 3-400 more than what we can afford. If i remember right, Tumilty stays in Stirling so he might fancy something closer to home too. If Ramsbottom stays, we might as well chuck it.
  14. He was miles better than Ramsbottom but i never quite felt he was all that brilliant for us. Decent, no doubt and if we were to sign him, it wouldn't bother me but I think there will be better keepers out there. If we retain Ramsbottom, that will bother me!
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