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  1. Hopefully the next image is a burd banging another burd with a Strap-on...
  2. Oisin and Tom Allan released by Newcastle. Oisin obviously a good player but not sure we have space for him now with O'Connor, Baird and Lithgow. No doubt have offers from down south anyway.
  3. Queens fans really wanted him to stay, comments like- best loan signing, hopefully overlooked by Championship clubs, WG must try and keep him etc. Appears to have started a bit ropey but really came onto a game and was one of their best players. Potentially another good signing from Douglas if he is to come in.
  4. You not getting mixed up with Reece Hands?? Cham scored a couple that day but weren't long range efforts.
  5. Incredible amount of speculation for a job that's not even available. Be funny if Taylor remained in place after all of this.
  6. I liked Baird first time around, happy to have him signed up. He played a big part in the improved league performances in Hopkin's first season and I'm sure having Lithgow beside him will help a lot.
  7. Not arguing with that, it's a shambles. Just making the TiS aware you can renew over the phone, saving a trip to Smiths.
  8. Can you not just phone up and do it over the phone with Brendan? That's what I've done last few years.
  9. 4 posts in total- this one quoted, one saying Quitongo was signing last year, 1 saying Brice Rice was taking over the week after Gus was bagged and the last one saying Jake Hastie was signing alongside a Hibs striker. Might want to have a word with your source, he's absolutely pish.
  10. I think with the right service and players around him, Ugwu would easily score double figures for us. 7 goals this term when the service was pretty horrendous and he was unlucky not to bag a few more. Imagine the goals he would have scored with Cadden and Nesbitt on either side of him?? Even when he is not scoring, he causes so much trouble for opposition defences with his physicality and trickery. If he moves down south, fair enough but would be gutted to lose him to another Scottish club at a similar level.
  11. If Dougie genuinely wants to keep McLean, suggests to me that he might be thinking about sticking with 352 which he said was a possibility in a previous interview. Having Lithgow and McLean as backup to a 4 would still concern him surely when 1 or both are required to step in at some point, so if you have the chance to release one, you'd do it surely to bring in someone with more pace. Time will tell I guess. Just hope Dougie isn't making the mistake of offering him(or Oliver) something because he's a nice guy, good to have around etc. Would imagine we will hear some news on the contracts soon, doubt the players will have much more time to make a decision.
  12. I'd rather we just released him than make him a coach and save on the wage. Our budget is clearly tight, don't think we need another 1st team coach. I'm sure between Dougie, Millen and Sutton we have enough coaching experience to look after 20-25 players. I do wonder if the conversation has taken place with Jacobs around him being allowed to move on if he can find a club.
  13. No issue with the price increase on last year. Last years price was presumably based on the unknown of streams against going to games etc. The £295 price gets you 3 free games effectively which is a decent saving. However it is still a lot of money for people to fork out so the club needs to encourage fans to part with their hard earned cash by announcing some new contracts/signings before the early bird deadline and give us some encouragement. I can't see fans rushing to renew unless we see some positive transfer activity. Also the MCT price should be cheaper than the early bird.
  14. They have added Dougie Imrie to that sentence now.
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