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  1. In true Kevin Keegan style, I'd fecking love to go down there in a few weeks and scud them like we did at Falkirk. Absolutely convinced McGinty had an ulterior motive in that Arbroath game so hopefully he plays and has a nightmare.
  2. Starting 11 something like this, Hamilton Ledger Lithgow McEntee Strapp Jacobs Oksanen Blues Allan Ugwu Reilly Bench- Wylie, McLean, Russell, Lyon, Muirhead, Knowles, Oliver. Certainly looks a lot stronger than it did on Saturday. I think the Newcastle and Brentford boys will be expecting to play most weeks, Reilly too. Knowles might need to play the impact sub role for now.
  3. Allan been on bench for Newcastle a few times and came on and set up joelinton on his debut in the FA Cup against Rochdale. Looks very quick. Impressed with those signings. Clearly the money was there and we were playing the waiting game to save a few quid but buzzing to see what impact these guys have. Been a tough few weeks supporting Morton but hopefully we can kick on and challenge for top 4 and get this takeover completed.
  4. Not entirely convinced that's a teaser, it's very unlike Morton to do such a thing, prob a typo!
  5. Wonder if MCT regret the decision to buy the club? Directors stepping down, leadership team members moving on, many members pissed off, uncertainty and lengthy delays around the takeover, inexperienced candidates to replace outgoing board members, a general manager who has never worked anywhere near this level before, a good few board/leadership members with marketing experience yet our communications in the main has been feckin awful, too skint to have even a 16 man first team squad by the end of August. It's been some start lads. MCT are out of their depth. I hope to feck they can turn it around but I fear the worst.
  6. He's not talked about positions because no one at the club asked him about recruitment when we conduct our 2 minute interviews with him. He may well have mentioned it in the Tele but im not paying a subscription to read basic info on the club which should be available via our official streams. Going by the latest MCT, we might be waiting a little longer for our next signings.
  7. Reilly and Ugwu is a very decent forward line for this league as long as we can create chances for them. If the next couple are of similar quality, I'll be happy enough.
  8. Unless the 470k budget ( by 4 chartered accountants ill have you know) has been cut, then he should have more than enough in his kitty to get the required players in. Our budget is meant to be more than last year and the same as Hopkins 1st season. He also willingly kept Robbie Muirhead so if he moans about budget he can fuck off. Get the feeling we have waited to the very last minute to avoid paying wages out. If MCT have cut the budget making us an absolute shitshow, they should never have bought the club in the first place and Crawford would have been forced to sell to one of those other interested parties. Would love to know these "behind the scenes" reason Gus spoke about yesterday. Scunnered.
  9. Think i'll be asking for my money back if the badge is as bad as it looks on that top.
  10. On Oliver, there absolutely was. Impossible not to have contact the way the boy left his leg in.
  11. Yet not out on our official channel 5 days later.... Failing with the basics time after time. On their pen BTW, exact same as ours. Jacobs leaves a leg in, misses the ball, boy falls over it, 2 stonewallers.
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