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  1. 5 games we have took the lead in this run of 9 winless games and obv won none of them, that's a massive worry. We better win next week.
  2. Minimum 4 points from next 2 to get us back on track. No reason why we can't get 6 right enough. Dundee have leaked 6 goals in last two games so we should absolutely get at them and think Anton will unlike his predecessor. Would like to see Lyon, Sterling and Johnson start in place of Blues, Nesbitt (who's been shite for weeks) and Salkeld. Optimistic 2-0.
  3. Inverness 2 Alloa 2. Decent enough result for us.
  4. Think we need a fresh start, new manager with his own team. If the new man decides to keep Midge on, then great, think it would be good to have some sort of continuity too. Still concerned with our budget constraints. Are we going to increase our budget to make it desirable for a new manager? By all accounts, the budget was really poor this season. Running on fumes at the moment and we need a new kitman, manager, CEO, goalkeeper coach etc. Can MCT afford that and make us competitive on the park? Hope to feck MCT works but I've got concerns.Hopefully some existing members increase t
  5. Expected the worst after our start but really grew into the game and caused some problems. Great finish my McGuffie. Jacobs was brilliant today, really need him and Lyon starting together from here on in with Colville in front of them. Back 5 all done well and thought Salkeld put in a good shift. Can understand why he started. 4 points from 4th to 9th. Alloa seem to be cut adrift but 6 teams are in a promotion/relegation playoff fight. I'd take 8th right now. Badly need a win.
  6. Jim has B license. Think he's working on his A.
  7. https://www.nottheoldfirm.com/interview/morton-defeat-frustrates-anton-mcelhone-once-again-as-he-rates-kazaiah-sterlings-debut/ One thing i like about Anton is his honesty. Saying its not good enough, we never tested the keeper, need to defend better etc. Refreshing compared to Hopkin's comments like " 1 error cost us, 1 breakaway the whole game, 1 mistake all game pish he gave us weekly. He knows its not been good enough, just hope he can somehow get us out of this mess.
  8. I presumed the reason we trained at Cappielow was simply to cut costs on using Parklea etc
  9. Aye no chance McGinty will be dropped and 2bf he has been generally good this season, albeit a few mistakes recently. Him and Marcus for me. Issue for me is none of the 4/5 wide men have shown any sort of form. All have had some game time recently and no one has impressed. Really need them to up their game otherwise Sterling will get very frustrated very quickly with the lack of service. Jacobs and Lyon to sit with Oliver in the hole is the obvious middle 3 but Jacobs has played 8 minutes in the last 8 weeks so doubt he will be ready. Millar did well last week so let him stay in the
  10. East Fife away in next round.
  11. Wylie's loan is due to be reviewed this month so I'd expect he will be back as backup for McAdams. No idea if he's good enough but I remember big Sam the Ram singing his praises so he must be amazing.
  12. Away to Alloa and home to Arbroath next, really need to be looking at 6 points and if we get that, we can put to bed any thoughts of relegation and really go for a top 4 finish.
  13. I'd recall Wylie. Saves spending unnecessary money on a keeper who probably won't play all season. Just need a competent keeper for the bench in the unlikely event that McAdams gets injured. If we were to lose McAdams for a longer period, we bring in a loan or free agent.
  14. Depends how you look at it, could view it as them taking points off our playoff rivals. Glass half full and all that.
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