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  1. He was still starting Blues ahead of him regardless which was a ridiculous decision in the first place. His blind loyalty to certain players is so feckin frustrating.
  2. Yeah pretty much same boat as you. Whilst I was happy for Dougie to wait for the right player(s) to become available, the club have known for 10 weeks that we needed a right back and here we are, still waiting. I'm not saying it's easy but it's part of the job to build a balanced squad and right now it's far from it. He didn't even need to build a whole new squad, we had a great nucleus to start with. Broadfoot should be a backup but instead he is playing every week. Another slow, painful start to the league it is then.. Lose on Sat and it's an awful start.
  3. Another rookie ref, only 1 Championship game under his belt! Can't be any worse than some of the more experienced ones we've had right enough..
  4. Proud of our overall performance today, fans were great too. Was worried a 4 or 5 nil pumping would set us back a bit but the team should take a lot of confidence into next week. Fancy us to take a few off Arbroath. 39k there today so 40% of that plus 55k prize money and 27k TV money, must have made close to 300k. No reason we cant bring in 1 or 2 quality players and challenge this season.
  5. I'm guessing we save a few quid by splitting it. Renting Parklea for 2 days a week instead of 4 will add up over the course of the season.
  6. Once he got up to speed, I thought he was very good for us and was sorry to see him go. Don't think we need him unless someone is leaving or we are deploying Blues as a permanent RB.
  7. Anyone know how many tickets we have shifted for Sat?
  8. Like the look of that team, much more balanced with no Muirhead in behind. Good to see 5 on the bench too.
  9. He was very complimentary about us on his pre-match Interview too. Said Cappielow probably the hardest away ground to win, Dougie a brilliant manager and praised many of our players, quite enjoy listening to him. The absolute roaster asking the questions though, he can get right in the bin!!
  10. Loved that game, even before the goals went in. I've always liked Murdoch and we know he's not a dirty player but I'm guessing his reputation with Morton fans is fecked after that tackle. Was impressed with Boyd again today, Caley fans clearly don't know a player and McGrattan did very well too. Crawford is something else man, boy needs a new contract now! Expected more from Ayr, look half the team they were last season, nothing to fear there. On the queues to get in, it was actually moving alright despite going back to the ticket office. It only really went into 4 queues at the turnstiles. Making 4 queues overall, 2 from tunnel, 2 from main road perhaps would probably solve the 1 large queue problem. I was only in it for about 5 minutes but heard a few moans and I'd imagine it probably got worse closer to KO. Few bodies in this week and we can go to Kirkcaldy with real confidence.
  11. If Garrity goes out it's because we have too many wingers. I'd like to think the last thing Dougie is thinking about is another winger.
  12. Would be an ideal signing. Good experience in this league and I'm sure Mullen would benefit from working with him. I know Scott is there, but he would probably be perfect for a player/coach role.
  13. Rangers reported 30k for that game. BBC reported 40k. Who to trust, Rangers or the BBC.. Tough choice!
  14. They'll have their champions league qualifying game a few days before and potentially their playoff round a few days later so hopefully they take us lightly and we take advantage.
  15. No I know, 21k(now 23K) isn't a small amount of money and I'm sure the club really need it but Dougie said we need to make it through in order to "bring in some more players". That additional money will need to go a long way to do that unless of course the tie is a money-spinner or we advance further.
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