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  1. I think most morton fans would agree with that Mcadams was a good keeper but far from perfect. Kicking and commanding his area needs to improve for him to kick onto the next level. Can see him going to a bigger club, but as a number 2.
  2. Aye pretty much this. Would've been happy for him to stay but not exactly gutted he's away. Plenty of keepers out there will be able to do a similar job. Hopefully we are talking to Rogers. Keeping 2 of our better players in Jacobs and Ledger is very welcome. A CB who can cover left back and the defence is sorted.
  3. Just goes around sitting on benches for a living.
  4. Works out at a fiver a game, can't get fairer than that imo. If only it was a fiver when I was 16/17.
  5. Knew it was coming after the final but for me he's a guy who scored 1 league goal in 26 appearances for us. Aye he might not have played through the middle in a lot of them but it's still an awful record for a striker and his overall performances have been shocking. MCT talk about going for a smaller, higher quality squad and we re-sign Blues and Muirhead?? That's going to do absolutely nothing to encourage new MCT contributions and more importantly season ticket sales(if they ever come out, already weeks behind our competitors, with some selling over a 1000 already) We absolutely ne
  6. As I thought, just because he didn't say sorry in that or every article written years later, didn't mean he never acknowledged it at the time. He fecked up, he was rightly prosecuted, he's apologised and he served his time. Most Morton fans appear to be accepting of that thankfully. Some will never change their opinion which is fair enough but glad most seem to be willing to move on.
  7. Sorry but how do you know he didn't apologise for it? Just because it doesn't say it in one article wrote years later doesn't mean he never did at the time. For all we know, he apologised to all his victims, privately or in court. He admitted to it so I'd be amazed if he didn't show some remorse at the time. We prob don't know half of what went on, what's been said etc for something which happened 13 years ago.
  8. A lot of work to do considering pre-season starts back in ten days and we have a first team squad of 4/5. Very few players, season tickets/new strip(s) not out, no BoD and the takeover still ongoing. Cut them a bit of slack because of the takeover and playoffs of course but we need to see some real progress over the next week or so or alarm bells will start ringing.
  9. Fjortoft, Mcginty, Salkeld, Wallace and Omar no longer on the official squad page...Muirhead, Blues and Orsi still are though.🤔
  10. Good that we are offering perceived very good (apparent) offers. Not so good that we felt it worthwhile to offer Mcginty one.
  11. Now convinced that big Sean knew he was signing for Ayr and got deliberately sent off against Arbroath with that stupid tackle to keep his new club in the Championship. Delighted he's gone, we can do so much better.
  12. Hats off to Fox, anything he had to do, he done it very comfortably over the two games. Happily take him next season. From the current out of contract players, I'd be happy to keep McAdams, Ledger, Fjortoft, McLean(as a backup) Jacobs, and Oliver.(third choice forward). If we can convince McGinn, I'd take him too, he's out of contract with Hibs. Nesbitt, Mcguffie and Colville, not that fussed either way. Decent players on their day,but not convinced they have done enough. The crucial list is this one- Butler, Mcginty, Blues, Orsi, Muirhead, Miller, Salkeld, Omar, Wallace,
  13. Been absolutely pish in 99% of his games for us. He could potentially click at the right club, under the right manager, but that can't be with us, he just hasn't done enough and needs to go. Never forget his goal tonight but there's no way he can be offered a new deal.
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