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  1. Hope it works but members contribute around 80k a year and that can drop at any time if people cancel their memberships. Surely it needs a lot more than that to be successful?? We need more fans through the gates and more members for MCT for this to work well. Not expecting much this coming season then, Crawford won't want to create any more debt Interesting times ahead.
  2. Dont think it's a given Nesbitt will stay, won't be short of offers either. Hope he does of course and as you say, it's a chance for McGuffie to stake a claim now
  3. Is the rule not under 23? He's 24 in Sept so expecting feck all.
  4. Dundee averaged over 5000 crowds last season, Dunfermline over 4000. Ours was 1600. That's a massive amount of revenue over a season, close to a million more in Dundee's case. Their budget will be considerably higher than ours. Id imagine budget wise, we will be competing with Raith, Ayr, QOTS and maybe ICT this season. No reason we can't compete for top 4 though.
  5. If we manage to keep Tumilty, Nesbitt and Cadden ill be absolutely delighted but i do fear the worst, especially with Cadden. He was brilliant last season abd got a lot of praise and good media attention. Can easily see a Dundee/dunfermline coming in and giving him 3-400 more than what we can afford. If i remember right, Tumilty stays in Stirling so he might fancy something closer to home too. If Ramsbottom stays, we might as well chuck it.
  6. He was miles better than Ramsbottom but i never quite felt he was all that brilliant for us. Decent, no doubt and if we were to sign him, it wouldn't bother me but I think there will be better keepers out there. If we retain Ramsbottom, that will bother me!
  7. Pretty sure he is leaving to better his career. Talk of Motherwell..
  8. According to the Tele, his permanent deal last summer was until the end of this season. Don't see any mention of a two year deal and would be amazed if we did offer that. Considering we have Jacobs, Colville and Lyon in there already, you'd imagine Jim will stay and we will potentially replace Millar, we don't need Blues. Salkeld also signed for 1 year according to the official site. Think the only player who signed last year and got a 2 year deal(publicly) was Colville.
  9. Surely someone should quality check the stuff we put out? A month or two ago, his face randomly appeared in another interview, absolute tinpot which is a shame as the actual interview content is the best it's ever been.
  10. Partick probably confirmed as League 1 now with Raith being considered Championship! Even typing it sounds glorious!
  11. Both statements really are a thing of beauty. No doubt the club will be gutted they both wont be in the league next season for the revenue but Hearts coming down will cover that surely. A lot of Hearts fans wont have been to Cappielow in the same way many of us haven't been to Tyncastle so would expect a few thousand to travel over. Id absolutely love an opening day away game against Hearts. Of course the club would love it at home.
  12. Add in Brora and Tidser's mob...
  13. The early season batterings had such a huge impact on fan opinion and and it made it very difficult for Hopkin to turn that round. I wasn't calling for his head but at the same time, i had serious doubts he could change it. To his credit he did and over the last 12 games we are actually top of the form tables which is incredible to think looking at the first 12 games. We dropped a lot of silly points in those 12 games but every team will have their hard luck stories. If we can keep a nucleus of Tumilty, Strapp, Baird, Jacobs, McAlister, Colville, Cadden, Nesbitt, Lyon, McGuffie, Orsi and McHugh next season, with a few quality additions i can see us having a successful campaign.
  14. Never seen that video before, good watch. Wonder how many of tbose there that day still attend? We were averaging nearly 3000 15 years ago in League 1, its half that now. Mckinnon and co have a huge job on their hands to encourage the stay away fans back.
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