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  1. So you've actually agreed with my point, he shouldn't be promising new players( multiple signings) in public. Cheers champ.
  2. The issue I have is Dougie has known we would be in this division for the best part of 5 months. He has had plenty time to speak to strikers, agents etc and build a balance squad, yet he has failed to do so. No doubt he has had budget challenges but he still signed 10 new players, still re-signed players etc Don't buy the argument that no players are available to him, his job is to source players.Bullen managed to source Akinyemi, McGlynn brought up Gozie, Duku from down south a couple of seasons back, Hopkin signed Adeloye last season etc. Not saying it's easy, far from it, but it's his job ultimately to convince players/strikers to play for him and he has had the time and budget available to do that. Of course I get the not wanting to bring a player in for the sake of it, but at the same time could also take a risk on a young player as you just never know. Declan McManus was a young player we knew nothing about and didn't expect much from. Turned out he won us promotion that season. Really fear for us now, expect us to be bottom 2 at the turn of the year
  3. GR a few weeks ago we will bring in a few players this month. He really needs to learn his lesson with the stuff he says in public!
  4. Its gross negligence that we are sitting here on the 30th of Sept with no real striking options, regardless if he brings in a ringer or two today( looking less likely as the clock ticks by) Should have been sorted weeks, if not months ago.
  5. Aye you're tight, he should have told the 5 year old to fuck off.. .
  6. Surprised he hasn't got a club yet. Would imagine he has had plenty of offers at our level but hoping for something better. You 'd think if a Premiership club wanted him, he would have a deal by now so maybe he is trying to get something down south. Would be a cracking signing if we somehow pulled it off. On the striker search, the longer it goes on, the more concerning it gets. You'd think Premiership managers will know who they want to send out on loan, if anyone, now that they can't sign anyone else. It's been 2 weeks since the window shut so you'd imagine players they would like to loan out would be out by now. Hope I'm wrong and we do manage to get one in as the thought of going through to Jan with our limited attacking options scares the shit out of me.
  7. Looks a decent signing but odd one for me unless he plans to utilise him in midfield where I think he can play. Carlo looks comfortable at RB and Hynes is ok as a backup for the rare time he will be needed. Possibly coming in to replace/competition for Blues? Would much rather we spent what budget we have on attacking options but in Dougie we trust and all that. Striker this week please! A win on Sat and we put a nice wee gap between us and 10th.
  8. Hope to use stadium for other events but couldn't go into detail Expects new players this month and 1 very soon apparently( heard that before GR) Emphasised the need for a striker once again. Getting good value on our loan deals, Dumbarton and Annan paying more than average rate. Desire to stay full time. New Operations Manager in place and will take on most tasks a typical CEO undertakes. Decision to patch Dev team was purely down to lack of numbers, wasn't a financial one albeit, we have gained financially from it.
  9. Feck me, that was frustrating. Comfortably the better team until their goal but lack of quality in final 3rd once again. Kabia and Muirhead contribute very little and we need other options there. Kabia spends more time on the deck than he does on the ball. Get Strapp back in the team and move King forward ffs. We simply must bring in some quality attacking players next week. Ayr didn't impress me, no team really has to date but they have a guy who can score goals and they are flying because of it. I know the club are doing all the can but letting Lyon and Garrity go before new ones arrive was a mistake, they could have made a difference today, instead we had no attacking options on the bench.
  10. He hasn't shown it for a long long time though and to his credit, Blues has improved, scored goals and works his arse off for 90 minutes. Need more than just ability to make it at this level and clearly Lyon is missing something in his game right now. Lets hope he finds it as I'm sure we would love to see him back in the team.
  11. Aye strange to let him go when he is the only attacking option we have on the bench and he has been involved most weeks. Good move for him but would rather wait until we have someone in before letting him go. If we don't sign anyone today, our bench will be bare tomorrow.
  12. I know we aren't in position to be picky but I've never been that impressed by Cameron, hope we attract better. Big day tomorrow, hopefully!!
  13. Linked with Nicky Low again, not in their squad today and a few Arbroath fans have heard he's coming to us over on pandb.
  14. Interestingly, he said he is aware he needs to get players in suggesting we could see more than 1 before the deadline.
  15. Fantastic news. Trying to think of the last manager the fans as a collective were right behind after 8 months in the job. Some started well and quickly dipped, 1 started really well and fucked off to another club, some just never got going and some just never appeared to have the full backing of the fans even if they were doing ok. Looking down the list, Its prob Cowboy who took over, got us up and had us flying in the 2nd division, (no need to mention what happened next) and that was 20 years ago. its really difficult to have a fan base completely behind a manager so huge credit to Dougie for what he has achieved in 8 months. Just announce a striker now.
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