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  1. Hearts skudding Alloa, 3 up before half time.
  2. Having a look at the home/away tables, 24 games in the league so far. 15 home wins 3 away wins 6 draws. Wouldn't have thought home advantage would be that high especially with no fans and really surprised to see just 3 away wins.
  3. That's our best chance of getting through, beating Thistle and hoping the snake can do us a favour.
  4. What audience is the cowshed camera for? Thought we hadn't signed up to stream via SPFL site? Club need every penny they can get so would like to think vast majority of home fans pay the subscription fee and we make a few quid from decent away subscriptions.
  5. Listened this morning, enjoyed it. Always liked Mahood growing up so was good listening back to his thoughts on that mid 90s team with McInnes, Lindberg etc and his relationship with McGraw. Never realised( or possibly forgot) we were part time in the early/mid 90s. Anyone remember when we went full time? He's a Killie fan btw. Most of his interviews are with ex Killie players too.
  6. Looked really comfortable up until Mcpake went off. McLean should have put the game to bed. They created absolutely nothing for 75 minutes, albeit they did pass the ball about much better than us. Far too many aimless punts from us Real shame Mcpake will miss next week, kind of player we need going to places like Dens. Last 10-15 was a tough watch, we need to be better at seeing the game of out as there was too many nervous moments towards the end but it's a winning start and clean sheet, so happy days. Stream issues appear to be behind us too.
  7. Gerry tweeted 2.45 last night, but doubt even Morton know.
  8. Shambles if we don't have a reserve keeper on the bench tomorrow. Had months to assemble a squad and blew a lot of the budget on 47 attacking players/dead wood. Surely can't be that difficult to get a keeper in ffs. As someone else said, hard to judge McAdams yet, hasn't had much to do so will be interesting to see how he does over the next few weeks.
  9. Presumably Millar will only be used as an absolute emergency then seeing as he's the only player not to be involved in the last two games or even in the squads. Hopkin also refers to a 21 man squad, Millar makes it 22. Hoping a keeper comes in this week, can't go into 1st league game with no backup. McAdams hasn't had much to do in either game but looks decent enough to compete certainly. Overall I'm optimistic but will probably change come Saturday afternoon. Can see it being something like this; McAdams Ledger Fjortoft McGinty Salkeld Jacobs McAlister. Strapp Nesbitt Orsi Mcpake. 2-0.
  10. Love the irony of him saying he doesn't work for Morton only for Gerry to say how much he enjoys working with him!
  11. The refund of a tenner or a voucher etc I'm not that arsed about, they should offer something but I'm far more concerned that I've forked out £220 for a season ticket (on top of paying £240/year to MCT) and there are serious doubts that the club wont have this fixed come the 17th so left with the feeling of giving Morton far too much financial support when they don't deserve it Wouldn't be fair or right to cancel any MCT commit due to incompetence in the boardroom, it's not their fault and that investment is purely for the first team but then again you can't cancel your season ticket so something might have to give for a lots of supporters who support both ventures. Can you imagine the meltdown if it's not fixed for the Alloa game? McKinnon should be interviewed today on the not so weekly update sponsored by Mctears the auctioneers
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