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  1. "Like a drunk man chasing a balloon" Brilliant.
  2. From overseas I can purchase; a season ticket for any Championship club, or a monthly pass for any Championship club, or any individual match pass for any Championship club.
  3. Check this out; https://matchcentre.spfl.co.uk/help
  4. I see, on the official site, that it is 16GBP for the Ayr United match. That's a bit too rich for me. Especially as I can watch it on the SPFL site for 12.50 GBP.
  5. Joe started out as a striker, but became an outstanding midfielder. You should check out the club's write-up, about him, at the time of his death.
  6. I still remember a colleague of mine ranting about how good a midfield of Joe Mason and Jim Townsend would be. It almost came to fruition but, unfortunately, Joe left shortly before Jim arrived and my colleague's wish became only a dream.
  7. I just looked at the SPFL Match Centre website and they are offering a season ticket, for every Morton league game, for 150 GBP. Also offering a monthly (October) pass, for every Morton league game, for 12.50GBP. I'm assuming that when they say "every" game, that they are talking home and away. Can't the SPFL and the clubs work with each other to come up with a standard package throughout the league?
  8. So far all I am seeing is the club crest. I thought the broadcast started at 2:30?
  9. I got my money a couple of days ago.
  10. Being a cup-tie, are Queens due a share of the proceeds?
  11. With the potential for the club and Cappielow to be split into two separate entities, what is going to happen to the shares that many of us have in GMFC?
  12. My condolences to Joe's family. He is one of my all-time favourite players. He wasn't a big guy, but a great footballer. He had great vision and control of a ball. IIRC he played in the transition era, when formation switched from 2-3-5 ( believe it you youngsters), to 4-2-4. He was an incredible midfielder, one of the best around. Again, iirc, he came to Morton from Kilmarnock, where Willie Waddell was the manager, at the time. Waddell later became manager of Glasgow Rangers and at the end of Joe's playing career, he took him to Ibrox as a youth coach. RIP Joe. Thanks for the memories.
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