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  1. Didn't I read, some time ago, that Mark was leaving Cappielow?
  2. I'm thoroughly enjoying the livestreams. The quality of the football is not always the best, but the quality of the livestream is always great and entertaining. A big thanks to Gerry, Andy and the rest of the crew. I have watched Morton more times this season than in the past 40+ years and would love to see the livestreams continue into future seasons.
  3. I also remember the "waiter" story. Now that I think about it, it was most likely a reserve game. I was normally a Cowshed fan, but I watched this particular game from the enclosure. I assume the Cowshed was closed for reserve matches. I thought that Manni was a bit before Sorensen's time. Maybe it was Finbar Flood's kit.
  4. I think that I did see Moro Manni play, but it was surely a reserve game. Wore all black IIRC.
  5. As far as I can find out, BBC Scotland is not available in Canada, so, I for one will be subscribing. Also, being overseas, I don't have to watch it live. I can view anytime, up to 10 days (iirc) after matchday. Not sure if that's an option for UK subscribers.
  6. To pick up the scraps, be it a football club, or a football stadium, or both.
  7. The sad thing is, there will probably still be players cut in January. As for the Easdales: being the "efficient" business people that they are, they are most likely sitting in the background waiting for the whole thing to go down the tubes.
  8. "Like a drunk man chasing a balloon" Brilliant.
  9. From overseas I can purchase; a season ticket for any Championship club, or a monthly pass for any Championship club, or any individual match pass for any Championship club.
  10. Check this out; https://matchcentre.spfl.co.uk/help
  11. I see, on the official site, that it is 16GBP for the Ayr United match. That's a bit too rich for me. Especially as I can watch it on the SPFL site for 12.50 GBP.
  12. Joe started out as a striker, but became an outstanding midfielder. You should check out the club's write-up, about him, at the time of his death.
  13. I still remember a colleague of mine ranting about how good a midfield of Joe Mason and Jim Townsend would be. It almost came to fruition but, unfortunately, Joe left shortly before Jim arrived and my colleague's wish became only a dream.
  14. I just looked at the SPFL Match Centre website and they are offering a season ticket, for every Morton league game, for 150 GBP. Also offering a monthly (October) pass, for every Morton league game, for 12.50GBP. I'm assuming that when they say "every" game, that they are talking home and away. Can't the SPFL and the clubs work with each other to come up with a standard package throughout the league?
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