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  1. One of the most unappealing traits to me (just a personal opinion) of fitba supporters in general is how quickly anyone involved in management can descend from hero to zero in the comparative blink of an eye. It wasn't so long ago that virtually every post on this forum was full of gushing praise for the new Messiah. Now - I'm seeing comments like the one above. So draw breath, and consider that Dougie's working with a tight budget, and he's now got more injuries in his small squad than anyone has a right to. Our long-awaited new RB lasted one game before being crocked. He's not responsible for any of that - it's a steaming pile of shite which has been dumped in his lap, and he's the one who has to deal with it. Not us. So cut the man some slack FFS. It's exactly at times like this that as supporters - we should be backing him, not denigrating him. He's made mistakes and there's clearly a side to his personality which frustrates many, but he's maybe showing his inexperience. If there's anyone who can pull us out of the current quagmire - it's him.
  2. What makes you think that? By jumping ship for someone like Caley, he’d be sleepwalking back to a situation exactly how he found Morton in when he was first offered the job. Dougie’s a smart cookie and I’m sure his eyes are wide open to the financial black hole he’d be diving into - unlike his present employer who show financial restraint and responsibility. I’m also sure that his ambition also extends way further that joining the endlessly-repeating list of jobbers bouncing from one mid-tier club to another, for short-term financial gain. I still think he’s in this for the long haul. Managers’ careers are measured on success - and success alone. When he steers Morton into the Premiership or wins a trophy - that’s the time we should really start accepting the fact that he’ll be down the road sooner than later. Until then - I have complete faith in the man, and the fact that his #1 priority will be continue moulding a team in his own image, and utilising whatever resources he can to make this a successful season for us.
  3. This comment has been deleted. Personal abuse of individuals on the Forum will not be tolerated. Dean.
  4. No drama - but I'm just interested in the opinions of others, especially the very long-term supporters we have on here. It's probably because I'm an old fart and also a long-term supporter constantly harking back to the old days. I understand all of the whys and wherefores of the name change, and totally commend the club's celebration of its home town and its location. But it's never quite sat right with me. My team's always been Morton. That's all I've ever known them as, and have always called them. That's what our manager and players call us. That's all most of our opposition supporters on P&B ever call us. Edinburgh Heart of Midlothian? Coatbridge Albion Rovers? Kirkcaldy Raith Rovers? Methil East Fife etc. etc. etc ? Is it just me? Anyone else feel like this?
  5. Article 100% written by a Partick hipster. I lost the will to live about a quarter of the way in, after vomiting over words like 'arrondissements', 'patisserie', 'labradoodle', 'perjink', and 'insouciance'
  6. That’s a great signing - and the stunned reaction from Dees fans says it all. Well done Dougie. Very positive interview with Tyler here, too:
  7. I hope he saved up his best-ever GIRFUY back-flip for that glorious moment.
  8. Wasn’t there, but a win is a win no matter how unconvincing. My personal highlight of today was Partick being dumped 3-2 at home by Queen of the South. Pleasing.
  9. The best right back on the planet isn't going to stop our forwards from missing sitters, or our midfield not turning up. We had 14 corners against Arbroath and didn't trouble them with a single one. Unless the boy's a miracle-worker, he's also not going to cure our injured players with a flash of his magic wand. I don't get the obsessive focus on one player in one position. As I said before, Lewis McGrattan did a fine job at RB in the Ayr game. Put him there in the starting XI and get Broadfoot to fuck. Dougie has nothing to lose and possibly everything to gain.
  10. TBH the best RB game I've seen from someone wearing a Morton shirt this season was when Lewis McGrattan was drafted in to fill a hole in the game against Ayr, playing in a position he's not familiar with. Big, big plaudits from Dougie in the post-match interview, too ....... You can either play fitba - or you can't. We have some genuine untapped quality in our squad, and TBH the very thought of loaning players out in our current situation is laughable.
  11. I have to say that out of all the interviews I've ever seen Dougie do (which is pretty much all of them) - this one seemed different as DOT said. The man just looked defeated and empty. I hope it's just disappointment, not symptomatic of something else bubbling away under the surface.
  12. Understandable post. But we have ZERO idea what's going on behind the scenes and what funds are earmarked for. The development across the road? Massive energy cost increases? Increased backroom staff costs? The recent investment in pitch drainage? The new website to replace the recently-broken one? The commission being paid to our new ticketing partner? The list is practically endless, and the outstanding (and much-appreciated) Dalrada contribution isn't a bottomless money pit. As supporters, we sometimes need to put our on-the-grass no-RB-yet frustrations to one side, bite the bullet, and shift our focus away from everything but the big picture - GMFC is a business which needs to remain sustainable. The astute and cautious financial management of this club is second to none, as a glance through the accounts of our rivals will quickly reveal. Dougie and his players are a cog in bigger machine. You don't have to like it - but you do have to deal with it.
  13. This game's history and no amount of chest-beating, self-flagellation or hand-wringing's going to undo the result - so let's move on now. Partick on Saturday. Let's hope that it's an omen - the 5-1 trousering against this mob turned everything around last season. My dearest hope is that we can dig deep enough to not only right that wrong, but also to accept the kick-in-the-balls reality of last week - and make that debacle a similar opportunity to kick ourselves up the arse and show the world what we're made of. Mon the Ton.
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