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  1. The tear-stained sauce pissing out the end of a badly-packed kebab.
  2. Disappointing - but to look on the positive side, our unbeaten run continues. No team is infallible and it’s only a matter of time before Ayr and Dundee slip up. Mon the Ton
  3. Can't help you with answer I'm afraid - but I know that Dougie would have made the blacky-whity-stripey fuckers turn out in their pants. Edit = fantastic article/interview with the old St. Mirren kit man. It's men like these who keep everything going. Props to him and everyone like him. I'm pretty sure every club at our level has one.
  4. Another brilliant interview from the man. Classic Dougie quote; Interviewer = "Pundits are saying this is the club's best run in 10 years. What would you put that down to?" Dougie - 'Everyone doing their job properly' Plus the usual reality, honesty, humility, respect and name-checking members of the opposition. He really is the total package - and he's STILL raging about that Partick game How lucky we are.
  5. I just remembered something. Dougie’s famous penalty in the historic 1-0 win was given for a blatant handball by …. Efe Ambrose
  6. We have nothing to lose. Celtic have everything to lose.
  7. FWIW weekly variation on a grass pitch is inevitable at the hands of shite weather (as @vikingTON says) - but the only alternative is to rip it up and lay a plastic one. Grass pitches somehow seem more proper and real. But as someone who grew up watching Derby County become English champions in 1972 playing all of their home games in a swamp, maybe my judgement is rose-tinted and clouded. To me - a substandard pitch is a a substandard pitch for both teams, not just the away or home one.
  8. The ownership/trust/protest shitstorm on P&B is absolute gold. Long may it continue
  9. Understood CHC - but since I've never wanted/needed to PPV before until recently (not finishing work until 3pm), can you explain the reasons for this to me? Thanks in advance.
  10. I honestly don't understand the club's reluctance to offer PPV to fans who aren't locked into a yearly or half-yearly subscription. The website openly states that the insane pre-code-entry price is there to actively discourage PPV. It kinda feels like going to the bar for a pint, but being told that you have to buy the whole keg.
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