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  1. Educational street theatre ….. featuring a technicolour fake fly on ketamine, being threatened by a lab-coated munter holding a North Sea trawl net on a stick, being watched by a bloke whose Mum is head of the local quilting society and who has knocked up a shit demo patchwork jacket to show the others how not to do it. This debacle raises the bar and elevates PTFC hatred to a whole new level.
  2. We should really have taken advantage of playing against 10 men for 60% of the game. But look on the bright side. We're already in a playoff position and Raith are already bottom
  3. Just so that non-Romans can understand Deego’s post whilst cosplaying as a centurion, here’s what Google Translate made of the first paragraph ; According to Kyle Jacobs, it's not always easy, because it's just easy to fear, it's a lot of fear to propagate that urn. Tomorrow vulputate diam in no vestibule vestibule. Maecenas sem tellus, euismod needs to drink and, hendrerit nec now. Smartphones Sometimes hunger is expected and before it is the first thing in the throat. It's a good idea to use chocolate, chocolate, or other ingredients. It is also now being produced just for diesel vehicles. It is wise to advertise it. But the urn is always willing. Fuck aye. So now we know.
  4. Correct. It was also a legal requirement for every player to neck a couple of pints and get through a whole pack of 20 Player’s No.6 at half-time, before running out and having a pish up the side of one of the pale blue Invacars parked up near the corner flag. The golden days of proper fitba.
  5. I totally get where CHC's coming from - but I also believe that every interview given by every manager is just a snapshot in time. Interview a manager after his team's just been blootered 8-0, and then interview the same manager the week after when he's won 8-0. It'd be hard to believe you were talking to the same person. Dougie's never come across as being calculating or negative enough to be deliberately setting low expections or going down the 'plucky wee Morton' rabbithole, but any honeymoon period will inevitably wear off and the wave of newfound belief and enthusiasm amongst the supporters will level out and become more realistic. There are budgetary challenges as we all know, and I'm sure Dougie is frustrated by that. But to me - his frustration will likely be centred around the fact that he wants to win and feels that he currently doesn't have enough quality resources to achieve either his personal goal, or the one he's set for his team and its supporters. That, to me, says more about his overall character than any single moment-in-time interview.
  6. Result. Any club deliberately flouting the rules deserves everything that's coming to them.
  7. I hope not. The club has enough challenges as it is, without being indoctrinated into a grossly overpriced pyramid-scheme cult.
  8. Chistallfuckingmighty. A day taken off work plus a 600-mile round trip to enjoy seeing the boys get a big win against shite opposition. I really, really wish I'd stayed home. Absolutely fucking gutted. Easdale was like a rabbit in the headlights, and the rest of the team weren't that far behind. Zero commitment, zero passion, very little effort, they just didn't gel as a team. Only upside taken from today was that it can't possibly get any worse. Can it?
  9. For me, today was a bit like watching a V8 engine firing on 4 cylinders. Way more to come once the other cylinders come on song and the engine management software sorts itself out. Today was all about potential. Calm, calm, calm.
  10. And apart from his other shan fuckwittery aimed squarely at the dim and gullible, Romano is also a self-confessed Watford supporter, which defines him as an utter cunt. He also has a really shit designer beard which places him in the Falkirk/Partick Thistle hatred class.
  11. Yep. Christiano Ronaldo is apparently desperate to leave Old Trafford so he can come up to Cappielow. Vize said it so it’s 100% true.
  12. I personally think it should be a legal requirement to hate anything which is a festering boil on the hairy arse crack of Glasgow.
  13. What? I’m 300 miles from Cappielow and don’t get up as often as I’d like. But when I can make the trip up, I’m there to see a game, not to be an amateur psychologist or behavioural therapist along with the ‘general consensus’ - whoever they are. Maybe you’d mistakenly wandered into the psychoanalyst’s stand? I’ve certainly never witnessed groups of fans at Cappielow analysing anything other than the state of that week’s pies or which bin pub they’d hit before the game. The only ‘transference’ I’ve ever seen is a pie from hand to mouth in the cowshed. You’re making yourself look like a bit of a chump.
  14. Maybe there’s still hope. Most people (myself included) thought that Lewis Strapp was 100% away.
  15. I don’t understand DOT’s point of view, either. As a relative newcomer to the forum, I can’t help noticing the number of members on here who wish players well when they move on - irrespective of whether they’ve performed consistently or not. Those type of posts don’t come across as being written by baying loonies determined to criticise anyone at the drop of a hat. From where I’m standing, the overwhelming number of comments and posts on here are well-reasoned, well thought-out, fair, objective - and usually accurate. Also (and FWIW) if such a vast list of players had indeed been ‘driven out’ by fans, all that tells me is that there must be a hell of a lot of snowflakes playing fitba. Getting stick from the fans when you fuck up goes with the territory.
  16. Everyone in this thread who’s repeatedly made the point that Morton aren’t immune to the stratospheric cost increases of everything are 100% correct. And for the club, it’s not just about a projected £36k utility bill rise, but also about every penny they spend on anything - the catering supplies they buy for hospitality, the beer behind the bar, the staff costs, bits and bobs of maintenance on the ground - a whole raft of invisible stuff whose price is heading skyward. And it’s not just larger businesses who are having to pass on cost increases to their customers. I’m a one-man-band joiner - the cost of timber has doubled in a year, most hardware and consumables such as blades, cutters and adhesives aren’t far behind - so those increases have to be passed onto the customer. To me - an increase in gate cost was inevitable, and I also don’t think a couple of quid is unreasonable.
  17. To be fair, everyone down here said exactly the same thing when Derby signed Dave Mackay back in the 70’s. Too old, too fat and way past his sell-by date. But the contribution he subsequently made to the club’s progress was astounding. Like all the signings so far - only time will tell.
  18. Richard Wilson is from Greenock??? !!!! I don't believe it.
  19. They’re all massive Father Ted fans. The wearing of the man-bra is done in homage to ‘The Mainland’ episode featuring the ‘I Don’t Believe It’ bloke out of ‘One Foot In The Grave’. Just ask @BishopBrennan
  20. I never thought it would happen. But so, so glad that it has. I think it’s possibly largely a result of Dougie’s obvious passion and commitment to succeed, along with his powers of persuasion. Who knows. Brilliant news. I still think he should get the captain’s armband, and I can’t think of anyone in the squad better qualified to lead by example.
  21. Agreed. I liked Gozie and he had some great moments. But you never knew which version of him would run out onto the pitch - the sharp, aware, creative, threatening and productive version, or the lumbering, seemingly unaware-of-everything version who didn’t have the slightest effect on the outcome of a game. Top lad though, and I wish him well. Dougie has to find a replacement who isn’t just good - he has to be consistently good.
  22. Bloody hell. I hope they've got plenty of diesel for the coach - that's a big long list.
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