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  1. Tumilty is a decent, if erratic, full back who was punted out on loan to a lower division last season. There's little chance Hopkin would be offering a 2 year deal to a player like that, particularly as we have properly key positions like a goalkeeper, CBs and strikers still to find space in the budget for. I get that the club's communications aren't helping but this isn't reason enough to panic.
  2. I agree on your points about the coverage of Trump in the UK media. They're giving viewers what they want (entertainment value and playing up prejudices - Americans are stupid, crazy etc.). Criticism of his handling of virus statements isn't nitpicking though. He's held multiple, rambling press conferences where he has presented medical ideas/solutions that could only be very generously described as cherry-picked. Even if, through some stroke of luck, he happens to be right about (internal disinfectants??) any of it, this doesn't change the fact that he isn't capable of staying on-message. The idea that he was perfectly justified in ad-libbing this stuff in an emergency situation seems a bit ridiculous.
  3. Looks cracking on the Smith's website. Hopefully we're still going for a 'proper' launch nearer the start of the season once fixtures etc. are announced.
  4. Scab is an insult, not an HR definition. I assume you're after some sort of voluntary position yourself?
  5. Using pedantry and semantics to justify undermining other people's jobs at at time when they're under threat is scab behaviour and therefore scab logic. No one's suggesting there's a strike in progress.
  6. Sounds like scab logic to me.
  7. A huge 2-year churn of promotion and relegation might be sold to lower league clubs as an opportunity but theres no way the Premiership will go for it. A bottom 7/8 with 3/4 relegation slots opens up a big risk for clubs who would never have much chance of going down.
  8. - Templeman's 2nd v Killie. - Kev Finlayson's strike away at Partick in the Wake rescue season. - The reaction of the mutant hordes in the 2-2 at ibrox. - The buzz before kickoff at the Peterhead game. There were plenty of nerves that day but it's the closest I've felt to pure optimism as a Morton fan.
  9. The schools shutdown message now appears to be pretty confused. Different local authorities issuing varying guidance on access for vulnerable kids, dependants of NHS workers, s4-s6 pupils etc. It looks like most secondary schools will remain open from Monday, albeit with reduced attendance. Not quite the minimal operation the initial announcements suggested. Edit: key worker list released, covering a huge proportion of the working population https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/coronavirus-covid-19-maintaining-educational-provision/guidance-for-schools-colleges-and-local-authorities-on-maintaining-educational-provision
  10. Johnson's press conferences on this have been painful. He really doesnt have it in him to remain on message on a single subject for any length of time. You can see his face straining at the edges as he prevents himself spouting a load of tangential rubbish. Anecdotally - Glasgow city centre felt like it was missing nearly half its usual number of bodies this morning. I'd expect it to be quieter again tomorrow after today's half-arsed advice.
  11. Pretty relieved he hasn't signed for us tbh. Not exactly a big improvement on what Thistle already have either. Bannigan is better on the ball and I didn't think they pulled out of any tackles in the games against us.
  12. I thought we were running a break-even budget these days? It's even referenced in the BBC article.
  13. The offer of face to face meetings sounds more like an escalation than a resolution. Have the fans to line up outside the office like kids sent to the headteacher? Is he going to dissect every tweet and decide if you deserve a second chance? Expecting a load of your customers to go and beg to be unblocked on social media is absolutely ludicrous.
  14. Tidser also spent as much time out of form/injured as he did pulling the strings for us. Bringing him into a squad laden with centre-mids as a high earner doesn't make much sense. We need a competent striker who can stretch the play and bully teams and an actual right back. Hopkin isn't going to give up on hoofball so even a brilliant centre mid could still be bypassed for the bulk of our play.
  15. I agree with Dunning that withdrawing support for a scheme like this based on short term first team performance doesn't make much sense. The club would potentially have to deal with reduced financial security every time we hit a bad run of form. I haven't pledged because I simply dont trust Golden Casket. The idea of handing money over for players before having confirmation of debt write-downs seems ludicrous to me. Does this scheme exist to prop the club up and still let the Raes run it?
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