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  1. Ayr fan over on pandb saying he's heard we are about to sign Robbie Crawford. Good signing if true but would give us 6 centre mids so you'd think 1 or 2 might move on/go on loan
  2. We still playing tonight? Would have thought the club would have at least acknowledged it on socials.. I'm guessing there will be no updates
  3. Any chance you can drive yourself off this board??
  4. Soccerbase much better. https://www.soccerbase.com/players/player.sd?player_id=51240&season_id=154 29 appearances until Feb then nothing so either dropped Jacobs style or injured. 10 bookings though, hardman!
  5. His one and only goal last season....
  6. From what I heard, it was Jai who didn't want to move, not the club rejecting the offer, despite what was put out in the press Players were giving him a bit of stick for rejecting it etc The matches what the Doncaster manager told the Tele atvthe time, that they offered what the club wanted.
  7. His career has went to shit since he left us. Must be depressing for him looking at his stats. Just 18 league starts and 30 sub appearances in 4 years for Partick, Dumbarton and Queens Park. Just the 5 league goals in that time too. He is only 24 so has time to get his career back on track but i doubt he will get a chance to do that in the Championship this season, at least I hope not!
  8. Gordon Ritchie started the EGM last week by saying can't say too much right now but we should have a couple of exciting signings early this week.. or words to that effect.
  9. Stephen McGinn signs for Falkirk. As does Gary Oliver!!
  10. Was happy to hear that tonight. Good luck to Gary but we need better. There is a plan B should Hamilton move on and GR said something along the lines of we will be happy with that option Budget was confirmed as being same as last year and Dougie is relatively happy with it
  11. Yeah I thought GR came across well. Really surprised 13 people aren't even willing go let discussions continue and see who these investors are. No risk and can still vote no, very strange. Looking forward to a couple of new signings early next week, Gordon seemed excited about them.
  12. Aye good luck to him, good honest pro but time was right to move on. We have the experienced head in Lithgow and he is 3 years younger than Brian.
  13. DD option was surprisingly quick and straightforward, assuming it went through OK. No email confirmation right enough.
  14. Disappointed with that, was hoping he would sign on as he impressed once he got up to match fitness. Wouldn't mind us going for McGinn now as he clearly doesn't rate Jacobs.
  15. Think there needs to be an element of trust in the GMFC board here. We clear need investment, they clearly know the people in question and will undoubtedly have done background checks. They are not going to sell us doon the water to the next Hugh Scott. If they don't pay up, they lose their shares so we are fully protected. I don't think we need to know each individual agreement, knowing who they are is enough. I'll be bitterly disappointed if we say no to additional income streams It's utter madness for me when we all want Dougie to have the best budget possible to give us the best chance of success.
  16. Goal 23 of the season for him too...
  17. Hopefully the next image is a burd banging another burd with a Strap-on...
  18. Oisin and Tom Allan released by Newcastle. Oisin obviously a good player but not sure we have space for him now with O'Connor, Baird and Lithgow. No doubt have offers from down south anyway.
  19. Queens fans really wanted him to stay, comments like- best loan signing, hopefully overlooked by Championship clubs, WG must try and keep him etc. Appears to have started a bit ropey but really came onto a game and was one of their best players. Potentially another good signing from Douglas if he is to come in.
  20. You not getting mixed up with Reece Hands?? Cham scored a couple that day but weren't long range efforts.
  21. Incredible amount of speculation for a job that's not even available. Be funny if Taylor remained in place after all of this.
  22. I liked Baird first time around, happy to have him signed up. He played a big part in the improved league performances in Hopkin's first season and I'm sure having Lithgow beside him will help a lot.
  23. Not arguing with that, it's a shambles. Just making the TiS aware you can renew over the phone, saving a trip to Smiths.
  24. Can you not just phone up and do it over the phone with Brendan? That's what I've done last few years.
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