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  1. I initially thought its the right time to make a few changes but we only have 3 games between now and the 2nd of Jan so strongest team possible and give us the best chance of progressing. Players don't exactly need a rest, its been 1 game a week for a long time now. Kabia and O'Connor in for Baird and Quitongo. It's not exactly a competition I'm desperate to win but when you see there's been 17 winners of this tournament and we're not one of them, it's about time we changed that . Teams like Inverness, Ross County, QOTS, Hamilton and Falkirk have all been in the final 4 or 5 times so we have failed pretty miserably for a team of our size. Thistle and Ayr in that boat too.
  2. Can add pitch invasion for celebrating an equaliser in a 1-1 draw at mighty Cove to the list...
  3. 8, but realistically McGregor and Green not ready, Hynes not good enough and Lithgow not fit so only really 4 options off the bench in Kabia, King, O'connor and Carlo. Fully expect a couple of quality additions in Jan, we need some attacking options to compliment the squad and provide a bit of competition.
  5. Surely they need to. Celtic fans sign up for the scheme, so they are willingly buying a ticket for the game. If they decide not to show up, that's not Morton's fault. Celtic can't just keep that money can they? Likewise if Morton sell 2000 tickets but 500 miss it because of train strikes, that's not Celtics fault and they should still be entitled to a split of our 2000 tickets sold. It must be on tickets sold surely? Doubt we will ever find out right enough. Agree with you on the crowds, Celtic a different club now than they were under Lennon and Ronny. A feel good factor similar to ours and I'd expect 25k+ from them. Hopefully its on Premier rather than BBC as they might get a few more out as well. A Sat kick off will help too.
  6. I'm a tad concerned that we've heard nothing on Grimshaw. With his deal up at some point in Jan we must have been speaking to him for at least a few weeks about extending his deal. Hopefully he's not wanting to go back down south or anything. Would be gutted if he ended up somewhere like Ayr. We need that back 4 plus O'Connor for the season! Maybe the Celtic money will allow us to give him a few quid more, if money is an issue.
  7. BBC and Premier Sports get 2 games each in rounds 4-6. I'd expect us, Rangers, Edinburgh Derby and possibly Darvel v Aberdeen.
  8. Wanted the easiest draw possible but this was comfortably 2nd choice from a financial perspective. Celtic had 26k against Raith last season, I'd expect a similar crowd for this one, im sure we will take at least 1500. Expect it will be on TV also which is more funds i believe. Would imagine the board/MCT are absolutely buzzing with this one. Could well be a pumping but getting 6 figures in the bank will allow Dougie to go and pick 2/3 quality players in Jan and really cement top 4 at an absolute minimum.
  9. Great news. Depending on how many we bring in come Jan, I'd like to see him go out on loan to get some minutes under his belt like Strapp did.
  10. Ayr's best centre back Alex Kirk out for 2-3 months. Musunda still out too so McGinty will get a run in the team. Pleasing!
  11. Really hope we are speaking to Grimshaw, Crawford, Strapp and Efe about new deals. Not convinced Strapp will be interested in staying but we need to try. I'd also include Jai and Gillespie in that too, both have been unexpectedly brilliant for us and I'd be delighted to see them extend their stay. Grimshaw an absolute must with his deal up in Jan.
  12. Brilliant to see Crawford scoring. He's been great this season but one thing he lacked was goals, hopefully he can score a few more. That's Crawford, Blues, Quitongo, Kabia, Gillespie and of course big Efe score in recent games. Important to spread the goals about and keep the pressure off Robbie. Looking forward to next week, a Scottish Cup run would be magic. What a team.
  13. Wonder if we are planning something similar to Ayr's new onsite pub. I drive down to games but if we had a facility selling food and stuff pre match, I would def go with my boy.
  14. Key part for me is the strengthening of the Dalrada partnership. Really sense something significant is happening there, exciting times ahead!
  15. Hopefully scores the winner into the wde on Sat and does what he does best...
  16. Hopefully Dougie is talking to Grimshaw about extending his January deal. Last thing we need is him leaving after cementing his place in the team (after a dodgy start)The team has looked a lot more solid since he got up to speed. You'd like to think he would be happy to stick around.
  17. Marking for the first goal is awful. For their pen shout, think Baird just about gets a toe to the ball before the big man falls over his legs.
  18. Pie and Bovril has the makings of excellent Saturday night entertainment after that, it's already brewing nicely!
  19. " Lee Bullan’s side will be looking to get back to winning ways after seeing his side draw 2-2 at home to Cove Rangers, followed by a 2-1 defeat in the hands of Dundee last week." Ayr have won their last 2 games mate, home to Thistle and away to Arbroath.
  20. Was curious to know how Dougie compared to our previous managers when it comes to wins in the second tier only, over the last 20 years or so. Unsurprisingly, he's fecking smashing it. Imrie- 13/31- 42% Hopkin- 12/34- 35% Moore- 43/122- 35% Duffy- 37/108- 34% Grady-10/30- 33% Irons-16/ 53 30% JJ- 9/32- 28% McInally- 6/25- 24% McElhone- 3/13- 23% Shiels- 4/22- 18% Gus McPherson- 3/24- 12.5% Didn't bother looking at Evans, Maxwell, McCall etc as we were a riot back then with admin etc and wouldn't get near Dougie's stats anyway. Going from our worst to our best is something else. What a fecking disaster Gus was. Considering he inherited a squad built by Gus who only managed 2 wins from 16 before he arrived and then the budget issues in the summer, the man has done some job. Hopefully the Dalrada partnership continues to grow and Dougie is well looked after both personally and with his playing budget.
  21. As you said, prob next to no other options available so best we can hope for at this stage. If O'Connor is out long term( which is a worry) then I'm sure Dougie will look to bring another CB when the window opens. Can we assume Lithgow is all but done with us? Barely kicked a ball in 6 months, guessing the knee is still causing issues. Wouldn't be surprised if we agree a deal with him in Jan to let him go.
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