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  1. It's objectively a good result and I went into yesterday just hoping we wouldn't lose ground on Ayr or Arbroath, but the way the day played out it's hard not to feel that we should be sitting 7th now. You just have to hope that Hearts are going to completely down tools now the league's won. They've only won three in nine and we have to look at it as an opportunity to take something.
  2. Aye, while it's seen as the tipping point which unleashed hysteria around high profile deaths generally I was thinking there might be a relatively less over the top reaction to a royal death now compared with other high profile deaths, particularly as this is someone dying of natural causes at 99, although it was obviously always going to be worse than the average celebrity. You've had the growth of social media in the intervening years making it clear how many people just don't give a fuck either way, but if anything that's made the BBC and other mainstream media double down on being qua
  3. I'd have hoped the intervening 24 years would have made such a hysterical overreaction less likely now, but typing that out after the nonsense of the last few days I realise how silly a statement it is. Entirely normal and not remotely deranged events in an entirely normal and not remotely deranged island.
  4. While they could move different games to different times, I suspect they'll move them all together and Clyde & Montrose are both playing on Thursday; if they're changing the day it'll be Sunday. Assuming they're too spineless to carry on as planned, hopefully they'll just move them to 1215 on Saturday to avoid a clash.
  5. The mere suggestion of moving it is absolutely ridiculous, but I'll be especially seething if we end up having to play Sunday-Tuesday for no good reason. Get it played as planned.
  6. Having said that about the system, it's looking more like a conventional 4-5-1 with Strapp on the left wing now.
  7. Never had a bad word to say about him. Hard to define when you're not there to get a proper look at players off the ball, but this looks as if we're 4-4-1-1 in possession and 5-3-1-1 out of it? Strapp moving up to left mid and McGinty out to left back when we have the ball, with Nesbitt on the right and Colville the player off Muirhead, then Strapp dropping back and McGinty tucking in when they attack?
  8. I'd have kept Hynes in with Ledger staying at centre back and Fjortoft replacing McGinty, and would have had Oliver ahead of Nesbitt as well, but happy to see us going with something closer to a conventional 3-5-2 rather than the 3-4-3 type effort we've had lately. Hopefully gives us the platform to compete properly in midfield.
  9. The way things are looking they might not even make the top five split, never mind the the top four for the playoffs. Ayr having Dunfermline this Saturday is giving me the fear. Dunfermline are 10 away games without a win in the league, their only away win was at Alloa at the start of the season. If Ayr win and we lose catching them will look unrealistic.
  10. Not forgetting him scoring on his debut as they beat us 1-0 at Cappielow in January. How costly will the decision to try to pocket the £500K grant while hoping to scrape through the season with no signings and a fitness coach in charge end up being? In addition to other clubs strengthening properly in January, while we didn't sign anyone until the end of the month when that Arbroath defeat made them face the obvious reality of a relegation battle and we were flailing around for anyone we could get, McElhone's spell in charge saw two games with Ayr, one with Arbroath and one with Alloa. We
  11. Even if we lose every game Alloa would need two wins from Hearts, Raith and Dunfermline to catch us, or one win and one draw with a 14 goal swing. 10th is realistically not happening, although 9th is just delaying the inevitable as there's no chance this team is getting through the playoffs.
  12. Well, that's that part done. Now to try and get back above either Arbroath or Ayr with games against Dundee away and Hearts at home, with them playing each other before the Hearts game.
  13. We conceded six goals against ICT this season. One was that shambles of the passback and indirect freekick, another the great strike for the fourth tonight. The other four were all McGinty's fault.
  14. Taking a centre back off made sense (although as discussed at length Ledger was obviously the wrong one to take off) but putting another forward on was daft. We clearly needed another body in midfield, instead we ended up playing a 4-3-3 with three centre forwards and Nesbitt and Colville in the middle three. No surprise that we lost our ascendancy and were taken apart. Lyon for McGinty was the obvious change, although you could have argued for McGuffie. Even with the decision to put another forward on, Orsi is in the Blues and McGinty category; having had chance after chance and consiste
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