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  1. Yeah, to his credit he's had three good performances so far but we were genuinely signing the goalkeeper with the worst reputation in full-time football in Scotland, it's not like we were battling everyone else in the division to get him. To find full-time players with reputations in a similar place you'd have to look to Falkirk jobbers or players who left us - Hamilton's reputation was absolutely in the same place as Sean McGinty, viewed as a bullet fans were desperate for their club to dodge. If he goes on to change that reputation with his performances here then that'll be great and ho
  2. We only have 12 established first team players as it stands. Even if we sign another four, the youngsters are going to feature regularly and get many chances as the first team squad will still be tiny and not even big enough to fill the bench with everyone available. It would be downright negligent not to add a minimum of another four. It's likely that those players are going to be gambles rather than players with an established pedigree at this level, but that's the market we operate in. Shrugging our shoulders and saying we aren't likely to find someone guaranteed to be better than our
  3. Glad to hear McLean's okay, looked horrible. Hard to read too much into the performance considering it was essentially a friendly for us and the level of opposition, but two well taken goals. I'll not be getting carried away about Muirhead taking that form into the league until he starts doing it against Championship opposition, but that should give him confidence for it at least and if he's going to turn his career around it has to start now. That 4-1-3-2 shape could work well, although you wouldn't want it every week as the lack of width could be exposed defensively by some sides.
  4. That update hits the right tone and is a step in the right direction, so hopefully it's followed up on and they get updates out regularly from now on - if they do it demonstrates that they're learning from mistakes and taking feedback on board. The takeover points about the checklist etc do raise more questions as already covered, but at least we're now getting some degree of transparency about it. Again we'll see through their actions if they can deliver that continued transparency, but at least they've acknowledged that it's an issue.
  5. At this point the fan backlash against MCT is wholly self-inflicted. As discussed after the Tele story with Crawford Rae, their communication with both their own members and the support continues to be reactive and only happens after people start asking questions of them, rather than appearing to have any kind of strategy to either keep people updated or more cynically to control the story. As we said then, it's entirely feasible that delays to the takeover are entirely outwith their control and can't be helped at their end. Considering that we're now less than two weeks from the league s
  6. Yeah, the encouraging thing has been how few clear cut chances we've coughed up. There was Lyons' clean air swipe where he should have scored but other than that all their real chances have been long range efforts. Still another 20 minutes for them to open us up as we tire further, but even if they do break us down that's something to give us hope if we can smash and grab leads.
  7. I take it all back. Get a five year deal on the table at half-time.
  8. Even if Lyon has fitness issues, and we don't know how the players are doing physically considering the last couple of weeks, there is still no valid reason to ever have Cameron Blues on the park and Lyon on the bench.
  9. Just as Robbie Muirhead scoring goals against Brora in the Scottish Cup didn't mean he would score goals in the Championship, a 17 year old having a good game up against a Clyde reject like Gregg Wylde doesn't mean he's ready to play against solid Championship full backs. Again, that's not to diminish any of those players for stepping up to the task and good on them for playing well, but suggesting that we should be treating them as credible first team players to feature regularly against Championship sides on the basis of tonight is an absolutely wild leap. I'm all for "if you're go
  10. Not to downplay the personal achievement for those teenagers of holding their own after being thrown in against experienced players in these circumstances but remember we were playing a Lowland League team, for all that it's one with a lot of ex-SPFL players. We can't read all that much into that, but it still gives us a chance of winning the group if we pull off the minor task of winning at Rugby Park.
  11. So, if it goes ahead, people who were previously getting free tickets now have to pay £12 for a stream?
  12. When we were playing 3-5-2 under McCormack he was usually at right wing back, but I don't recall him ever being at right back in that period.
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