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  1. Going to assume that this post cut off so abruptly as the phone was aware it was about to be used to make a comment along the lines of 'Muirhead was fine' and decided to explode rather than being party to such a heinous act.
  2. Literally touched the ball once in that 12 minutes. Pound for pound the best signing we've ever made, IMO.
  3. That's two sitters in 5 minutes. We need a bit of possession to settle things down.
  4. Absolutely shat the bed here. The defence was a mess at that corner.
  5. Salkeld showing up further up the park than Nesbitt a lot here. Alloa haven't had enough of the ball yet to say how much defensive balance we have, but it's good to see that flexibility with players being comfortable pushing into different areas. Having both of them press that high has been a key part of rattling their defence and not letting them settle in possession.
  6. That was superb from McPake to hold off the challenge before slipping that through.
  7. Confirmed that it's 3-4-2-1, Strapp and Omar out with knocks.
  8. That wee opening title sequence adds a sheen of professionalism. Good stuff that.
  9. Hearts are still to confirm their price, but of the nine announced so far we're the most expensive in the division. £9.99 - ICT £10 - Arbroath, QoS £12 - Alloa, Dunfermline, Raith £12.50 - Ayr, Dundee I know Gerry mentioned categories as if £14 would the cheapest price and other games would be more expensive, but there’s surely no way they can justify going higher than that when looking at the rest of the division. Regardless of the rights and wrongs of tiered pricing, above all else it'll guarantee no away fans buy it if we're marking up what's already the highest price in the division based on the opposition. They'll make less than they would with a flat rate through away fans feeling ripped off and refusing to buy on a point of principle if we punt the price up for clubs with more fans.
  10. You'd imagine that's 3-4-3 with Muirhead and Salkeld as wing backs. Surely Strapp is injured? McLean ahead of Ledger seems a bizarre call as well. Strapp, Lyon and Omar the players unable to even make the matchday squad, bearing in mind we're still to add a sub keeper as well. Unsure if that actually says anything about the pecking order or if that'll be rotated every week in the need to keep everyone happy.
  11. Regardless of how Welsh plays for Celtic, there's absolutely nothing wrong with saying he was shite for Morton: that's an undeniable fact to anyone with the slightest understanding of football who watched him. I reckon he might still turn out to be excellent centre back, but he's clearly not a right back and as that's where he played every week he was dreadful. Even in the unlikely event he goes on to play at the highest level and win the Champions League several times, it won't change that fact.
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