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  1. Yeah, you only have to look around the rest of the division at some of the goalkeepers who washed up here last summer with half the division needing one. Raith did well to get Jamie MacDonald but that involved handing a two year deal to a 34 year old. Ayr got Sinisalo who was fine but nowhere near as good as McAdams, Queen of the South got Rohan Ferguson who was very error prone. Dunfermline made Owain Fon Williams loan permanent despite him being a dreadful goalkeeper with chocolate wrists, yet he was only the second worst in the division with Jack Hamilton, a goalkeeper with no positive
  2. Excellent news on Ledger. While McAdams going is a blow I was pretty much resigned to losing all of McAdams, Ledger and Jacobs so only losing one is alright. Goalkeepers are always going to be hard to replace but the defence is looking alright. You'd expect other Championship clubs to be considering him, but Danny Rogers is available...
  3. Particularly when said Fife bumpkins are already charging £335/£305 (Dunfermline main stand v other stands) and £300 (Raith). £335 for Championship football. Wild.
  4. Did you buy a ticket from them online when attending games was a thing?
  5. The argument that we'll need some cheaper fringe players in the squad to provide cover does not stand up as a defence of giving a contract to Blues. If anything it makes it even worse. We're operating at the bottom of the full-time market in Scotland and which means you have to take gambles with some of your signings. Inevitably some of them won't work out and you'll end up with players who just aren't up to it like Omar, but this is the nature of recruitment at this level. Identifying potential and using your budget wisely with those bargain signings is a crucial part of a manager's job
  6. I never said it wouldn't be. I like your thinking that we wouldn't have kept MacPherson and seen him give shite like Blues a new contract as a League One club anyway though.
  7. Blues being given a new contract has by itself killed whatever little optimism there was for next season and confirmed that we won't be putting anything approaching a decent squad together. It was always going to be an uphill battle with some gambles on signings with our place in the pecking order, but any notion that we're even attempting to build a squad of quality over quantity vanishes when you hand a contract to a player everyone knows is lightyears out of his depth at this level. If we get to the end of 2029 and we're doing teams of the decade again, we'll have to have had an except
  8. Duffy joins Hopkin's coaching staff at Ayr: https://ayrunitedfc.co.uk/duffy-joins-coaching-staff They're really leaning into this B Team thing.
  9. Okay, now alarm bells are ringing that we might offer deals to the rest. The fact that remaining group includes Butler is what gives me hope that's not the case and they're just drip feeding details as they have conversations with players, but that would seem a weird way to go about things. The remaining out of contract players are McAdams, Butler, Ledger, Blues, Millar, McGuffie, Colville, Oliver, Orsi and Muirhead, plus some more youngsters who've never been near a squad. Surely there's no way we're retaining all of them while running with a smaller squad? Some of them just obviously ar
  10. Are you thinking of one time Championship Manager superstar Gary McGlynn? Had a series of howlers against us, particularly when we beat them 5-2 at Cappielow in 05/06.
  11. Wouldn't read anything into that about anyone being offered new deals. While Nesbitt and Johnson have been removed as well, McGinn's still there and we know his loan's expiring even if we are going to try bringing him back. I'm sure some players in that 'on loan' section have been released now as well? With Wallace and Omar already having been away on loan and Johnson having been bombed out as soon as MacPherson came in, those three had possibly already been told they weren't being offered new deals weeks ago but the club haven't announced anything yet as they're going to do a proper upda
  12. Not to retread the argument we had a dozen times again, but when you were arguing that we were better off going down once we were in the playoffs and it was pointed out that spending years in the third tier could easily lead to fans losing interest and making MCT less viable as a result with members cancelling, your answer was that fans need to grow up and not spit the dummy over a lack of success on the pitch like that if we're going to make fan ownership successful in safeguarding the future of the club. Surely the same applies if we continue to be pish in the second tier?
  13. I think he noticeably tailed off towards the end of the season despite having a better season overall than 19/20. With that in mind you'd hope we're not planning to have him start him every week, but then if we're handing out contracts to 36 year old centre backs as cover it would suggest we're not really going for the quality over quantity approach either.
  14. Is your thought process here that because they've made a managerial appointment you disagree with, the entire ownership model is guaranteed to fail and the takeover is a waste of time? Using this barometer, no football club has ever had a successful ownership model.
  15. That's an excellent start, was resigned to losing him.
  16. Yeah, we'd actually have been lumped in the unseeded rabble had it still been only four in Europe.
  17. Ideally get something easy and unfamiliar but we'll inevitably get Partick, Queen's Park and Dumbarton. If we do get East Kilbride and end up away I won't be attending as those scabs will never get a penny from me, but nevertheless I hope we would absolutely crush them rather than taking it easy if we get a comfortable lead.
  18. If I I had to guess I would say that means Nesbitt has already chosen to go elsewhere rather than being released, which is why he's being announced now and everyone being released will be announced later. We know that the likes of Wallace, Omar and Johnson won't be getting new contracts from MacPherson so I'm certainly not taking announcing Nesbitt leaving and no one else to mean everyone else is getting an offer.
  19. Fully expecting it to be confirmation of MacPherson, but we'll see if we get some more interesting players news along with it.
  20. Danny Rogers released by Kilmarnock.
  21. Good start. He was a trier but ultimately isn't ever going to be good enough for this level. Getting players who are surplus to requirements out the door before even confirming who the manager will be is encouraging, and those players going to a potential relegation rival can only be a good thing.
  22. This should be happening next season, along with all the others juniors still outside the pyramid. Meaning Brechin will be a whole one tier above Brechin Vics.
  23. I'd expect Partick to be fine and while Dunfermline is obviously dependent on who they appoint, but they will again have a budget blowing ours out of the water. With massive questions over how Kilmarnock will adjust to relegation it could be a wide open division where at least half the sides will see themselves as potential title challengers, but on the strength of this season and the extent of rebuild needed we're the obvious relegation favourites. We need to get the right appointment and make it very quickly.
  24. While much of the shit Ferguson gets is undoubtedly due to his playing background, there's also absolutely no doubt that he's only in the frame for getting a bigger job due to that background. Winning the Lowland League and labouring past an awful Brechin side with a squad which is League One playoff challenging material would not be grounds to get the vast majority of managers a job like Alloa after the total catastrophe he oversaw at Clyde. It's right that managers get a chance to bounce back at a lower level after doing dreadful jobs as they may have learned from their mistakes. If the
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