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  1. McGinty should be told to walk home for doing that in the 92nd minute.
  2. No passable individual performances in that 45 minutes. There've been a couple of decent bits of play with Colville, Nesbitt and Strapp linking up down the left - one ending in another poor cross from Strapp, one with the ball going to Orsi who shocking lost it immediately. That's literally all we've had to offer and we've not remotely looked liked scoring here.
  3. A few Premiership clubs have been recalling goalkeepers who were out on loan, possibly after the St Mirren issues v Hibs they're wanting to have their young goalkeepers readily available in case all the first teamers have to isolate. I suppose if the suspension of Leagues One & Two is extended before the end of January we could get someone on loan from one of them if they aren't going to be using their first choices anyway? Although by the same token the suspension of the WOSL means we should at least have Wylie back to sit on the bench if McAdams is injured or sent off during a game,
  4. If there is any reason to believe it might happen, the National League clubs are complaining about getting loans rather than grants so may give some consideration to suspending the league, in which case Chesterfield surely won't be making signings. You'd think Gunning would only be walking away from Gloucester if he knows a concrete offer is on the table though.
  5. The Gloucester manager took the Chesterfield job and is apparently taking half the squad with him, so sadly that's probably all there is to it.
  6. Yes, the solution to our weakness at centre forward is clearly putting Brian McLean up front, or failing that signing some Dunga McClung figure from a literal pub team.
  7. Neither McAlister or Jacobs being picked is certainly an interesting decision. As good as Lyon has been since Hopkin left, that's asking for the midfield to be overrun.
  8. It was only two seasons before joining us that O'Connor had scored 12 goals in the top flight, 16 in all competitions in his second spell at Hibs. There was serious talk of him getting back into the Scotland squad with his form that season. Cocaine's a hell of a drug.
  9. Alleged footage of latest board meeting:
  10. We need to get better at maintaining our performance when we have a lead. Obviously to some extent it's inevitable that your opponents are going to put you under more pressure, but we're coughing up avoidable chances when a bit of composure would let us see games out.
  11. Poor goal to lose on several levels. The scrappy break outside the box, Strapp having two men at the back post and getting caught under it, McAdams has had to react really quickly but it's gone in the worst direction possible from his save, no one reacting for a rebound after we lost a goal the same way on Tuesday.
  12. We could do with some composure in possession to slow this down a bit, but we've not really got many options to change it now. Omar for Salkeld, Wallace for Orsi? Not keen on the idea of removing McAlister or Lyon for Blues.
  13. Some delivery from Nesbitt to make up for the sitter, as well as the great run and header from Fjortoft.
  14. Hearing the pronunciation of Salkeld on every away stream this season.
  15. We've played some nice stuff here but not creating anything with it - firing hopeful crosses across the face of goal doesn't really count when you never look like getting on the end of them. This needs Oliver for Orsi. Orsi's useful for physical battles while Oliver isn't but Jamieson and Graham are both dealing with him easily here anyway, so we'd not be losing anything. Oliver can offer a lot more with the ball at his feet, especially with Colville, Nesbitt and Lyon are all playing well and finding space.
  16. So another three players out with one positive - those not in the squad are McLean, McGuffie, MacIver, Jacobs and Muirhead.
  17. It hadn't escaped my attention that Blues hasn't made a squad since Hopkin left. Maybe it's as simple as having an injury which the club haven't bothered to mention, but I do wonder if he's on his way in January.
  18. Two points dropped, but three unbeaten from where we were and maintaining a gap to the bottom three is fine.
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