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  1. Really that's good for the managers mate. I don't know anyone on here and generally call it as i read it if there's a green dot/red dot that's absolutely fine not everyone will agree thats just life. But having seen your reply to my post I'd say most people on here think you are a cunt and I'd have to agree now after your bawbag comment.
  2. Your clearly fishing and had a few bites. I have to be honest though your just coming across as a tedious cunt.
  3. Glad they've offered the discount to members n the incentive is there to join. Get at least a preview of the the new home top on a marquee signing n take our money how hard can it be. In all seriousness it will probably take two or three quality signings to catch the imagination again after blues muirhead n lithgow. It was quality over quantity we were told so let's be signing some soon.
  4. If he is indeed a founder member then that's even worse to moan about the cost of letting fans in. Jesus wept. They decided to press ahead with letting fans in. oh well thank fuck for that. If that's his attitude to paying customers then we're already fkd before we start as a mct founding member he should fkn know better.
  5. More than likely toeing the party line. Never the less a clean sweep behind the scenes is needed just as much as on the park. Time to be utterly ruthless or we will never get anywhere near resembling a professional football club.
  6. This is the kind of fkn moron mct need to get emptied from the club. Fkn idiots constant negativity always the fans fault n poor liitle morton doing us a favour etc. Hopefully people like him are emptied as quickly as the majority playing squad on Saturday morning regardless of the result.
  7. He can take every out of contract failure at the club for all I care. The place needs emptied even if we stay up.
  8. Every single cunt out of contract gets released after Tuesday gus should have been emptied before this game and probably before arbroath after that utter cluster fk of a game against alloa. Complete fucking shambles fkn raging fkn embarrassing and deserve to be fkn relegated
  9. Wrong thread but there isn't a single fkn player I'd keep. Fire bomb the place n start again fk the lot of them management through to the shitty subs that's couldny force there way into that shit show.
  10. The whole club from top to bottom is a fkn shambles special mention to the raes in particular Crawford and also David hoppy hopkin pair of absolute fkn charlatans. The fkn team where to start unbalanced definitely but fk me 11 guys should be able to at least compete. Shocking to put it politely. Mcpherson showed the square roof of fk all both at picking and changing a game so should be fired already
  11. That would be his dad not his uncle.
  12. Just fkn fold absolutely fkn embarrassing gus can get tae fk aswell shite team selection for a must win game just a fkn shambles all round
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