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  1. Decent wee day at cappielow today. Be interesting to see how much was raised. Boys had a cracking day meeting the players and manager. Few wee bits n bobs picked up along the way. Roll on Saturday and a Falkirk hounding would kick the season off in style.
  2. A horrible cunt club followed by horrible cunts.
  3. Well let's hope he's talking shite. If we start the season with what we have just now plus kabia we are in serious trouble.
  4. As people have said an increase was always likely and 2 quid won't break the bank for fans who are going regardless of what we charge. I fear the issue might be people can't afford the 20 quid we were charging with fuel food utility bills going off the scale football just might not be affordable whether it's 20 or 22.
  5. Was mchugh not the last morton striker to hit double figures in a season and he's wasn't exactly playing in a very good morton team. That's not advocating a return we could but probably won't get much better.
  6. With Hamilton getting a doing in Inverness n 6th place up for grabs better prize money on offer and a bye into another round of the Scottish cup that's a really shite effort tonight. Yes it shows the board the back up team are shite n big improvement is required over the close season. But unless tonight was a jolly for a few that's a fkn embarrassing way to end a shite season.
  7. N someone tell me why mca fkn leney n his dad are lording it up in the directors box like they own the fkn place its a fkn sad day indeed if that shite is acceptable.
  8. Last week we were shite this week is a fkn abomination utter fkn pish start to finish the majority of this team should be thanked n let go after next Friday.
  9. That was fkn shite poor all over the park. Big summer ahead for Dougie once we confirm our championship status to many just not gd enough.
  10. The club weren't able to handle that crowd today so fk them lessons need to be learned. The problem initially wasn't our young boys. If Partick don't breach the park after there goal near do we. Our young boys aren't on the park week after week it was a reaction to there's not saying its right but to blame them is just wrong as the problem.
  11. The problem was not having police in both ends as a deterrent. The minute Partick fans came on without challenge there was only one way it was going if we scored so tbh fk the club for not having it properly secure before kick off. On the game we played for 15 minutes and in the end I'm delighted we've handed that horrible shower of shite a defeat.
  12. On Saturday millen offered zero from the bench stood around like a fkn idiot unable or unwilling to encourage or help motivate the players. Chasing the game 15 to go and strapp sonters over for a throw in I'm almost certain Dougie would have had him running for that ball. So I'd say Dougie picked the team yes but millen offered nothing from the side of the pitch.
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