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  1. Yeah I agree it's a no from me I already contribute to it all be it only £15 a month. With people finding themselves in an increasingly difficult situation n perhaps ending up not having money for rent bills loans mortgage and so on I would suggest the money that Mct already receive will be reduced as ppl choose food n heating over paying someone else's wages time the millionaire owners did the right thing instead of passing round the begging bowl to the fans.
  2. Big gamble if they do could hardly get fit to play on a great pitch never mind that plastic shithole they have.
  3. He's a fucking snake. He left giving it big licks about hearts n the dead club wanting him and ended up at wait for it Partick fucking thistle and his fucking attitude was rank aswell that's from players he played with in his last season with us fuck him like his top says snake
  4. Fuck him another fanny that thought he was to good for morton n it's went tits up pleasing.
  5. Vogts job was to get us second and a playoff place behind germany he did that unlucky for us we got holland in the playoffs or i belive we would have qualified. His results in friendly games was utter pish though.
  6. Im with largsTON on this one would have been happy for doyle to stay. Most weeks we was doing the job of 2 down the right because duffy was a fucking clown and had no natural right sided winger in the team as a right back doyle was solid enough although he could have improved on his crossing.
  7. He comes across as a fucking bellend of a boy so he'll fit right in at partick. As others have said get him fucking hounded im glad we're shot of a cunt like that.
  8. What age is he now might be worth a years deal.
  9. Level found imo. Decent player at morton but left when it was clear duffy rated him and wanted him to stay(so tough if alloa is the best he can get). people talk about his goal at ibrox being a highlight and a cracking goal it was but i prefer his injury time winner against stenny after we were 2 nil down in the run in for the title.
  10. Mcluskey left for better things as it turns out he made the wrong choice if barrow is his best option barrow ffs( maybe more cash but a far poorer league.
  11. Has mcluskey signed for anyone else yet
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