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  1. It may well have been true. But Brian Graham is a fkn cunt who plays for that horrible fkn cunt of a club so his opinion on whether the big bad cowshed got on his presious little nerves is fkn irrelevant.
  2. Well that was a fkn sore yin. Ali Crawford can fk right off n take Calvin Miller at the same time. Absolute waste ot a wage n Jersey almost every single fkn week. A half fit jai coming on before mcgratten is a fkn joke. The two goals were fkn avoidable but sadly happening far to often. The cunt fkn stewards doing there best gestapo impersonations is really starting to grind my fkn gears aswell. Absolutely fkn furious after that shit.
  3. Let's start with the positives from today. We kept a clean sheet. Everything else was poor from team selection to barley troubling there goal over 90 odd minutes. If we are serious about a playoff place then nothing less than 3 points on Friday night will cut it. 1 point from 6 isn't gd enough at this stage of the season especially against teams who are our direct rivals for a playoff place.
  4. The steward in question is a fkn idiot and needs emptied asap. A complete cluster fk every week with no sign of it changing.
  5. Well that was a fkn shambles. Not anywhere near gd enough all over the park and not much better from the dugout either. Saturday is now a massive in terms of the playoffs. The players have shown a lot of fight and determination this season but that was in very short supply tonight. Dust down accept tonight wasn't gd enough n scud Partick on Saturday.
  6. Both halves are repulsive and Scottish lower league football is full of players who support either cheek of the same arse. The snake part yes for leaving half way through a bad season. But it was ultimately job security for him.
  7. See as long as players give there all while with us I honestly couldn't give a fk when they leave what they do.
  8. The guys a rangers fan and works for rangers who cares what he does now.
  9. They seem to be in the directors box a lot for having the same say at cappielow as anyone else n there seems to be plenty free tickets going there way.
  10. Is the boys dad not standing for election to mct hopefully goes aswell as his alba party bid at the local elections.
  11. How in any walk of life is being one or the other remotely acceptable. Two cheeks of the same arse. If her being labelled one when she's the other has pissed her off then fk her.
  12. We are a busted flush vt and all your fancy put downs won't change it. I was right behind mct from the get go but anyone can see it's not working. Asking fans for more in a crisis whoring out share which as far as now nobody wants tells its own story.
  13. Anyone with any money/sense has fkd off. MCT are unfortunately treading water n will ultimately need to sell out imo.
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