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  1. Absolutely superb today. Five goals clean sheet. Dunfermline really are shite. Let's take care of the little people next week. You could pick from 7/8 for man of the match today for me it was reilly superb first half scored a very gd goal and worked really hard second half. All round a cracking shift from the team.
  2. Labelling Jacobs a terrible footballers is far stretched tbh a bad game yip all players have them but a terrible footballer have a word ffs
  3. I'm sure we will find out by March
  4. Poster of the year: dunning1874 Worst poster of the year: HeidTheBaw
  5. There needs to be a fkn riot and clear every fucking fraud n wage theif out of the club.
  6. Let's be honest it doesn't matter what way it was intended. He's a fkn idiot he obviously knows what's going on n he's attempting to keep it going with that moronic goal celebration What he should have done was make sure as a defender and captin(which is laughable) that the team were switched on those last 3/4 minutes instead of acting like a fud and letting qots stroll through him and the team like they weren't there.
  7. Won't be handing another penny over this season fucking fed up being ripped off. Already cancelled my subscription on the back of us being a complete fucking disaster off the park. Tonight was the final straw on the park. That was toothless gutless and the absolute nick of that fat cunts celebration sums up everything. Everything about us screams absolute fucking shambles. Scunnerd would be an understatement.
  8. What a fucking shambles of a football club. Lock the doors and chuck the keys in the fucking clyde.
  9. They should be hounded out. In the long run they (the club board and the mct board) will do more damage to morton than gus getting us relegated imo.
  10. This said person also was overheard within the bowls of cappielow saying that the 10/15 pound subscription payers to mct wernt even worth bothering about. I've since cancelled subscriptions to mct and won't rejoin untill this fkn idiot has been removed from his position.
  11. Bed well and truly shat tbh. These charlatans need emptied as soon as possible before we become any more of a tin pot embarrassment of a club. Give us your money don't speak out n do as your told where have we seen this before.
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