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  1. So you've come back as another alias and in the first few lines branded fellow posters as neds Stop with your birthday caird pish and fk off.
  2. I'd be clearing most. Only keeps for me would be madams strapp lyon ledger(maybe) Jacobs Colville mcguffie n fjortoff although I think he's burnt his bridges after his tweets everyone else fired right into the Clyde
  3. Tbh I'm getting to that stage. I was all for it chipping in a few quid to the cause but all I've seen is the money pissed up a wall on shit signing after shit signing (kris doolan Billy King) the fk car crash of a first team squad we have now and the latest ringers to roll up a fkn unfit keeper and two guys that can't even get a look in ahead of the shit on show tells its own story. Enough is enough if there's no movement from MCT in the week ahead I'm out it's time to act unfortunately.
  4. He needs fkn emptied as soon as the final whistle goes n he can take his shite fkn signings along with him. Absolutely devoid of ideas shite team selections completely fkn embarrassing.
  5. No more anything let Crawford and GC drown in the shit they've created. Withdraw all funding with immediate effect I'm sure him n his fkn GC board might start playing ball. If not let the more lucrative third party if they even existed step in n take the shit deal he's offering.
  6. The other option should be telling Crawford and GC to go fuck themselves.
  7. Why don't you fk off then. Your shite contributions won't be missed oh and don't let the door hit your arse on the way out.
  8. Streams been fine. Started well for 2 minutes absolutely fkn shite ever since complete fkn joke could be five or six if Inverness choose. Omar is fkn shite regardless of how soft the red was should be nowhere near the first eleven shambles all round
  9. Not the best game. But all we should be concerned about is ourselves. That's us another point towards staying in this league we looked solid enough at the back created next to nothing on a poor park. Just get through the season fresh start and move forward hopefully as one. As for Jonathan sutherland if you didny enjoy it get yourself to fuck
  10. Might we be back to playing arbroath on Tuesday then?
  11. Happy new year to everyone 🎉🍻 Here's to absent friends. I hope 2021 brings everyone a little more than this year has (shouldn't be hard) A win on Saturday would be a good start
  12. After a shit year hopefully today brings a wee bit of joy to people whether it's yourself your kids your gran kids from one ton fan to another merry Christmas n hopefully 3 points on Saturday 🍻
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