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  1. Heading over in big orange bird now for first match a in what seems like a lifetime. Team shaping up reasonably well so far....hopefully I'm not a scud🙈 Mon eh Ton!!!
  2. McGinn proved the perfect replacement for McAlister. As I've said every game his influence grew. He did a great job over the last 2 games. I'd love to see him in a Morton Jersey again! Good Morton sides have always had that experience in the side surrounded by young players with energy competing at the top of the old first division or as it is now the championship....even in Moore's side. Keeping Ledger McAdams....if we can afford McGinn. I'd even keep McLean I dont think that would be expensive. Marcus is gone but if he was kept and you add a good centre back binning McGinty our defence has shown it far from shit!!!! Theres alot of business to do but defensively we should look to retain a few imho
  3. You'll get a big vote down by all the love children who seem to want to own this forum. Thankfully my faith has been restored by a few!! View the incriminating following🤣
  4. Marcus is clearly manager orientated... He clearly came to us to play for a manager he believed would improve him. With no manger hes walking unless hes offered crazy money which shouldn't be on offer. As things stand were not in an employee's market as we have nothing but a wage to offer....and that's not going to be enticing on it's own. Some player are much more happy for the old hot air to be blown before signing....without that it will be a much more difficult task!
  5. Gus only brought in McGinn. Every game hes played hes just got better and better. Just class tonight!!! If a player if that calibre comes to Morton starting the season then we'll be a comfortable championship team minimum....he might not be the next manager but clearly hes been scouting and a DOF role is a possibility.....?????
  6. Ferguson and McFadden both basically said their pitch was shocking.....lower league sides never water them or look after them properly
  7. Well when you look at Montrose compared to that lot....not to many problems caused and the only player youd take is already a championship player.....where as Montrose had much more potential on show for me. I'm expecting a much better atmosphere at cappielow and I think that'll see us over the line JTA dont think Muirhead will be on corner duties😂
  8. Please listen to MCT Q&A....the question on budgets was asked by Dean and I put forward the question. The answer on what is hoped for on squad budget was answered and is there for all to hear!! Tbh I have probably assumed wrongly that people on here listen to the podcasts ....maybe not????
  9. I hope the solution for paying peanuts comes from a competently run football club!?!?. MCT have already publicly stated they hope to increase the budget....which surely would put us on par with the likes of Raith...though obviously the proof will be in what actually happens as apossed to the usual speculation! I happen to think you have a point in getting the best part time players and it should be seen together with a nucleus of good quality fulltime pros as well as our youth and players of the type that McAdams and Legder in their early 20s who we hopefully can develop...but that is some wish list!!!
  10. You can trouse everyone if you like but in reality..... 7 or so players need added to the squad.... we've not looked defensively shocking by any manner of means...add 2 good players in central and fullback positions.....midfield probably 3 good options.... and instead of paying peanuts add at least 2 proven goalscorer....with maybe a loan... I personally see a Duffy esc squad no problem....definitely not a relegation fighting squad....but there remains work to be done to even consider that position!!!
  11. On my quick Google it was purely based on ownership. Which does give you the question if you can get a tax break from it why would MCT have to take it on? To much work for GC? Just another two fingered salute to the fans? Like a lot of things more questions than answers!!
  12. As I stated previously through a quick Google...which I'm sure you can do. There are ways of writing off maintenance through tax breaks. There is no way I could see of getting out of paying 5% of the total value of the property when you take ownership. The government want there candy. I may fumble about but that must be a more pressing issue if MCT are to get ownership...yes? No? Would it not be that significant an outlay? I've no clue tbh I read you have some idea of the current rates so do you or anyone have some idea of the valuation of the ground that the rates are based on?
  13. I wouldn't have any clue whatsoever as to what the ground is worth. Perhaps you can enlighten us as....rateable value was the incorrect wording I should have said taxable value tbf
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