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  1. "The alternative is that MCT is not prorating its ownership in this calculation, and that it's being treated as a static figure, and MCT's valulation and the worth of its membership is considered the same whether it owns 100% of the club or 1%, which is a complete absurdity and counter to the articles of association." TRVMP. I sincerely hope MCT are not that naive. If MCTs position was however is strengthened resulting in shareholders having to up contributions that isn't a bad position to be in. However as VT says how would this be policed. There is simply nothing to stop a shareholder putting in a few quid over a season or 2 and saying "that's me done here" Are we to assume shares are going to be sold within a contractual agreement to try to guarantee a return? Would shares of investors be liquidated or returned to MCT in breach of contract for example? Which is a strange way to gain investment I must admit. It very much looks to me that this is more than a simple buy some Morton shares but again the lack of any real coherent details just gives room for more and more questions.
  2. I totally agree with VT that 100% fan ownership is just not viable in a industry where constant investment is needed and costs will inevitably rise year on year. My question would be to the guys who are currently putting in the larger monthly/annual contributions as part of the current model yet are appearing to be just ordinary MCT members...how must they be feeling?....18k in the grand scheme of things really isn't any sort of significant investment at all whichever way you look at it. What investment will be added on top of the share purchase? That's the real question. It's easy for a guy with a big bank balance to walk in and say I wanna buy this or that but what is going to be the added benefit overall. Do we sell shares and just expect investment because of the ease of purchase? Relegation or indeed promotion could make such a position farcical if we're not careful. We have been led to believe that MCT were looking to bring more larger contributions on board as part of normal MCT membership. Has this position now changed or been exhausted? Are they already among the group investing a larger contribution and want more of a say? That would be an interesting question also. Ultimately you'd like to see MCT sell shares to people who really want to put more money in than whatever shareholding they have. I'm not for a minute suggesting 18k should become 50k...but the more the merrier let's say. That has/must be the goal for MCT whether that's achievable or an unachievable pipe dream time will tell.
  3. For what it's worth it looked to me that Wilson had been told to do his job and play it simple rather than try his usual FIFA pass....which was much more effective as generally a 5 yard pass is when your not blessed with ability above our level. If Wilson sticks to that(which I was crying out for) then he will be a good player to have next season imho
  4. Was great t have Chris and a proper Morton point of view at long long last on BBC.....I think those armchair fans may be enticed to come along after that which can't be a bad thing imho. Should have won but you can't complain about the performance
  5. Anyone else not picking up much of commentary on stream?...can bearly hear what there saying
  6. Jacobs poor for the goal.,..nobody else t blame there. Dougie's pre match interview suggested a smash and grab or a point was how he was looking at it...was interesting seeing our centre backs pushing up individually on their own particularly Ledger and McEntee it didn't give Lawless and co time t turn and face goal which worked magnificently in open play. Ledger and MOTM McEtee where super at that and put in a great shift. Overall a decent point and a game quickly forgotten tbh
  7. As dreadful as we've been... Dunfermline are seriously hopeless in the final third!!! Surely we can't play that badly in the second half? Even Dougie's reaction to the goal told you how he feels!
  8. You could sail a P&O fery through the gap between Wilson and Blues...need to keep our shape much better rather than running around chasing the ball like 10 year olds and picking up zero second ball Dougie clearly not happy and a rocket incoming I suspect
  9. 100% agree about the team having no pace in it....IIRC Imrie has also mentioned it and it's something that looks likely to be addressed in the close season... Still.. GIRFUY THISTLE!!!!
  10. If carlsberg made trip from Northern Ireland......GIRFUY THISTLE!!!!!
  11. I'm somewhat bemused by this Q&A Suppose at least they say that there is contingency funds. Barr really does need to get the community side of things off the ground. It's all well and good saying we let kids in for free but apart from your regulars there clearly no incentive on their own. Get the finger out!! Were into the second quarter of the season! Get back into the inverclyde schools and go back to giving these free tickets out to the kids and get these Full time players to do something more proactive for the club other than just at kick-off on match day!! Theres no clear strategy to build a future fan base. It died a death after the McGraw years and the club itself has to stop relying on Mortons community and use the tools they have at there disposal much more proactively and productively imho.
  12. Jamie McDonut sets up chickenvilles equaliser against Ifa blues...rest easy gents 😜
  13. On my quick Google it was purely based on ownership. Which does give you the question if you can get a tax break from it why would MCT have to take it on? To much work for GC? Just another two fingered salute to the fans? Like a lot of things more questions than answers!!
  14. As I stated previously through a quick Google...which I'm sure you can do. There are ways of writing off maintenance through tax breaks. There is no way I could see of getting out of paying 5% of the total value of the property when you take ownership. The government want there candy. I may fumble about but that must be a more pressing issue if MCT are to get ownership...yes? No? Would it not be that significant an outlay? I've no clue tbh I read you have some idea of the current rates so do you or anyone have some idea of the valuation of the ground that the rates are based on?
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