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  1. I'm struggling to see what Orsi has done for 90 mins except block 2 of our own shots!!!
  2. I may be wrong but on the pars front your seeing the limitations of a manager who even their own support knows has limited capabilities. On a Morton front a cup run helps the confidence in the squad and the managers case for a further contract assuming we stay up which you cant say looks unlikely as thing stand....off to east fife we go in the cup...onwards and upwards fingers crossed
  3. I think people on here need to seriously look at how they treat other users... who are at the end of the day MORTON SUPPORTERS THROUGH AND THROUGH!!! DEAN did a great piece recently on mental health but until now it's something that has never been talked about or addressed on this forum. The trolling of individuals by certain people to certain individuals(I'm not talking about just at the time..some on here like to troll your posts for over a month and more...sad lives they lead I know) might just be for the craic but constantly(I got into this myself and have thought wtf!!!)...I question
  4. Think first 20 mins was very good. Side looks to have bit more balance to it with the young boy on the right. Nesbitt looks like hes been given a bit of a free role and has been looking dangerous. Theres goals there for us. Hopefully we can take 1 or 2 when they come!!
  5. Ironic word diarrhea!!!...away back to the playground!!!🤪 Whilst I'm loving the attention from you and a loving other your anus is clearly getting much more!!!
  6. If you actually see where the goal started....McGinn was trying to put the deckchairs out(a goal we'd never have conceded if Jacob's was that player) and got caught dwelling on the ball, was robbed of it in a bad area and within a few passes of him loosing it we lost the Goal. McGinn will make us more solid but needs a few weeks to be totally away from stupid errors like that!!!! I'm amazed nobody picked up on it and that...and that there hasn't been much comment on his signing on here.... whether good bad or indifferent???? Goal had little to do with McGinty!! (Not saying I wouldn't play
  7. For me dunning is pretty spot on more often than most tf someone knows what there talking about!!! Wee McG has been put up against it with recent signing and tonight he was excellent again instrumental in the goal and always forward thinking. Good wee player!!! Well said Largston I imagine some players do read this and think wtf and some have a right brass neck in up voting it!!!!!! JTA Ultimately most of the support including myself were wanting change in the starting line up and surprise surprise...its cilla here ....and theres a change in the result!!!🤩 I thi
  8. Happy birthday t me and FO VT!!! Yeeeeeeooooowwww!!!!!! We are the ton we are the ton!!!!!
  9. Decent nights work for young Reece...played major part in goal!!
  10. I mean that there and the defender getting a yellow. CTF....great play by Sterling!!!
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