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  1. I'm in the building for this 1 and can't wait for it!!!! Mon eh Ton!!!!
  2. Well we were definitely alot less passive in the second half Stream couldn't see the first 1 and as has been said it seemed the stand were looking for it the other way. The second you see yellow almost every week for that. Ref overall had a mare I thought. GIRFUY Ref and Ayr!!!
  3. God love the weekly punter if that's what's served up every week. Right hand side is weaker that water. The centre of the park in the opposition half has been none existent. Just hoofing the ball aimlessly into areas not looking to play any sort of football at all and half the time it's nowhere near Jai either Were making Ayr "F"in United look good. No pressure on the ball anywhere until it gets to the edge of our box. Were lying far far to deep and making it easy for the big hoofs just t come straight back. Bring tears t a glass eye watching that 1st half
  4. Looks like Low won't be coming according to Twitter....unless there is a huge turn of events...his pal has replied to Vize..not signing... earlier I see.
  5. Think you'll find it wasn't your ginger friend at all
  6. Decent signing that....did someone know I was coming over for the game on Saturday
  7. 1 theory I would suggest is the bigger picture which any business savvy investor probably would. I'm aware there is a glass half empty view on this which VT has already posted but let's look at it from a glass half full point of view. A potential investor in MCT may look at this as a way of getting a foot under the table to be part of a process that could end up MCT in some guise buying the ground at an under market value price. I'm not talking a massive saving but if an investor was to come up with the money it is possible. So investing what may be pocket money to them in MCT anonymously would in the short term over a few years...possibly look quite attractive if you are looking at a bigger goal on the horizon...investors always do and it would certainly make MCT a more attractive proposition overall. I remember reading something about MCT and the ground being purchased. I'm sure it was asked and answered at some stage in the process but tbf the details of the reply are a bit vague in my memory tbh. I bet someone can shed some light on those details and what was said right enough. This is just a theory but not improbable if you actually do look at potential outcomes....and yes I'm aware it's not just as simple as how I've framed it btw but thought I'd put it out there.
  8. I had this conversation about what was, what is and what could be a few times.... Under Wilson and McGraw there was a clear plan to stabilise and that was done by selling and finding more...Scott...well let's not go there. Rae saw it as an expensive train set imho. He was paying Tidser 1900 a week!!!...source ex Morton player over here not jenks hahaha ..however the 1 thing that we are not burdened with is the debt he built up which tbf isn't a bad deal for anyone to take on. This is very much crystal ball stuff but whichever way you look at it we need investment....otherwise part time it will be and that's the reality of it. Part time players over here are on more money. Why do you think Jenkins ended up here?....however we were part time and made the premier League in the past....granted much harder to do in this day an age but it without structured investment a full time club we will not be imho. Especially if your paying high end part time wages!
  9. Having been an interested observer McManus is still as hateful as ever. He huffed and puffed, still has the touch of a baby elephant and blew probably their only real guilt edge chance in the game heading straight at the keeper from 10 yards out with no one near him. Now looks like he'll be out for a while after picking up what looked like a hamstring injury late in extra time. How sad.(aye right) Pepper came off the bench. Had a shaky start but in the whole defended well and was useful fresh legs going forward for the eventual winners.
  10. Goes back t 80s for me...after getting taught a footballing lesson at cappielow when we beat them 4-2 as we were going for the title (again) this horrible lot decided they were going t line up on the other side of the carriage way, charge across and fight where kids(including myself) were. My father literally picked me up by the armpit t get away.(god rest him) He then decided t go up to their hole back in the day of the fence where again McNeil and co gave them another red arse...only for Morton supporter's to be subjected to bottles being thrown at them over the fence. Needless to say my regard for this lot has never been above the dregs of society.
  11. I'm somewhat bemused by this Q&A Suppose at least they say that there is contingency funds. Barr really does need to get the community side of things off the ground. It's all well and good saying we let kids in for free but apart from your regulars there clearly no incentive on their own. Get the finger out!! Were into the second quarter of the season! Get back into the inverclyde schools and go back to giving these free tickets out to the kids and get these Full time players to do something more proactive for the club other than just at kick-off on match day!! Theres no clear strategy to build a future fan base. It died a death after the McGraw years and the club itself has to stop relying on Mortons community and use the tools they have at there disposal much more proactively and productively imho.
  12. Jamie McDonut sets up chickenvilles equaliser against Ifa easy gents
  13. On my quick Google it was purely based on ownership. Which does give you the question if you can get a tax break from it why would MCT have to take it on? To much work for GC? Just another two fingered salute to the fans? Like a lot of things more questions than answers!!
  14. As I stated previously through a quick Google...which I'm sure you can do. There are ways of writing off maintenance through tax breaks. There is no way I could see of getting out of paying 5% of the total value of the property when you take ownership. The government want there candy. I may fumble about but that must be a more pressing issue if MCT are to get ownership...yes? No? Would it not be that significant an outlay? I've no clue tbh I read you have some idea of the current rates so do you or anyone have some idea of the valuation of the ground that the rates are based on?
  15. I wouldn't have any clue whatsoever as to what the ground is worth. Perhaps you can enlighten us as....rateable value was the incorrect wording I should have said taxable value tbf
  16. The operative word in my first post is "could" Assuming MCT achieve the ownership this for just a start would lead to a 5% stamp duty on any commercial property. What the rateable value of the ground is I have no idea. That's just from a quick google. I doubt the grounds rateable value is 2 million but if it was that's a sizable amount of money that needs to be found to take ownership. Again from a quick google there is all sorts of tax reliefs that are available for maintaining a commercial property. So the costs would be written of much like buy to let but obviously on a larger scale. Clears very little up tbh
  17. Your quite the keyboard warrior. I don't confess to be a matriarchal stat welding, quote throwing poster like yourself. I have a life. I asked a question that you yourself couldn't answer. Questions ultimately can be speculated till the bloody cows come home. The only people with the answers are MCT and clearly they will not post on here to explain their hand at this stage!!! All the same questions will be asked and speculation will not stop!!!
  18. My concern is that MCT dont make a complete arse of this and waste fans money... thanks very much.... bloody idiot!!!!!
  19. Sorry but you seem to have missed my point....what are the extra costs incurred by owning the stadium and is this viable for MCT...or what would it impact?
  20. I think most people on here couldn't care less about Rae We need to be made aware of which option is actually more financially viable? It's all well and good splurting out options but surely to god the feasibility of these options has to be made more clear by MCT. I may stand to be correct here.... the implications and extra overheads of owning the ground could be financial suicide. It certainly will add to costs which in turn would take away from the budget of the playing squad. I always had the belief that 1 of MCTs main focuses was to make the product on the pitch better not contrive to make it worse.
  21. Good insightful interview by Dean on the podcast with Graham Barr Interesting to hear about possible budget rise for next season. 25k patrons take a bow... hopefully more of them to come!! Communication and advertising which has been well undersold is going to be a clearer and better moving forward!! Commercial rates is a bit of a kick. You'd assume they'll be quite high but he spoke well, there's a clear plan of attack right from the off and thanks for putting in a few of my questions
  22. So are they gonna still be under contract? And does nobody believe MCT should be securing there only real assets now? Surely that makes sense? McGraw regime was certainly astute in this department. No time like the present imo At the end of the day as things stand the only real assets MCT will have is young Lewis and Reece as things stand! Get the house in order where it really matters and don't let this be another shitfest for the all to laugh at and take advantage of
  23. As MCT start looking towards their ownership of the playing department (at the very least) is there anyone else who is thinking we need to get Young Reece and Strapp in contact talks now before the inevitable happens and the ship sales. I think MCT have been very good so far but we cant see club assets walking away for nothing or virtually nothing and I'm sure I'm not alone in thinking this is worrying atm. This for sure as the window opens is a concern for ALL Mortons support!! Communication on this in the very near future would be welcomed by all I'm sure!!!
  24. On the subject of investors. They certainly existed. I work in the world of finance and when you tell of fellow scotsmen the your a Morton supporter most look at you as if you need your head examined however every now and again you cross paths with 1 or somebody from the area. I had a conversation with 1 of the consortium of the investors about 10-12 years ago now. A Morton supporter from childhood like myself...and its pretty much public knowledge that Dougie just didn't want people tinkering with his train set. That's cutting a considerable conversation short...but that's what it boiled down to. He didn't want to dilute his shareholdings to let others have a bit more say in how the club was run or the direction it should be taking. It's the type of conversation that you dont forget. He gave me the impression had Dougie took these guys onboard they were serious about making Morton a force in Scottish football again. Just wasn't meant to be back then...maybe their back? Who knows??
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