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  1. King’s good back-up though due to his versatility, even though that may not help his development as much as a regular place somewhere in his favoured position. I’m not sure now if we’ll be looking for squad back-up in January or replacements for current first team players, or competitors for their place. A month or so ago I’d have thought we’d ideally need a goal scoring striker, a left winger and a No. 10 who also contribute with goals and assists. I’m not so sure now we should disrupt the current team spirit or replace some of our best performers.
  2. I could only get 28-1 each way for Morton to win the Championship. Leicester City were 1000-1 to win the EPL that year. I’m not sure where that leaves the comparison, but by the bookies’ reckoning Morton are far more likely to win the Championship than Leicester were to win the EPL.
  3. I think Gillespie will be a big miss, as he’s so disciplined in keeping the ball and then releasing it at exactly the right moment. We’ll realise his influence more when he’s not there.
  4. the stats came from the site below. I didn’t come up with Reece Lyon’s or anyone else’s. I simply posted the top few players from the list. https://m.footballdatabase.eu/en/club/team/3539-greenock_morton/2021-2022
  5. I found it quite interesting to see which of our players have the best percentages stats this season for wins, draws and losses, as I believe it’s a good reflection of their influence on the team. Grimshaw and O’Connor came out on top with 43, 29, 29, followed by Baird with 40, 33, 27, then McGrattan with 38, 31, 31. My maths are not the best but Lyon has 33, 50, 17, albeit in very few starts, but some bright spark could maybe tell me that’s better than some of the others!
  6. Jack Hamilton starts for Livvy today.
  7. David Martindale says Griffiths is getting himself fit but Livvi can’t afford to sign him! Where does that leave us?
  8. I'm trying to purchase the Live Stream but it's coming up as £50! Anyone else getting this?
  9. I had a pretty good view of the incident against Arbroath and thought the only reason Jai was sent off was Gaston failing in his attempts to manhandle him out of getting the ball first. Gaston was absolutely raging and kept complaining to the ref until he sent Jai off. I couldn’t understand Gaston’s rage though as it was more what you’d expect if Jai had tried to break his team mate’s leg or something like that. I watched a Wolves player grab the ball out of the net after a late equaliser the same day, and no-one made any objections. That was the only difference I could see.
  10. I only posted it once! I only posted it once!
  11. I don’t have an argument with that at all. I thought Strapp was our most influential player by far. I was one of many who was worried we’d lose him and was delighted when he signed on again. Imrie has my backing but this looks a strange decision, as did dropping Pigniotelli. I don’t have an argument with that at all. I thought Strapp was our most influential player by far. I was one of many who was worried we’d lose him and was delighted when he signed on again. Imrie has my backing but this looks a strange decision, as did dropping Pigniotelli.
  12. I just don’t think Dougie’s dream 4-3-3 formation can work with two passengers in the front three. Jai’s the only one who contributes in the modern game. He needs to change to 4-2-3-1 to suit his current shite choice of player and he needs to recognise that Blues is not made for this level of mediocrity. Change to 4-3-3 only when we have the calibre of player to do so!
  13. I think that’s everyone’s first choice apart from the man who picks the team!
  14. That’s exactly what Dougie has just said in the Tele’.
  15. The debate about who is to blame, with several players being mentioned as potentially culpable, points to the old adage “you attack as a team and defend as a team”. I’m delighted that Imrie was given the new deal, as he appears to have the no nonsense attitude we so badly needed. However I’m a bit concerned about some of his decision making and his man management skills. For Lyon to be sent out on loan, and Strapp being on the bench whilst Blues and Kabia play every match, appears like the manager is unable to get the best out of individual players, and is possibly guilty of picking players who give him the least trouble off the pitch or in training, rather than swallowing his ego and picking the best players. The suggestion to play Strapp at left back with King further forward seems so obvious a solution that it seems something is amiss between Imrie and some of the players. This also gives out the wrong message to the team that all players aren’t being treated equally. I hope I’m wrong and that this is all sorted out quickly to get our season on track.
  16. You’re on the wrong thread then mate!
  17. Because holding petty grudges gets you nowhere?
  18. I would say so, he sometimes sits pretty deep but can pick out a great long pass, Charlie Adam-esque. He can also drive forward and has a good shot at goal in him.
  19. Tremendous news off the back of the Dalrada sponsorship! Dougie comes across as someone who would walk away if things weren’t right, and he sounded like he was considering it a few weeks ago. Sounds like he’ll be able to build something worthwhile. I think he’s already established quite a solid base but he knows what we’ll need to mount a challenge, and I’m suddenly confident he’ll get the backing to do so.
  20. But surely if the thread is called “Thread about Ex-player” then people must give a f*** what they do when they leave Morton. Maybe if you don’t give a f*** then it’s not the thread for you?
  21. Fair comment, just felt a bit strange watching him in that guise after all his years with The Ton.
  22. Did everyone see Jim McAlister Running to the fans with the Rangers players last night and whooping it up!
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