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  1. Have we really though?
  2. Funnily enough I was thinking about that time today. He spent a good amount of time talking to us and was genuinely interested in who we were, who we supported albeit he got Morton & St.Mirren a bit mixed up but he was a smashing big guy. A true gentleman. The term 'legend' is perhaps one of the most overused terms in in Football however there was a guy that was deserving of the term - both on and off the park - someone that reached the peaks in the game and that all genuine Football fans could really look up to. It was sad to read that he was struggling with lymphoma and dementia in his final days, but he's at peace now. God bless you Jack.
  3. How long were you in charge of the GMST? What the fuck did you do in that time? In a fraction of that time the MCT were able to go from a back-of-fag packet idea to become a sizeable shareholder and are now incumbent owners of Morton FC. Are you in a fit position to criticise them?
  4. A really interesting read, many thanks for posting this. I have to admit that I was possibly the fiercest critic of both MCT and Graham McLennan, but I am thoroughly impressed and encouraged by what I have seen/read over the past few days. They have managed to do within the space of little over a year what the GMST were unable to do in nearly twenty years - despite the GMST having countless fundraising events throughout that period plus several representatives on the GMFC board etc. Also, with regards to the Rae Family who have came in for a fair amount of criticism over the years, but credit has to be given to them for turning down a more 'lucrative offer' in favour of MCT. The identity of those behind the 'lucrative' offer is unknown, probably due to non-disclosure clauses etc. However there have been 'local businessmen' with a dubious reputation circling the club for several years now. Their presence was most likely to be off-putting to other potential suitors however credit where it's due to Mrs Rae for preferring the supporters ahead of some local villains who were considered to be 'the only show in town' and inevitable incumbents by so many Morton supporters. I'm personally delighted it's not them who are taking over Morton. Finally, the future is ours to make. It's the start of a journey. Along the way there will be personality clashes, attention seekers, gloryhunters etc. But there will also be a lot of good, honest, well meaning Morton supporters doing the best for the club. If others can do it, why can't we? With this in mind, it's time for a giant leap of faith - I'm finally signing up. The ownership of the stadium remains an issue of concern, but I'm sure that can be overcome. It may be that public funding, grants etc. May be available to facilitate the purchase of the stadium for community purposes - one things for sure is those third sector gravy train types will know what's what in that regards.
  5. Sad news that Jack Charlton passed away peacefully last night aged 85. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/53373542 What a great guy he was.
  6. I wondered when No.9 Strathblane Duncan was going to grace us with his presence on this subject.
  7. Morton's very own legend Andy Ritchie was involved in the feature being used as evidence that Celtic FC and Celtic Boys Club were NOT seperate entities: From today's Daily Record: Note: this is not a suggestion that Ritchie was involved with the wrongdoings of the wrong'uns at Celtic Boys Club at the time.
  8. When David Murray wanted out of Rangers he found himself a reliable stooge to take on the club and it's liabilities for the nominal sum of £1. When the bold Crawfordjag wanted out of Cappielow he found himself a reliable stooge to ask everyone to chip in money whilst he quietly asset stripped the club and assigned the liability of the club to stooge's creation. I'm not liking this one bit. It stinks. ETA: I think that the supporters of Morton - whether MCT supporters or not - should put pressure on the Rae Family to ensure that the stadium in part of any deal.
  9. Aye, and when I need an arsehole's opinion I'll ask my own.
  10. The bit in bold, am I the only one who doesn't think that this is a good deal? The supporters get the benefit of the club and it's liabilities without retaining it's key assets? This is similar to a deal which led Leeds United being shafted for many years, when they lost the freehold of Elland Road. What about ground improvements? Who will take responsibility over these? I've got a feeling this is the road to the Airdrie-isation of our once proud club.
  11. Thank you for your contribution. Next.
  12. Would like to see something like this as the home top.
  13. Well the UK Government who are governing England = English Government. PPE - there was huge efforts to mitigate any shortages of protective equipment including companies retooling at short notice to make supplies for those in need. Overall, there was a real 'Dunkirk spirit' to help and protect the NHS throughout the UK. The attitude towards care homes in the UK (including Scotland) is a disgraceful one and this pandemic serves to highlight this. They are often seen as places to 'shove the elderly' into, and once there they're someone else's problem. That's not really a dignified way to treat older people.
  14. That's exactly the point which I was making to CHC. Other countries may have fared better than others during this pandemic, but overall this is tragic for Scotland and the rest of the UK. It shouldn't be used as a cue for a Flemish smart-arse to gloat because he hates the country of his birth so much.
  15. To be honest with you, I am hard pushed to find fault with how either the Scottish Government or the English Government has managed this pandemic, with perhaps maybe the Dominic Cummings incident where Boris should have given him a real public flogging instead of backing him to the hilt. Other than that, the NHS in both sides of the border have done a great job and worked very hard and tirelessly to manage the outcomes during what has been a very difficult time - it's a tragic and traumatic time for our nation/our nation's - we've lost nearly 50,000 of our fellow countrymen, other countries may have had less fatalities but that shouldn't be used as a point scoring exercise for some Brit-hating expat to put the boot in to further his own agenda.
  16. Local boy done good. Anyone that joins Partick deserves all they get.
  17. I think it's disgraceful that you find such a tragic statistic so amusing. Scotland's infection rates and death rates have more in common with England than they do with the Scandinavian nations quoted.
  18. Norway, Ireland, Finland and Denmark all have less Covid-19 related deaths per capita than Scotland, which isn't a million miles away from England. Canada also has a very low death rate per capita. However, those facts won't support the anti-British agenda which you have.
  19. They are self-isolating. Indefinitely.
  20. By contacting Hamilton Accies and pretending to be some random Nigerian.
  21. As the man in the orthopaedic shoe said: I stand corrected.
  22. No, that was Go West. Which is what the people of Hong Kong will be doing very soon, with their British Overseas Passports.
  23. Leicester is getting locked down again due to this Chinese disease. Here's hoping that it doesn't spread to other places.
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