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  1. Now, I have my reasons which I have probably stated to death over the years, what is everyone elses? Also, Since they are being financially doped and now in the same league as us and therefore no longer insignificant, brownie points for anyone that can give the most unique reason for hating Scottish football's perennial parasites Queens Park.
  2. What relevance has any of this got to do with Brian Clough's Derby team in the early 1970's?
  3. Morton have gone to Hell on a handcart. There should be a limit on the amount of shite rejects we sign from Queens Park. None.
  4. A lazy sunday morning spent in bed followed by a nice breakfast and a read at the papers seems way more appealing.
  5. He also played for Falkirk. So fuck him.
  6. He must surely rue the day that he left Morton.
  7. I didn't know him personally so I honestly couldn't say. What did he do, shite in your handbag?
  8. The fact that he was absolutely dung whenever he did actually play for us. Just because he looks fit in a kickabout 25 years later doesnt make him a player.
  9. It could be for personal reasons, family reasons or even health reasons. As much as I've been critical of Stuart over the years, and justifiable at times too, I hope all is well with him.
  10. Just saw on Skysports News that Robert Lewandowski will be leaving Bayern Munich this summer, but was amazed at his goalscoring stats which reads 344 goals in 377 games, and has won 8 league titles in as many seasons. Surely one of the greatest players in the modern era.
  11. I'm surprised that nobody is having a major hissy-fit on here that the shirt isn't blue & white hoops. Personally i am glad that we've moved away from a shirt design being chosen from a kids colouring competition.
  12. The TFG Shirts from c.2001-3 season were superb quality and looked good too. imho they were the best Morton shirts of the recent era.
  13. Apparently any deal was a good deal if it got rid of the Rae Family from Cappielow.
  14. Apparently Craig Whyte's wealth was 'off the scale' too.
  15. Have yourself a well earned (and nowadays rare) greenie from me. Although I would say that we have more than a fair share of moon units in our support. It seems that Morton supporters have learned nothing from the past, and every supposedly rich person expressing an interest in the club represents a good deal.
  16. This. Called it. There is no shortage of useful idiots been on a using here. I'm glad that I never gave a single penny to this elaborate sham.
  17. Its not often I agree with you, but i agree with you on this point.
  18. It was not 'an offence' that some Morton supporters found 'unpalatable' but several offences committed by the same person on the same day in opposite sides of the country. It is an absolute disgrace that he was ever allowed to sign for Morton. I am even appalled that there are also Morton supporters who feel quite comfortable having such vermin at our club.
  19. No doubt about it, as I said before it will be the most fun they've had since the Catalan referendum.
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