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  1. In fairness to the Rae family, they never signed any Sex Offenders.
  2. Its bad enough having a sex offender playing for us, but why the fuck are we making him captain too?
  3. I beg to differ, The town of Ayr can support one team - Rangers. Passionately. Just like the rest of Ayrshire. HTH.
  4. He looks like the guy from Rita, Sue & Bob Too.
  5. As much as you're not that keen on them, they are a proper football club in their own right, and not one of these 'Colts' abominations.
  6. It pains me to say this, I think that the rest of the teams who are opposed to the colts should stand in solidarity with Ayr on this one, if for no other reason to highlight the double standards in their participation as highlighted above. If every team threw an ineligible player on, then they would have to issue the same punishment to everyone, thus effectively banning all participants in the competition and making a mockery of the tournament as a legitimate protest against the colts. It would draw attention to the preposterous situation to the rest of world football, or force the SPFL's hand and accepting that nobody outwith the top handful of clubs want these colt teams involved in the tournament. It would also be an opportunity for Morton to name a superfan on the bench, Chris Buchanan, and throw him on to fulfil his dream of becoming a Morton player for the night and cement the boy's name in club history. Discuss.
  7. As laughable as it may seem, when you consider that the likes of Livingston, Dudley and Merthyr Tydfil are all bidding for 'City Status' and the 'prestige' that may bring, then why not Greenock? When you look at the big towns in England who are bidding such as Reading and Middlesbrough - these are effectively Cities in their own right in all but name - the best hope that Greenock has in this contest is to be awarded on the basis of tokenism, yet if a larger neighbouring town such as Paisley were to decide it was to bid, then the Elephant's Graveyard wouldn't stand a chance. ETA: If 'thu coonsul' decide to submit a bid for Greenock, then I'd imagine residents from Gourock and the Port would feel aggrieved as they have as much going for them nowadays as Greenock. Discuss.
  8. Well, that didn't last long, did it? I wonder who's fault it was this time **Hoppy**.
  9. It shouldn't be too hard even for an organisation reliant on volunteers to keep their content current and up to date. If organisations such as Bowling Clubs or Golf Clubs can do it, then why not a professional football club? Considering one of the cohorts from the MCT is Graham Barr who is responsible for Media and Communications, this should surely fall under his remit.
  10. At least you're taking it well. Thanks for playing, Champ.
  11. Missed out Stuart Findlay and Mark Russell though.
  12. I understand. Montrose is the type of club we should be aspiring to play on a regular basis. Maybe that's what *Hoppy* was trying to do by signing all the shite that he did.
  13. You're just pissed that he got the joab and not you. Gutted for you Champ. Next.
  14. Scotland game, almost forgot about that. It's good that the football authorities have ensured that there is no club v country dilemma for Morton supporters this Saturday.
  15. Reading this reminded me of this article from a few months back in the Smelly Tele: https://www.greenocktelegraph.co.uk/news/18987304.morton-bosses-called-police-explosive-leaked-document/ In particular this part: "Under one section headed 'CEO ROLE AND FUTURE: Gordon Ritchie', the author makes a series of claims about Mr Ritchie, a senior official from MCT who was recently appointed to the Ton board to help prepare for the transition to community ownership this summer. The document accuses the lawyer of 'actively interfering and undermining CEO position - cutting across CEO role by going direct to senior players and the assistant manager by discussing player retention and targets and in the case of one player telling him his likely role going forward'. By reading this and the above I reckon there may have been more than an element of truth about this. The thing with Solicitors, they're well educated professional people who understand the law and legal process but that does not automatically make them astute businessmen by virtue of. It seems like this guy is in danger of alienating the very people he is meant to serve with his actions.
  16. I think the club played a blinder with the way in which they conducted themselves in the transfer window. I recall c.2010/11 when the gobshite kitman would feed titbits of information on what he knew to whom he wanted to be pals with, and it cost us a player who went on to Dundee. When your resources are limited, playing your cards close to your chest is essential. Let others do the speculating, and we'll have more like that Gus.
  17. You don't need experience at doing something in order to become successful at doing something. Dare I say it, you could probably get a gig somewhere as a 'consultant' to a fledgling supporters trust just on the basis you were once the GMST chairman, especially if that same fledgling trust have a similar mindset to your own.
  18. We had an 'experienced' CEO until recently, remind us how that worked out?
  19. There are no shortage of headbangers throughout Scottish football, whether they're guilty of 'daft boy' antics or more serious stuff including drug related offences. Whilst I'm not a fan of drug pushers either, they aren't sex offenders.
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