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  1. I was looking for a Brian Clough story about Celtic, and found this: I'm also sure that I read somewhere that Clough was approached to replace Jock Stein at Celtic, but they opted for Billy McNeill who wasn't asking for as much money.
  2. Sad news indeed. A nice guy who was well liked by all. RIP Bryan.
  3. That high praise indeed coming from someone as sanctimonious as yourself.
  4. Celtic FC, the club who Morton are playing against on this occasion. One of their former coaches died recently. I know your about to slaver 'whit hus that goat tae do with thu game?' Well, enough folk will be singing about the bheasts on the day, so therefore it has relevance. Next.
  6. Not to be confused with Lee Bowyer, whose antics caused David O'Leary's Leeds United team to self implode. The hangover from that case is arguably as long as the 2003/4 Morton 'betting scandal' season.
  7. That statement shows Crawfordjag up in a far better light than is merited. He did try and hold onto the club's main asset, Cappielow Park, and only relinquished this when there was an uproar on this forum. Also, MCT were also willing to accept this until a few made it clear this was an unacceptable position.
  8. I know one of the individuals involved in the 'PTFC Trust', The word 'sleekit' springs to mind.
  9. Aye, Toby said above. We've played another game against them which I don't remember, but i'm sure i was there.
  10. Aye, I was reading up on these. Apparently we've played there three times over the past decade. I can only remember two of these games.
  11. I'd happily give him that as he scored a double against England.
  12. Easter Sunday in 2016 was the 27th March. Mothering Sunday was the 6th March 2016. Anyway, One big thing which would have affected the attendance of the 2016 game would have been the weather, it was a couple of days after 'The Beast from the East' snowstorm and was in freezing conditions. There was a lot of debate whether the game should have actually been played in those conditions as the trains were off, roads were bad, weather warnings in place etc. That would have have affected the crowd for starters. It did make for a good sing-song though.
  13. How will we get £250k from this one? I personally reckon we should use this as a shop window for Lewis Strapp and get around £4million plus add-ons for him.
  14. The two comparable ties i've taken into account were the ones as follows: 24/9/13 - League Cup, Celtic Park - 16,998 8/3/16 - Scottish Cup, Celtic Park - 14,858 In comparison, our recent cup games against Rangers: 12/2/17 - Scottish Cup, Ibrox Stadium - 30,295 Overall, none of the above are the greatest attendances for them and not being part of the season book will also affect the crowds, their Ibrox counterparts are a wee bit more 'Loyal' than TGFITW when it comes to showing up to see them play against Morton.
  15. This will be a sub-20,000 crowd at Celtic Park. We'd have been much better off with an away tie at Ibrox, at least Rangers supporters bother to turn up for games like these.
  16. So this will be their fourth season down there? It seems ages ago now.
  17. How many seasons is it since they got relegated now? I've genuinely lost count.
  18. You can say what you want to about Jobby, he's not Brian Clough.
  19. And!?! As I said above, Spurs are always amongst the favourites to win the EPL but that club have won the square root of fuck all in the modern era, and are likely to achieve the same going forward. Bookies dont determine who is likely to win anything, the odds quoted are merely reflect the paying public betting with their cash. The Bookies are there to profit from their opinions. Sometimes they get it wrong, and Leicester was one of those occasions.
  20. Its kinda my point. Leicester weren't a bunch of plucky nobodies who went on a giant-killing spree to win the league. They had a team assembled at over £70m, they were managed by someone with Champions League pedigree, they had great coaching and scouted very well, but most importantly, the won more matches than the rest of their competitors. They are also a fairly large club, who play in front of 30,000 supporters every week. All of the above requires skill and their achievement shouldn't be discounted as many have tried and failed at doing what they done previously. For example, look at Tottenham Hotspur, every season they are amongst the big spenders, they always have world class coaches and facilities, they attract massive crowds and are always tipped by the 'bookies' to actually do something, but they never do.
  21. I can only take your word for it, as I haven't been down there for over a year now. Dougie Imrie seems to be doing a great job, the team are in a great position and long may it continue. However, Dougie and the team aren't the board. The underlying problems at Morton are not suddenly fixed just because the team are playing well on the park. And why not? Isn't that what Raith have done with Goodwillie? Albeit a different sport, however this is how Glasgow Clan dealt with a very similar issue which happened recently: I know that you are likely to say that Ritchie & Co weren't likely to resign over this matter, nor were they likely to admit they got it wrong. There is no skirting around the issue that they got that wrong and they handled it very badly. It is only a matter of time that player slithers off to Falkirk, Kelty Hearts or whoever will have him next season and he sounds off about our support in whatever podcast and everyone at Cappielow is suddenly venting their spleen at him again. Was alienating an element of the club's fanbase worth it? There are also mentions on this forum about how the board is now structured and how Ritchie & Farmer have managed to wangle themselves into positions without any recourse to MCT and it's membership, which doesn't sit comfortable with some. I'm neither an MCT member or supporter but i'm watching how it all develops with great interest. As for the signature, I am aware that the GMFC and MCT board members will read this forum which is why it stays. If anything it will serve in a small way as a reminder and keep them on their toes.
  22. I'm not comparing a latter day Leicester to a 1970's Forest or Derby for a second. For a while there SassenachTon was comparing everything to the bygone era of Clough. He seems to have moved on by comparing us to Leicester. Personally I think Dick Campbell's Arbroath from last season is a more realistic comparison, or even better, Derek McInnes's Kilmarnock from last season if it transpires that way. Either way would be a good season for Morton. Ngolo Kante was a £5.6m signing for Leicester who was also sought after by other teams, so he was hardly a nobody. Danny Drinkwater joined them from Man United, having come through their youth system. He had a few spells on loan to smaller provincial clubs which is normal for players coming through the ranks. Leicester spent heavily in both the transfer windows at the start of the season and the new year transfer window. I'm not disputing that it was one of the big upsets of recent football history, with a provincial English side winning the Premiership ahead of larger and better resourced clubs from both London & Manchester. But that provincial English side were from a considerably large city (357,394 at 2019 census; and over 1million people within a 10m radius), and that provincial English side also spend in excess of £70million to achieve this. Granted there were players who were relative unknowns in amongst them, but that is testament to good management, good coaching and most importantly, winning more games than their competitors. They achieved what many have previously set out to do and failed. It is a great achievement nonetheless, but see above for more realistic comparisons to Morton's current season.
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