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  1. Preparing for life after, ahem, politics and the **checks notes** Alba Party* already. *
  2. I wonder who will have the meltdown this time around?
  3. Really sad news. CHC, were thinking of you today mate.
  4. Was that the wee place that had all the old Italy/Juventus stuff on the walls? If so that is a tragedy. I used to see a lassie from Greenock and she used to drop me off there for the train, and it was a lovely coffee and bacon roll they made. As a Glaswegian, we're spoilt when it comes to rolls and Greenock rolls in comparison are usually a bit meh, but theirs were particularly good. Places like that are institutions and should be listed buildings. If they can do it to pubs, why not them?
  5. I think that there is a bit of a lesson to be learnt here for all involved in football at all levels - gambling is a mugs game, which can lead to serious health and other problems for the players. If football authorities are trying to police the actions of those involved then they should be applauded, however they should to get their own house in order. Football Authorities are making millions from gambling companies, football clubs are making millions from gambling sponsorship, advertising etc. The TV companies that they are selling the broadcast rights to are also making fortunes from gambling too, to the extent that its bloody nauseating for anyone watching games. If they want to address the issues related to gambling within football, stop taking the easy money from gambling companies and stop helping these companies bombard football supporters with betting adverts.
  6. I never said she was perfect, and wont profess to know her as well as some on here may do, but she was an improvement on the previous person in the role. Also, if i recall correctly she was brought on board to deal with hospitality, but somehow found herself involved in the commercial side of things during Hawke's tenure in charge. Morton have always been dreadful at separating their natural constituency from their hard earned cash for some branded tat, in fact unless its someone shaking a bucket, GMST fundraisers, fundraisers for youth set-ups etc. we have failed miserably in that respect for many years. That is not solely the fault of the most recent incumbent, it has always been that way.
  7. The bit in bold, Lesley Anne done more than just 'keep hospitality ticking over', in fact she done a good job over the past five or so years and was a marked improvement on the previous incumbent within the role. The job could be a bit of a poisoned chalice in the respect that everyone has opinions on what should/shouldn't be done, there are a lot of preconceptions and misconceptions based on previous experiences - not only amongst the support but also within the wider business community; and its a high profile position - a lot of people will have a lot of opinions about how successful the new person has been, they'll expect overnight results, they'll become overly critical if things dont go according to plan - that is not the level of scrutiny that someone with a fledgling career should be subjected for the level of remuneration mentioned. I would suggest the opposite of what has previously been mentioned with a graduate looking for their first role etc. and say this job would be suitable for someone in the autumn of their career, perhaps 50+ who has been there, seen it, done it etc. and wont be phased by a lot of the challenges that the job may entail. Someone who is reasonably well off, maybe has a pension or other income, and for whom the salary mentioned isn't the big motivation.* Either that or they give the right candidate the right package. Its the old adage - if you pay peanuts then you attract monkeys. ETA: *No doubting that there will be someone at a golf club near you that fits the bill.
  8. That may be the case, but the phrase 'Commercial Executive' is one which encompasses a wide variety of roles, from a street pedlar right through to some high level positions at large companies. It is also worth noting that the previous five incumbents of this role - Lesley Ann Webb, Susan Gregory, Chris Norris, Gary Millar and Sandra Fisher - all had the title 'Commercial Manager' with the remit and salary to match, why should it be any different now? Are they looking to scale down this role?
  9. Fair enough, forgot he was in charge for the Kilmarnock game. It seems ages since we played them.
  10. It hasn't been mentioned yet, but what a managerial debut. 100% win record and what a way to do it.
  11. Whilst I understand and even empathise with your logic - its east coast, so it's all the same out that way - the Courier isn't the local paper for Dunfermline or even Fifers. It's the Dunfermline Press. The Courier is a Dundee paper, produced by a fine bunch of people. Next.
  12. It could mean the signing of Alan Lithgow. Here's hoping....
  13. Don't take our Lord's name in vain just because you cant articulate whatever point that you are trying to make. Now, off you pop. Next.
  14. I'm curious to know why an article about 'thu Hertz' would be considered to be 'well worth a read for all our members and the wider Morton Community too'. Are they sending more of their nonces down this way?
  15. Dont let it drain you, ChampTon. I'm not willing to accept it, even if you are. Now, off you pop. Next.
  16. No its not. A serial sex offender seems to have a place at Cappielow nowadays, but not a couple who voiced some outdated and offensive comments. For what its worth I would sooner have none of them, but there we go.
  17. Given that the club have chosen to employ someone that is culpable of much worse on four separate occasions, why is there a place for him at Cappielow and not them? 1xRD:DH.
  18. Or if the club never signed a convicted sex offender. That is the root cause of the problem. In the case of the Raith Rovers incident, I stand with the banned on this one. Except i'm not standing with him, i'm at home with Sky TV and Central Heating.
  19. His son is/was a high flyer over in NachOland: https://www.largsandmillportnews.com/news/13746096.former-largs-man-high-flyer-in-texas-cochranes-blog/
  20. Well, the shite scheme that turned out to be MCT was deemed to be better than no scheme; hence why the golf club junta are in control with no accountability and signing perverts at a whim, and are banning those who are voicing their disquiet about this. Hence why some other clique of 'businessmen' think they can take Morton off the hands of the same supporters who have allowed this to happen for a song. Shiteshow incoming, folks.
  21. I would love them to get relegated. Especially as they think that they're going to be financially doped all the way up the leagues.
  22. Yes, he should have been called Rabid Omar.
  23. Gives us a chance to get rid of Lithgow in the transfer window.
  24. Just looked for the highlights and came across this gem: fucking classy
  25. Let's not forget that one swallow doesn't make a summer. He may have scored the other evening and gained us a point, but how many points has that pervert cost us this season? His attitude has been a disgrace all season long and despite some of the comments above from the likes of Champton and Bewilderbeast, he is a fucking embarrassment to our club who should be shipped out at the earliest opportunity. One goal is nowhere near a penance from him. He needs to do that every week to even consider himself worthy of our support.
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