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  1. I thought that too. It's like having a ginger haired Andy Bryan standing there. In a time of not allowing supporters into the game, social distancing protocols etc. We shouldn't have unnecessary people down at trackside.
  2. That must give STV Ayrshire a chance. Salty TV - It's moribund.
  3. Or North Norfolk Digital and STV Ayrshire competing at the BAFTA's.
  4. Don't say anything then. Nobody cares.
  5. The current Chief Executive knew what like Morton was behind the scenes before he took the job. Let's face it, the rest of Scottish football already did.
  6. So, it was a slow news day at the Smelly Tele then? And what have we learned from this story? Absolutely nothing. Don't forget to read tomorrow's Tele, where a guy with tattooed knuckles will be moaning about living in a damp Hoose.
  7. And a happy new year to you too. But given the weather is bloody freezing, could you not wish us something more useful like a brand new Worcester Bosch boiler from Inverclyde Boilers? Get a humongous 10% discount on the book price by using the code TOPLIP when ordering.
  8. Apart from a short spell at Leeds United, his football career was pretty shite though. He is a Medical Sales Rep nowadays.
  9. Harry Dunn's without the bus fares.
  10. As the year of our Lord, 2020 comes to a close, it will be a year that we won't forget for various reasons. It's a year like that we've never experienced before, and hopefully we will never experience the likes again. However despite the global pandemic, the millions of lives lost, the illness for many more, the heartbreak of many losing loved ones, the hardship it caused for millions of people losing jobs etc. Some good things happened throughout this year too. How has 2020 been for you, and what were your highlights of the year.
  11. A club that is more tinpot than us yet they've got their shit together a lot more than us. This is a mere blip which will be forgotten about by all in a matter of days, with the exception of some border bumpkins.
  12. WHIT!?! No Auchinleck Bampot this year? I wonder who the BBC will salivate about until the Old Firm get going.
  13. Sadly passed away, aged 83. Our thoughts and hearts are with our friends at Dundee United today.
  14. Cue Simpleton McYank and Rambo37....
  15. Interesting fact about boilers: Bill Shankly is listed in a census somewhere as a 'Fruit Boiler'. Apparently back in nineteen canteen when they were carrying out the UK census, when asked his occupation he said 'Footballer' but the person misheard him and put down 'Fruit boiler'. More random facts about Boilers next week.
  16. Best strategy with Lewis Strapp is to let him develop his natural game. He is still only a young lad, but what a player he is!! He will be in demand very soon. Reading comments like Piehutt's above make me feel glad that the likes of him are left to spout irrelevant shite on messageboards rather than have any real influence on the future of such an immense young talent.
  17. Do you have your own club though? Brian Clements.
  18. No I was talking about a 'Save the Ton' campaign.
  19. Well, you're a high heedyin at one of Morton's largest supporters clubs. You lead the way and I'll be behind you.
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