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  1. If they lived in the east coast primarily. Folk were mentioning Russell McLean as a potential signing for us and then he signed for Peterhead. Shay Logan signing for Cove. Part of the attraction apart from the wage is allowing them to continue their jobs in oil and gas presumably. There are cases like Ricky Little who commutes through from Ardrossan and has done for about 8 years, which is mental but points towards something else as well given part time.
  2. Couldn't agree more. Set up like a proper football club instead of failing Scottish cricket club.
  3. As others have pointed out, I have not qualm with signing Mcginn as a player. He is one of our better players. But playing him and Jacobs is the issue. Have to say, Colvile made little or not impact.... I would simply be starting Lyon in every game now. And thank fk Strapp will be too.
  4. Our approach to post Xmas has fkn done us.. I can get a really good pedigree midfielder. Wonder what the board said to him at that point. Rather than "fkn hell its Stephen Mcginn he is good" It should have been "fkn hell, another centre midfielder. Have we not got 7 of them already? Signings have been left totally down to the 3 managers with no line of command or direction from the club New, third manager with 8 games left. The board give him carte blanch to sign another midfielder. Who the fkis on the board to say, wait a minute Gus, can you tal
  5. Brilliant read as usual Russell!!
  6. Yip, Ayr Dunfermline is giving me the fear. We are the only team that Dunfermline have been able to beat!! I am convinced we are losing on Saturday so would take an draw at Ayr considering both Arbroath and Ayr play the following week. BTW I forgot about the League 1/2 split thing. Thought it was just 18.
  7. I think they have changed the rules this season re two goals. Think it's just a massive game of worldy. I refuse to believe in the sinclair st goal until I see it with my own eyes.
  8. I look forward to the quote that "What he brings us is more width." 2 wingers each side!!!
  9. We have more YouTube channels than centre backs. You reckon one of the YouTube channels can play right back?
  10. Hopefully this season we will be using a slightly more robust scouting process than "he looked no bad when I coached him as third choice at Tranmere a few years ago..."
  11. I was just listening to that. Don't normally listen to that podcast. Is a bit of a beamer when someone as shite as Kevin Kyle is ripping into players. Langfield, Broadfoot, Craigen, I heard as well then turned off...
  12. What sort of league has a team with 9 games in hand? That isn't even Sunday Welfare or Saturday Churches league level. 9 games in hand? And declared winners when 12 points behind? How does that work?
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