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  1. I look forward to the quote that "What he brings us is more width." 2 wingers each side!!!
  2. We have more YouTube channels than centre backs. You reckon one of the YouTube channels can play right back?
  3. Hopefully this season we will be using a slightly more robust scouting process than "he looked no bad when I coached him as third choice at Tranmere a few years ago..."
  4. I was just listening to that. Don't normally listen to that podcast. Is a bit of a beamer when someone as shite as Kevin Kyle is ripping into players. Langfield, Broadfoot, Craigen, I heard as well then turned off...
  5. Tom English likened the Partick statement to the Gettysburg Address. Dearie me. Now there is a former Hearts director on saying how unfair it is and that the Spfl are alienating their 3rd largest club. That they have a duty to look after best interests of members.....just like they would look after Dundee United if Hearts stayed up. Get Doon!!
  6. What sort of league has a team with 9 games in hand? That isn't even Sunday Welfare or Saturday Churches league level. 9 games in hand? And declared winners when 12 points behind? How does that work?
  7. They not the team Jim Tolmie and Jim Bett played for?
  8. How on earth further reconstruction would be voted on following this is anyone's guess.
  9. Raith chairman has now come out in support of 14 10 10 10. Clearly this is going to happen whether we like it or not.
  10. The money sloshing around the lowland and Highland leagues means we are entering a period when the team that finish bottom are likely to get relegated. The fact that Edinburgh City and Cove are the top two whilst Brechin have dropped like a stone, Albion Rovers have spent the last couple of seasons in the same position and Stenhousemuir seem to be on a downward spiral.
  11. Apparently the boundaries have been redrawn for Highland and lowland leagues so brechin would go into the lowland league. That makes no sense to me to be honest.
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