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  1. To justify a song about sex offences on the basis of keeping you going after a defeat is utterly pathetic .
  2. I was shocked at how poor the attendance was yesterday. I know there are mitigating factors but not to even reach a thousand is a very worrying sign indeed.
  3. Has Anton officially left ? Was he given the courtesy of a thank you statement on Morton’s socials ? Has John Sutton rejoined to coach the Academy or was he just helping last night ?
  4. According to the Tele, the match is off .
  5. Everything they do with this cup chips away at my dwindling enthusiasm for it . They couldn’t even leave you with the wee bit of anticipation of the draw being made for the next round should we get through
  6. Although Danny Rogers came good for us people tend to forget that at one point he was actually dropped for Ramsbottom.
  7. Did Erik move back to Denmark? He stayed in South st when I was a lad 30 years ago
  8. Quite literally, Status Quo's 1991 album Rock Til You Drop. For a bit of variety had Persephone's Bees on in the car this afternoon
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