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  1. Stillie stood as a Tory candidate in the 2019 UK general election and was a list candidate for the Tories at the recent Holyrood election. Pity he's not been put on the dole too...
  2. Wow. He must read this forum and has decided to get out before he has to suffer abuse from Toby in a couple of weeks. He's not very good at holding down a job, is he? Anyone heard if Falkirk are thinking about a new manager yet...
  3. He was only appointed 6 months ago. Surely they can't punt him after only six months? Unless he resigns and goes to Falkirk...
  4. Lyon was a decent player before lockdown, but he's not progressing while he's on the bench most of the time. I cannot see why Blues gets picked before him. That says more about our managers than about the players themselves. We need a bit more aggression in midfield.
  5. It would be good if Lyon could get his form back. Needs game time, but an in form Lyon would be the best of the 5 options imho. Anyway, things looking up.
  6. Never known a transfer deadline day like this one. Gives us options. I hope we don't just have these guys on the bench while Muirhead and Blues start. Anyone still got the Finnish flags?
  7. Do Thistle still do live streams? Looking at their website, there is nothing listed since restrictions were listed so looks like they may have stopped.
  8. Racist abuse? What race was the perpetrator?
  9. Might help if Lyon was in the starting line-up.
  10. Did they not used to graze sheep on the pitch back around the time we won the Scottish Cup? I'm sure these was some story about that in one of the books about the history of Morton. I assume they used the sheep to distract Miller and McLeish when we played Aberdeen...
  11. Good point. This competition has no positives for us, so let's just go through the motions and not involve our better players as far as we can do that.
  12. Thanks for that. At the moment I couldn’t stand for a couple of hours without ending up in quite a bit of pain so being in the Sinclair St end would be an endurance test (even more so than watching Morton last season). Being able to get a seat in the Cowshed solves that problem.
  13. Season ticket finally arrived today. I notice it says on the back Terracing, & SS which I assume is for Sinclair St. Do we know yet if we can stand anywhere or are they going to be telling folk where to stand? No way am I wanting to stand in the Sinclair St end in pouring rain. I’m not at all clear about what the new rules are under the latest “level minus 1” status.
  14. Hamilton looks like a major upgrade on Macadams. Takes crosses confidently. No mistakes so far. Seems to be happy to come off his line when maybe better to leave things to the defence but he looks assured and solid so far. Gozie Ugwu is also a right handful. Great goal from what it has to be said was a terrific ball over the top by Blues. Shows Muirhead up for the waste of space he is most of the time. Need to stop giving away needless fouls.
  15. Lyon benched again? Ffs. He’ll not be wanting to stay beyond this season.
  16. Got it thanks. Originally went through Hamilton’s website which must be out of date. 10 quid not a bad deal.
  17. Just tried to buy a stream for today’s game. Hamilton only offer live video for overseas folk, with anyone here only able to access live audio. Does this mean I need to set up my Windscribe on my laptop or are there any other sources of video likely to be available?
  18. I've still not received my season ticket. Have emailed to remind them. I assume you get a new ticket. Have been pay at the gate for the last few seasons and no idea where my last season card is - probably binned a long time ago - so if that's just been refilled that's not a lot of help.
  19. Why are restrictions being specified by local councils anyway? Surely there should be Scottish Government rules that are the same for all championship clubs? I can understand 50k capacity stadia being different but why is Cappielow different from Somerset Park or Palmerston as far as restrictions are concerned?
  20. Agree with this. I was unable to get to the game on Saturday, but even if I had been able, the restrictions would have put me off. Staggered entry and exit times? Is that really necessary if folk just queue up 2m apart? Masks I can understand but if everyone observes the social distancing rules that could be dispensed with as it is in restaurants. The problem is really more the folk who insist on ignoring sensible precautions on principle. However the overall effect is that going to the game is marred by various inconveniences and what we need is to reach the point where any minor restrictions are not really noticed - probably will happen fairly soon, but for now it's a bit of a turn off. Add to that the excellent live stream we have now, and I can see why only 800 folk actually went through the turnstiles. Many people are still worried about covid and the pandemic is not yet over.
  21. Edited as have found the problem - the code is linked to an email address which is not the one associated with my Morton TV account. works if I input the other email address.
  22. Got an email from Brendan with the code. I get the impression he's running the show single handed.
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