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  1. A few total permadiddy outfits like 'Cowdenbeath' in the non-leagues swallowed the bait though and should be punished with extinction.
  2. I got round to renewing yesterday and the fact that the process was relatively painless (a few minor glitches) and took about five minutes to get a legit ST for all of next season was a definite plus. If it weren't so easy I'd probably have left it a few weeks until I had enough time and patience to jump through annoying hoops (which is why I'm still a Scottish Power customer).
  3. 'Uncle Roy' couldn't help them put together a team that isn't completely fucking dung this season, nothing to suggest that they'll be any more competent at a lower level next season.
  4. They've been a parody club since their American clown owner took over. That said, their revenue and complete ignorance of any need to break-even gives Goodwin a large cushion for failure. They've done it before of course, but it's still not ideal.
  5. That's what Dundee United did too - to the tune of £1 million losses in top of having the largest revenue in the division. The idea that Ross County are some sort of more formidable outfit to compete with because 'Uncle Roy' is utter nonsense.
  6. My interpretation of the fans' event was that Dougie was very much on the '18' side of that scale. Which regardless of Imrie's own preference, is well matched to our needs as a club. We're not going to out-compete next season's division through squad depth: if we can, it will take focusing on getting the best 14-15 players we can on our budget, and relying on a bit of luck with injuries. Their defence was the 3rd worst in the division and an absolute shambles against us every single time. No chance that he would be a below market rate option as 'cover' either. Almost as bad a shout as the rumoured prospect of O'Ware returning - we've moved on from both. The only defensive homecoming we need is Sir Richard.
  7. Reghan 'Reghan' Tumilty 'Tumilty' (subs: replace obvious nonsense, made-up names) follows Paul Hartley in getting relegated with two separate clubs in the 2022/23 season. Get it right up him.
  8. Tumilty can fucking do one.
  9. Turned over to the Premiership highlights and the absolute fucking nick of Dundee United's goalkeeper and defence may put a spanner in the works for Operation Sink Partick. They're defending like all of our goals against Alloa that sent Falkirk down.
  10. Good to flush Hamilton down the pan (a complete nick behind the scenes too - can't see them coming back). Nothing to be concerned about with that Airdrie team either, should be good for 10-12 points regardless of their pantomime villain act. All I need now is Ross County down from the Premiership and whichever team ends up 11th to smash Partick Thistle Family Club in the final.
  11. And yet for some reason it took you 36 hours to present the information that you had all along, from your dossier of dud football team match reports. Better luck next time.
  12. Which you didn't answer by just blurting out a set of names like the world's shittest Yellow Pages. Next.
  13. The summer holidays aren't for another 5 weeks.
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