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  1. I'd forgotten about O'Connor completely and would like to think the club have too. That contract offer should have been either signed or taken away at the start of this month.
  2. Alongside their international goalkeeper* leaving for Aberdeen, a promising couple of days for our League Cup progression chances. *fucking Bulgaria tbf
  3. Telfer was signed as the direct replacement and intended upgrade on Andy Murdoch, who was not offered a new contract by Ray 'Ray' McKinnon to finance this transfer 'swoop'. While Murdoch's second season was not as good as his first (similar actually to Crawford in the season just finished), his performance levels ultimately proved to be far higher than the useless sand-dancer we replaced him with. Telfer's comedy tap in and one good performance against Grangemouth doesn't cover for that. I mean that's still worth a lot, but the main reason why we were in jeopardy ourselves that season was due to Telfer being gubbins and the massive downgrade that represented for us in the middle of the park every single week. I'd describe him as the waster's waster, but most of those classic cases actually had genuinely outstanding skill to fritter away. Telfer has taken a barely above mediocre skill set and consistently underperformed on that.
  4. He might well kick on with a change of scenery, but he didn't do anything in the opportunities he had to merit more game time last season.
  5. That's about right for his ability.
  6. It's only stupid if you assume that the starting point for these increased/reduced wage offers are highly similar. If they're not then the logic is entirely straightforward. Every player has a maximum value within free agent market and the manager and backroom staff should allocate resources according to that.
  7. Well given that the ITK crowd originally claimed that Strapp re-signing for the club was, err, Strapp's agent/chairman going over Dougie's head*, I think we can file this nonsense in the bin where it belongs. Unless Kelly has a functioning, 4D chess explanation of how those two entirely contradictory claims about politics at work within the club tie together. We will never have a functioning and successful football club while everyone from former employees, player's maws to taxi drivers in the street think that they have licence to stick their oar in at every opportunity. I don't know *how* that issue is resolved, but it is absolutely toxic to fan ownership and far more infuriating to me than whether any player does or does not re-sign a new contract. We can't even replace a goalkeeper coach without it being treated like the next Horizon-Post Office scandal by these tiresome attention-seekers. * That was naturally going to lead to a bust-up and the manager's resignation.
  8. The importance that some people fixate to 'which clubs a player's maw/aunt/dug follows', on the fetid shithole once known as Twitter, is bizarre.
  9. Case study: 25 years ago precisely - the 1988/89 season. GMFC dropped down from the top flight and the subsequent league campaign proved mediocre by any definition, with a precisely 0 GD. While contriving to finish 5th in the table, we were significantly closer to the relegation zone than promotion. Sounds familiar. The average attendance in 88/89 was 2091 - a mere 30 people higher than the season just past. Despite Morton having played in the top tier of Scottish football in 7 of the previous 10 seasons. So much then for the fabled floating fanbase just waiting for relative success to back the club in their hordes; but by the same token, arguments like depopulation or economic decline are not supported by the figures either. The picture we see now is fundamentally the same as it has ever been.
  10. Our attendance last season was easily the highest since COVID and not a kick in the baws away from our 2nd placed finish in 12/13. Given that we had no Saturday game against Dundee United and had no derby to speak of either, the idea that we're failing to draw crowds is utter, utter bullshit by any objective measurement. Here's the dirty secret that half the fanbase refuses to accept: Greenock Morton's core support has never been particularly large since the modern league setup was put in place in the 1970s. It was also - until very recently - a largely walk-up and pay culture, which worked well for the customer but explains why season ticket comparisons with other clubs are not relevant. No gesture of 'ambishun' is necessary here. We need to grow the fanbase over time with initiatives like Team Ton for weans (also stop the moron, guardianship nonsense turning away under 16s on matchday at the gate). We did IMO miss a trick with the final dead rubber game last season to voucher weans and New Scots in the area to stop both slithering towards the ugly sisters. More can be done to grow the fanbase but the focus has to be on that - attracting new customers - rather than indulging the 30 year old myth that if only the team was slightly better then we'd be packing Cappielow out on a regular basis. That bullshit needs to die before we can actually have nice things.
  11. What was the average attendance the last time that Morton won the second tier?
  12. Turns out via the local rag (yet strangely unreported on for a change here) that the club, err, offered David Scott a contract which he chose to turn down. So the highlighted claim above was in fact completely unfounded nonsense - par for the course since the Inverness game on here.
  13. Well no we don't - they're hardly going to say 'by the way, my current goalkeeping coach is utter shite' in a standard interview are they? I'm not saying that's the case with Scott but plaudits from a player while contracted are as meaningless as plaudits given to 'Hoppy', McInally or any other inspirational presence/total dud. More generally - not aimed at your specific post - I can't really get worked up about one person leaving their job when we have no idea what the plan is yet. The willingness to jump to negative conclusions from some quarters at least every single time news comes out of Cappielow right now is getting tiresome. If this is how we're going to react right now then fan ownership will die on its arse the moment where we actually suffer a serious setback like relegation.
  14. Last year's draw and state of the squad was better IMO. Not saying that needs to happen right now, but if we're a few players short then Alloa at home and East Fife away are plausible dropped points.
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