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  1. Waves of contradictory pish about whether MCT should or should not meddle in the first team signing policy, a point that is made irrelevant anyway by the fact that the contributions to MCT stand to actually make Morton a fan-owned club in the very near future. Your 'ahm no' gien munny just to pay shite players' hot take is therefore completely out of date - find another shite excuse for not getting on board with the program or better yet don't bother.
  2. To put that number into perspective, it's equivalent to us selling 450 more adult season tickets than usual based on the coming season's prices, with the added benefit of providing a solid, year-round income stream to the club just as GC is heading out the door. It shows why the concept of an alternative funding mechanism to gate reciepts is fundamental to the club's development - the onus will be on MCT's directors to ensure that it's well-spent over the long-term to sustain this impressive milestone.
  3. There's absolutely no valid basis on which to cancel a football season because some players went to a pub. Where there are genuine local outbreaks of the virus (whether that includes clubs or not), the games should be postponed. The rest is just pointless grandstanding. Absolutely loving all the mock outrage about how irresponsible and dangerous footballers' actions are being the chief government topic of discussion on the very same day that they fire tens of thousands of grotty weans indoors all week on the solid public health grounds that 'ach at least they won't get it too badly anyway' - all with the full backing of tens of thousands of parents who just want their state childcare back until Christmas.
  4. Saint Johnstone, Dundee United, Peterhead, Brechin, Kelty - nine points no bother for the top two teams if they are even remotely interested. Hibs, Dundee, Forfar, Brora, Cove - same as above. Ross County, Arbroath, Elgin, Stirling, Montrose - yet another cakewalk for the village Premiership side and as good as could be expected for Arbroath as well. There's really next to no point in us taking this competition seriously while the format produces such utter joke groups in the opposite region on a regular basis. That's three of the four best runners-up spots that look as good as sealed already and the Little People also got three cannon-fodder outfits in our region conveniently put into their stupid group along with Hamilton, so the fourth will probably come from that. Our only prospect of going through will be to win the group, whereas if we had been 'Ullapool Morton' instead then we'd get through with a +45 GD after drawing Fort William and an Orkney Select.
  5. 11 full time clubs in our section as opposed to eight in the teuchter one, so the SPFL naturally put both non-league permadiddies - including the entrant from the Lowland League - in the teuchter section as well. What is the point of having a 'geographical' cup format that will likely give other Championship clubs like Dundee an objectively much easier path to the latter stages and therefore more prize money than ourselves?
  6. They're literally named in their joint statement m8. Another braying rap lecture from Leitch strikes me as punishment enough, he's been a self-promoting gobshite from the start of the pandemic.
  7. You're the one having a tantrum that Morton aren't competing with fucking Valencia in the all-important phone case price wars M8, sit down.
  8. Why would you want to buy a phone case with some random jobber outfit in Spain on it? Do you think GMFC are similarly relying on a flood of interest from the critical Murcia market to make the numbers work for them? Yet another case of Morton fans wetting their frilly knickers about a total fucking non issue.
  9. I can't believe that the high production standards of 'A Celebration Of Craggy Island's Ethnic Diversity' is being tarred by association with Morton tbh.
  10. I don't think that assuming the same line-up provides the best reflection of our current squad and your effort also doesn't show the extent to which certain positions are covered. I prefer this way of picturing our squad, with the alternative cover provided for each position within reason: GK New/Wylie RB New/Jacobs CB McLean/New CB McGinty/McAlister LB Strapp/nae cunt CM Jacobs/McAlister/Blues CM Colville/Millar/Lyon RAM McGuffie/Nesbitt/Salkeld CAM Oliver/Nesbitt/Omar LAM Nesbitt/Omar/Colville CF Orsi/Muirhead/Salkeld Obviously you could argue for Oliver playing on the right or as a centre forward etc. but that's plenty for now. The main positive that I can see is that there is a lot of versatility in the current squad, especially in the attacking areas where covering injuries/suspensions should not be an issue at all. We're also stacked in the centre of midfield where I don't have too many concerns about being able to compete at this level. The defence on the other hand still needs first choice options as well as extra cover so finding a player or two who could do both would be ideal. That central defence would struggle to keep weans out of a close and as previously set out there is no track record of goals from our forward options either. Having set the squad out as above I'd kind of agree with this now actually - if by 'very good' Hopkin means 'solid midtable'. The concern though is that the squad will need two or three genuine quality players to make that happen and not completely flounder at the bottom of the league instead. If we add another set of Billy King/Kris Doolan types who have a decent to good CV but can't hack it anymore then we'd be in serious trouble.
  11. Oliver - 31/193 Nesbitt - 16/115 Omar - 16/142 Muirhead 16/176 Orsi - 6/95 Salkeld - 3/52 88 goals in total from 773 appearances. Going by the above we'll have more than enough time to explore every single one of their previous goals between now and the season starting: in fact, we could probably finish the lot by the end of the week. There is not even remotely enough goals from our current attacking options and I'd be much more concerned by that fact right now than looking at a couple of worldie strikes on Youtube against pub teams. A huge step-up in performance is required if we are not going to add another forward with even the hint of prolific goalscoring at a credible level on their CV.
  12. Jacobs can technically cover right-back and McAlister centre-back as well; I think we'll be getting a goalkeeper, right back and one centre back if any more at all. Anything else would probably boil down to a favourable loan deal (as indeed could be the case for those three positions).
  13. Glad to have retained Nesbitt (more so given the shape of the rest of the squad rather than his performances last season), am fine with McAlister seeing out his career with us but the rest of that list quite honestly gives me the 13/14 banter years fear right now. Obviously I hope to be proven wrong but this first announcement signals just how much of a struggle this season might be unless we can produce a worldie or two on the loan market.
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