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  1. Erm no it wasn't. The SG couldn't give a toss whether Morton or Dundonald Bluebell are kicking a ball around on a Saturday afternoon in the middle of a pandemic. The grant was issued to cover the costs of the pandemic in lost earnings because the SG is interested in 'not having a dozen senior clubs fold during a Holyrood election campaign'. As well as the long-term benefits of keeping clubs operating to the local economy of course. It is a complete and utter nonsense argument then to claim that clubs are obliged to waste that grant money on endless rounds of testing, to continue playing o
  2. If you had tried reading the post for the sake of comprehension then you'd be aware that the other causal factor - that we have a legitimately good squad at this level - has already been ruled out. So we can in fact conclude that our outstanding home form is a function of training on the same pitch day in and day out. Much to the chagrin of those who want to 'play fitba thu way it shuld be' and then watch better teams than us waltz away with an easy win against soft touch opposition.
  3. It is an advantage when your own players are aware of how the pitch plays, having trained on it on a regular basis. Dunfermline played two wingers who have regularly hurt other teams in the division last night - they did fuck all on the tottie field though.
  4. If the government wants football clubs to see through a pandemic then they'd be in favour of them not running unsustainable BCD nonsense competitions: not least in the middle of a national lockdown while waving around a ridiculous 'elite sport' exemption. In reality, the SG is only interested in football clubs not collapsing entirely before May's election and not making headlines with acts of brazen stupidity. Given that the prize money is provided by a Sky TV deal that isn't seriously affected by the Championship being punted - remember that the SPFL still has no actual competition spon
  5. Home league results since we started training on the pitch at the start of last season: W9 D6 L4. That's play-off contention home form over a campaign right there, from two of our most limited squads in a long, long time (13/14 - not you). So long as the media and opponents are the ones left gurning about the injustice of it all after yet again failing to emerge from Fortress Cappielow with the big away win that they were all looking for, then we can turn the pitch into the third battle of Ypres for all I care. Taking empty platitudes for keeping a nice showlawn after yet another 0-3 defe
  6. It is absolutely, 100%, in our club's best interests to can the league and punt everyone on furlough, rather than spunk money on endless testing for no crowds in return. Can it and keep the 4th place prize money for when GC fucks off.
  7. Defended well and restricted them to little, other than a sloppy spell between 70-80 minutes. Fjortoft > Haaland. Midfield fell out of the game eventually but wasn't at full strength either. The only issue is that we need a credible attacking plan and we really don't have it. Orsi was ineffective and the Oliver sub didn't change much either. Our best option of a pretty poor lot might be trying to get Oliver and Nesbitt linking up in the central areas so that last half hour was concerning, as it really didn't work. In terms of our requirements for this stupid nick of a season we'll be
  8. Not sure if it is lack of match fitness or just concentration but there have been some really sloppy errors in the past ten minutes. Hopefully Jacobs will shore things up.
  9. Changes needed as this forward line is not up to standard. It's frustrating that we have 6-7 players who are doing their job fine so far but 3-4 who still try hard but are just so ineffective.
  10. Orsi - nope. Omar - nope. Not for me Clive. Would stick Oliver on to pose a notional threat to link with Nesbitt up front and McAlister in midfield as well very soon. Not sure why the BBC are aghast at the Fife Globetrotters being dragged into a slugfest.
  11. Colville is putting good balls into the box but otherwise we don't have any threat from open play. More cynical playing for long throws and corners needed.
  12. Not much on the stand side for a game on council TV. Presumably no. 78 on the board's to do list that Dave will try to get round to it in July.
  13. There's been no real snow cover at Cappielow's level today, the biggest issue is whether it's going to get waterlogged instead. Given McElhone said that we couldn't get much training done last week on it - and may well have had issues this week too - then game off wouldn't be the worst outcome in the world.
  14. Don't recall Riordan ever playing for The Famous tbh.
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