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  1. We had literally no fresh forward to bring on when Muirhead was breathing out his hole in the second half, and if Ugwu's niggle at the end of the game had turned into an obvious injury then we wouldn't have one for the Hamilton game already. Between this and the absence of a proven goalscorer, a striker has to be the top priority in the transfer market. Central midfield should be number 2, then a wide player and defensive option would give us more options/security in those areas of the park respectively.
  2. Agree apart from Haynes who for me has struggled with O'Hara cutting onto his stronger foot (Thomas will try and do the same on the other side). Other than that concern it's been a very good half.
  3. So we have a weekly update today which is good, but then we have this about the takeover: "There have been some discussions back and forward between both parties this week but the situation remains similar to our previous update last week. It’s important we get this right, crossing every t and dotting every i. It’s frustrating in the short term, but the long term is a community owned Greenock Morton Football Club." Remember that as of the end of May, the takeover was portrayed as being done and only pesky HMRC not getting round to reading their in-tray was holding things up for a few
  4. Based on what term of your contract of sale with GMFC exactly?
  5. Once again, people are being given ample opportunity to get an access code to a stream. The club has made a serious mess of getting the physical season ticket cards delivered to fans before Saturday; this 'why oh why can't I get an access code on demand whenever I want it is my right as a customer' complaint, on the other hand, is completely unreasonable nonsense. By sheer coincidence I was on P and B and found this most recent post from a Ross County fan complaining about their system, so I'm not entirely convinced that this requirement is solely on useless, old Morton: "County hav
  6. The matches will be available to those who don't go to games. They just won't be available to people who get out of their scratcher at half 12, see that it's pishing down outside and fancy calling the backroom staff at Cappielow to give them a code for the stream. Which is actually something worth guarding against - the live product being devalued by hee-haw fans present - to a greater degree than some wee guy giving his streaming code to someone else to use. There will be a tiny group who may be affected by missing one game through no fault of their own; but this is not a significant con
  7. The streaming option was not set up so that people who tested positive could still see the game: that is a by-product only. The reason why we have a streaming option attached to a season ticket purchase is that the club is covering itself in the case of restrictions being imposed again at some stage in the 2021/22 campaign. If that weren't a distinct possibility then I very much doubt GMFC or any other club at this level would include a streaming package* as part of a season ticket for UK fans. It has got absolutely nothing to do with your personal availability on any given Saturday afte
  8. There is a manual system though, so that is what you want to happen right now in the event that you just can't be arsed on any given Saturday morning. You have no right to expect or demand this with your ST purchase. "There will be fans every week who wake up on match days and are feeling ill, or their child is feeling ill or many more reason and are unable to attend the match who would reasonably expect from the clubs own statements that they would be able to watch the game on a stream, meaning the current system is not fit for purpose." How did fans cope on match days prior t
  9. Sales pitches don't tend to list every single term and condition, because otherwise they wouldn't be a pitch but rather a fucking contract set out on a Twitter thread. The question is whether season ticket holders are being given a reasonable opportunity to access a stream in place of live attendance and the answer - in my view - is 'yes'. By the end of the Friday before a game you have plenty of time to make that choice, and so long as there's going to be a manual control of streaming codes, it is entirely unreasonable to contact the club on matchday because you suddenly decide that you
  10. I'm not sure that it's in the best interests of the SLO to be wading into first team affairs like this tbh. While fans are looking for information, the SLO would be better off steering clear of that hospital ball and let the manager speak about it instead. In any case, there's a false either/or choice being set up here between 'panic signed haddies'/'patiently acquired quality players'. The supply of quality players gets lower as the transfer window progresses, which is why non-tinpot full-time clubs have been busy filling their squads this month rather than playing 'wait and see'. Every
  11. Perhaps you can start us off on that front champ, because at no point at any time have fans ever had the right to say on the say of a game 'I'm not going today but please send me a link to the stream'.
  12. Utter bollocks. You could do no such thing before 2020 and get the opportunity to watch the game from a place of your choosing instead.
  13. Raith were losing £400k a year in the seaside leagues just a couple of years ago and if their latest Walter Mitty owner wants to bet their dump of a house on finishing in the play-offs and getting enough prize money to cover their squad every year, then they're welcome to do that. It'll likely end in tears though and they'd be back beneath us in the pecking order soon enough (see also United, Ayr). That will only happen though if the arse doesn't completely fall out of this once-proud football club in the meantime, which is nowhere near assured.
  14. There is 500 standing capacity between the Cowshed and SS available to the club through the council's gubbins rules. If you wanted to be part of that 500 and get your regular spot at the start of the season, then you absolutely should have bought a season ticket to secure it.
  15. If you wanted a spot in the Cowshed or SS then you should have bought a season ticket. So long as it's at a limited 1500 capacity then I've no problem with PATG punters being placed in the other parts of the ground, and the WDE is not in any way inferior.
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