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  1. Move the cup game to the Friday night - they need to be decided this weekend after all - but punt Arbroath v Ayr to next Tuesday. Much better outcome.
  2. Results we want for maximum hilarity: Round 25 Arbroath v Ayr: Arbroath win. Morton v Hearts: sneak a draw. Round 26 Morton v Alloa (r): thumping home win. Ayr v Queen of the South: Queens win Arbroath draw v whoever they're playing. Leaving the table as follows going into the final day: Morton 30 Arbroath 30 The Little People 27 Thereby leaving the Arbroath v Morton game to play out like West Germany v Austria in the 1982 World Cup, with David 'Hoppy' Hopkin furiously stalking the touchline at Inverness with absolutely nothing he can
  3. Ayr have dropped an easily winnable home match; we've dropped one of the tougher away games. Dundee were in pretty strong form; Dunfermline have been sliding for months. It's categorically a worse set of results for Ayr and raises the stakes ahead of their match at Arbroath next Saturday. If they lose that, then they're favourites for 9th.
  4. The Little People are the ones to watch. Would have taken a draw before kick-off and results elsewhere have not done us any harm. Credit to the squad for bouncing back from the heavy defeat midweek. If we cannot take at least 5 points from Hearts (h) who have nothing to play for, Alloa (h) who will likely be already relegated and the Arbroath game then we simply don't deserve to stay in the division. Our fate is well within our own hands, which might not have been the case with a different set of results today.
  5. Bit of a bump to this topic but it's being discussed on P and B at the moment. The best compromise would be if season tickets carried some sort of geographical distinction (as the crow flies/postcode areas)/local authority regions), by which holders outwith a certain distance received access to a streaming link, as all ST holders presumably get right now. Those with registered disabilities could secure similar access. Setting it by country and pretending that Inverness or indeed Dumfries are inherently easier to get to a home game to than Newcastle is daft. The address details of ST holders ar
  6. I see that result leaves one of Scottish football's ambulance chasing grievance-mongers 'Partick Family Club Thistle' seven points from the top but just five above their latest relegation play-off 'trap door'. Dunt them into the bottom half split first and the rest can fall into place quite nicely.
  7. Just a shame that Ramsbottom has already been snapped up by another useless manager.
  8. Would our current 'manager' have got a better points total while sticking with his own set of beloved donkeys? I'm not convinced that he would.
  9. Dead cat bounce a win on Saturday and make sure that we have a fifth lined up to do the same against Arbroath.
  10. Good call. Once McPherson is not offered the post, we should enshrine it in all future contracts that is not actually the job of the manager/head coach to play pretend 4D chess by picking and choosing what games they want to win most and fanny around with the rest on some spurious grounds of 'freshness'. Pick your strongest available team, win games as convincingly as possible, and use whatever confidence boost you get to try and do it again. Until we are juggling the Club World Cup with our Champions' League defence, that's the fucking task.
  11. He has an option of not playing three central defenders, which would allow McGinty to no longer play for the club again. He has the option to move Orsi to the blind commentator's cupboard that 'James Wallace' made his own in his pointless spell at the club, instead of wasting everybody's time with that substitution. A firefighting manager has to do the best with the hand that they're given: there simply isn't a case to be made for that any more.
  12. Even if we clamber out of this, results like this, the display on Saturday and some wild selection decisions/subs means it's a 'nope' on McPherson's audition for the manager's post from me.
  13. This is what you get for a) fannying about with the game on Saturday in true Morton style instead of getting the job done convincingly, which meant that our defenders played 120 minutes in that 'rested lineup' this evening and b) persisting with fucking donkeys like McGinty who simply are not and never have been good enough to organise a defence round.
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