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  1. Boyd had the work rate of an Imrie style, slightly defensive minded wide player and always gave 100%. His second touch was a tackle though and his end product - with a sole exception of one home game I didn't go to - completely gubbins. Don't wish him any ill-will at all but it was never going to work out.
  2. That's not the strategic goals I'd assume - those are the distinct points under each strategy (which are also unmeasurable waffle in places - welcome to any organisation). The bit above reads as more of a statement of purpose which 'key stakeholders' have been given an 'opportunity to shape'. Hopefully they did a better job of doing it than getting the players to create a word pyramid of aspirational buzzwords using Blu-tak and paper, or a circular yes and ho thought strategy.
  3. A benefit compared to what alternative schedule exactly? All this seems to be you slithering further and further away from the description of Inverness being a 'huge' league game among all the other huge league games we'll have this season i.e. every, single one. God knows how you get to sleep at night with this non-stop excitement.
  4. We're not playing two games in three days. Inverness at home is clearly not a 'huge' game unless every single one of our next 13 league games is also 'huge'. Which renders the term completely meaningless.
  5. Tuesday-Monday is the only relevant factor, we would be playing a league game on the Saturday before regardless.
  6. By that definition, every league game is 'huge' between now and the end of the season. Which makes the description completely meaningless then. Back in the real world, there's a clear difference between the level of focus, preparation and mental drain that taking down the current league leaders at home would demand, as opposed to a completely run of the mill league match where we have a chance to stick a fork in things in the second half - though only if we perform well of course.
  7. In what bizarre, alternative universe is Inverness a 'huge league match'? The scheduled time is not the end of the world for me personally but it will clearly impact many others, as well as the club through hospitality and external businesses. The bigger issue that should be getting raised is the BBC/SFA ripping the pish with their scheduling on grounds of principle. Scottish Cup ties are drawn to be played on the weekend of X/Y Z month. A Monday night at 7:45 is quite simply not the weekend of anything. It's not Sky throwing their weight around to make it happen either here - the BBC's contribution to Scottish football is relatively small change which should not award them the right to set a gubbins timeslot that is patently not suitable for any other party involved in the event. The BBC have of course routinely forced seaside league diddy outfits like 'Clyde' to traipse out at their beck and call in previous rounds. The much more prestigious and high profile Quarter Final stage is an ideal moment for both The Famous and Hearts to openly criticise this nonsense.
  8. Why should we compromise either our promotion prospects or cup prospects, when the SPFL let Dundee United and other outfits move their games based on convenience alone?
  9. The only person making nonsensical 'suggestions' in an inane attempt at 'wit' is yourself. Thanks for playing anyway and don't let the door hit your arse on the way out. PS: Don't think that your white knighting for previous, gutless loser custodians of the Cappielow dugout like Gus McPherson has been forgotten either. Very much an 'autofile in the bin' case.
  10. I presume this sounded hilarious in your head.
  11. Jamie Brandon providing the cross assist for Livingston's sickening winner to floor media darlings Partick on their own, rancid bin. Top work.
  12. Looking forward to watching their abject collapse on Sportscene, paired with another showing of The Famous from last night.
  13. If 'Dingwall FC' to use their correct, FIFA 05 name are such a plum job as you claim, then why has their manager just abandoned a job for life* and flounced out after a couple of months? While at the start of a season everything that you state about the comparison is true, there is a time and place to make a jump and now... really isn't it. *owing to standard, teuchter inbred nepotism
  14. I'm willing to call it after a long parade of (utterly pathetic) pretenders to the throne: Iain Wilson is in fact the long awaited, real successor to Allan Jenkins. Having that physically dominant, midfield powerhouse is crucial in taking us to the higher level witnessed in recent weeks. Even if they didn't play as foolishly as today, Dunfermline had no easy way to break our control of the game, determined by Wilson being literally head and shoulders above their midfield and making that advantage count.
  15. Think Sir Douglas was wanting a wee bit more from the fans during the second half to recognise the team's efforts, but the issue is that they managed to make such a comprehensive victory seem... almost perfunctory. The game was completely done as a contest after the third goal. The team did not stop, which made the performance of the highest quality, but it's hard to maintain noise when the opposition are as dead as Rangers and the only stake involved is goal difference. That doesn't mean the quality of that performance is taken for granted though. While we've produced some comparable results, I haven't seen us combine a scoreline with such a dominant performance at this level. Certainly away from home. Motherwell on Friday should be entirely different in terms of response. The onus is on us to turn the place into a bearpit and I've little doubt that'll happen.
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