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  1. Really enjoying it guys keep it up. Some really good insight in to the games and the team. It being on Spotify has made it a lot more accessible now and I don't have to remember to listen anymore.
  2. Thought we played pretty decent and looked more of an attacking threat once Muirhead went off. Been really impressed with the defence and goalkeeper so far and you'd hope with Mcpake and nesbitt we will be able to do pretty well this season.
  3. I've never seen anything from Mcadams to warrant some people having no confidence in him. Seems a steady pair of hands every match I've watched.
  4. Exactly my thoughts as well. Defended pretty well and none of the players are playing horrific but there's just no attacking threat which we could all see when the lineup was announced..
  5. Please don't insult my intelligence. It was a proper I.T issue * *my sound device of choice was my work headphones.
  6. I've got no sound on my stream. Is everyone like that or is there something I can do to get it on?
  7. It's a 27 game season this time isn't it? If so then I'll take our fair share of scrappy 1-0 wins all season.
  8. The players had months off and came back part time to begin with. We've had two competitive games before today with mostly different players to get everyone game time so I wouldn't be too worried about the apparent lack of fitness at this point. I think the first half was the version of this team that we will see more often than not and the fitness will come with game time and match sharpness. Thought for the most part the defence played well and looked solid again and the midfield looked decent in the first half. Not sure we will create enough or take enough chances to give us many comfortable results this season but I have much higher hopes for this squad than the one at the beginning of last season.
  9. Shocking decision having only seen it once. Didn't look like a dive to me. First booking so silly though.
  10. Not really looked like taking advantage of the extra man yet.
  11. Orsi looks a real handful. Been impressed with him as well.
  12. Hopefully it's just temporary tiredness towards the end of the half and we can start the second half in similar style to the first. Alloa defenders struggled badly with our press all game.
  13. Enjoying the high pressing of the team and Mcpake looks class. Very good half so far.
  14. Impeccable response to the minutes silence according to Gerry. Was expecting Muirhead to scream and shout during it as well.
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