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  1. Lyon running forward, Oksanen playing a forward pass during open play for the first time in weeks, bodies piling forward. Still been pretty rubbish but this is the sort of percentage football that works rather than 90 mins of hopeless hoofball up the channels. Hopefully more of the same in the second half.
  2. Entry to a football match is a privilege and not a right. If they're racist at football matches then they're racist in every day life. If they can be rehabilitated then that's excellent news for the people they come in to contact with, but they should 100% not be allowed back at Cappielow ever in my opinion. The PA announcee reads out a statement pre match every week about a zero tolerance policy regarding inclusion. Zero tolerance to me doesn't mean let back in after a year/5 years etc.
  3. Imrie the first name I've heard that intrigued me. No idea how suitable he'd be for the role but if he's impressive enough at the interview stage I'd be alright if we gave him a shot.
  4. I'd imagine that's the case and probably financially the best option for the board given the contract they handed him.
  5. Fuck off. If true I can't believe theyve stolen another manager from us. Teehee.
  6. I was always against us being part time but I'm now definitely willing to consider it being a good idea. We basically pay part time wages for full time work and that's not going to improve under fan ownership, especially if crowds continue to stay at the level they are or even dwindle further. There are positives to being the biggest part time team in the country instead of the smallest full time team.
  7. Oh well, it was just an opinion. Not going to lose any sleep over it. Won't be the last time i have a stupid opinion.
  8. We can discuss it at the fan parade when Tony Docherty is appointed.
  9. They were a nightmare up at Hamilton at beginning of the season. Spouted so much shite
  10. Can't believe I'm about to say these words, but what about Barry Ferguson? Not convinced he's a great coach but could be the sort of character that's able to reset the club and set some standards and best practices throughout the club that could help with progressing us from the shit show we are.
  11. Disgusting. Lifetime ban from Cappielow in order and hopefully the police get involved. You wonder what goes through some people's heads. Stupidity and ignorance is a dangerous combination.
  12. Taking too long to fire a manager compared to our relegation rivals and then hiring one of those said fired relegation rival managers would really be something else.
  13. Hopefully no truth to this and if people heard it then hopefully an investigation is done and the people banned for life/arrested.
  14. Disagree. It's human nature and a lot of people will have similar personality traits, it's just they aren't the manager of a professional football club.
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