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  1. Disappointing. We haven't been great since we scored but can't really complain with that strike. Maybe close down a bit quicker but need to just chalk it up as one of those things.
  2. I've never seen a goal from a direct out swinging corner in my life. Love gus-ball
  3. Had to check twitter as I thought livescore had made a mistake with Hynes as they had mcalister instead of mcginn last week. Didn't even know he was still with us. Our two recent signings have been the most pointless ever. To be an attacking player who can't get in this side is hard to do.
  4. If he's as good as the other Hamilton reject we signed this season then I'll be happy enough. We may have 4 million wingers but there's no denying that we are not creating anywhere near enough chances so I'm intrigued to see how well he does.
  5. Maybe I misunderstood but I thought with option 2 that the debt wouldn't be recalled and is only there to allow GC to be the preferred creditor for the stadium if we are facing liquidation? If so then it's certainly not the ideal scenario but as long as the agreement is legally watertight that the rug can't be pulled from under our feet then I see it as acceptable. Happy for more intelligent posters to change my mind though.
  6. Actually quite happy with the signing tbh. Nesbitt has been off the boil and the team is crying out for some pace. Given our lack of funds and the need for a striker I'm at least hoping he brings a chaos factor that can make us less one dimensional. He will take one look at the pitch and head home to London no doubt.
  7. You know your pitch is bad when it has actual crop circles on it.
  8. Why must Morton always feel the need to Morton.
  9. That's a belter even by this forums standards. I suppose it's the fans fault that our club is a running joke amongst players in Scottish football thanks to how it's run. I suppose it's the fans fault that our last three managers have walked out on us in humiliating circumstances due to refusing to work under conditions set by our glorious leader, and it's worth noting that if the Alexander Easdale scenario was true then in every single one of those instances Crawford Rae swiped away previously agreed conditions from under those managers feet that left them with no choice but to leav
  10. The only thing that would make me even consider giving this board any more money from streaming is if they came out and told us the real story rather than that birthday card pish. Bad enough that we have to put our hands in our pockets with MCT, streaming and merchandise to fund this club from top to bottom to the point we can't afford a fucking manager because no one else is putting a penny in, but to get the begging bowl out during a statement that treats the fans like absolute mugs is beyond the pale, and I'm finished with Crawford Rae and his shambolic reign.
  11. Gerry in as interim manager/commentator until end of the season.
  12. Ewan is slowly turning more and more in to Slaney every episode and I for one approve.
  13. Really enjoying it guys keep it up. Some really good insight in to the games and the team. It being on Spotify has made it a lot more accessible now and I don't have to remember to listen anymore.
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