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  1. Must be said Lithgow is a premier league defender and we are lucky to have him on ability alone. Ugwu is a champions league striker and we are lucky just to be in his presence.
  2. Get Brendan a testimonial. Hope the club don't take him for granted enough to make him walk away scunnered. Club would fall apart without him.
  3. Just a lot of word salad I believe the term is? It doesn't matter what your or my opinion of why things are the way they are or how they'd be in previous or future times. The only thing that matters is what the club are selling this season and what they are delivering, and with the current system those two things do not match.
  4. My whole point was that the manual system of contacting the club should be thrown in the bin, not that there should be a staff member sitting by the phone all day Saturday so you're not even arguing the same point you were to start with. I also don't seem to have received any confirmation of my season ticket purchase that includes terms and conditions of my purchase so I'm afraid I'll have to just go with what they've implied on their own website. There will be fans every week who wake up on match days and are feeling ill, or their child is feeling ill or many more reason and are u
  5. "The club will be committing to running a streaming service for the coming season and as part of your season ticket, if you are unable to attend the game, you will be able to tune in to a stream online." Nothing in their own sales pitch mentions that you only get a stream if you know 24 hours in advance that you're not going to make the game.
  6. If the right players are Andy Murdoch and Gavin Gunning type game changers then fine. If they're the dregs of Premier league youth teams after our rivals get first pick at them then god help us.
  7. Please do tell me more about the completely irrelevant pre-streaming era. Perhaps you could regale us with things fans in 1922 weren't entitled to that fans in 2010 were.
  8. They need to get this contact them for a code thing in the bin. Every single season ticket holder has the right to wake up on Saturday and decide they can't make it. There are so many possible reasons that it could happen (not that we need a reason) yet we can't watch the game on stream through our season book unless we meet the teatime on Friday deadline.
  9. If we had 1500 season ticket holders then you wouldn't be getting in at all. You'll get your regular spot once restrictions are eased. You need to call cappielow for them to give you a code so that people don't use the card and stream on same day. You'd be as well calling before Saturday.
  10. Got mine today as well. Looking forward to Saturday now.
  11. Post match interview up on youtube earlier. Was adamant we needed 4 players and said the youth had impressed him but he wants experienced players that know their way about the pitch etc. I'd argue the youth players have showed more match intelligence than a lot of the more experienced players in pre season tbh. We definitely do need more experience in but it also has to be quality better than what we have and I don't see there being much of that around at this point of the summer.
  12. Said in post match interview that he wants 4 players. Hinted that he wanted experienced players but not sure where he will get them from at this stage of the season. Doesn't really seem like someone who wants to give youth a chance either unless he's forced in to it. Quality of these four players will be a big indication on where we stand as a club.
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