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  1. Happy to get another attacking option in the door and improve the squad depth. Will be delighted if he can find his love of football again and contribute to our success. My only worry with our January signings is I'm not sure that any of them improve the starting 11 we've had most of the season when I was really hoping we could push on in January and get in guys who were going to be straight in to the starting line up on merit and not just because they're new signings.
  2. Never knew him or met him other than his posts on here. Very sorry to hear about his passing and send my condolences to his friends and family. Just another reminder that you have no Idea what the people behind the usernames are going through in their lives.
  3. He put a shift in for me, just he was in the middle of a 3 man rondo for the majority of the time. No point him wasting energy pressing a defender when we aren't pressing as a team and the guy has multiple easy options. Couldn't say there was one player today who didn't put a shift in. Just outclassed on the ball by the best team in the country.
  4. Strapp was having a good game so presume he's injured as well. Hopefully nothing too serious. Last thing we need although King did well when he came on.
  5. Find it weird that someone who moved to the UK at 15 and played loads in the UK including Scotland last year wouldn't get a work permit. Can't lie I've no idea if he would have been good but I'd have loved a bit of a bastard added to the team. Another who could have had cult hero status by the end of the season.
  6. Our squad is already an island of misfit toys with guys with something to prove and not deemed good enough for other clubs around our level and Dougie seems to thrive with those types of players so I'm hopeful he can be a useful addition over the second half of the season. Something tells me he won't be the last attacking signing we make this window either so I'll wait until the end of January before ei judge our window.
  7. Seems to be a bit of a weird attitude towards Kabia for me that's bordering on being personal and nasty from some when he's contributed to a promising season so far for the team. I'm by no means his biggest fan but He's a young inexperienced guy on loan and he hasn't quite been up to the standard required most weeks but I don't think he deserves to be singled out as a massive weak link that is miles off it like he's Adam Coakley or something. Wish him all the best for his contribution and hopefully we have replaced him with someone more consistent in Miller.
  8. Set piece defending becoming a bit of an issue it seems recently. I never feel confident about it anymore. Sore one to lose so late on, after getting back in to the game. Loss of momentum from lack of home games and call offs now. Next week against Hamilton is a must win. Hopefully get a strike run next week as Muirhead was off it today and we ha dno options on the bench at all.
  9. Poor game with two poor teams. Still think we play better with mcgrattan in the team rather than two out and out wingers. Miller looks to have pace and is direct so hopefully see more of it in second half. He doesn't seem to track back as much as Mcgrattan especially when Partick are attacking the opposite side of the pitch, but I'm sure Dougie will soon batter that out of him.
  10. He's part time with Annan so he still trains with us 2 days a week so the tele probably just has their wires crossed. He was with the squad on Tuesday coming out cappielow for training when I was down getting celtic ticket.
  11. I wonder if he will try and arrange the release of Lithgow as well. He's surely the highest earner left that's not near the squad and was our marquee signing at the time so he must be on a decent amount. If you can free up that wage as well we could hopefully see the best strengthening of a Morton team in January for quite some time.
  12. Wonder if Hynes is away on loan or been released. Was down getting Celtic ticket this morning and he came out of cappielow before the rest of the players on his own wearing civilian clothes and then rest of players came out a wee while later in training gear to car share up to parklea. Could possibly just be injured I suppose but if Dougie is looking to get some players out the door then he's probably at the top of the list given the cover at rightback we have.
  13. He was playing at the start of the season was he not? My memory isn't the best If I remember correctly he lost his man at a corner in a couple of games in a row that we conceded from (Hamilton away definitely one of the games) and then he dilly dallied on the ball at cappielow and almost cost us a goal and Dougie subbed him and he lost his place.
  14. Love it! Amazing what youre able to do contract wise when you're not battling relegation until the end of the season.
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