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  1. Why must Morton always feel the need to Morton.
  2. I'm sure dropping fan favourites will work well trying to restore our interest in Morton after another humiliating week.
  3. That's a belter even by this forums standards. I suppose it's the fans fault that our club is a running joke amongst players in Scottish football thanks to how it's run. I suppose it's the fans fault that our last three managers have walked out on us in humiliating circumstances due to refusing to work under conditions set by our glorious leader, and it's worth noting that if the Alexander Easdale scenario was true then in every single one of those instances Crawford Rae swiped away previously agreed conditions from under those managers feet that left them with no choice but to leav
  4. The only thing that would make me even consider giving this board any more money from streaming is if they came out and told us the real story rather than that birthday card pish. Bad enough that we have to put our hands in our pockets with MCT, streaming and merchandise to fund this club from top to bottom to the point we can't afford a fucking manager because no one else is putting a penny in, but to get the begging bowl out during a statement that treats the fans like absolute mugs is beyond the pale, and I'm finished with Crawford Rae and his shambolic reign.
  5. Gerry in as interim manager/commentator until end of the season.
  6. I have this on in the background and it's still been the longest 17 minutes of my life.
  7. I have nothing personal against Muirhead but he's extremely lucky to still be a full time footballer. There were multiple times in that game where he lacked the basic abilities needed at Sunday league level to compete in a football match nevermind in professional full time football.
  8. Oh well. Not too dispondent considering my rage at half time, but we need to start finding consistency in our performances.
  9. Yeah that's why I said earlier that he's trying his absolute best to form a midfield, because he was getting absolutely zero help. He isn't a central midfielder but you can already see that with Jacobs beside him he's not having to do so much work. Also yasssssssssss
  10. Even when we do something we'll Salkeld then passes it to absolutely nobody in the box.
  11. Can you imagine how apoplectic the morton fans would be if they were in the stadium? Would have been an absolute shame game for sure.
  12. Couldn't tell which team was Morton at the beginning but they made it very fucking clear right away with that performance.
  13. It's performances like this, raith and Dundee that have made me decide to only purchase home game streams that give Morton money going forward unless it improves. Not throwing money away to watch Muirhead lose 2nd balls that there's only one person contesting.
  14. Omar at least trying his absolute best to form something close to a semi functioning midfield.
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