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  1. Fans or no fans that's some tasty pre season games to watch on TonTV after months without games.
  2. Hopkin has a pretty good record taking players from lower leagues so I'm happy to give him a chance. People said the same about orsi last year and he turned in to a useful signing in the end.
  3. Weathersonesque. Will be in the Dutch national side in no time.
  4. The release list doesn't actually look that bad on paper. Some of the retained players are clearly due to budget restraints but hopefully Hopkin can get the best out of them. Keeping Nesbitt is an absolutely essential piece of business. Overjoyed with that.
  5. If we can get Cadden and Nesbitt signed up then I'm pretty optimistic. Lots of space there hopefully to bring in new defenders and strikers which we have been crying out for.
  6. Considering we have one non furloughed employee, who must have a million things going on dealing with the shitshow that is Scottish football, and getting the club ready for the new season, I can forgive a lacklustre strip release. It's not as if when they go on sale that the club isn't going to mention it and promote it. I'm more excited about the prospect of TonTV and the extra regular guarenteed income we will have in the future that we've never had before than I am worried about a low key strip announcement.
  7. I'm not saying I disagree completely with what you're saying, but given the choice between the club doing nothing during this time off or the club making what seems to be promising developments to deal with the return of football which havent been communicated to fans as early as we would hope, then I can live with the latter.
  8. I emailed mackinnon yesterday to ask if there would be a streaming option if games come back behind closed doors and he got back to me within half an hour which is unheard of in my time supporting Morton. He replied with the following: " We have been working behind the scenes on developing a new website and streaming service for live games and exclusive content. We are ready to go with these new platforms as soon as the season start is confirmed. We believe that the Championship may start, subject to Government and medical advice, 6 weeks after the Premiership, possibly October. We will incorporate a streaming package for season ticket holders and subscribers. It is also anticipated that a % of capacity will be allowed in a couple if months after start. We will update the fans once we get confirmation of start. " Maybe this information should have been communicated to all fans earlier, but with the season over I can imagine they want to wait until the details for the new season are announced before detailing their plans for it. Rather than the club being secretive and closed off to fans as they have been in previous regimes, I'll stick up for Mackinnon this time as not for the first time he's shown himself to be transparent and willing to engage with fans.
  9. Interesting that it was Carlo Monti that's responsible for us signing him.
  10. Really enjoying the effort coming out of the club just now on the media front. Best it's been in my time supporting the team. I'm guessing some people won't want to listen to an interview with ex players that a lot of fans don't like, but it should be an interesting enough listen.
  11. Thought the interview was pretty good and it's the sort of communication of what is going on at the club that a lot of fans have been crying out for for years. If there's going to be a work in progress as they suggest then there needs to be clarity with the fans throughout that rather than giving us soundbites when season tickets need to be sold, then going radio silent the rest of the season. I'm looking forward to the future ones and good job to the interviewer for not only softballing easy questions. To be fair to mckinnon and hopkin they don't seem afraid to answer difficult questions. As for the Brian wake podcast, I'm sure it's very interesting but as someone who listens to a lot of podcasts I just can't tolerate listening to ones with poorer audio quality, which is just a personal preference so had to give up on it. Keep up the good work though and I'm sure they'll only get better.
  12. There's no chance a podcast with a few hundred listeners will be making money. Even if it was to have a sponsor then that's good business practice for once and not something to slate the club for in my opinion.
  13. The thing that should worry Mackinnon and the board most is that the malaise is now seeping in to the hardcore that the club has always relied on being there no matter how bad things got. When you've got someone like Toby saying this is the closest he's been to chucking it then you know it's getting bad. It's not as if we've had decades of success and we aren't coping with us being pish now. We've been an absolute shambles of a club since the 90s and I'd imagine not once through all those lows have so many hardcore fans been so scunnered. Even on a personal level I agreed to go to our game the other week for the first time since August, and even two hours before kick off I had no idea who we were even playing, and then at 2:30pm we decided we'd rather stay in the pub and spend the £60 entry fees for the three of us on drink. Every other year of my 25 years supporting morton I'd have known who we are playing all week previously and probably been on here talking about the team and tactics etc for the past decade of those 25 years.the problem for me now is that I'm out of the morton bubble and the routine of going to games, so it's going to take success or good times to entice me back in to spending my money on this club, and there seems to be absolutely no chance of that happening on the horizon.
  14. I'm just away to the toilet now.
  15. I've not been to a game since August and don't miss it at all and i barely even check up on Morton news for the first time in decades. So scunnered with everything at the club this season. The funny thing is if they'd made season tickets payable monthly or not had a 50% price increase then i'd have been stuck going every week still after purchasing my first ever season ticket last season, however now the club aren't making a penny from me and probably won't again this season.
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