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  1. Seen a few multi year deals from clubs around our level compared to usual years. . Wouldn't surprise me if managers are leveraging job security over wage in order to fit enough budget to add further players to squad or to allow them in Imrie's case to offer people like Strapp or Hamilton that bit extra to try convince them to stay.
  2. Cheers bud. Still, since the Rae era until now it would be interesting to see who's our top scorer over that period using only seasons we were in the second tier. I have a scary feeling Bob Mchugh would be quite close to the top.
  3. That we never seem to have high scoring players over the years. Wasn't expecting anyone to take it literally my apologies.
  4. Delighted with that. Progressed every year he's been with us and full season under Imrie should see him hopefully get even better. Fancy him to get 10 goals next season which would make him 7th in Mortons top scorers of all time. Edit: 2 years. Even better.
  5. For a second year in professional football I'd say its a good starting place for a defender going to a middling to poor League two side. You'd expect the better Scottish championship players to go to league one/top of league two like Nicky Cadden, Regan Hendry etc have but most important thing for Mcentee is to continue playing games and developing as he has everything needed in his locker to have a successful career.
  6. Mcentee signed for Walsall. Expected him to get a league 1 or Scottish Premier team but still a good starting block at a decent level. Good luck to him.
  7. He's been released by his parent club at the end of his contract. He has bigger clubs interested in him than us by all accounts so wouldn't expect him to be back here, even if we still needed more defenders.
  8. Michael Doyle released by Queens Park rather surprisingly, at least to him it seems going by his twitter. Seems an odd one on the face of it given he's their captain and been successful with them.
  9. Happy enough with that. Some interesting ties.
  10. If I remember correctly he's quite a pacey centre back so expect him to be the Mcentee replacement. Happy with that signing.
  11. If Reilly is being offered more money at QOS than we are willing or able to offer then surely the likes of Strapp, Wilson and Hamilton are being offered more elsewhere.
  12. Excuse my ignorance again but why would an investor want to invest their money for 14% or whatever of Greenock Morton Football Club? We are at best a break even entity and at worst a money leaking liability. What's the incentive to being a minority owner in something you have little power over and aren't ever likely to make a return on your investment? The fact Gordon Ritchie has came out from his cave to interview in the tele regarding this is even more of a red flag for me. Ive had no interactions with him but from the outside he sits in the background pulling the strings while keeping quiet. Not 100% convinced from anything I've seen of him that he has mortons best interests at heart.
  13. Sounds silly but as a total leyman when it comes to stuff like that I would be eternally grateful if someone with knowledge could make up a pros and cons list to this vote to simplify it as I'm stuck between wanting Morton to progress and have extra investment and also being completely uncomfortable with how MCT are going about this in what seems to be at best an unprofessional way and at worst a cloak and dagger effort hoping that enough people don't care enough to research and just vote yes for the investment.
  14. I think MCT probably think we will be okay with the commercial confidentially thing because it's pretty much accepted that it's the Easdales so people know what they're voting for in a way, but to ask Morton fans with this clubs history to blindly vote to sell significant shares to people we know nothing about doesn't sit well with me, as does any potential investors requesting confidentiality until after a vote is taken. Will wait and see what their question and answer session looks like. I want to vote yes but they're not doing a great job of selling it so far in my opinion.
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