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  1. This will be the first Imrie interview in a while I will accept that we could have won it on another day. First half we were playing decent for this seasons team, but I thought second half we were much more like last seasons team. Unfortunately last season we were always missing sitters and being punished for it and that continued however there were definite positives to take going forward. Mullen may not have got near any penalties but I'm at a point now where you cannot convincee that he's not a better keeper than Macdonald. He's a good shot stopper, brings calmness to the back line by being an option under pressure, tries to start attacks from the back and can hit pin point long balls to Oakleys head/chest when needed. Thought Bearne had another decent game and Mcgrattan was good second half. Wilson put in a good shift at left back and second half Gillespie and Blues were back to doing what they do best in midfield. Great to see Jai and Darragh back as well. The more options we have the better.
  2. Only 10 seconds this week before Imrie mentions that on another day we win the game. The only positive this season is that we are currently 6 points clear at the top of the on another day league.
  3. Using Hamilton as an example is a strange one considering they were relegated last season playing with kids, which from what I gather was the exact reason Imrie wanted them out the door to get more experience in. The problem isn't that we have too many experienced players and not enough youth players, it's that the experienced players brought in this summer are almost to a man comfortably worse than the experienced players they replaced. I'd argue that some of the youth players let to go out from the club would do a better job than some of our summer signings too, but that's more of an indicment of our recruitment than the quality of our youth system.
  4. Imrie in the paper today saying that Mcgrattan isn't starting because the fans only see a Saturday and not the training week and he needs to be the full package. He also says if people saw the work Broadfoot puts in Monday-Friday then they'd have a different opinion of him and that he's only being slaughtered because of his " stature in the game" making him an easy target. Of course performance in training matters but for a team that's lost 7 of 11 league games then being a training ground hero can only take you so far. You have to wonder if Mcgrattan isn't winning enough headers from Waters shellacking diagonal balls at him from his own half 50 times a session in our preparations for Saturdays.
  5. Imrie's post match comments really starting to grind on me. If you believed him then we've deserved to win basically every game this season. He's still got a lot of credit in the bank with me and I'd happily choose him over the normal managerial merry go round to get us promoted from league 1 next season but he looks to be floundering under the first bit of real pressure he has been under since joining.
  6. Was a bit of a worry how much Imrie was just throwing shit at the wall second half and hoping something came off. The half time system change seemed to work the best in terms of getting a foot on the ball in dangerous areas but he kept changing it and things got worse every time he did. He will probably come out in the post match interview and say that the players gave him everything which they've always done since he came in and that we were unlucky and on another day we could have won that game as its the same thing after every defeat regardless how the game actually went. This is going to be by far the biggest test of his managerial career so far and I hope he can get out of his own way enough to get through the other end of it and learn from it.
  7. He was clearly a good player in his career but unfortunately this looks to be one season too many for him. It can't be pleasant for him to be so far off the pace at a level below one he's always been comfortable at. I'm not sure of his financial situation but it wouldn't surprise me if he retired in January. It seems like one of those signings where a player thinks they've got one more season in them and then realises early on that they don't.
  8. The Muirhead anger after the free kick seemed a bit more pointed than the usual get it up you to fans. The players seemed to be pulling him away as if they knew who it was directed at and why. Either way we would be in huge trouble without him. There's no one else in the league that can do some of the things he pulls off.
  9. Take the passengers out the team and give us an out ball and look what happens.
  10. Was surprised we played a narrow midfield vs QP wingers last week and same again today but we've been found out. Three water carriers in midfield (one who should retire at half time) expected to create and we have absolutely no options on the ball or when the strikers actually manage to hold the ball up. Genuinely one of the most embarrassing performances I've seen in years watching a mid table league one team pass it about us like prime Barcelona. The only upside is we are somehow drawing and you'd hope Dougie would add some width and pace to the team as he surely can't be so stubborn to not recognise how badly that went. The sad thing about watching this and recent performances is that Mcgregor, Lyon and King would walk in to this team, which shows how badly we have regressed this season.
  11. I believe the term is "whoosh"
  12. " Point of order" Get a grip man
  13. Critically acclaimed French theme day - 2012 International debut for a country our greatest modern player had never even visited before - 2014 You've always given off the most Tory of vibes so no surprise to see you twist the facts. The fact you need to compare our official merchandise to a shite fan organised day over a decade ago really emphasises what a shan effort it is by the club.
  14. Aye I for one can't wait to celebrate our 150th year vs Alloa in my dodgy DH Gate standard Morton celebratory merchandise.
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