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  1. If it doesn't focus on 'it's Dundee' for about 90% of the content then he's missing the mark entirely. Just liquidate it.
  2. If Dick 'dick' Campbell wanted a guid honest game of fitba to break out then he could of course have switched to an old school 2-3-5 and matched things up to go for a first home win of the season. Instead he was more interested in winning plucky wee team hauners and his team sits down at the bottom of the league table this evening as a result. Sad!
  3. I don't see how Arbroath's squad is any poorer than ours this season and I wouldn't count on their results staying poor all season long. That might be shocking to read but it is where we are by having end of the line ownership and a takeover pending, all in the middle of a pandemic that has slashed revenues up and down the country. When those limitations are removed then we should absolutely be aiming to go up to Gayfield etc. and target a win above any other result but that's not where we are right now. Even then, we'll still have a fair few stinking performances and worse results than this anyway.
  4. If people don't want to watch our away game turgidball then there's a very easy solution right now tbh. You're not travelling to Gayfield and standing in freezing conditions, you can just choose not give Arbroath a tenner for some shan Pixellot stream and watch the outcome roll in with Jeff and the boys instead. You can't say that you didn't know what to expect. The bottom line here is that it is not the job of Morton to entertain or even to 'have a go' enough in away game in the Championship, whether that is against Arbroath or Hearts. That is certainly true for this current squad that is just off the back of a 5-0 tanking and is lacking quality in several key positions. The job is to get points on the board and deny the opponents the lift that they needed today to kickstart their season. Getting the season done with our Championship status preserved for the new regime should be our only goal right now. That doesn't mean that some changes shouldn't be made. I'd like to see the balance tilted towards more attacking quality rather than defensive positioning/work rate in our home games by giving Nesbitt and McPake much more game time. I'm also not sure that you can have Jacobs and McAlister in the same central midfield and expect to create much anyway: unless you trust them to anchor a 3-4-3 which is a dodgy prospect. Tl;Dr - if we're setting up like that at home every week and not getting enough wins at Cappielow then we'll have a problem. We can shitfest every single away game 0-0 all season long though and I couldn't give a toss about some fisherman's Saturday entertainment being ruined.
  5. Erm we're not getting fucking horsed at half time like in our immediately previous away league game. The line-up looks unbalanced towards the defensive end so it's unsurprising to hear that play out. I'd be absolutely fine with utter shitfesting every away game between now and the end of the season though.
  6. Given our last league ended in a 5-0 drubbing I'd say 'no'. But even if we do go on an okay run I still expect us to rotate: that's the only way to keep the 27 squad players that we've assembled content. Couldn't give a toss about the result of this dead rubber game but a solid defensive performance again is a positive sign. It seems that the Raith game was more of an aberration on that front: it's the lack of quality up front that is going to be the real issue.
  7. What a terrible, wee shame for them. No doubt Jean will be blaming the big, bad boo boys rather than her incompetent husband.
  8. Erm yes, deepest congratulations on joining the illustrious ranks of *checks notes* Albania, North Macedonia, the Failed Statelet and Hungary who have managed to qualify in the 'absolute dreck' category since the Euros expanded to include nearly half of the continent. Shame the open top bus parade was cancelled! The reality is that Scotland should be qualifying for the Euros roughly 50% of the time - they're now 1/2 - and the fact that Serbia were in the play-off route in the first place pointed to the fact that they are not very good as well. Scotland played well for parts of the game that I saw though I was more involved in laughing at the Failed Statelet for joining their south of the border cousins in getting sworded by the Slovaks. The bonus for Scotland fans is that they actually have a very good group as between a derby with England and two entirely beatable opponents they can realistically get out of the group. It doesn't make international football any less of a ridiculous side show though.
  9. The only person who brought age into the discussion was you, right here, as part of your gormless crusade to get a stand named after you at Cappielow for all your heroic sacrifices. You're fooling next to nobody though, so get off your cross.
  10. Erm no - it suggests that the post was deemed to be utter shite and that the mechanism to point this out was used appropriately. Dry your eyes.
  11. Don't worry about it champ. I'm sure your Medal of Honor for contributing £4 to watch a shitey Betfred Cup game is in the post.
  12. If he thought that they were better than what they are then why did he play our poorer players against them rather than our better ones? Your 'respect' based complaint about that line up would apply if we ended up drawing with Brora or some other tinpot outfit again: not against the top seed in the group.
  13. I'm really not sure how fielding a dung half-strength team constitutes 'giving then too much respect' from the start. Surely we'd have fielded our full strength side just to avoid taking a bleaching? This seems to be the standard Morton fan description of 'playing defensively and shitfesting', which is not actually the same thing.
  14. Credit where it's due, I expected that team to get slaughtered but the defensive work was pretty solid. Yes they could have had another goa in the first half and it wasn't entirely solid - playing a back five with little playing time together makes your defensive line ropey as fuck - but they hung on in and eventually dragged the burners down to our level. Then we swapped jobbers for ballers and so moved up to a higher level than them for most of the second half. Strapp was very good but Fjortoft was MOTM for me, an excellent performance throughout the first half as well as the interception that they were gurning for a passback from in stoppage time. More: Fjortoft/McLean only at CB; Ledger on the right; Jacobs; McPake; even MacIver I'd like to see more of Less: Blues, Muirhead and to a lesser extent Omar and Salkeld.
  15. Imagine we'd started with our actual best eleven btw.
  16. Shitfesting the game to this degree and now PUMMELLING their defence with Ironsball set pieces. This is what I came to see but didn't think was possible.
  17. Blues has not progressed any further than his 'standing and pointing while Berwick got scudded out of the league' introduction to my attention. I don't care how earnest he might be as a person, this is a professional football club and not a social club team we're meant to be operating here and he is not good enough. Jacobs should be starting every week given our other options and Colville and Lyon should be getting a regular look in as well.
  18. Blues, Muirhead and Omar are all competition winners rather than professional footballers and should be punted. Fjortoft and McLean look like the least bad centre back partnership to me with Ledger on the right. This would mean McGinty being in the bench which is a bonus itself.
  19. Let's not forget that we can't have Parma hoops because some bumpkin outfit like Cowdenbeath use the same colours (Iron Man, 2017) but we can have this nonsense instead.
  20. This is why football without fans is utter shite because it lets the club away with this fucking nonsense without being hounded. They're delighted that they can put these nonsense teams on the park and claim to be making use of a 'big and good squad': and the most that they'll ever receive in negative feedback is a Twitter comment or two that they can get all self-righteous about it. If we take a doing from them as a result of this nonsense then it is well and truly TTG.
  21. Aye I'm sure that we'll be fine with the likes of Blues waving through endless waves of attack in the middle of the park in a derby instead.
  22. If they're giving their all and are losing 5-0 then this demonstrates that they're either very badly set up by their manager or he has done a very bar job of assembling a Championship-standard squad. I want culpability highlighted not endless, mealy mouthed platitudes.
  23. So to be crystal clear about this: - you 'like' McAlister but reckon that he's shite at the main aspects of his role in the team - yet you 'hope' that he's available for the cup even though you want Jacobs in that role instead. - you think that their job on the park is to 'protect the midfield' despite them being, erm, midfielders themselves The reality of course is that if we just punted the other central midfielder out of the team - who did such a sterling job marshalling Berwick Rangers' slide into the Lowland Leagues - and played Jacobs and McAlister together instead, then we might have at least a halfway competitive midfield like we had back in February.
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