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  1. Poland as ever challenging Scotland's crown as Europe's clown.
  2. Douglas Rae, expert on sporting economics there, just before frittering away £2.5 million on a club that he couldn't even get in the top flight. And then they reverted back to asking volunteers to run a damp cloth around the main stand for the first time in fifteen years in what, 2016 was it?
  3. Agreed for the most part: the key message that the club and fans require an entirely different, relationship than the 'bring a friend and shut up' mantra of the Rae's over the past twenty years is correct. It'll take a lot of time to shrug off the truly poisoned legacy of that form of management though, both from the club and the fanbase. My concern remains that the changes that are being held off now because of the tight turnaround will never actually be implemented though. By giving several multi-year deals, the chance to have a total rethink of the first team already looks off the tab
  4. Saint Johnstone fans get to parade around their made-up 'city' with a domestic cup double. Morton fans aspire to parade around 'having a show lawn and getting nice comments from opposition managers', as they waltz home with a routine 3-0 away win.
  5. The contingency *should* be that we break even off the back of our normal revenue like a competent football club and business. Anything that MCT brings to the table is therefore treated as capital, not revenue, which can be invested in projects to bring in more revenue. A matchday social club or events space, for example, but anything that would grow the club's general income but needs funds to make happen. MCT subscriptions should not be an exercise in plugging a hole that we'd otherwise have in our budget or a replacement for the Rae's IOU service. They've said that their plan is to ge
  6. Campbeltown had better be the other one.
  7. I'd expect to see an update soon on how exactly the MCT discount on season tickets will apply in practice, given that the original subscriptions must be expiring in the very near future. Presumably there will be a second pledge drive on the cards but this could pose a few headaches for the club admin, as it seems to be a phone the club/go to Cappielow job for the MCT rate. No doubt one of a few practical tests of the new regime's backroom work this summer.
  8. You're thinking about it entirely the wrong way round (like a chinless wonder scion of the Raes, incidentally). It's not a reduction but rather an increase in overall contribution to the club, from £290 p/a (customer) to £365 p/a (member). They would not get away with just slapping on a normal season ticket price and getting the begging bowl out for £120 as well on top of that for the MCT scheme. The discount is essential to the premise of the scheme. I'm not 100% convinced that the current discount is quite enough to be encourage membership. It's not a huge jump up from a regular season
  9. It's one-third the adult price and just over a fiver per game. How much more of a reduction is needed exactly?
  10. It's remarkable how HMRC have put the brakes on any sort of engagement with the fans or commercial activity, but hasn't stopped the club handing out new deals all round to haddy players/management. If you can't get a season ticket out then you shouldn't be giving a two year deal to a caretaker manager. If that means it takes a couple of weeks longer to put a squad together then that's just tough.
  11. There's no reason for us to be concerned, never mind picking holes in Kilmarnock's business, now that our own tinpot weekend has punted us firmly in the '7th-10th total diddy' section of the league.
  12. While I'm sure they're shitting themselves at our 9th placed jobbers being re-signed wholesale.
  13. £100k compensation for each person whose personal data has been kept and illegitimately used to flog their season books would be an appropriate punishment.
  14. Good to see the latest addition to our native tongue being used accurately: http://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/news/scottish-news/7175786/scotland-dictionary-new-words-taps-aff-tonto-roaster/amp/&ved=2ahUKEwiN7r_C5IXxAhX9RkE
  15. I'd much rather have had a vote on our completely gormless overall strategy since the Airdrie game, including the bizarre decision to hand a two year deal to a manager who clearly wanted to retain dross who should have been out the door. Every year at the season's end there should be an open and frank discussion with the members (owners) about the direction going forward. You can make a case for it not being viable to do that this summer, but MCT are going to have give some very good reasons to get financial backing for the shan continuity Raes agenda that they're now presenting.
  16. I've received an email despite having never bought a stream from that stupid, jumped-up outfit. So where are they getting this data from and does this constitute legitimate use?
  17. The 'glass half full' approach to re-signing haddies is one of the reasons why we haven't been in the top flight for nearly 35 years now. It's not a competition to see who can happy-clap loudest. MCT have got serious questions to answer in appointing - and giving a two year deal - to a coaching team whose apparent vision of the future involves retaining most of the shite that took us into 9th last season. I won't be buying a season ticket based on the uncertainties of whether and how fans will be able to attend games and the turgid shite that they're now pitching. They must do a lo
  18. Christ almighty, the level of revisionism on here is getting truly ridiculous now. The reason why he was playing out of position was because he was too fucking dung to play centre forward.
  19. If the offer is the best that he can get then he can't be on buttons, otherwise 'getting a real job and playing part time' would be a much better alternative. If financial reasons explain the deal for the player then they make it completely unacceptable to the club. Try again. "Maybe he believes he's not reached his potential and this is a last chance to prove himself. Who knows." Except that in your conception he's been signed as a bit-part squad ringer, so how exactly is this going to happen? The idea then that we have a player who is both i) as cheap as a young player and i
  20. Why would Blues be on a similar wage to, say, Michael Garrity, who is also a signed midfielder? He's 23 years old for a start - five years older - and is on at least his fourth professional contract. I'm not suggesting that he's got the Porsche dealership lined up for a phone call tomorrow morning but the assertion that he's a 'cheap fringe' player defies all rational thought. Why would the player accept getting paid buttons for such a bit part role? Any wage that is being paid to a 23 year old midfielder who we know isn't good enough could be given to a 19 or 20 year old who might
  21. We already have several over-age youth products signed up until 2022 to perform that role: if they can't then they shouldn't be at the club. I'd expect Blues to be on significantly more money (relative terms) than them so this argument is not convincing.
  22. I said front and centre. 'Lads, we need to stay up to secure our bright new future of, err Cameron Blues and struggling to finish 9th again' was punted to one side, in your knicker-wetting about how unremittingly awful not being in the second tier would be. And yet here we are in the first week of June and you're already declaring all optimism for the season gone because of the implications of a gormless focus on survival that were logically set out. The massive disadvantage that GMFC would have after clambering out of the play-offs was dismissed by you then but is now being dredged up as a mi
  23. I don't recall this being front and centre of your thinking, back when you were claiming that it was important to preserve our league status at all costs. Well here they are.
  24. This is exactly what was coming down the chute all along by heroically!!!111!!! securing our league status weeks after the rest of the league. A sense of panic and instability leading to a mediocre management team being 'rewarded' out of compromise, who then hand out new deals to players who are simply not good enough. Meet the new regime, same mistakes and short-term diddy thinking as the old one.
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