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  1. No, that's reserved for the entire A/M8 through to Edinburgh, after our back to back Champions' League wins and 70,000 capacity hyperdome is built under Wake's player/manager/club president for life stewardship.
  2. Having an alternative name would make a campaign more effective, by taking that creative exercise off the council's agenda - 'Jimmy Cowan Place'? 'Efe Ambrose Boulevard'? Answers on a postcard below.
  3. Seems harsh on McAdams based on most reports, given the shortage of goalkeepers in general at this level we could do a lot worse than retaining him.
  4. I'm sure that the original pledge cycle of 24 months ends at some point this year anyway. MCT would therefore have to make a new pitch to keep taking money from the majority of paying members, it's not an indefinite, rolling Direct Debit scheme. Any support pledged for the rest of the season needs to be fulfilled by MCT and wherever possible by its membership as well. It won't do the reputation of a potential fan ownership group any good at all if they're seen to welch on their obligations, albeit with better reasons than just "the team's shite". MCT should be making it clear though that
  5. Only Morton could achieve the rare success of putting a reliable and effective streaming service together, while letting the product being streamed devolve into 90 minutes of amateur-hour drivel every other week.
  6. Incidentally, if we are looking for directors to signal their disapproval of GC running the club into the ground, then why are the three supposedly independent directors on the board not being expected to take a stand? Whatever their contribution may be in other respects, they do not currently need to remain in place to gain hands-on experience: so what's stopping them from resigning their positions in protest? This would reduce the board to Crawford - who remember is a cipher for GC with no credible independence of his own - against two MCT directors. GC would of course always call the
  7. I can understand the logic behind taking seats on the board with a view to taking over: MCT's current directors aren't football administrators, getting a sense of how the club works (and much more importantly, how it quite clearly doesn't) is preferable to being blindsided by the complete bin fire left behind by the Raes on June 1 or whenever. The risk however is that MCT's ability to scrutinise is emasculated and it is no help to them that GC are all but ripping the copper wiring out of the walls around them, in their obsession with cashing in on their daddy's IOUs. I wouldn't go as
  8. Apathy is certainly high - and the pandemic is doing the Raes bidding on that as well - but if the support has had enough then we're going to need to show that by hounding them out of the club. Rage can prove just as powerful a mobiliser as excitement. I don't expect us to return to the 'glory' days of Dougie riding in on his white steed promising the world and making big signings by lower league standards anytime soon, but if the fanbase cannot become engaged with the task of actually owning the club and making the decisions themselves then what's the point? Over the long run I thi
  9. If a takeover happens this summer then we'll be a shambles next season for entirely different reasons. We have a board, a chief executive and a manager to appoint, before we even determine on a budget and think about the current squad or new signings. Unless there's some pre-packed deal in place by the end of April then we'll spend most of the summer in limbo, the whole of next season struggling and if we went down then that's on MCT's watch alone for a debut season. It's better - i.e. less bad - for MCT to take over after that hit is out of the way, work from a hybrid full/part time mod
  10. If the Raes are in charge then survival this season means Clydebank levels of performance next season instead. Until that cancer is removed it does not matter what level we're playing in.
  11. Changing the manager would be the equivalent of pushing a panic button - which is exactly what a functioning professional football club would be doing right now though, as there is no chance of survival without a change. Queen of the South got rid of their manager going into the play-offs a few seasons ago because they were doomed, and scraped survival. That said, I'm not convinced that we will get much benefit from it. Unlike Ayr who will benefit from the Kerr sacking, our squad has been rancid since Hopkin's shambolic mismanagement in the summer and we let other teams strengthen much m
  12. Liquidate the club now and get the application in for the North Caledonian League next season. There's nothing worth saving from this binfire.
  13. The biggest, flashing red warning light of the entire season is when people started talking about how much that haddy had 'improved'. Any team that depends on his level of performance and general lack of ability deserves relegated.
  14. Hopkin was picking almost the exact same jobbers in the first half of the season and put the squad together in the first place: what's his excuse then?
  15. If you had told me twelve months ago just before the original lockdown that we'd be fielding McGinty, McLean, Blues and Salkeld as the spine of our team this season then I'd be checking Brechin's points tally to see how low we could go. There's absolutely no excuse for persisting with this nonsense when we've picked up one win in ten games and have multiple different options available in midfield and attack.
  16. Quality certainly needs to be a focus rather than some of the random, thoughtless tat that the club and Smiths have been churning out on a regular basis (not so much an issue with the strips). You're not going to get products with any serious value adding potential though if you're just ordering them out of a catalogue like a glorified pub team. We did that before and it was a failure overall.
  17. Aye hold on while we potentially wait three weeks between our last league game and the play-offs starting, because some stupid tinpot league now wants to run a useless split that was not in the original schedule. Meanwhile every other Championship club is free to tie up contracts next season - including ones for our out of contract players - while we could have two weeks fewer to empty the Raes, bring in a new administration (possibly quite literally), appoint a manager, chief executive etc. and only then start building a squad based on what league we end up in, before July rolls around in no
  18. They're allowed to play their Scottish Cup games but not restart the league. The whole thing has been a farce from start to finish and the more clubs that see sense and can it, the better for them. There's no firm guarantee that fans will be back in full next season, yet a handful of clubs are determined to lollop along with this to try and obtain their divine right to play at a higher level. Hopefully some sense will prevail at last.
  19. You think that the team is being picked to spite an online forum?
  20. Is it that? Or is it because he's fed up pulling splinters out of his arse, while our top notch defence leaks preventable goals in a nine game (1/3 of our league season) winless run? I'm not sure why you've jumped to the former conclusion tbh. That still doesn't make flapping your trap about it on social media an acceptable response though. It's not a ridiculous crime, but it's not going to help the team nor his prospects of getting in the side. There'll be quite a few others who feel that they deserve more game time: it's not an excuse to air them in a public setting.
  21. Moving things back to the topic, Petrie's certainly someone that ourselves (and others at this level) should be targeting. I'm not convinced that he'd be willing to move - expecting a full-time club that isn't a complete bin fire to come calling soon enough - though the current shutdown might be shifting that in favour. A few months off and then a poor run of form is all it would take for any seaside league manager to drop off the radar. We need to get our house in order behind the scenes first though and that's the huge stumbling block to any managerial appointment or contract extension
  22. Not a poor result in isolation and we look set to edge further away from immediate danger with results elsewhere, but it's no win in nine games though. I don't think it can be stressed enough that the team and management deserve great credit for plugging away despite the binfire behind the scenes and keeping every match tight. Draws against Hearts and Dundee could easily have been zero points and five or more taken off the goal difference. That said, I'm struggling to see the case for some of the current lineup. Is Fjortoft better than our centre back options? Lyon better than Blues?
  23. Andy Millen can fuck off down to a cellular level.
  24. NB: For those wanting a sneak preview of the new Cappielow Supercasino complex, have a good laugh at this: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/scotland/4264114.stm https://www.glasgowtimes.co.uk/news/12825823.can-pound280m-ibrox-park-plan-spark-the-rebirth-of-govan/
  25. You can guarantee payments if at least one director on the board are willing to underwrite the club that way. The MCT scheme will be in no position to do that immediately. A bank is not going to take non-binding pledges that can be cancelled any time as credible security. If the terms of credit are limited or more difficult to comply with than before then that makes the task of running the club more difficult, even if those lines of support are not removed completely. That's the cost of doing business with a ramshackle company that you do not fully trust to pay its dues: and it is GMFC who pay
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