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  1. Presumably we're not making any subs tonight because the computer picked the team and our caretakers are in the blind guys' toaster room waiting to see how things pan out.
  2. Unfortunately our decision not to play actual midfielders in two of our four midfield positions is coming back to bite us in this second half. I'd have Jacobs on to shore things up and put Oliver behind the two forwards, we're getting nothing from this shape.
  3. 11 hi-vis jobsworths currently guarding against the perilous threat to public order of, err, a bunch of wee guys giving the Inverness keeper pelters behind the goal. The club's provision for hiring these absolute charlatans should be fucking slashed, now.
  4. We're not playing great but are simply much more threatening by playing the ball direct and having midfielders running forward in support, as opposed to the glacial, sideways, utterly pointless Gusball we were doing last midweek. Only an excellent stop from the goalkeeper stopped us from going 2-0 up, which would have been flattering on the balance of play tbh.
  5. Martindale clearly did the donkey's work at Livingston though. They can be an asset but the majority certainly fall into the pointless diddy category. Having a sporting director in that mould would be valuable not just for the first team coach but also for a board that is just as inexperienced. That's a difficult spot to fill but I can't see us getting far without making that change to the structure.
  6. Hope McPherson's taxi is available to do a repeat journey to clear out whoever picked that nick of a line-up.
  7. Yes, yours certainly is. An abysmal one as well.
  8. Or the reason could just be that clubs with the larger revenue to adopt a full-time setup also have more revenue to offer better wages to better players/managers as well. A hybrid structure makes most sense for a club of our current resources but it requires a manager/assistant who isn't a glorified cone-gatherer who can juggle that effectively.
  9. Suitability for part-time football should actually be part of the desirable criteria in the recruitment process, because the current nick of a 'professional' first team structure also has to be seriously reviewed in the next couple of years. Any long-term appointment should account for this. And if a capable manager like, say, Stewart Petrie were willing to take the job now on a part-time basis - with other coaches running the rest of the week - then the club should be flexible enough to accommodate that.
  10. The board's decision to hand McPherson a new deal in May was wrong but the reasoning behind it was understandable - though foolish. I don't get why they would suddenly accept 18 months of costs and an enormous dent in their legitimacy right now, just to appoint Brian Rice who has been out of a job for months already.
  11. He already owns a house in Dunoon and is waiting for a semi-retirement job to move up here. Amazon Prime can get exclusive rights to televise his lower league Scottish football journey, and the club's 10% will fund our European charge. Make it happen.
  12. McIntyre is a level above all the other merry-go-round picks like Rice (totally bewildering why he is even mentioned IMO) and would be an upgrade on McPherson. I'd be looking for an outside the box option though: Rajamaki/Lindberg - push the Finnish legend button to reunite fan interest with ownership. Neil Warnock - pitch a semi-retirement in Dunoon spent effortlessly bodying Scottish football for The Famous. There is literally no cost to making an approach. Caretaker to a summer restructure - Sir David Irons. Proven success in a relegation battle, would ruthlessly capitalise on Ugwu's strengths in a team of organised hammer-throwers. All of the merry-go-round picks fall between those stools IMO. We should be willing to pursue them after we consider more imaginative solutions to the problems that we face.
  13. Hard lines to the happy-clap section whose desperate wagon-circling exercise at full time ended in complete and utter failure.
  14. Goodbye and thanks for all the varicose veins.
  15. I think you'll find that 'Morton' is a holding company that exists to pick up second tier prize money cheques/community grants and avoid just enough pesky away matches from cup progress to register a token profit. It's the bean-counter version of playing Train Simulator: Engineers Edition on their PC, only with added brownie points in the golf club lounge.
  16. Well the chief beard managed to swan around and get on everyone's tits by the time of the play-offs, which has set the tone nicely for their reign so far.
  17. No, the next step is to turn up and get hounding to change the situation in the quickest possible timeframe. Staying away because you can't be arsed does not achieve this.
  18. Correct - the onus is on the entire fanbase to empty the manager by making his position completely untenable. The onus is on the GMFC board and its MCT representatives to cut their losses or face the irreparable damage to themselves and the club by not taking action as well, but as with Jim McInally before him, no amount of board support will save him from a truly toxic death spiral.
  19. "We've got no God-given right to come down to Dumfries and get a result" - Gus McPherson, master of motivation and competent manager, 2 December 2021. Firstly, I'd like to see where anyone has actually stated that we have a God-given right to anything. Would that be a ridiculous, straw man being assembled? Secondly, Queen of the South contested the match last night with no recognised, senior centre back and with Willie Gibson - a fucking winger deputising. Despite this, your Morton team registered a pathetic two shots on target from open play, both of which came from our centre backs. Queens also had three outfield subs listed on the bench, while you made five changes during the match. So the onus is in fact on you to deliver a result with the significantly larger resources at your disposal in the circumstances of last night's game. And you failed spectacularly. What sort of fucking loser abdicates all responsibility for the primary objective of his job like this, and why on earth has he not been huckled out of the door?
  20. A professional football club that blows off a cup competition because its bean-counters say no may not be forgiven for it. They can file a separate application for Greenock Royston Vasey FC to play in the West of Scotland League instead - although Campbeltown Pupils would no doubt give the board fits as well. It is indicative of the pathetic, small-time mentality that hangs around this club. Fans were not disadvantaged by choosing to attend a tie at Airdrie against a vile B team that didn't disgrace the pitch at Cappielow. The vast majority boycotted it anyway. They also weren't disadvantaged by choosing to go to Montrose during a dung international break either. Moving the QF to a midweek is the only daft decision in terms of fans - and going by the footage a significant number still chose to attend.
  21. McPherson doesn't give a toss about the fans, it was simply an opportunity to play his favourite 'plucky wee Morton, up against it again' card. He's a fucking loser whose attitude needs to be rooted out of the entire club from top to bottom.
  22. Maybe an entire season in which the team you're captaining on a part time basis has been fucking rancid and you've been one of the prime culprits is not the time either. It's almost as if he has earned absolutely no credit in the bank to give back to the big, bad fanbase, regardless of his previous history.
  23. Either narrow it down or you've struck upon a better marketing scheme than the golf club committee will ever dream up. I'll have some of the separate McPherson, Oliver and Lithgow stocks please.
  24. There also fans prepared to happy-clap this utter drivel and abet the club in this task.
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