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  1. But miles better than the hassle of turning up at Cappielow at half 8 in the morning, waiting in a queue for 40-50 minutes then being told there's no tickets. That would be a huge waste of a lot of people's time.
  2. Not what we meant. Season ticket holders first, ballot for the leftover. It's going to be manic scrambling for a few tickets on this first-come-first-served basis.
  3. Is there a single good reason why they're having fans queue up in person to buy tickets? It's bad enough for season ticket holders having to turn up individually but for everyone else there's basically no chance. I'll be working so can't go and join a queue at daft o'clock in the morning for a small chance at a handful of tickets. This should be an online ballot to be fair to everyone.
  4. Nesbitt. Misses target with the goalie grounded. Much of this team are very lucky to have been making a full time living out of football, nowhere near good enough.
  5. 180 odd minutes against a part time team who've played about 1000 minutes in the last 6 weeks and we can't beat them.
  6. 2 free kicks in injury time to get a final chance at goal, both sail through to the keeper. I don't even want to watch extra time.
  7. Salkeld is just a headless chicken with no touch, pace, strength, awareness, anything. Worst player on the pitch never mind the goal.
  8. There's really no point getting annoyed about whatever team we put out tonight because the damage is already done by the succession of absolutely shite teams we've been fielding all year. Fuck the lot of them and hope we get some decent players in next year for league one.
  9. Full laughter is just not capturing the essence of what's happened here. This is the biggest collapse in Scottish football history. This is worse than us in 2004. An absolute disaster of a month for Falkirk.
  10. Changed my mind after voting already, Crawford can sing for the car park.
  11. When we end up in the playoffs we probably would end up beating them in their current nick. Could almost tolerate relegation as long as we were responsible for keeping Falkirk there as well.
  12. Nonsense of a performance there. Orsi can't continue to play minutes for this football club.
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