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  1. Looking at the current squad I'd expect relegation this season as things stand - that with Hopkin asking MCT to dig deeper rather than his current employer is alarming. Crawford's stewardship is, for me, likely to leave us and MCT in the third tier because for the six figure sum the fans are already putting up it's clear that he's just withdrawing his own support for the team budget. I'm far less happy about GC keeping the club's assets now than a few months ago.
  2. I wouldn't. He's 22, has about 100 professional first team appearances and has already played in just about every tier of the SPFL. Now an established premiership keeper. Who else is ready to make the step up when Gordon, McGregor and Marshall retire?
  3. He was a good player. Bit of a mad move for him as well.
  4. If they didn't have blowtorch-proof necks they might.
  5. Also other than Ayr how many outings is that kit going to get away from home? In the league the only obvious one is Ayr. The rest of the league have either blue or similarly dark coloured shirts.
  6. Now for the full house when the strip that hits Smiths when it launches is different again.
  7. Same here. Darker blue, dece looking texture effect, colours of the badge and sponsor look good, collar and trim sharper. The finished article will not look like that or the one Oliver was wearing though, will it?
  8. Point deduction for each day early IMO.
  9. We could finish bottom of that group.
  10. He's fucking mince anyway. This division is going to be brutal.
  11. Thought we'd re-signed Rory McKeown as well there.
  12. As discussed, the Scotland cap is coming.
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