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  1. Around 4:24 for the penalty shout. Looks obvious and would've been a red to boot.
  2. That 2nd half was as bad as we've been since firhill. Absolutely shite today. Point gained on that evidence.
  3. After some of the allegations Dundee fans threw about after that day at Hamilton it would be great if there was some match-fixing afoot at Dens. Nasty wee club.
  4. That'll show them. 20 teenagers holding some paper.
  5. Well it was until the final minute. 2 contenders now.
  6. Season tickets are never valid for anything other than the league.
  7. The bit between the gym and Norseman could be about right for a proper Morton social club. Norseman will go the way of Rangers but no loss there tbh.
  8. There's still Alex King to consider as well. He made a few appearances in central midfield last season (although not sure we're any close to finding his actual position).
  9. I'd make the point that Blues is the best finisher at this club. Never seems to miss in the box.
  10. Get fucked. Not had a good draw in any cup for years.
  11. Dundee support very upset with Imrieball. Excellent.
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