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  1. They still have MCT money topping up the first team budget. Hopefully still put a good enough team out to be competitive in mid table at the least.
  2. Decent effort. Would be better with the white and yellow fold down collar of the original IMO.
  3. Not for me... McGills would look decent though, not garish and colours fit. Would be happy with that as long we were getting a good deal. However
  4. The most common word in that tweet is "I".
  5. They did say Morton will play at Cappielow as long as MCT own the club.
  6. And I see no reason why more people shouldn't get involved, finances allowing. As Matt said earlier it's in no one's interest for MCT ownership to fail.
  7. Sustainability under community ownership might mean we end up at the same level as Airdrie, Clyde or Falkirk. However other clubs around us are going to need to wake up to the same reality. Inverness, Dundee, QoS etc will fare no better. MCT are going to have to find significant income sources for this to work in the long term. But since we know who will own the club from here I will be happy to increase my contributions to give it the best shot. Hopefully other people who are able will do so as well, and others who were skeptical of joining will now see a better reason to get involved.
  8. Agree. Good to see the great relationship between the club and the Tele at work.
  9. Yep, think a dark green kit could be very smart as well. Bonus points that an orange or a green kit would each have half of Inverclyde utterly seething about big teams.
  10. Now we're talking. That's a belter. Don't see why the orange one should be avoided. We've literally had that kit before. No need to have prejudice against colours.
  11. The top one is really good, that's the one I meant earlier.. Would be up for that as the next away kit. The next 2 would be very nice without as much visual clutter. The orange one doesn't need the badge print and the parma one doesn't need the check pattern or the pinstripe through the yellow. But all are good ideas again. Even if they don't all make it to being 'official' kits nothing stopping the club from basing some other gear on the designs. I'd buy a few of them for sure.
  12. Joma kits are barkin. Have never seen one that looked any good. Better off with Vision if they make good looking tops with our fans involved in picking decent kits.
  13. The first two are decent ideas (the chevron kit needs a comeback like the Argentina one). Not sure I'd want the Ajax style one as a home kit but I like the design. Away kits please. I'm sure I seen a Love St massacre effort on twitter, that was a belter and I want one.
  14. Sad day for this once-proud football club that we're losing players to salad munching, tree-hugging, SJW, English diddies.
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