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  1. Almost guaranteed to be a scorned youth player's da IMO.
  2. A poor 4 months doesn't outweigh a great year that came before. I say give him a shot to get players in to dig us out, and the money to do that. We must be sitting on at least some of the proceeds of the Rangers game.
  3. Alarming from Imrie. Publicly calling out players for their training performance is unlikely to end well, and I'm not pleased to see Broadfoot's place in the team being justified on the back of training well either. I've no doubt he's a model professional who the rest of the squad should look up to in terms of living properly as an athlete, but that doesn't mean at 39 he's good enough to start games to keep us in the league. I know we're almost forced to play him but fuck sake. I don't pay a season ticket to watch Kirk Broadfoot train.
  4. I think an obvious answer is to switch away from the direct, attritional play we've tried in the first half of both home games this week. We set up with an immobile and technically limited midfield, with 2 holding in front of a back 3 that concede easy goals regardless - meanwhile carrying no threat going forward other than leaving Oakley to tussle with entire defences and not having supporting numbers in midfield to pick up the scraps he wins. Not only are we not scoring goals this way but it's completely brutal, pub-level football to serve up. If you're going to play hoofball then you need a squad of hammer-throwing bastards to lean into it properly and we don't have that. I don't actually know where McGrattan or Bearne were supposed to be playing when they came on because they were popping up all over the pitch in an attempt to make something happen and credit to them, along with Boyd they dragged the game into our favour. Dunfermline looked desperate to completely shit the bed and it's disappointing we didn't let them.
  5. Bearne, McGrattan and Boyd have all shown much more quality and fucking desire than anyone who started that game. If even 2 of the 3 don't start next week Imrie has lost the plot.
  6. He's actually been the better of the back 3. Very harsh.
  7. No, tactical sub. Wilson fuming and right down the tunnel.
  8. It looks like the last game Wilson will play instead. Can't believe he's being scapegoated over some of the complete passengers in this team.
  9. No subs is failure to accept you've got it wrong again. Same team as Tuesday's shambles in the first place was bad enough.
  10. Oakley and Waters were brilliant there, and I hope the fools abusing Imrie for 15 minutes before the goal feel suitably stupid.
  11. Their squad will be mostly central belt based anyway.
  12. St Mirren are still traveling to Dingwall as far as I can see, Inverness can get to fuck.
  13. If so then it was someone near the directors box.
  14. He was giving it the 'shh' to the crowd but his free kicks are not papering over a bad team performance and season.
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