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  1. GiGi

    Ton Tv

    Hearts supporters' heads still absolutely gone I see.
  2. At least one of Oliver and Nesbitt aren't going to see a minute of football today.
  3. Listen Gerry Dunning, we knew Arbroath had some really talented attacking players and we knew the start of the game we'd need to do a bit of defending, so I asked the players to just give me a wee bit extra, concentrate on the defence. I thought we were by far the better team and deserved to be in the lead by half time.
  4. If he, too, wants this suffering on the eyes to end then yes. Who do you want me to pick next week?
  5. Not to worry there's a Burger King and McDs on the way up the road.
  6. Fjortoft is a proper find. Wonder if he's just lacked game time to establish himself anywhere because he's been our best player by miles.
  7. That looks about right. Still have McGuffie, Salkeld and Wallace as options out wide and Orsi if the battering ram approach is needed up top.
  8. Colville not getting a game ahead of some other players who seem to start whenever available is as confusing a choice as any Hopkin makes.
  9. I think Jacobs and McIver were the most important subs we made.
  10. Wee'll need Ray 'Nul points' McKinnon and his overpaid snakes and jobbers to turn up for that.
  11. Without being abusive to any particular players it's pretty clear who needs to not be playing any more if we can avoid it. The subs made us 10 times more competitive. We're on 5 points.
  12. Paying actual sterling for these games just now is mental. I can justify it for home games since Morton need the money but good fucking grief man.
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