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  1. Point deduction for each day early IMO.
  2. We could finish bottom of that group.
  3. He's fucking mince anyway. This division is going to be brutal.
  4. Thought we'd re-signed Rory McKeown as well there.
  5. As discussed, the Scotland cap is coming.
  6. Fuck me. We've relegation written all over us at the minute.
  7. Kind of unrelated but I won one of those personalised whisky bottles in the hospitality raffle once and asked what the whisky was since it said single malt scotch on it. The reply did not inspire confidence that it was actually what it said on the tin (/bottle) which could get you in bother from the SWA. Sure it's all above board.
  8. Given the budget will already be looking low I'd be happy for Sutton to be kept on as a player with any kind of coaching role attached to it. Sounds doubtful now though.
  9. Hearts v Dundee on day 1, some laugh.
  10. Scottish Championship Ayr United v Queen of the South Dunfermline Athletic v Inverness Caledonian Thistle Heart of Midlothian v Dundee Morton v Alloa Athletic Raith Rovers v Arbroath Full list here https://spfl.co.uk/league/championship/fixtures 1 away game at Hearts, 20th February.
  11. We've the 3rd cheapest adult season ticket at the minute. Arbroath will likely be cheaper when theirs come out too but it looks like we're about where we should be. Hearts are going to take advantage of the bunker mentality of their moron support and absolutely rinse them for Championship football. Tiered pricing for £315-500.
  12. He looked like he really knuckled down during and after his loan spell last season. Still not great at tracking back and marking for a full back but he looked in better nick and more motivated. Would be happy with him back like that for next season.
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