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  1. Grangemouth still have the worst covid figures in Scotland by a distance. The whole council area should be locked down until 2025 at the earliest never mind letting them play football. Just them though.
  2. Fair enough, I misread that as a dig at MCT members.
  3. Think this is well wide of the mark. As an MCT member the objective is to get shot of GC and I'd reject both proposals they've put forward. I'm taking no one at face value and will only vote for an option that's good for Morton long term.
  4. Hopefully the fact that Rae is likely to land MCT in the seaside leagues, completely gimping their budget and starting position in the process, forms part of ongoing negotiations. To leave us back where we started but with a large debt and/or no stadium/car park into the mix cannot be acceptable.
  5. Looking like a lose-lose for MCT and win-win for Crawford and GC. Write off the debt and walk away.
  6. Same here. Let them bend over and beg for money from Hearts if they want but everyone should be telling them to sing for it.
  7. Feeling very 2014 about just signing a ton of ringers to stave off the inevitable.
  8. That wasn't Nesbitt's first bad miss when it mattered and it's not just this season either. I think he's not going to get much better and his record of goals and assists is generally just piss poor at any level. He's supposed to be one of our better players, that is a problem. Agree on the rest, the squad is just full of duffers and that will ultimately be why we will go down.
  9. If only we'd the cash to bring in a backup goalie, even on a part time basis, for 3 months.
  10. Dunning has made this point elsewhere, but we've trimmed off the wages of Hopkin, Timmins and MacKinnon before now (plus whatever we were paying for McPake and McIver as loanees) and been in receipt of a £500,000 grant. If we don't use a small portion of that to pick up necessary cover for a couple of 3 month contracts then it's sabotage by the board IMO. We're not asking for anything above bare minimum.
  11. Fuck sake. Obviously sad to see one of our best players in modern times pack it in but not a great time for it. It sounds like he won't be sticking around in the dugout either unless I'm misreading. (edit it actually expressly says that so he'll be off) Get Reece Lyon into the sensory deprivation chamber (that we better be keeping McAdams in) only to be wheeled out for 90 minutes a week. We are going to seriously struggle.
  12. Dave will miss Dave, because Dave thinks Dave did a great job. This the Morton equivalent of "just give it Giggsy"?
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