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  1. Can't help but think that will be a very good signing. Unsure of how many goals he's scored in recent years but always been a player I've liked.
  2. Had to laugh at the amount of over reactions and near meltdowns in response to the club's post. Just need his maw or girlfriend to chip in now.
  3. Allegedly it was the boards decision and not imries. On the face of it that's a right decision. Clearly Dougie didn't rate him and he's never really done enough to nail done a starting spot. Makes room in the squad and budget for new additions too.
  4. MacKenzie Carse is a centre mid who was on loan at QP last season Dapo Mebude i know nothing about. Assuming JET is Jay Emmanuel Thomas the striker formerly of Livingston?
  5. He's a midfielder so could see the logic in that although I'm hoping that doesn't mean Grimshaw is off our radar.
  6. Personally I'd say it's being encouraged and taught in some teams. All dependent on the coaches. Even at that a lot of the passing, moving into space etc approaches are forgotten about Once teams go competitively to 11s.
  7. Lol. Shield managing that mob would have been some laugh
  8. Kenny Sheils. The biggest bullshitter in Scottish Football. Spoke a fantastic game but never amounted to anything on the park for us.
  9. I'd bite your hand off for todorov although I'm sure he's knocked us back before?
  10. Del the kit man who recently left the club has a job at QP. Best of luck to him.
  11. You're wrong. It's not been blown out of proportion at all.
  12. The "adults" that were encouraging the kids and joining in are just as bad. The guy who made the keeper come up to him and then threw the ball was being a fanny and playing upto his mates and the weans. Cringeworthy stuff.
  13. Seen a video going around social media of a young fan throwing a cup of juice at a steward. Looks like he was aiming for their keeper. He also went onto the pitch at half time and full time. Get the wee fanny banned. All for kids having a laugh and a joke but this isn't a good look for the club.
  14. He injured his shoulder or arm last season as well didn't he?
  15. Job done but a tough watch. Ballantyne, Moffat and Lyall all ok. I actually thought Davies played well. Put himself about, got a few knock ons however he has to take a couple of those chances. Any idea why Baird came off?
  16. Would like to see some changes tonight but I'll put a disclaimer in there that Dougie won't change a lot. Broadfoot has to be dropped although going by Saturday most of the team could join him. Mullen Ballantyne Baird Boyes Delaney Gillespie Wilson Garrity Lyall Moffat Davies Murdoch/ Woods, Broadfoot, Blues, Oboy, Bearne, Reynolds. We haven't had any word on corr, King or Shaw but I know Corr was training before the game on Saturday which is promising. Squad is crying out for a number 9 with experience of this league and an absolute cunt in the middle of the park.
  17. If little Queens Park can play a few games at lesser at the start of the season then why could they not play the whole season there?
  18. Broadfoot has a hand in conceding all 3 goals. 1st goal not tracking trouten, second he is rightly pulled up for an obvious foul ( something he gets away woth most weeks) and the 3rd he steps back and passes trouten on rather than take responsibility of the situation. Not what you'd expect from a player with his experience and our captain for the day.
  19. Can't see that happening unless Baird has been told he won't play this season? I'd have no problem with baird partnering boyes or corr with one of them being the ball playing centre half.
  20. You're talking absolute pish. Can understand people being frustrated after today's result but the team need time to gel and also need time to embed Dougies ideas. I'm happy to give that time however I can't see past the manager continuing to play Kirk Broadfoot while he gives away 2 goals a game.
  21. Is that the first penalty Gillespie has missed for us?
  22. Davies has to play centrally. He's wasted out wide.
  23. Boyes and Delaney were fine on Tuesday.
  24. Fucking hell. If broadfoot has given away a penalty and had any part in that first goal then he needs to be subbed now.
  25. Fuck sake. That's all we need with that mob. Hopefully they totally embarrass themselves.
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