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  1. Just had a look at the league table. Doesn't make good reading at all. 2 wins in 15 games this season, a clueless management team and a seemingly rudderless ship at boardroom level. The club is fucked.
  2. Would really like some clarification as to why the easedales, Rae and 2 councillors are all sitting in the directors box? I also hope that they all paid in or have season tickets.
  3. That's our strongest 11 right there. He needs to stop fucking about and get this done.
  4. I feel for Jack Hamilton. He has been nothing short of superb for us this season but is let down by poor defending and the managers shite decisions. Also getting pissed off with Gary Oliver and his constant moaning and going down to easily looking for fouls. There was one point in the first half where a ball was played inside rather than down the line and rather than check his run and make an attempt for it he stopped and moaned at the player who played the pass. That's totally unacceptable. Strapps attitude is also bothering me. He thinks he's better then he is and swaggers about the pitch like a superstar whereas in reality he has done nothing this season.
  5. Today was in many ways a free hit. In reality We weren't expecting to win. Taking anything from the game would have been a bonus. Gus should have told the team to get out there, get right in amongst Kilmarnock and give it a real go - which for the first 20 mins or so we did. Totally different game if Ugwus header went in but it didn't and the game was finished by half time. That said McPherson's team selection and tactics continue to confuse the fucking life out of me. Strapp at centre back, blues starting over Lyon, muirhead and Oliver as right and left mids. Just pick our strongest 11 and play to our strengths Gus or even better just leave.
  6. This is a must win game. Anything but that and the dynamic dickheads must be sacked.
  7. Who are the realistic targets? There must be some up and coming young managers and coaches out there in the lower leagues and juniors. Couldn't do any worse than the current imposters. I'd be worried McLean was given it as an easy option. Has Andy Ritchie ever managed or coached? He knows the club and the game inside out and is clearly passionate about the club. Could be an alternative to the usual suspects?
  8. I was reasonably happy with the spine of the team early in the season. Hamilton, Lithgow/ McLean, jacobs, Ugwu are all decent players at this level with experience. He's then had the chance to supplement this base with attacking players, energy and his tactics. It's not working. Next week needs to see changes and some of the under performers dropped. We are so narrow and devoid of creativity that it is unreal and painful to watch. Hamilton Ledger. Lithgow. Mcentee. Strapp. Allan. Oksanen. Lyon. Russell. Ugwu. Knowles. Subs - McLean, Jacobs, Oliver.... Can't think of who else would be on the bench. Let the full backs worry about defending. Allan and Russell are more than capable of doing damage going forward. Oksanen and Lyon can alternate sitting and going forward. I'd like to see Knowles and Goz get a shot up front together to build a partnership. I like Gary Oliver but he's being shoe horned into the team and isn't offering much at all.
  9. Can't take away from the fact that we were absolutely shite. A decent group of players being led by an incompetent manager. Delighted for big Goz though.
  10. This is poor. We have hardly troubled a pish accies side. Get to fuck Gus.
  11. This. So called 'smaller' clubs have been out performing us for years. The latest example being Arbroath. Our predicament which has went on for as long as I can remember is down to poor leadership and decision making. For so long there has been no long term vision or plan at all and I'm not even entirely sure there's one now but if there is there's a lot of work to be done to even begin.
  12. I'd have taken a point before kick off. Hamilton was superb again and we looked reasonably solid at the back. All that goes for nothing if we can't score a fucking goal. There is absolutely no cohesion or gameplan going forward and the link between midfield and attack is poor. It seems like Gus is trying to make us as solid as possible using as many centre backs and centre miss as possible. Take those tactics and get to fuck McPherson. Before it's too late.
  13. Emailed MCT this morning with a few concerns and awaiting a reply. Surely they have to take notice of the grumbles on here and at games? I'm sure I'm not the first to email either.
  14. In the unlikely event that he goes anytime soon of like to see us take a gamble on an up and coming manager with experience in the lower leagues or even the juniors. We've went down the dinosaur route and it hasn't really worked. There must be someone out there who wants to come in and totally transform our fortunes and make a name for themselves. It's a long shot but someone from the juniors who can attract talent with a good work ethic and a knowledge of the Scottish game would be something new and fresh rather than the usual suspects. We will probably end up with McLean as interim manager as it's the cheap and easy option.
  15. Another shambles by all accounts. We have a squad that is more than capable of competing in this league and we are being let down by an incompetent management team. The board need to have a right good look at themselves. Giving McPherson a 2 year deal was madness and every single supporter said the same. Why couldn't the board see it.
  16. Russell not starting is a puzzle. He needs to be playing.
  17. I can't even fathom that starting line up and the formation!
  18. Where exactly is the gradual improvement and who are the teams who should have bigger concerns than us?
  19. I can't understand why Russell isn't getting a run of games. He's improved the team any time he has come on. Shite result which sees us drop to second bottom. Sounds as if the performance was better but we need to start getting wins.
  20. That's a good gig he's got himself.
  21. Absolutely dog shit. No need to play 5 at the back. We need width in the team and strapp and hynes just don't bring that to the table. Lithgow was really poor today and the goal summed his performance up. Muirhead really needs to go. Felt sorry for oksanen and Lyon as they spent most of the game showing for the ball as watching it go over their heads. Totally toothless up front too. Gus got his team and the tactics wrong today and needs to hold his hands up and accept that. 4-4-2 next week please. If everyone is fit we have to go for: Hamilton Ledger mcentee Lithgow strapp Allan oksanen Lyon Russell Reilly Ugwu Lithgow or McLean could partner mcentee. Also can't see Jacobs not starting if available but that's what I'd like to see. We need more urgency and players taking responsibility all over the pitch. Especially in attack.
  22. If everyone is fit then I'd like to see this sort of lineup and squad: Hamilton Ledger. Lithgow. Mcentee. Strapp Blues. Jacobs. Oksanen Allan. Ugwu. Reilly. Subs: Wylie, McLean, Lyon, Russell, McGregor, Oliver, Knowles. That could also goto 352 with strapp and Allan as wingbacks or a flat 442 with Allan and Russell on each side. I could go on. First time in a long time we have what looks like viable options in personnel and formation.
  23. Lovely to see Hopkin struggling and wee Ayr fans in meltdown mode😂.
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