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  1. I dont see it as a setback in the grand scheme of things. A point at Gayfield is secured and next weekend we get to sort out the 'real deal'.....without Haugheys dosh.
  2. Dont disagree with what you're saying......just felt annoyed at Arbroath equalising 2 mins into the second half. Annoyed because I think the defence were caught cold after the restart. Dougie will be fuckin ragin.
  3. Normally I'd have taken a point at Gayfield but this feels like a defeat somehow.
  4. Lassie on Sportsound saying goal was against the run of play and that big Robbie cutting a 'dejected' figure. Obviously got shares in a smokies shop.
  5. ... and there's Dream Oak Tree asking his weekly question ..... " Is there a Livestream? " on P&B.
  6. Mothers Day or Easter Sunday...not sure but still got the ticket somewhere . On a topical note...Griffiths scored in that game and ran past the Morton support giving it the Shhhhhhh... finger. Bawbag. *Ticket found: Sunday 6th March 2016. 12 noon K.O.
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