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  1. Had one of these delivered last week.
  2. Falkirk fans wetting their knickers in anticipation of a trophy-laden season under McGlynn over on P&B.
  3. Never forget the game against the Pars at East End Park a few seasons ago. Jack wasnt having the best of games and I was giving him some heavy verbals. A few moments later the guy sat next to me tapped me on the shoulder and said: " Thats my boy." I said..."Who's your boy?" he said: " Jack." I said.."Iredale?" he said: " aye." I said... " Some ba' Jack ... way to go!" (the confessions of a crawling bastirt.) 🤐
  4. Statement reads ' 1st Team Manager, Dougie Imrie.'
  5. But...but...bbbut Falkirk are a massive........
  6. Kiltie scores for the midden. Boooooooooooo.......
  7. I had a sickening deja-vu moment when I read about the rumour. Reminded me of the moment someone told me McKinnon had snaked off to Grangemouth.I laughed it off and we all know what happened next.
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