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  1. I dont think its at all coincidental and thats what worries me.
  2. Rangers forum saying Robbie Craford is off to Charleston ..USA. Anyone else confirm or is it Ibrox hogwash.
  3. Will it be just black arm-bands round the Morton shirts or will Ibrox afford Joe Caven a minutes silence. I know my preference.
  4. By the same token..I assume since Wilson isnt cup-tied...he'll be playing tomorrow. RB.......mibeez.....who knows.
  5. I didnt have the heart to tell the Bino fans who the referee was going to be for their tie against the Dons tonight.
  6. Take your point..but not for me....present myself and my fellow supporters for these ******* No way. I've suffered that pish (literally) before. Also...if you happen to be a Weegie Morton fan....the subway is a fekin nightmare. Power to the travelling support! EDIT: Sorry Irnbru....I misread your post. I agree with you.
  7. Colour me shocked...its on the telly and you dont have the liquid (piss) contents of previously consumed half-bottles of Buckfast rained down on you.
  8. Actually....I'm lovin' it........ come ahead Sevco (is that a bit rash?)
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