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  1. Well I'll be an uncle's monkey!... think I might allow myself a small sherry this evening (purely medicinal you understand).
  2. Wtf happened to the stream? That was a horror show to watch. Go away Gus and dont come back!
  3. A 'literal millionaire?'... I'd assume hes been prudent enough to stash plenty for his future but millionaire?...hmmmmm...not so sure.
  4. VT....perhaps a better approach to getting 'onside' with Amy is to apply for a position @ BBC Pathetic Quay rather than hoping to 'catch her eye' in hospitality at Cappielow ... 😉
  5. I'm sure Derek has a 'soft spot' for Morton but realistically..he has bigger fish to fry .
  6. Cant wait for Brian Graham & Scott Tiffoneys return to Scapa on the 26th.
  7. Ugwu wasnt even on the subs bench today so who knows when he will be fit.
  8. Morton are the only Championship side not to have scored this weekend. 😟
  9. .. on a brighter note... Falkirk 0 ...Airdriebigots 3 🤣 🤮
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