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  1. www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/55810813
  2. Re. Paul McGowan , I wonder if he went out and booted a third police officer after the game. Horrible wee ned.
  3. NFL teams will be scouting Muirhead with his ability to blooter the ball miles over the bar.
  4. He'd be better joining Cigna and cutting out the middle man. Picking up the baton from Peaso.
  5. Dumbarton only able to list 3 subs on Saturday. Morton have about 20 to choose from!!
  6. Especially the part about going to WeightWatchers and losing 3 stone!!
  7. They should hire Hawke to steady the ship. They'll have the best damn turnstiles in the seaside leagues.
  8. New money , old manager rarely works and usually changes quickly
  9. I see they have let 15 players leave/loans ended . Lang also has stepped down as Chairman
  10. Ineos,the Falkirk Wheel, Ray Judas McKinnon..you boys took one hell of a beating... enjoy the 3rd level of Scottish football ya bunch of wankers. Be careful with your 30 pieces of silver ya tosspot, hope your redundy is shite too.
  11. Supposed to be in court tomorrow, attacked his partner
  12. He was deceptively slow before this injury.!!
  13. Peaso could re-join us for his next op before going elsewhere and playing all season!!
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