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  1. Had one of these delivered last week.
  2. Falkirk fans wetting their knickers in anticipation of a trophy-laden season under McGlynn over on P&B.
  3. Never forget the game against the Pars at East End Park a few seasons ago. Jack wasnt having the best of games and I was giving him some heavy verbals. A few moments later the guy sat next to me tapped me on the shoulder and said: " Thats my boy." I said..."Who's your boy?" he said: " Jack." I said.."Iredale?" he said: " aye." I said... " Some ba' Jack ... way to go!" (the confessions of a crawling bastirt.) 🤐
  4. Statement reads ' 1st Team Manager, Dougie Imrie.'
  5. But...but...bbbut Falkirk are a massive........
  6. Kiltie scores for the midden. Boooooooooooo.......
  7. I had a sickening deja-vu moment when I read about the rumour. Reminded me of the moment someone told me McKinnon had snaked off to Grangemouth.I laughed it off and we all know what happened next.
  8. Lithgow's late call-off still baffling. Anyone see him limp off after the warm-up?
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