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  1. Well I'll be an uncle's monkey!... think I might allow myself a small sherry this evening (purely medicinal you understand).
  2. Wtf happened to the stream? That was a horror show to watch. Go away Gus and dont come back!
  3. A 'literal millionaire?'... I'd assume hes been prudent enough to stash plenty for his future but millionaire?...hmmmmm...not so sure.
  4. VT....perhaps a better approach to getting 'onside' with Amy is to apply for a position @ BBC Pathetic Quay rather than hoping to 'catch her eye' in hospitality at Cappielow ... 😉
  5. I'm sure Derek has a 'soft spot' for Morton but realistically..he has bigger fish to fry .
  6. Cant wait for Brian Graham & Scott Tiffoneys return to Scapa on the 26th.
  7. Ugwu wasnt even on the subs bench today so who knows when he will be fit.
  8. Morton are the only Championship side not to have scored this weekend. 😟
  9. .. on a brighter note... Falkirk 0 ...Airdriebigots 3 🤣 🤮
  10. My main point was that players religiously adhering to Gus' s strategy .....robs them of intuitive 'in the moment' moves.....e.g.you must have seen the number of times we had Strapp well over the half-way line.....but the ball was invariably punted stand way....why? If Lewis Strapp is now our winger....why the f**k did we lose Aidan Nesbitt?
  11. Oh right.....I assume you didnt witness the 'pass-along-the-line parade' before McLean airs it on a hopefull diagonal. Actually....noboby mentioning the chances we had...and there were a few!.....just wish Reilly had put his laces through it when he had the chance.
  12. QUOTE: Film....."Battle of Britain" Secretary of State /War Department (believe it or not...that was the name given to this Department of State at that time......well..it figures..we were at war after all). War Department Secretary of State to Air-Vice Marshall Dowding (Commander...RAF Fighter Command)..... "You dont exactly exude a spirit of optimism".
  13. Thought Reece Lyon had a decent game today and signs Oksanen is getting up to speed.Big transitition for that boy (and Allan) but I see positive stuff. Dont know what anyone else thought but my impression of McEntee was....'ok ..yer here.......and yer stayin' here!' I rate the boy.
  14. ^^^ this.The number of times I found myself screaming 'switch'.....but aw naw.....pass it along the line culminating in a 50/50 ball in the air.
  15. Tommy Wright giving Nesbitt big licks just now in his post-match interview.
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