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  1. Could be worse, they could still be silhouettes on the squad page despite having been here for 8 months like McGinty and McGuffie.
  2. Quite like how the home page is telling us the Alloa game is running on time as if it's a fucking bus but doesn't tell us what time it's kicking off.
  3. Mafoumbi joined Blackpool in July 2017, Timmins was there from July 2016 until he joined us in June 2019 (bar a couple of months where he left to be a failed manager in Sweden).
  4. Far more likely to be another Timmins recommendation tbh, what with him being goalkeeper coach at Blackpool and all.
  5. FTFY. So we have sold 3 crowdies then. Stunned even at that.
  6. Did wonder who was in goal in the video yesterday, thought surely the haven't chucked Fosu-Mensah in goal...
  7. 3/10 returned in favour. Doesn't mean only 3 responded.
  8. Seems a bit stupid. Even with 5 though, we'd still not be able to get all our forward players on.
  9. Not much change when it goes competitive, with games still being played at borderline bounce match pace.
  10. Obviously can't seriously criticise the attempt to do the right thing, it's just very un-Morton to have gone there. Scenes most weeks from the competitive games of congregations near any ground with a vantage point.
  11. Stewards there to stop people. Fuxake Morton. Get some sort of grip.
  12. Norseman open if anyone's going to watch from the carpark.
  13. Didnt help that they specifically pointed it out when first shown, making a deal of it, in complete stark contrast to the 3rd kit that they were actually going to sell.
  14. Limit increased from 4 to 6 at any one time. Not sure if there are still overall limits. The loan window after the transfer window closes, which was previously just for L1 and L2 clubs has also been extended to the Championship so we can still make loans throughout October.
  15. Wallace Duffy (still technically an ex-player) allegedly going to ICT.
  16. Seriously though, who ordered it and why...
  17. Then why the fuck does it even exist?
  18. It really is brain-dead to not spot that when choosing to film there, or not to distance.
  19. He does indeed. Seems a decent guy. Might have to check out his podcast, might see some Morton content through it this season.
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