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  1. Their trolling teaser campaign for their new strip this week was tinpot also.
  2. No, THEY hate being called Partick (rather then just thistle). We must double down and go hard on just calling them Partick forever more.
  3. Well, he was brought in by Allan Maitland, the chair of the new football board so he couldn't be CEO because thar would be under Colin McGowan the chair of the new commercial board. Yeah, as if 1 board isn't bad enough, Hamilton have decided they want 2.
  4. John Rankin promoted to manager, so the Dougie rumours can stay in the bin where they belong.
  5. We need an ex-staff thread. Dave MacKinnon appointed Director of Football at Hamilton.
  6. We gave him his first pro deal in Feb. Must have just been for 4 months. Not offered a new deal. https://12ft.io/proxy?q=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.greenocktelegraph.co.uk%2Fsport%2F20208908.young-goalkeeper-joshua-bysouth-gutted-leaving-morton%2F
  7. Partick sign Gk David Mitchell from Hibs, so they don't look like Jack Hamilton's destination.
  8. Quitongo was here before. Son of Jose. Thinks he could play for Portugal. Happy to help.
  9. If he is even at Livi. Out of contract, offered new deal, not signed yet.
  10. Which clubs in the league ARE better off than last season at this stage of the game?
  11. Same again on 9th July big man and all is forgiven.
  12. If it's Oliver's place in the squad he has taken, fine. Definitely need to see strong replacements for Ugwu and Reilly though.
  13. Stunned he's not starring for Portugal by now. 🤪
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