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  1. Thankfully, Dunfermline and Hamilton play each other next week so it's unlikely Ayr will send us bottom (watch Dunfermline win 1-0 and Ayr stick 5 past us now to do just that).
  2. Let's not try to pretend that said new regime aren't culpable - for handing him a new contract at all never mind a 2 year one. They aren't stuck with anything, they chose it. But there's most certainly going to be no accountability for that.
  3. Really not quite sure how denying them an away allocation would lower the numbers infesting the home end rather than increase it.
  4. Looks like little Ayr might be kicked out for fielding 2 ineligible players, with Rangers B (🤮) reinstated in their place. Said players are on loan at Irvine Meadow and Girvan. In completely unrelated rules, the B teams are allowed to field players that are on loan at league clubs, even if the B team is playing against the team the player is loaned to. 🤪
  5. And their existence finally acknowledged with inclusion in the squad list on the official site. New video posted too.
  6. He was actively blaming the Ayr fans in his interview after the Raith game. Poor wee Fjortoft though.
  7. Gutted about that - been enjoying the fun and disappointed it's before the Morton game. Round ye though Hopkin.
  8. Proper shame game tonight at Ayr. Bit jealous of that tbh. Reading the meltdown is quite fun though.
  9. Lewis McGregor disagrees. Good to see some updates.
  10. Assumed rested but surprised he isn't on the bench. Hopefully not or covid.
  11. Gus said in his interview that it's unlikely he will field any of the new signings.
  12. Aye, lots of issues. The McGregor one particularly stood out for me as he is getting starts and he is non-existent on the first team, development or academy squad pages. Fit for purpose. What that purpose is though is anyone's guess.
  13. Could be worse, you could be on there trying to find out who Lewis McGregor is.
  14. Oksanen is definitely wearing the prototype (chevrons on the sleeves) while Allan has been given a match shirt. Why would they put the prototype on him at all never mind when photographed beside another player with a match shirt on? Not to say that if they had both been given match shirt, they wouldn't have different looking shirts as Allan has one of the ones with the dodgy badge placement cutting across 2 hoops.
  15. Michael Miller joins Stenny on loan from Ayr leaving them even lighter in Midfield and their fans a little bit more annoyed about the lack of signings in a month.
  16. Indeed and Lyon has to prove that he merits getting in. Didn't exactly take his chance when Blues was suspended. Still see a lot of lineups posted with a gap in Midfield or Lyon included when we all know it will be Blues that is in there.
  17. I have seen that posted a few times but I don't actually think that is accurate (like it was with Jon Scullion). Lyon was seen as one of our few potentially marketable assets due to his performances when he broke through, and was given an extended contract to tie him down for that reason. While we don't know what has been going on behind the scenes, some can't understand why he has been allowed to stagnate in favour of a player (Blues) that few fans rate and with the team faring so badly in almost getting relegated. There is obviously something in it seeing as several managers have overlooked him now which is a shame. Unless something changes, he will be on loan in L1 at Dumbarton come January and staying in L1 as a Falkirk player come June.
  18. Aye. There's no such thing as a loan between different countries. It's a temporary transfer.
  19. The ones from down south do not count.
  20. Morton make 4 impressive signings and then you realise there is still no chance in hell that you are going to entertain watching them possibly make their debuts. Get the colts to fuck.
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