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  1. He was at the arse end of his career by the time he joined us, but he still had all the grit and determination, if not the pace, that she showed in his prime at Hearts. Never gave anything less than 100% for the jersey.
  2. Where exactly on here is the 'abuse' you keep referring to? I only see perfectly justified doubts and concerns.
  3. Sorry, but that's just childish nonsense. Given his injury record and career regression since leaving us, people are totally justified in having their doubts about him resigning. But I'm 100% certain everyone on here who like me have expressed these doubts want him to succeed, and if he does, we'll be delighted.
  4. The biggest influence in determining how many turn up and PATG has been and always will be the performance of the team on the pitch, and whether or not we're in yet another relegation dog-fight, or up there challenging for the play-offs and promotion. Reducing the player budget by 10% to absorb and mitigate inflationary cost increases will make it even more difficult to assemble a squad capable of achieving the latter. Of course some other factors will also come into play which will influence how many PATG, like reduced disposable incomes because wage increases aren't matching inflation. So some folk may no longer be able to afford to go to some games. But that would also be the case if we still charged 20 quid, the extra 2 quid will hardly make a difference to that.
  5. At 24 he's hardly in the 'young boy' category any more. He's a fully grown adult but from the interview I'm still not fully convinced he acts like one, which may also explain your confusion. Like everyone else I of course hope Dougie's faith him him proves to be well founded, but I am concerned he's using up a wage that could have been far better invested on someone with a more stable and proven track record.
  6. Not increasing gate prices when costs are increasing by 10% would of course result in a 10% reduction in revenue in real terms. Interested to hear therefore what mitigations the club could take that would allow then to absorb this 10% reduction in revenue, without it having a negative impact on their financial viability and/or the quality of the playing squad.
  7. A 10% increase of the PATG price is entirely justifiable given the current inflationary pressures. It's nonsense to complain about the lack of quality signings and at the same time bemoan a price increase that is entirely in line with rising costs and expenditure. If they didn't increase the PATG price it would in real terms equate to a 10% reduction.
  8. Apologies in advance if this is a Gourley moment, but according to Jai's wiki page he's already signed. Disappointed if true. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jai_Quitongo
  9. Ah, right, cheers. Technology, eh, amazing.
  10. Off topic, but can anybody tell me why footballers have taken to wearing these man-bra things?
  11. Indeed. Gozie's goal scoring rate was not exceptional by any means, but he did assist a fair few goals with flick-ons and layoffs. He was a handful for every defence and he'll be difficult to replace.
  12. Probably because Sir Douglas wanted him to stay
  13. He was offered a contract we he not, in which case Sir Douglas obviously wanted him to stay.
  14. Sent a message to the club asking that very question but no response to date. I suspect they haven't worked the details out themselves yet. I'm a fully paid up member of the aforementioned sadact club so unless they totally take the piss I'll certainly pay whatever they decide.
  15. Haha, amazingly, he has a Wiki page. The team in question were KVV Coxyde and their one season in the 2nd tier was 2015-16. They fell into obscurity and no longer exist, having merged will fellow wee diddy outfit K.V.V. Oostduinkerke in 2020 to form K.V.V. Koksijde-Oostduinkerke. Kabba himself was playing for Royal Cappellen as recently as 2020, who are in the 2nd amateur division, which is the 4th tier. He's no longer listed as a player on their website, no idea who he plays for now, if anyone.
  16. Last I heard of Cham was a year or so after he left us when he signed for tiny a semi-professional team from somewhere on the coast (maybe De Panne, can't even remember), who had somehow found themselves in the 2nd tier for that season. Despite being the whipping boys of the league he didn't register one appearance, never mind a goal. Don't know if it was because he was injured or just shite, but I suspect the latter. No idea what happened to him after that, but he either chucked it or went down to amateur level. Still, he has the Renfrewshire Cup medal and the boast of a goal in the final to impress the ladies with, and he'll never have to buy a pint in the Norseman ever again.
  17. Indeed, that's all explained in the video posted in January. Nevertheless, their budget was still lower than Anderlecht, Club Brugge, Standard, Ghent, Royal Antwerp end Genk, and they still outperformed all but one of them.
  18. Despite beating city rivals Anderlecht yet again today for the 4th time this season, Club Brugge have pipped Union St Gilloise for the title...... just as I predicted above, yay me! Nevertheless, it was some achievement for them to take it right to the wire, not entirely dissimilar to Arbroath this season in fact. Call me old fashioned, but I think it's a breath of fresh air when wee diddy clubs compete toe-to-toe against clubs with much more resources and money, and give them a run for their money. Gives me hope that one day the mighty Ton might do the same. If you'd told me at the start of the season that Union St Gilloise would finish 2nd in the league I'd have said you were crazy, so you never know,
  19. Fortunately we don't have any of them in Greenock
  20. The pixelot camera is in the cowshed and the picture quality is actually pretty good, would be happy enough with that
  21. Would love that to be the case, but I highly doubt it. There are only a limited number of ex-pats who will use this service, so to make it cost effective it will almost certainly be a very basic service, probably without commentary. If that's the case I totally understand and will certainly still support it.
  22. Fantastic news for us Johnny Foreigners, chuffed as a dug with 3 baws https://www.gmfc.net/tontv-livestream-update/
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