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  1. Don’t really see what the issue is if they are paying for advertising the club can’t turn that down especially as there’s a stuart McMillan msp board and a Paul O’Kane Msp (whoever that is) board right next to that one
  2. Last home game v Raith fans where held back from exiting whilst the Raith players took their time leaving the field obviously it let folk shout at tumilty but at a guess the club probably thought that was an inconvenience for fans having to wait and it made more sense to go out the wde.
  3. Declan McManus re signs for Dunfermline
  4. “Oh my god” always hilarious at that second goal
  5. Ross Maclean signs for Queen’s Park
  6. Snake McKinnon is the new Queens Park head coach
  7. Marino Keith incident at Cappielow, never liked them since that day, fans were scum and still are
  8. alan trouten and andy jackson with the goals for brechin today, jamie stevenson also scored for cowdenbeath
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