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  1. Dougie politely declined as he has no more room on the shelf for any more
  2. Jesus wept translation is basically: They are fucked aren’t they?
  3. Absolutely! We’re long overdue to give them an utter doing after the results they’ve had here! should’ve been 3 there! Keeper’s having a mare!
  4. This is immense! We’ve been due to give them a real doing for a long long time!
  5. It makes sense all round but hopefully there's some common sense used when choosing ko times in relation to the geography. It's going to be a bit of a pain when playing the likes of Inverness. A 4 hour drive north for a 12:30/12:45 ko isn't ideal for any team in our league and away supporters that rely on public transport, so 1:30 is the earliest they should be going for up there. They also have a slight advantage of later sunsets further north. I know they had them when playing the Old Firm on the tv back in the day but those teams could at least afford to travel the night before and get a hotel!
  6. I truly hope there’s no truth in the Griffiths rumours. The obvious unsavoury aspects of his character aside, I just don’t think he’s the kind of player that will react well to Imrie’s style of man management. Griffiths best spell was under Brendan Rodgers who obviously knew how to handle him, then he went downhill fast as soon as Neil Lennon came on the scene who has a very different approach to the likes of Rodgers when dealing with individuals From what we’ve seen of Imrie and how he calls out players for their mistakes or attitudes I don’t think that’s something Griffiths responds well to
  7. I’ve obviously not looked into commercial prices but I’ve seen plenty of horror stories on social media about people claiming their domestic prices going up from double figures into horrendous treble figures, some well over 300% so I can believe the club aren’t taking the Mickey when they claim this. The energy provider will also be a factor as many of the big ones have also taken the piss when putting up direct debits/payments etc in order to “meet the demands” of the customer’s bill so that could also be a factor.
  8. The energy required for running a football ground is hardly scalable compared to that required to run a house! Also my energy costs are up a helluva lot more than 36% since moving off my old fixed tariff and onto a flexible one sitting at the price cap! I can’t see why Morton coming off a business tariff wouldnt be similar! The energy rises we’ve seen since March have also been astronomical and could hardly been planned for so I’m not sure what folk could expect the club to do in that respect
  9. I’m talking about keeping those players part time, rather than continuing to go after rank full time players that our budget allows
  10. Surely it's time to look at a couple of decent part time players?! If our budget is that thin that it's impossible to get decent full time players we should be looking to get some PT bodies in. It didn't do Arbroath any harm last season.
  11. I get your point but nah he still gets zero sympathy from me on this. Fair enough it's a factor that's been exacerbated by the cost of living but to say you can't pull a squad together because of it is utter nonsense, every other club is going through the same in various extremes. I don't see Elgin moaning about the same thing despite being arguably more geographically challenged. Maybe they're doing the sensible thing utilising the talent pool they have locally (Potentially ICT and Ross County loans and the Highland League) rather than asking part-time players to make a ridiculous 4-7 hour round journeys from the central belt to play in Peterhead on their days off work. Peterhead have Aberdeen (yes, I know the League Cup match against them is a factor too but it's only one game) and arguably the 2 Dundee clubs to go to for loans (St Johnstone too at a push) They could also try to coax the best of the Highland League to make the jump up. It's a very risky strategy admittedly, but if the cost of living is making things so bad it shouldn't be too much of a risk. McInally and Peterhead have multiple promotions and relegations on their record and are still joined at the hip after more than a decade. Why on Earth would they sack him now after a relegation in season where they couldn't realistically get a competitive squad due to extenuating circumstances outside their control? I do agree that 9th July is a bit early for competitive football to be starting but we are where we are and it's been that way for 6 seasons now. The cost of living has been an issue since March/April, if clubs aren't going to forward plan then that's their fault. FFS we were signing multiple players at the end of May, when was the last time that happened?!
  12. Poor old Jim McInally is having problems getting a team together as the League Cup is starting so early these days! Got to feel for him as it's only its SIXTH season in this format so how was he to know! Plus now all of a sudden these lazy central belt, part-time players are having second thoughts of travelling to easily accessible Peterhead on a Saturday as they get more money playing in a lower league!! Lovely stuff.
  13. 2005 2nd Division play-offs. Hated them ever since. Finished a distant 4th in a league of 10 and get promoted and also heard singing "lets all laugh at Morton" in the dressing room after the final. Typical Partick, always seem to be a club that manage to gain a wee advantage from somewhere to keep them going on or off the pitch. Needless to say I enjoyed their relegation at the end of 19/20 far more than I normally would've nay other club.
  14. Sorry but that's utter pish. The only player I can remember getting OTT abuse from the fans (and it wasn't even a majority) in recent memory was Brian Graham and I only thought that due to him being relatively young, not because he wasn't shite at the time. Before that the last player I ever felt sorry for due to abuse from home fans was Andy Carlin and even then I think he was just a victim of the fans frustrations around the club's whole situation at that time. Abuse after they leave the club is null and void as it's a football fan's god given right to hound a rival player whether they leave on good terms or not!
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