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  1. I was at the QP Falkirk game a few weeks ago and few of the former Morton players on show looked in any way capable of performing at Championship level, McHugh especially who anonymous until he was subbed. It could be as the game was a dead rubber no one on either side was exerting themselves but it was jarring to see how far players who got us to a National semi final had fallen, Quitongo especially
  2. Unless they’re covering his wage on top of what they provide in sponsorship then fine let him keep warming the bench if there’s no other options but otherwise that’s us doing them a favour. FWIW I actually have no issue with the Easdales being involved in Morton. They’re billionaires and if they wanted to invest then great. What I do have an issue with is sponsors forcing an employee on us that is worse than useless. And trust me they are forcing this on us. A former first team coach has said he’s not a footballer in any sense so wtf is he sitting on our bench when an actual footballer who could make a difference should be there instead?
  3. It had better not be the Easdales. We’re already continuing to do them a favour by giving their useless brood a “career” where it’s not deserved. If they’re wanting shares now and all they can do one or at the very least get said relative off our wage bill and onto theirs
  4. Two signings, a new strip launch and it’s not even June! How refreshing to have a manager and board that get to work pronto and don’t wait to scrape together the remaining dregs of the transfer market in August! Long may it continue!
  5. But wages weren't the issue suggested by you or the poster you quoted. The club being "a shambles" is what you feared the issue was. So I ask again why? Why do you think, currently as things stand, Chris left because he thinks the club is a shambles? Besides the well documented issues with the ticketing website (which is pretty much out of the clubs control) what has occurred recently that points to a shambles within Morton. I disagree slightly on the wages issue too. If we managed to get Chris in on those wages then the salary must be in some way appealing. I'm pretty certain a club like Morton with no big financial backer will constantly be reviewing finances but if there's simply no room to manoeuvre in terms of offering an increase then of course there's an issue with skill retention. Sadly, football is by far not the only industry facing these challenges. My own industry, the railway, is currently struggling with this just now thanks to the pandemic.
  6. Why? Why is it such a stretch to simply believe a lower half, fan owned Championship Club can't stretch it's budget to up an employees wage during a cost of living crisis and said employee rightly just exercises his right to go somewhere else for a better wage. Seeing as the Imrie rumours turned out to absolute pish and the club has actually made half decent improvements in a lot of areas of the last year I can't understand why we continue to have the incessant knicker soaking from the fan base. Good luck to Chris in all his future endeavours, he did a good job while he was here!
  7. Partick staying down and Dunfermline relegated! Good weekend so far!
  8. We’ll although they got Dougie’s appointment correct, this is also the same board that thought McPherson was the man for the job so I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest if they did something stupid that causes Dougie to chuck it. Hopefully it’s all pish but the recent end of season rumours have had a horrible habit of being true 🙁
  9. Same. Apart from Hamilton who over the season has saved us more points than cost us, and the loan players, most of who won’t be back I’d be fine with completely starting from scratch.
  10. Well that was honking! The only upside to that today is Dougie will know exactly who to jettison which could be the vast majority of that squad
  11. I’d be surprised if anyones been told they’re off. We want every body in the squad thinking they’re scraping for a new contract and that vital last point we need. Any how, the only person I want to see miserable at 4:50 today is that c**t Billy Dodds
  12. Yeah I know that, I was just stating if we did have it it probably would have been of benefit so the club might have been in favour. Aye the standing around waiting on the ref is something I forgot about, that'll be murder at most grounds. Are stadiums with screens allowed to show what the ref is watching on VAR? The only time I've experienced any such a delay in a game with VAR was the Scotland Israel game for Dyke's goal and I can't remember if Hampden showed the replay?
  13. True but then we may have also finished the game with that very valuable point or even all 3! Total agreement with the rest of your post, it needs to be properly implemented which I'm not overly confident the SFA/SPFL will do! I've not really managed to see much MOTD recently so not sure if it's still as contentious in the EPL but the set up seems to working quite well in the Champions League and Europa League and the WC qualifiers for Scotland. Our referees do really need to improve but they also need all the help they can get, especially during the paranoia twins games for example. As for Collum (and quite a few officials) imo the problem is his attitude. He clearly thinks our games are beneath him and I doubt very much he applies the same effort to championship level games as he would to the televised PL games as he knows far less people give a toss.
  14. Just had a Gourley moment and posted about this on the MCT thread. I don't really understand their reasoning for this, for one as they stated the cost will be met by the PL clubs, so if that's an issue does that mean are they aiming for a promotion push next season rather than consolidating again? Great if yes. Secondly, I'm fairly sure we would have benefited quite a bit over the last couple of months by having VAR at our disposal so you'd have thought the club would be in favour of it. For me the only way having VAR will detract from the fan experience is if that camera gantry in the cowshed would need to be permanent!
  15. So it turns out it was us that were the only club that voted against VAR!! Bit of a riddy seeing as it was clearly stated Premiership clubs would foot the bill. ETA if we actually had VAR at our disposal we'd potentially be a good few points better off!! Can't help but think the club have made themselves look really daft on this one. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/61173475
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