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  1. The latter imo. It's been mentioned elsewhere we're working with a similar budget to what Hopkin was working with and we're looking for fewer players so we should be able to get bodies in. Unfortunately its an open secret within Scottish Football that we are a diddy/joke club run in an amateurish fashion thanks to the Raes. The biggest job MCT will have after keeping the lights on will be to fix that reputation. If money is an issue then it must give weight to looking at the squad being a mix of full time and part time. How many decent part time players have knocked us back over t
  2. Hope all involved are ok but good start to the season πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ
  3. Are Celtic B/reserves/colts/whatever they're calling themselves still using Cappielow for their home games? Meaning we'll be the away team in our own ground if they get through?
  4. Both podcasts are excellent and brought back some great (and some awful) memories! Looking forward to the third! It's kind of funny hearing the frustration in the guys' voices when talking about the strange way Dougie ran the club. On one hand we all know it may not have been here now if it wasn't for him so we all owe him that, but by God the club had the opportunity to be in a much stronger position all round had he just not been such an egotist and control freak!
  5. Aye because we've not had a big brand kit supplier for years. The Nike stuff was guff and it's the usual off shelf stuff other teams our size end up with.
  6. That's my thinking/hoping too! For me, not wasting time on announcing the management team was the main concern, which they didn't do. I don't necessarily agree with the decision made but I at least I'm happy they didn't hang about. As soon as the takeover is announced they must announce season tickets prices etc. Interesting to see what the strips are like given they were 'excited' about them which makes me think we might not get the usual, lazy, off the shelf templates we usually do.
  7. Hmm, not overly excited by this as, pointed out already, the team seemed to regress under their management. They were however working with a very unbalanced squad not of their own making and maybe they can do something once they build their own team. A 2 year deal is also risky!
  8. I'm just delighted that McGinty is gone and can't wait to watch him drag Ayr down. Fjortoft I'm disappointed to lose but he's no Baresi and can be easily replaced if the new management team get the finger out
  9. Would imagine he'll wind up a back up in a premiership team. From what I saw of Killie last season (which admittedly was mostly BBC highlights) I thought he did alright so probably out of our wage range. ETA the Tele today is saying we're linked with the big Montrose striker that got 2 goals against us. 1, I really hope we're not building a team of lower league guys hoping they can step up and do a job and 2, I also really hope this means a manager is in place ready to be announced as I don't want someone coming in having to deal with new players he hasn't signed (not counting those alr
  10. Tried but simply isn't good enough for Championship football. I'm fairly happy he'll be playing against us rather than for us
  11. Aye! We really need to ship out the dead weight and get a decent, balanced squad in asap! There's no reason we couldn't aim for mid table or the promotion play-offs if we get it spot on with the manager and squad. I'm interested to see how Hopkin does at Ayr and what sort of squad he builds as I still look at ours from this season and wonder how a manager, any manager, could get it so dreadfully wrong. If he makes a similar hash of it with Ayr I can see them in another relegation battle with Arbroath, Queens and possibly us. I think Killie may have a big re-build job on their hand
  12. Why the fuck is a game featuring 2 west coast teams not on BBC Scotland with English commentary?! Who honestly in the Gaelic speaking highlands is remotely interested in this game?!
  13. Oooft Falkirk πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Not entirely sure we’ll still be laughing come Saturday but fuck it it’s still some laugh
  14. Aye! To this day it still grates on me that we finished way out in 2nd place in 2006 and lost out on promotion to Partick Thistle way back in 4th place. That was criminal.
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