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  1. I was in the middle of typing a post slaughtering Muirhead then he goes and does that 😂 some strike!
  2. I've not made it to many games this season so don't know the answer, but are the Police even at Cappielow these days? I seem to remember a few seasons back it being mentioned they weren't a necessity and stewards could run the security of the game removing the cost of having Police present. Maybe that's why?
  3. I'm guessing at the very least, the 4 MCT guys currently on the board are there as volunteers and don't take any wage? It would be an absolute hoot if all 6 members with no football background at all were getting a wage while lamenting how expensive hiring someone with any football experience would be.
  4. I don’t know the first thing about running a football club (hence why I’m saying we need people who do) but I’m sure if I joined and my first suggestion was “you all don’t know what you’re doing! GTF” I would be everyone’s best friend! Still, great idea though!
  5. So basically the current board have us by the short and curlys? Stop/don’t contribute and keep them in place or the clubs gone? I’ll be honest I haven’t joined MCT yet and won’t the way things are going. I was sceptical in the beginning as I saw it as basically the Rae’s getting the fans to pay for the upkeep of the club saving them money. I’m looking at this board and with the exception of Graham Barr who at least has some sporting background, wtaf do any of the other board members bring relevant to running a football club?! 2 of them have been there for 7 odd years and as far as I can see have contributed SFA? Especially one who’s main remit according to Hawke was financial sustainability!
  6. No Jacobs in the squad, did he pick up an injury during the week? Gozie’s back on the bench which is promising
  7. I suppose we can all take comfort in the fact that we don't have this board: Absolutely delicious viewing 😂
  8. Plenty of industries outside football generally have an initial 3-6 month review period in contracts for new employees to make sure they haven't taken on an absolute charlatan and I don't see why a football club, (especially one with a precarious financial situation as ours) wouldn't do something similar! Not having anything similar in the managers contract would be a case of gross negligence by the board imo. So far, 6 points from a possible 27 is a 22% success rate and should be more than adequate to justify ripping up that 2 years deal!
  9. They played Rico's. I wasn't at the gig myself (too young, but loved that album) but got talking about it to a regular in the pub I used to work in who claims he was at it.
  10. 2 of the new lads have arrived and been kitted out in neither of the new home tops (at least neither of them resemble the one I've got)🤦‍♂️ I know it's probably trivial, but when it's splashed over social media it just looks tin pot as f*ck
  11. Ooft! I'd be sending that back and all! That badge looks nowhere near where it should be in relation to the photo released a few months back!
  12. That would require pro-active rather than the usual reactive thinking down at Cappielow! On a positive note Smith's emailed me to say my top was in the post so happy days!
  13. It’s you that’s in charge of advertising isn’t it?
  14. I find it very believable especially seeing as someone was supposedly given info from the club about a 2pm cut off for tickets at the ground which was nowhere to be seen in any of the posts from the club. Who’s gonna make the effort to go to the ground only to find they’re too late to get in!? It would have taken very little extra effort for the first info about the game to say “tickets available from Smiths and the Cappielow ticket office until x o’clock”! took me 10 seconds to type. Common sense during normal times would make you think tickets are available at the ground no bother, but these aren’t normal times! As usual Morton make things harder than they need to be. Also don’t get me started on the website still directing people to gmfctickets.co.uk
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