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  1. The problem is we have fools running the asylum from top to bottom.
  2. What annoys me is he let 2 go out on loan just before end of the transfer window and look what happens we have only 4 on the bench today.
  3. 4.5 days left to get a striker in is it going to happen?
  4. Unfortunately under MCT and the financial restraints that come with it means these are the calibre of players we are going to be watching unless something changes.
  5. Exactly if you don't want to show your respect at least respect yourself and keep quiet.
  6. Motherwell fans on P&B seem to think he will do well in the Championship and iss a good pro.
  7. Hopefully not be long to get a striker in now teams have got their squads sorted.
  8. Why I maybe agree with some of this can you imagine the chaos if they searched everyone.
  9. Firs game I have seen this season but 100% agree with the new money 2 forwards would be good. I thought he looks a bit leaner first time I have seen him this season.
  10. Maybe if we could try and push the boat out a little bit more and add a half decent striker and a bit of creativity in midfield we can hopefully have a not bad season as the defence looks ok.
  11. Don't really want Griffiths either but hopefully would be an upgrade on what we have at the moment and if it is a pay as you play really is up to himsel if he has ambition to play in the top league again.
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