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  1. What was wrong with the disallowed goal? Looked to me that keeper bumped into one of our players.
  2. Tumilty scores for Raith against Arbroath.
  3. Given that I can't stand Newcastle United, this pleased me immensely.
  4. When they joined the SFL, I gather the HL was glad to be rid of them.
  5. There's a potential for the two people that I drive to the games to be granted entry to this game but I'm not, meaning two tickets could be unused.
  6. I get the point you are trying to make but 85-86 was a season where we spent the first 5 months plunging to the bottom of the 1st Division and then the rest of the season slowly climbing to safety. Maybe worth bearing in mind that was an era when most of the team were part-time (our top scorer in 86-87 trained with QoS for part of the week), with a few full time players (Wylie for one), although we did have a squad big enough to support a reserve team. We could also sell players on back then. Agree with the point you made elsewhere about the away support swelling the attendances. And for @capitanus - they're not all bigots. A few of them are gloryhunters. πŸ˜‰
  7. Darren Young (can’t recall if he was even linked with us tbh) is the new Stirling Albion manager.
  8. Duffy waiting until our application date had passed before walking.
  9. By which time we'll be relegated on points per game or something.
  10. May be the ancient version of Windows I'm using (new PC needed next year), but I'm finding this site unusable at times.
  11. Not true. Stark left after a 6 goals horsing by Inverness. The team that he'd been building (that had won 5-1 at Love Street a few months earlier) was being ripped apart (like the club) by the chairman. Ian McCall was locked out by the chairman after the final game of the season, Peter Cormack left due to ill-health. Fairly sure at least one manager was relieved of their contract due to us being in administration. Don't recall anyone chasing them out.
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