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  1. This is starting to get on my tits. Some fucking random make a stupid statement and all of a sudden it's fact. Fuck off. If Imrie leaves to go to Hamilton then so be it but until such times as he, or the club confirm it, can we please treat it as the pish it is. I see on Twitter the Morton fan's page demanding clarification on the rumours. Get fucked. If we're now insisting that every piece of shit rumour is addressed by the club we're going to need a full time shite shoveller. No rumours ever emerged that Gus McPherson was going to take over at Tinpot FC or Arse Biscuit United because he was a complete fucking charlatan. Dougie has done a good job but we finished below Hamilton so why on earth would they pay their manager 2 years compensation plus whatever Morton were entitled to?
  2. It's always going to be the challenge, not just in football. If you do a good job and are ambitious bigger and better opportunities will open up for you. Good luck to him, he's definitely improved things around the club.
  3. Cunts in Sevilla will be booking a holiday in Ukraine to get away
  4. For what it's worth I did contact the club on this occasion. I was really annoyed at someone paid by the club telling a fellow fan to fuck off. Got a good response from MCT, Chris Ross and then the stewarding company. They do certainly seem to be taking it seriously. Fingers crossed that leads to an overall improvement
  5. Leaving the game today, the female steward at the car park on Sinclair street happily telling Morton fans to fuck off and nit to come back. I'm sure there was some provocation before hand but that's a disgrace
  6. I was always a bit critical of Robbie but there was a point last night, right in front of us, where he got into a tussle with some Partick scum. He was relentless, aggressive and would not give up. He eventually won the ball and hounded the boy after it. You could see the effort and the passion. Turn around in him has been quite incredible.
  7. Just watching Sportscene. The pitch at Firhill is a fucking disgrace
  8. Just had a quick look on the Smith's website after seeing a Twitter post about greeting cards. Quite impressed with the range of products now on offer, we've really improved this in the last couple of months
  9. I'm sure it was Einstein that said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing continually but expecting a different outcome. We will never move forward if we continue to appoint the same old faces. Especially if those faces have had countless previous opportunities to prove themselves. This is exactly the same kind of negative thinking that led to giving McPherson a 2 year deal after under achieving. This just reeks of zero ambition
  10. Sorry, we're in this mess because of McPherson. His team, recruitment and strategy have led to this. His whole attitude was wrong. We're trying, we're competing, too many away games, the boys are working hard blah blah blah. He wasn't doing us a favour, he was being paid to do a job and I for one found his weekly interviews turgid. No enthusiasm, no excitement and no positivity. He tried to develop this siege mentality but all he succeeded in doing was driving a wedge between the players and fans. He was a horrible appointment, he stayed a horrible appointment and I'll remember him as fondly as Ray McKinnon
  11. I've said this on another thread but this "Morton fans are the worst" pish really annoys me. It's simply not true. I often go to games with friend so sit in the home end of several other clubs. All fans voice their dissatisfaction when things aren't working. I hear it at premiership clubs and lower leagues alike. We've not had more managers than most other comparable teams and if you want an example of impatience, Tommy Wright got booted today sitting 5 points off top with a game in hand. I'd keep an eye on the Ayr United Twitter feed too, suspect JD will face a similar fate very soon. What should we do? Accept mediocrity and go home happy we're bottom of the league? Clap the message that this good group of boys are working hard? Not for me, sorry
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