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  1. If they lived in the east coast primarily. Folk were mentioning Russell McLean as a potential signing for us and then he signed for Peterhead. Shay Logan signing for Cove. Part of the attraction apart from the wage is allowing them to continue their jobs in oil and gas presumably. There are cases like Ricky Little who commutes through from Ardrossan and has done for about 8 years, which is mental but points towards something else as well given part time.
  2. Couldn't agree more. Set up like a proper football club instead of failing Scottish cricket club.
  3. Brilliant read as usual Russell!!
  4. I look forward to the quote that "What he brings us is more width." 2 wingers each side!!!
  5. Hopefully this season we will be using a slightly more robust scouting process than "he looked no bad when I coached him as third choice at Tranmere a few years ago..."
  6. I was just listening to that. Don't normally listen to that podcast. Is a bit of a beamer when someone as shite as Kevin Kyle is ripping into players. Langfield, Broadfoot, Craigen, I heard as well then turned off...
  7. The money sloshing around the lowland and Highland leagues means we are entering a period when the team that finish bottom are likely to get relegated. The fact that Edinburgh City and Cove are the top two whilst Brechin have dropped like a stone, Albion Rovers have spent the last couple of seasons in the same position and Stenhousemuir seem to be on a downward spiral.
  8. Apparently the boundaries have been redrawn for Highland and lowland leagues so brechin would go into the lowland league. That makes no sense to me to be honest.
  9. Jamie McCormick and Thomas Orr playing for BSC against Hibs. Ex Broomhill Amateur and Greenock Juniors player Ross McMillan captains them
  10. He was most comfortable in a back 3 which he appears to be playing in today. Dunno if it shows you the depth of celtic squad but bearing in mind Findlay couldn't get anywhere near celtics first team and Welsh is, surprises me to say the least.
  11. Really?! From where did you here this, mate?
  12. Absolutely. Listening to commentary, I thought the pen was pretty clear cut and actually the ref had a better angle than the camera. Yet Billy Dodds made a suggestion it was a bit soft, then the commentator(liammacleod?) lept on that to say no pen and then kept the controversial pen thing going. Then the Muirhead cardle incident. It was as blatant as could be! If cardle isn't retro done then it is all a pile of pish.
  13. Didn't think it was dodgy. Guy appears to have a wee grab at forrest. Billy Dodds talks nonsense.
  14. McManus equalises for Falkirk. Raith then have player sent off, so 10v10. Tumilty equalises for Dumbarton at Forfar. 3-3.McKee scored the first for them.
  15. That's really sad. Noticed changes as far back as 2002, the article said. That is really young.
  16. A couple of new accounts on here that look quite familiar.....
  17. Well at least that worked out well for him.
  18. Good point. There was talk of a member being on the board now though, so just kind of thought. The farce outside made me feel so mu H better for picking tickets up at lunchtime.
  19. Can MCT put forward concerns regarding that disgrace of a ticket website? Every time I try to load games onto my card it is a farce. I saved my log in details last time but it refuses to accept them. A trip to smiths it is then.
  20. Clyde named only 4 subs and were even forced to field Tony Wallace for the last 5 minutes. Haha!
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