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  1. That's why it's a shambles of a competition. Image Rangers playing Celtic and one of them being being given a 3-0. Be nice if it was the final.
  2. Pugh, Pugh, Barney McGrew, Cuthbert, Dibble and Grub will be our next signings
  3. Ok can they assure us that it wont fall into the hands of the Easdales? I miss the old Western SMT bus garage but dont fancy seeing a new one in the area
  4. Why not publish the checklist? They might do it now as they seem to wait until things get mentioned on here. More Clap Trap
  5. Falkirk concede and Ayr go through. Shambles of a competition
  6. I presume the 3-0 wins for covid wont apply to league games. Probably only way we'd get 3 points
  7. We're not too far behind. Methinks it's a cunning plan from our neighbours
  8. No doubt some fancy dan pens again. Why dont they just boot the fucker as hard as they can and if the keeper saves it then he bloody well deserves to. 5 alan Shearer types on saturday
  9. How many skunks can a football team have?
  10. Are we presuming everyone is ok and the game will be on. Or is it still a bit early?
  11. you'll probably have to ask Gordon about that
  12. Toby I used to be like you.never missed a game home or away.Dingwall and Inverness midweek. Taking holidays for midweek games. Basically doing whatever it takes to get to the game etc. Now Its just home games for me or else big away games but even that is becoming a chore and sometimes not bothered about missing some. I'm sure there are still a few good die hard fans similar to yourself but to be fair the club doesnt give a shit about them. I bet most of us have seen Rangers and Celtic more times that some of these hangers ons have seen Morton. Missing your red dots but I see you have an adequate replacement in Captain Anus.
  13. Gregor Buchanan oggy Ross McLean right end. Dumbarton down 4-1
  14. Duh. Why didnt I think of that. Probably just post a letter to ask. It'll be quicker. They might have to disinfect it and open it under laboratory conditions to read it though
  15. Sometimes I wonder if this mob are in cahoots with some people and are deliberately wanting this to fail.they are going the right way about it.
  16. You keep wanting me dead for some reason.thats not very nice Captain Anus
  17. But we've got Gary Oliver. More to the point when can we get refunds. Or are they going to hope we forget or plead poverty and hope we let them keep it as a donation?
  18. Declan McManus scores pen for TNS as they beat Glentoran on aggregate in the uefa diddy cup
  19. It ripe for certain individuals to get in and bull dozer the place. No names mentioned as I got into bother the last time
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