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  1. At least we have remembered to out a sub keeper on the bench.
  2. Glad he's being promoted and paid full time now, especially as the article sounds like he's been doing that role on the cheap anyway. Hopefully he's managed to get his worth and he is further motivated to improve us off the park. I agree that he's been barely visible since getting the role. That's not to say he hasn't been doing anything or been run off his feet but now he's CEO there will be no excuses for not engaging more with the fanbase.
  3. Happy I got to say my piece. Hopefully MCT take on board people's concerns and we see improvements.
  4. If I remember correctly the final payment for direct debit MCT discount season tickets was to be taken in November? If so it would be interesting to see if there are any drop offs in memberships now that all financial costs of those members have been paid. I'll continue paying my monthly tenner for now, but now my financial obligation to MCT is over, I'll only be continuing it if the Morton board get their act together. Any more missteps without any tangible evidence of progress and I refuse to continue funding this incompetence.
  5. That's your opinion and you're entitled to it. The issue of whether he should have been signed or not has been done to death, but the club are also entitled to protect their employee by punishing anyone found to be personally abused by fan(s) while doing their job. That's why I have no issue with the core message of the statement in isolation, but their complete lack of backbone when it comes to this issue is only magnified further from this nonsense of a statement. If you've got such high moral standards towards this issue as a board then own it and confront it and draw a line in the sand. I don't condone any personal abuse shouted at any Morton player and it doesn't change my mind that there shouldn't be punishment if they are caught, but if certain fans feel they are being completely ignored on this issue by the board (which they are) then it's totally obvious that the place they're going to make sure they are heard regarding it is in the stands.
  6. I've been vocal on here in my defence of Lithgow and if he's getting abuse shouted at him regarding his criminal record while doing his job then I've no problem with the person/people responsible for it being punished in some way. However yet again this board are so tone deaf it is frightening. A mealy mouthed vague statement about random abuse that they want contacted with information on despite not actually mentioning what the abuse was or who it was aimed at. They're literally so frightened to mention this issue that they can't even bring it up in the one statement they actually chose to release regarding the issue. The PR spin of specific moments that show how great fans have been before throwing in details about the abuse really rankles me as well for some reason. They're always selling themselves to us even at times when it's not called for, which would be absolutely fine if they hadn't constantly under-delivered on almost everything they've sold so far.
  7. The Easdales who are our major sponsors and the former chairman who allowed the transfer to fan ownership being guests at a game really shouldn't be major news. If the board start having to publically comment on nonsense like that then we might as well shut the club down. So many more pressing matters of concern than that.
  8. We do. He was warming up Jack as well but they needed someone on the half way line for him to kick balls to. Obviously in most cases you'd have both keepers doing that warm up routine but we roped in the kit man due to our lack of a second keeper and presumably the fact that every first team player available was in the match day squad.
  9. I noticed yesterday that because we didn't have a second goalkeeper (and probably a lack of bodies available ) that the bloody kit man had to take part in the warm up to help warm up Hamilton with his distribution. As far as amateur goes it doesn't get much more tinpot than that.
  10. Don't really mind half the cowshed being given to them tbh. Crowds haven't been great so having the morton fans more cramped together with killie fans beside us will hopefully create a better atmosphere.
  11. Would have preferred that the board members addressed the Lithgow question politically on air and in general terms of employees with criminal offences. Some People wouldn't like the answer but it's much better to face a question and front up why you won't answer than refuse to answer it in the pre screening stage. Feel like a compromise could have been made between the podcast and the board members as there are so many questions needing answered that I personally would rather MCT be pressed on from outside sources rather than answering it without the chance of any follow up questions. The people who care about the Lithgow situation clearly care about it passionately, but there are many questions regarding MCT's running of the club that every single fan cares about and answers are needed urgently.
  12. I don't think any company should be answering questions regarding the hiring of someone with a criminal record etc, but questions about the manager should be fair game, even if they give answers the fans don't want to hear. These board members need to be willing to put themselves in uncomfortable situations because the goodwill built up from the takeover has long since eroded as they stumble from one mis-step to another. I've went from excited to disappointed to angry at how the club is being run and we are only in November, the next stage for me is apathy and that's the stage when MCT should really worry about with regards to fans.
  13. Easdales in talks to buy Derby County according to sky sports. I take it they're still able to sponsor us even if that went through?
  14. I hadn't really considered the prospect of gus as the director of football type role if we can't afford to get rid of him. I actually think he'd be pretty good in that role and the point about having the time to build relationships around the game is something I could only see as a positive for the club. It would also allow a younger less experienced manager to come in with new ideas and concentrate on the performances on the pitch. Only real negative I can think of is that the players having their former manager as their new gaffers line manager might lead to the young managers authority being tested by the players.
  15. Noticed today that players didn't clap the cowshed coming on to pitch and didn't after the game on Tuesday. The last thing MCT want is an us and them mentality between fans and players in their first season. Today was the first real time I've heard proper abuse towards certain players. In previous years with this record they'd have been hounded weeks ago but i feel like the fans have stayed onside with the players despite the problems with the manager but it felt like a real breaking point between us and the players today. Another reason the manager should be fired.
  16. Still feel absolute apathy towards that performance and our season, as did the cowshed it seems judging by the fact a 97th minute equaliser was only enjoyed due to getting it up accies fans for celebrating our free kick being awarded. Could be a huge point come the end of the season but we cannot keep playing players like McLean, Allan and Reilly who are like three men down. Thought Muirhead made a positive difference when he came on which is all you can ask from him. Feel sorry for Oksanen, Lyon and Russell who would play one little pass to each other to keep possession then would give it to someone else (usually McLean) who then just boots it up the park to no one or out of play. I tried to extend Oksanen's loan past January in the new football manager and Brentford said they wanted him to play with higher quality players, and I wouldn't be surprised if that's the case come January either. The game was one more Hamilton goal away from being a real shame game, but it's been staved off for another week but you can feel the inevitability of it.
  17. I just hope we play with a similar shape and players as midweek. Players must not know whether they're coming or going being in and out the team every week and playing different systems. It's at the stage now where gus needs to pick what he thinks is his best team and best formation and give them a run of games.
  18. Did Dunfermline supporters not sell the club or a big chunk of it to German investors? They definitely have investment beyond their community funding which makes their season even more hilarious.
  19. I definitely appreciate the board answering the questions but the proof will be in their actions rather than their words. It was hardly the most inspiring piece of content but I'm not at the alarm bells ringing stage or anything. If they can do what they're planning on better than they can say it on camera then that's fine by me. I would have liked more specifics in terms of future plans as its been months of the same business jargon with little substance to what they're actually doing to obtain their goals, but again if in 12 months time we are still in the championship with improved attendances, social media and commercial activity then that's what I'll judge them on. The only answer that rubbed me the wrong way was Nick's refusal to comment on if we have the finances to fire a manager on a multi year deal. Every experience I've ever had with Nick over the years has been pleasant so it's certainly nothing personal and I can appreciate its a bit of an awkward situation to answer the question publically, but as it was a pertinent financial question regarding the level of funding the club has rather than a footballing decision question I feel MCT members were more than entitled enough to know the answer to that question. On a purely footballing side of the debate a lot of the video was regarding increased attendances and commercial income, but there is a 0% chance of that happening while the team is playing such a poor level of football and are barely even scoring goals. I just don't see a world where we can have Gus McPherson in charge for the remainder of his contract and at the same time the board reach the goals they laid out in this video.
  20. Shite night and shite game. Hamilton absolutely outstanding, Oksanen and Lyon decent considering the weather. Lyon especially was closing people down in the closing minutes and looks much fitter than he has done in a long time. All in all a decent point against a good team but the lack of goals, chances created and the ease with which Thistle were left unmarked every time the ball went in the box is still a massive cause for concern. We aren't good enough at either end to 1-0 our way to safety which is a real worry as I've no idea where the wins are going to come from. McLean had a decent season last year but looks more and more finished with every game he plays, while Reilly has unfortunately not been the player we hoped we'd be signing and offers absolutely nothing most week.
  21. The managers acceptance of mediocrity is the biggest threat to community ownership. His opinion that little morton with a little budget are lucky to be in the chanpionship and there's nothing he or anyone else would be able to do to improve us permeates right through the club. He called it a miracle when we won the playoffs and still treats us like us staying in the championship is a miracle. Having such an inexperienced board along with an experienced manager with absolutely no ambition is a recipe for disaster.
  22. I'd settle for a Yogi Hughes as an alternative to Gus in that he has a track record of the odd success and his teams don't play hoofball, but in an ideal world I'd really like to see a young and motivated manager who could come in and lift the whole club from the doldrums before being headhunted by a bigger club for the first time in 30 years supporting the club. There needs to be ambitious people at the club who want to use us as a stepping stone to bigger career success instead of us rewarding failure with people who are just happy to have another full time gig and who think because we have one of the lowest budgets in the league that we just need to sit and accept our place, despite there being teams who punch above their weight in every league in the world including our own league every year.
  23. I keep seeing this but has that information came from inside MCT or is it just assumed by fans because of the length of the deal? There may be a break in his contract, or I'm sure there are ways to pay him off that isn't in a lump sum that we'd struggle to afford. He's never going to get another full time managers job again so I'd imagine he'd be pretty happy to do his radio work while getting paid by us for 18 months. Relegation and the drop in SPFL funds and possibly MCT memberships and crowd sizes seems infinitely more financially perilous to me than firing a manager.
  24. It was an awful decision especially with hindsight but I can forgive that as in their eyes it was probably a safe choice and a show of security. Poor managerial choices happen regardless of experience in the role of choosing it. What I will find harder to accept is for MCT to not realise their mistakes and for them to be quite content to oversee us having another shameful season in their first year of ownership instead of making the difficult decisions needed before it's too late.
  25. 5-0 Morton. Two for Muirhead and a hattrick for Di Giacamo.
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