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  1. Just noticed Lyon got scudded 5-1 off Elgin today as well. You can take the boy out of Morton...
  2. No I agree with you. I meant get them back and set us up with the back five again to make us hard to beat. These tactics aren't working with the players we have and no matter what squad members are chosen to play still nothing is going to change in terms of performance. Back five with two guys winning every header and try and shitfest and bully our way to safety seems like the best option at this point, at least until January.
  3. Feels like a real watershed performance for the season. Need Baird and Lithgow back and set us up as hard to beat as there is absolutely zero creativity in midfield or attack. Thought we actually started okay as well although Partick made it really easy for us with their high line but as soon as they equalised we absolutely fell apart.
  4. Struggling with every cross and set piece in to the box. Really missing at least one of Baird/Lithgow.
  5. Announce Marc Mcnulty until January if he is still free and not injured.
  6. Imrie has clearly been trying to get strikers in this whole period as he's said in interviews that he's missed out on a few. In an ideal world we desperately need one in even until January when there are better options but I'm not sure what options are even available at the moment. Only name I've really seen people mention on here over the summer is Innes Cameron but big sectarian lafferty has surely put an end to multiple clubs hopes of loaning him. Is there any other proven strikers not getting game time? Maybe Imrie will decide in the end to not bring in someone who's not up to the level required just for the sake of it and rather save that budget towards a better striker in January. It would be extremely risky but if the people available aren't going to kick up any trees here then he might see it as not losing out on much.
  7. Watched highlights and hard to tell with the Jai one due to camera angle and fans head being in the way. Definitely a foul on Jai and then Ayr player gets up first and is in his face then you see him hold his face like he's been hit. Seems a bit strange to me though that neither manager thought it was a sending off despite being right beside it and there is no reaction from the assistant referee or any of the Ayr players as if their teammate has just been hit while the Morton players have no idea why he's been sent off. Baird is a bit more of a lunge than I remember seeing it in real time but still nowhere near a red card challenge.
  8. I don't disagree with a lot of that. I'd also agree that in his eyes with hindsight after the past week that he now has to realise where that line is that he cannot cross anymore, but I don't think going in to Saturdays game that he should be expected to know that getting the ball out the net after a late goal is crossing the line, or that even after Saturdays incident that he should go in to last night's game thinking that being pulled down on top of an opponent is going to result in a red card. He knows where the line he's being judged is now after this week so there's little room left for excuses going forward but I don't think any footballer could go in to those two games expecting to know that these ridiculous decisions were the line in the sand referees have drawn for them. We are only in September so it's far too early for me to decide whether we should extend his contract or not. I'd be extremely surprised if he ended up with 5/6 red cards after never receiving one in his career before this season but if that happens then obviously decisions need to be made on what's best for the club and the squad next season.
  9. I've no issues with anyone saying his disciplinary record has been terrible this season and he's created a rod for his own back with referees the same way say a Morelos or Xhaka does for Rangers and Arsenal. That doesn't mean that referees should just get to send players like that off for whatever they want and fans just have to accept it because they've picked up a few silly bookings previously.
  10. Wasn't talking about you, there's definitely situations he gets himself in to that he should stay away from so I agree with you on that, but you get some players like that who need to play a bit closer to the edge than most and judging on his career so far he's always been able to toe that line. The reaction on social media especially from some fans during and after the game was really harsh on him considering how undeserved both reds have been. For all his faults and lack of end product i for one i am absolutely dreading watching this team play without him in the coming games
  11. Don't really get the people saying he's a liability etc. He's never had a red card in his career before this season and two of the three he's had this season have been undeserved. Not sure if it's just a Quitongo thing with some fans, as if some other players had been wrongfully sent off two games in a row you'd think they'd be raging at the officials rather than the player.
  12. Good win in the circumstances. Decent draw next round please.
  13. Is that a ball boy with a bit of paper telling Schwake which way to dive between each pen?
  14. Those red cards are the sort of decisions youd say was match fixing by the referee if they happened in Easter Europe or somewhere. Baird one even worse than the Jai one.
  15. Was that a second yellow for Baird? Don't remember him being booked and didn't see second yellow.
  16. Does he miss more league games now because it was a straight red?
  17. Seems like two harsh reds for him in a row. I thought it was our foul. Only thing I can think of is he maybe kicked out at him and you couldn't see it on camera due to it being close to nearside sideline. If not then it's a scandalous decision.
  18. Shame you'd have loved it. They still talk about it in France to this day.
  19. You've quoted a post from weeks ago out of boredom or whatever you weird weird guy Speaking of pathetic attention seeking since you brought it up, when was the last time you came on to the Morton forum and actually posted anything remotely to do with a Morton performance on the pitch? Beginning to think that my gloriously successful French day was the last match you watched.
  20. Well usually no matter how well or poorly he plays he stays on the pitch, so subbing him on the 83rd minute is at least a realisation on Imrie's part where he had noticed how bad his performance was. I'm not a Blues hater by any means, but I just want Imrie to not play favourites and class him as drobbaple like everyone else, and noone can deny his performances this season deserve it so if actually subbing him for once leads to that then great.
  21. Just watched the highlights to see our goal and red card as had to leave early to beat the crowds. Surely Quitongo's red card is for dissent? Nothing much happened in goalmouth scramble and ref didn't seem to be giving anything until Quitongo said something to him. Thought the first yellow was extremely harsh during the match as well and the referee gave it without even seeing it. Very frustrating and will be a big miss for us. His lack of end product is costing us points but only because we are relying on him to take almost every chance he creates for himself in order to win games, when a functioning team would be creating and scoring goals from other areas that allows us to benefit from Quitongos strengths rather than relying on his weaknesses.
  22. As someone who's defended Blues more than most I'd actually say that he wasn't a ghost in this game or the previous game. In games previous to those you can make the argument that he's a bit of a ghost but doing unseen things that the manager and teammates appreciate, but the last two games and especially yesterday he was an absolute detriment to the team and our performance with almost every action he took on the pitch offensively and defensively. I can forgive a bad performance but the most galling thing for me was at 2-0 down how unwilling he was to take any responsibility to get us back in to the game. Even when given space and options ahead of him he would hold on to it too long, turn backwards and pass on the responsibility to someone else to try get us back in the the game. I'm hopeful that the fact Dougie even took him off no matter how late in the game it was is a sign that he noticed how bad he was playing, and that he's as droppable as any of the other players in the squad.
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