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  1. I have this on in the background and it's still been the longest 17 minutes of my life.
  2. I have nothing personal against Muirhead but he's extremely lucky to still be a full time footballer. There were multiple times in that game where he lacked the basic abilities needed at Sunday league level to compete in a football match nevermind in professional full time football.
  3. Oh well. Not too dispondent considering my rage at half time, but we need to start finding consistency in our performances.
  4. Yeah that's why I said earlier that he's trying his absolute best to form a midfield, because he was getting absolutely zero help. He isn't a central midfielder but you can already see that with Jacobs beside him he's not having to do so much work. Also yasssssssssss
  5. Even when we do something we'll Salkeld then passes it to absolutely nobody in the box.
  6. Can you imagine how apoplectic the morton fans would be if they were in the stadium? Would have been an absolute shame game for sure.
  7. Couldn't tell which team was Morton at the beginning but they made it very fucking clear right away with that performance.
  8. It's performances like this, raith and Dundee that have made me decide to only purchase home game streams that give Morton money going forward unless it improves. Not throwing money away to watch Muirhead lose 2nd balls that there's only one person contesting.
  9. Omar at least trying his absolute best to form something close to a semi functioning midfield.
  10. How does Muirhead manage to stay this long in this profession? How he lost that contest in the box unchallenged when he was in yards of space is beyond me.
  11. I've never seen such an obvious kit clash be allowed to happen by a ref. What a shambles.
  12. If my calculations are correct then 8 of that team have played in defence at some point this season, and one of the players who hasn't is blues.
  13. Paying £12 to watch us get pumped on stream feels a lot more gut wrenching than watching us get pumped at an actual match. Too late for a refund?
  14. Raith TV was really easy to sign up for and seems really well polished so far. Hope the coverage of the match continues like this.
  15. Ewan is slowly turning more and more in to Slaney every episode and I for one approve.
  16. I wouldn't say £14 is too much, especially when you consider that theoretically (in non lockdown times) 5 mates could chip in to all watch the game with a few beers when it would usually cost them around £100 to all go to the match.
  17. Agree. Also think Blues has been decent enough so far this season even if I'd prefer Jacobs in there. Muirhead probably the only player who hasn't earned their new contract so far this season.
  18. Was in the kitchen for every single one of our goals ffs.
  19. Did they score? My stream buffered 😂
  20. Ayr the better team again. We've handed the extra man so poorly.
  21. Didn't mean to post him twice but it rams home the point.
  22. Cammy Smith running riot just now. Fair play to Ayr they've played some decent stuff. You'd think when you compare the two teams that the conditions would suit us more, but we just can't get a foothold in the game just now.
  23. Was literally just about to post the same thing. Midfield is the issue today so far and is crying out for Jacobs.
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