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  1. Results since though show it went well beyond Hopkin. They can attract a better calibre of manager, though it does have to be someone willing to slot into their weird setup with Martindale.
  2. I can’t stop laughing at the orcs on that forum They wonder why they’ve been pointed and laughed at by nearly every fanbase in the country for months.
  3. Nice to see despite not meeting in a game in donkeys we’ve still managed to get them into that kind of state. Gimps.
  4. Given how it’s went for him since leaving, I don’t think so.
  5. Awful, absolutely awful performance. If I hear “tough place to go” and “good, well-drilled team” mentioned I’m going to lose it.
  6. Absolute non-event thus far. Just cancelling each other out.
  7. Garbage. Unlucky to have one of those goals ruled out maybe but we still should’ve been been beating Partick in the state they’re in at the minute.
  8. I believe they’re dealing with a massive injury crisis with only 13 outfielders available for this, so we should really be looking for the win. We’re unlikely to get out the group though and Partick’s streaming service is apparently a disaster, so this’ll probably be the first game I pass on this season.
  9. Annoying. I think that’s us pretty much out as well?
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