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  1. Plenty of others have mentioned it now, but it really is embarrassing that MCT still feel in a position where they need to appease the current ghouls in the boardroom. If there were higher bidders queuing up you could perhaps understand it, but they’re currently watching the thing they are about to inherit being systematically destroyed in front of them and just allowing even more fuel to be poured on the flames.
  2. There will still be people every season demanding he gets a run of games
  3. Who in their right mind would take over this team at the minute? (That’s in any way decent) That’s not to say we shouldn't try it, we should, I just do not know who’d be up for it
  4. I don’t even know what to say at this point. If we go down I can’t have any complaints about it. We are atrociously bad, and quite frankly do not deserve to still be playing football at this level. Thank you Mr Rae.
  5. To think there was a time not long ago Nesbitt couldn’t get a game and now he’ll never be dropped
  6. Not making changes there is concerning. I’d have brought in at least a couple of Lyon, Fjortoft, Oliver & Sterling. Can’t really understand why we’d persist with Salkeld. The exact same problems are going to arise.
  7. Can indeed confirm even Collins family take little to do with him. Grade A tit.
  8. Absolutely crying out for a striker. Everything else is “fine” we just once again have no focal point at the top end of the pitch.
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