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  1. Well, it isn’t a loss I suppose but sounds like we’re just as inept going forward as usual.
  2. There was a plan for those 4 league matches?
  3. Gus’ post-match interview, “can’t really ask for much more” If that’s the case you’re as well leaving mate.
  4. Garbage. Duffy’s Ayr will beat us next week as well. This team feels a bit doomed.
  5. Why we handed him a two year contract I do not know. “Stability” placed ahead of any actual evidence we could grind out results at this level under him.
  6. I see a few other clubs are bringing in domestic loans now. Would like to think we’re at least still exploring it. Could still do with another forward-thinking midfielder.
  7. Aye well done to the lads, get this B team circus fired into the sun
  8. On Allan: “He's mainly used as a right winger but can play through the middle. Really tricky, can use both feet. He likes to cut in A LOT. You won't get many crosses from him unless he's explicitly told to. Should genuinely walk it at Championship level.”
  9. Know hee haw about him either, but he’s a winger with at least a small bit of gametime at a decent level. Solid couple of days, fair play.
  10. Can’t pass up on opportunities like Saturday.
  11. The last one has to be a creative player of some description.
  12. Did well in League 1 last season and still only 20. Not the creative player I thought we’d be after but pleased with that.
  13. Premier League youth team captain certainly hasn’t translated to success at this level all the time, but worth a punt. Need at least 2 more.
  14. Pleased to see some sort of statement with regards to the Lithgow thing, not pleased to see it on the MCT account which has 20x less reach than the club’s. Feels like the’re just trying to sweep it away.
  15. It doesn’t even require bans or anything, I think that’d be way OTT at this atage. A statement saying it isn’t on would suffice, if it kept up, further action could obviously be taken.
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