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  1. Hope we’re putting the feelers out to Brandon about him signing in the summer, though I can see Premiership clubs sniffing about for him, and Strapp.
  2. Well that was lovely. Had the fear after the pitch invasion especially they’d equalise, but glorious to beat that horrible rabble yet again. Lets never use/speak of that first half midfield setup ever again.
  3. Very glad Lyon’s back in. Wilson & Jacobs together…hmm.
  4. First 10-15 about Morton’s a not bad watch if you can tolerate those two. Would avoid the rest.
  5. Ah fair enough. Thought we’d managed to break the Sinclair Street gate as well.
  6. What was the deal at the end with exiting via the WDE? Also these turnstiles have been fucked for weeks, need sorted before the next home game.
  7. Fifteen hundred pounds a week, and the rest. Match made in heaven.
  8. Not a fan of any of those designs. I’d have been fine just keeping the current one, but obviously there’s money to be made (from the few people that’ll actually buy them)
  9. I couldn’t believe this, “Brian who?” as well Great wee bit of content.
  10. Aye, agree on that. I wonder how much Inverclyde’s socio-economic state factors in here as well. We’ll face many of the same challenges as other clubs, but probably always slightly worse.
  11. Agreed, it’s a really well put together bit of work. Interesting that just 6% of the support is 20 or under (though you’d assume much of that’s down to fewer of them taking the time to fill out the survey) Probably isn’t too far off the actual %, we’ve got an ageing fanbase and converting young people into supporters over the last 20 years has been a real issue.
  12. Half 2 two days before Christmas, you’ve got to respect it in a way.
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