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  1. That’s something I think quite a lot of people are going to have to get over, or have misunderstood with the fan ownership model. We have no greater influence on signings than we did before, and it should remain that way. As the above says, the person responsible for it can’t be undermined in any way. Even though we ourselves are putting money in, we’re surrendering any real control over it when we do.
  2. That’s excellent news, good work from all involved. Now, wire it all to Gavin Gunning.
  3. it’d be quite annoying if we somehow got a result up there and had nobody there to see it.
  4. Wonder if they’ll pick up the derby for TV?
  5. St Mirren QOTS Partick Queens Park We’re gubbed.
  6. Rodgers barely tested after that goal.
  7. He has got to be doing better there. Deer in the headlights here.
  8. Aye pretty much this. I’m struggling to imagine anyone being allowed at games for the rest of this year, so might as well take the easiest, most unglamorous route.
  9. Moved on to bigger and better things.
  10. Hadn’t even clocked that, just assumed it was a loan. Boy’s got a decent future ahead of him.
  11. Inverness get Robbie Deas on loan from Celtic which is a great bit of business.
  12. Assuming he hasn’t regressed too much from his first spell here a player like Gunning could be the difference between staying up or getting dragged right into the relegation mix. MCT funding should be going there.
  13. Apparently St Mirren couldn’t afford him
  14. Going on a couple of Elgin fan’s comments and other League 2 losers Omar appears a bit of a hothead, and they’re surprised to see him make as much of a jump up. Should be a laugh.
  15. We do not have room for 3rd choice or emergency backup senior players. Anyone signed needs to be able to contribute and be capable of starting, as I’m sure Hopkin is aware.
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