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  1. On McAdams, absolutely still had areas he had to work on but for his age and first ever season at this level he really couldn’t have done much better. As others have said, we’re unlikely to replace him with a keeper of similar quality - particularly one who’s peak years are still a long way away. It’d have been great to tie him down to the same contract as Jacobs imo.
  2. Great news on Ledger. Already a solid player at this level with potential to go even further. Shame about McAdams but as Dunning says I think most were expecting him to be offski. Be disappointing if it’s someone like an Ayr or Falkirk.
  3. McGinn’s away to Killie according to Scott Burns. Would’ve been a good signing, and a bit of a minter after publicly stating we wanted him in last week.
  4. Don’t even know what to make of it tbh. I like the guy and he was excellent in the final, but retaining him, Blues and Oliver really isn’t doing much for my hopes of us not being a complete rabble again next season.
  5. I get it’s a bit of a grey area and the board can’t just turn down sighings Gus wants to make, but it really is a bizarre one - at this stage of the game in recruitment. If we really do need a 3rd/4th choice CM that could surely be added in August (or even better brought in on loan for a reduced cost) Offering him a deal now would indicate there are some sort of plans to use him, and no harm to the lad, like Muirhead has had many opportunities to demonstrate something worth keeping him for and just hasn’t. I’d be delighted for him to shut us all up, but the evidence at the minute su
  6. I’m fine with it. He shouldn’t be leading the line himself or anything, but in the right team he can still be a really effective player.
  7. Aye, this too. Made complete sense for Jacobs but who’d be trying to take a 34 year old Alan Lithgow off us?
  8. Kind of in the same boat. Not a fan, but there’s nothing we can do at this point. He’s here for at least a couple of years and we’ll just need to put up with it. Hopefully his contributions on the pitch make it (somewhat) worthwhile.
  9. Lithgow was multiple women was it not?
  10. He’s been injured, so it’s a bit of a gamble but if he can get back to full fitness it’s a very decent signing for this level.
  11. Solid signing for this level. Bit of baggage...
  12. See as a backroom appointment, you could make a lot worse. Bizarre stuff though.
  13. Would’ve preferred to keep McGuffie, there’s a good player in there. Shame Millar didn’t really get a send off in front of supporters too. Orsi...yeah... Won’t lose much sleep over the departures. Last season’s squad needs emptied as much as possible.
  14. Scott Tiffoney signing for Partick permanently apparently. Another very decent signing for this level.
  15. James McPake gets manager of the season. Some turnaround from him given the amount of times this season alone he could've been justifiably sacked.
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