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  1. I have to assume we’re going with a 3-5-2 this season and using McAlister as a centre back? Even if we bring in another one of the CBs we’ve had on trial, we’ve got no cover for Strapp, nobody to compete with McAdams, no left back, a selection of pretty immobile CBs and a bunch of forwards - none of which has ever really scored goals at this level. There’s no budget to fill the rest or those gaps. McPake we might’ve just taken because someone else is covering his wages.
  2. A defender! Quite the career before us...
  3. He was apparently decent on Saturday but what are we planning on doing with all these players? I worry he’s not given up on Robbie Muirhead as a full back.
  4. Good signing, but that’s only if we follow it up with defenders.
  5. Find someone that loves you as much as Morton love taking dutch ringers on trial.
  6. Delaying it at this stage wonMt do much other than take away whatever revenue can be gained from streaming. Regardless of how things play out, we need government assistance.
  7. What a signing! Could be literally anything so will refrain from bodying playing or club too much. Of all the positions to lose though 😐
  8. God knows where he fits in but as I’ve said on here before I think McPake is more than worth a punt.
  9. Well yeah, but the initial point was about the club even replying in the first place, I was saying it’s fine to do so
  10. Other club accounts replying to fan queries isn’t exactly unique. Even Celtic used to do it before their SLO started dealing with their fans complaining about everything.
  11. I would like to think that GC screwing us over with the ground at some point would go down terribly with the locals and get a fair bit of press coverage, perhaps putting them off, but I might be overestimating how much those that don’t follow the club would actually care. As for the budget, I really don’t know what position we would’ve been in without MCT to fall back on at the minute. Rae has to have reduced whatever he’s putting it, at a time when we actually need it most.
  12. That’s really smart actually fair play.
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