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  1. I’m hoping he’s off to Darvel or something.
  2. Alex Samuel starts at Wembley in the playoff final. Who’s the last ex-Morton player involved in one of these?
  3. We don’t have a dedicated marketing person. Hence why bits of it have often bled in to Lesley Ann, Brendan & the media guys roles. It has never been looked at as being serious enough to merit a full time wage or even a full time volunteer role, and still isn’t. Until there is at least one person in place (it really should be more) responsible for it, we’ll continue to be uncoordinated and pretty unprofessional.
  4. If that’s the level of player we’ll be bringing in this season we’re in for some time of it.
  5. This upcoming season will certainly be one where we’re just looking to stay in the division. The budget means under normal circumstances we probably wouldn’t be far off anyway. It’ll naturally take a while for MCT to get settled next year, but we can’t really afford to write that season off as well (serious apathy is likely to set in - even early on)
  6. Maybe it’ll grow, but I canny go that 1874 bit at all.
  7. Screaming into the abyss here I know, but our Twitter still hasn’t mentioned the most significant development at the club since 2000. I don’t care who’s running it, that’s just incompetency at this point.
  8. Oh well, at least we’ll get to hound McManus again.
  9. I thought the deal was always GC paid very little for it and we just used them as a sponsor because they “kept the lights on”
  10. What would we expect memberships to settle around then? I would like to think we could double what we currently have, though that’d be pretty ambitious.
  11. Oh I’m sure a few people will find reasons to boycott it don’t worry. Only other thing on my mind at the minute is. If we ever moved stadium, a large part of that would be funded by the sale of Cappielow’s land. Would we see none of that under the current situation?
  12. Folk on that Fans Facebook group will now have a say in how we’re run. We’re doomed.
  13. I am sceptical at the idea of fan ownership at a club of our size in general, not MCT themselves.
  14. I am, sceptical, to put it lightly but I’m 100% willing to get behind it. Interesting times. Wonder who the 3rd party was?
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