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  1. Hope we’re putting the feelers out to Brandon about him signing in the summer, though I can see Premiership clubs sniffing about for him, and Strapp.
  2. Well that was lovely. Had the fear after the pitch invasion especially they’d equalise, but glorious to beat that horrible rabble yet again. Lets never use/speak of that first half midfield setup ever again.
  3. Very glad Lyon’s back in. Wilson & Jacobs together…hmm.
  4. Wilson plays because he (in theory anyway) does a job none of the other midfielders are capable of. He had a bit of a stinker today with just about everything else, but we do still need someone like him in the team.
  5. Frustrating game, largely due to that clown of a referee, but a point against the league leaders is decent enough. Very little between the two teams in the end which already represents an improvement.
  6. We’re really struggling here, midfield posted missing again.
  7. This cunt commentates like he’s doing the Grand National
  8. First 10-15 about Morton’s a not bad watch if you can tolerate those two. Would avoid the rest.
  9. Again, it is a positive he recognises it was abysmal rather than the “Competed well, happy with the boys effort” pish others would’ve hit out with. Proof in the pudding comes on Tuesday night though. A similarly insipid performance and I’ll start to worry, but hopefully not.
  10. Run had to come to an end at some point but that was horrific. Ugwu, Wilson & Blues in particular having stinkers. If that is us without Imrie’s presence in the dugout, we are in all sorts of bother again.
  11. Fuck sake, another outside of the box goal.
  12. A battle… Forcing Aciies wide, which for the most part has been fine, but we have absolutely no threat up top.
  13. Correct call to bring Wilson in. Lost the midfield battle against Hamilton both times we played them, and I’d have been even more concerned than normal with Oliver in there today. I’d probably have Ledger in for McLean too, but Imrie obviously values having him out there. Take a draw, but no reason we can’t win here again.
  14. Was hoping they’d went bust when seeing the title of this.
  15. Great news, he’s been brilliant under Imrie and plays like someone well beyond his years most games. Glad if he does leave we’ll at least be in line for a fee.
  16. As someone else has pointed out, really encouraging to see Imrie highlight that as the worst 45 since he’s been here. He’s probably right, but I can’t think of a manager in our recent history that would’ve admitted to that. He’s also identified us not closing people down in the middle enough, so hopefully Wilson is brought in to help with that.
  17. Ah fair enough. Thought we’d managed to break the Sinclair Street gate as well.
  18. What was the deal at the end with exiting via the WDE? Also these turnstiles have been fucked for weeks, need sorted before the next home game.
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