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  1. You still manage it wee man. It’s good to see you’re still a seething mess though, over…god knows what? Your commitment to demonstrating how upset you are on a daily basis is admirable though. Keep at it.
  2. That was a good few days without you downvoting any of my posts, you had me worried petal. They’ve been a bit of a shambles for the last two decades, though still not as much as us. Isn’t their average support smaller than ours?
  3. Unrelated…are Raith a bigger club than us? I’ve always seen them as pretty much the same/a wee bit smaller, but (I’m assuming) their relative success in the 90s just edges them ahead in people’s minds? They always seem to be seen in a rung above Morton.
  4. Would love to have some sort of communication from the council justifying this circus, I doubt we’ll get it.
  5. Inverclyde Council are at it.
  6. Season card arrived this morning, fair play.
  7. Partick trying to get Lewis Mayo & Jake Hastie in from Rangers as well now. Two very decent bits of business, on top of Smith. Shite.
  8. Thomas ‘Tam’ O’Ware leaving Partick Thistle. Real shame it never quite worked out…
  9. After the GoCardless glitch thing I haven’t had a single update on my season ticket. I believe they’ve only just got round to dealing with them due to the Cappielow closure last week, but if I hadn’t opened a conversation they were having with someone else on Twitter, I’d have absolutely no way of knowing that.
  10. Have only caught our goal, but it sounds like a relatively encouraging performance given the team put out/where they are in pre-season. McGregor’s surely made a case for being involved going forward too.
  11. Made this point before, but I’ll do it again. I don’t see why any of the legal details should be holding up us completely revamping our socials/website output, and actually marketing. There’s been little things we’ve done better, but none of it feels joined up.
  12. We do always leave it quite late tbf, but lining up against Dunfermline next week with the current options is filling me with dread.
  13. Looking at at least 3 or 4 new bodies and have enquired about a few loans. I don’t get the sense from this he is/was planning on relying on those young guys as starters https://www.gmfc.net/interview-with-gus-macpherson/
  14. Well done to the young lads but that was pretty brutal.
  15. Wee Garrity hasn’t looked out of place at all.
  16. Good chance to get those younger lads a run out. We’ll be relying on them more than we have in recent seasons so good to get them game time at least.
  17. Tele’s front page tomorrow should be something given they aren’t backing down, might even push the woman overcharged for a parking ticket off the front page.
  18. Absolutely bizarre situation all round this.
  19. Why are we putting a squad thar’s already been riddled with Covid in a venue that’s apparently unsafe for human entry at the minute?
  20. Very Rae era this. Bizarre we’re 6 hours away from folk needing to be there and still none the wiser.
  21. Never thought I’d say it, but I hope we bring back the overseas bumpkins.
  22. This. I’ve already seen him being compared to McAdams who people “knew nothing about last year” and just ignores the rather key points of; A) McAdams was 21 B) McAdams did not have a reputation (and evidence to back up) him being one of the worst keepers in the division. That is why supporters were relatively fine with a gamble being made, and less so with a 27 year old with a very sketchy history behind him. I hope he does well of course and we see much more or the bad than good, but the McAdams comparison is a nonsense.
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