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  1. Unless he’s suffered some sort of brain injury why on earth would millionaire Derek McInnes be in any way interested?
  2. Wouldn’t be keen on Rice at all. A disaster at Accies, and nothing anywhere else to suggest he’s up to it.
  3. Yeah, I don’t really hold anything against Gus and despite the “personal” abuse today, it was more fans that’d just completely had enough and needed a way to show it. Doubt anyone here wishes him any ill will.
  4. Whoever was responsible for issuing the 2 year deal to that charlatan should be nowhere near the process of appointing the next manager. (They will be)
  5. Better than Wednesday, and Gozie’s first goal was good, but those are about the only positives. The equaliser has spared a much more hostile end, but it shouldn’t keep him in a job. This situation is not going to get any better.
  6. Not that it’d be met with much enthusiasm, but there hasn’t been a single mention of our Scottish Cup game on Tuesday or how to obtain tickets for it.
  7. I think it’ll be very, very toxic if we somehow lose this, probably even if we draw too. If we’re not capable of getting results against any of the teams around us, what on earth’s the point in persisting?
  8. Already seen some of the usual “Who would we appoint?” and “It’s a poor squad, what’s the point in sacking him?” guff. We’re not showing any of signs of improvement, none - we’d genuinely be struggling to appoint someone that’d get worse performances out of the squad. I don’t even see a “clear the decks” scenario with relegation. Whilst I don’t disagree with gutting the club out, I think the utter incompetence that led to it would kill fan ownership dead in the eyes of many supporters, if it isn’t already.
  9. Absolute disgrace of an evening. It pretty much already is, but if we somehow manage to lose on Saturday his position is completely untenable.
  10. This is a fucking disgrace. Even if we somehow pull an equaliser out of thin air, this is abhorrent.
  11. Why bring it up though other than to complain about the expenses? I get his point but it’s a bizarre thing for a manager especially to wheel out before KO in a reasonably important game
  12. Our manager somehow turning a question about poor league form into a moan about how hard done by we’ve been having to play away matches, and that’d continue if we get through. Get so far to fuck with that chat.
  13. We are fucking chronic. Only hope is Ayr & Queens somehow stay as bad as they are, because we’re not getting any better.
  14. I thought we started fairly well, but as soon as Kilmarnock began exploiting that left hand side it was over. Simple moves you could see coming a mile off just dragging us out of shape every single time - and Killie (for the most part) had the quality to exploit it. We’ll be bottom of the league very soon, and it’s richly deserved.
  15. “Presumably” being the key word there. There’s been zero effort to communicate that, or respond when asked to communicate that. Releasing statements about any old shit is needless and should be avoided, but something like that (under fan ownership especially) required a bit of clarity.
  16. Wouldn’t say I’m one of them, but I’d have no issue with any supporter still uneasy about the whole thing.
  17. Yeah I’m not impressed with that at all. At the very least, some sort of blanket statement about Lithgow (which would look ridiculous this late on but hey ho) would’ve helped. Avoiding questions about it entirely is a dreadful look.
  18. That’s either going to be a masterstroke or we’ll be 3-0 down 20 minutes in.
  19. Comparing an audio glitch on a fan podcast with the thousands of pounds spunked up the wall on a gubbins football manager, that is currently steering us towards relegation, is certainly something.
  20. I think JJ has probably soured people on unproven coaches a bit, but that’s absolutely the road we still need to go down. There’s nobody we can realistically secure from around us that’d be much of an upgrade. We need to gamble on someone young and hungry, actually interested in leaving the club in a better position than they found it to progress their career.
  21. There’s nothing wrong with rotation at this level and a bit of flexibility, but only if it’s actually underpinned by decent coaching and players have some semblance of an idea of what the system is and what they're supposed to be doing in it.
  22. Well, there’s Peter Grant gone. Our biggest safety net away just like that.
  23. As others have said, very much enjoyed getting it up the Hamilton fans today, but it shouldn’t paper over what was another abysmal showing. That goal has spared Gus an almighty hounding at the full time whistle, and I’d say “kept him in the job” if I wasn’t so convinced he was going nowhere anyway.
  24. Fair play for getting that together, and it’s nice to have faces to questions, but it’s hard to come out of that feeling anything but worried. Not expecting miracles overnight and for us to suddenly start behaving like a completely competent football club, but the basics in stuff like hospitality, marketing, social media, web content, advertising etc I thought we’d have nailed down early doors (and really needed to) we just don’t. A couple of those are made more difficult by the team’s performance of course, but I’m struggling to see any kind of progress and we’re about to hit November.
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