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  1. Even if people arent upset about a sex offender captaining our club, they should be upset by the fact that MCT don't answer questions to their own members never mind the wider fanbase.
  2. A bald clueless dinosaur and a fat beast, thats our manager and captain. My direct debit is cancelled. Won't restart until theres a new manager and an acceptable, honest communication as to why we are in this situation.
  3. How on Earth was that not a red card for the handball??
  4. The hilarity of the Hamilton fans being sat down aside... The results are terrible and the performances are terrible. Perhaps though, most alarming, it doesn't seem like there is even any style or tactic being worked towards. When we were chasing the game he just threw on forwards and sent other players to completly random positions. It was just sheer desperation from a manager clinging on to his last ever job as manager at a FT club. I actually think there are a few decent players in that squad, not many but enough for us to be beating teams as bad as Hamilton (who look as bad as we do). All in all, I'm a little down that we took a point because that prolongs Gus' job and cements the inevitable relegation he would bring if he is here any longer
  5. Tom Allan doesnt even look like a Junior footballer never mind a professional
  6. Got a couple mates wondering if the electronic tickets actually work. Any ideas how it went during the week?
  7. If we don't have the money to sack Gus outright (ie he is not ameanable to a fair negotiation or payment in installments) then there are options such as gardening leave. We need him out of the club, the price of keeping him is far higher than the price of canning him.
  8. I'm not doubting that what you are describing is what should have happened if we went down. But the situation we arw in right now is not what should have happened either. I am probably being pessimistic but I haven't seen anything to suggest we wouldn't have been a shambles in League 1 as well.
  9. Dunbar or Banks o Dee away would be my choice, any non-league club away bar EK would be warmly welcomed
  10. They can never really be vindicated because we will never know what would have happened had we went down. It would have been the same people who appointed Gus that would have been in charge of our League 1 journey so there is absolutely no way you can say, sincerely, that you would be confident they wouldn't have made a mess of that too and had us staring at the wrong end of that table too.
  11. This is my first month without a wage coming in, if Gus doesn't go this week then my MCT subscription might be the first saving made.
  12. Don't bother till the end of the game, sack Gus at HT. Let Robbie go too.
  13. If a loss today meant the end of Gus then I'd take the defeat.
  14. I thought he was a bit better than Scarborough lol.
  15. If Yogi hadn't had that spell at Raith then I'd welcome him with open arms. He is definitely better than Gus, I'm not really sure if there's any full time managers in Scotland that aren't (Peter Grant, maybe). Maybe Yogi would even let us play a wee bit of football as well
  16. If Gus goes I imagine that it will most likely either be an absolute random out of nowhere, someone already around the club or, and fuck me this will probably be the best option how depressing, Yogi.
  17. He could maybe not play Cammy Blues RWB/RM, Lewis Strapp at CB and Allan at LWB/LM all whilst Ledger is on the bench. He is a clueless fraud and its no surprise why only Morton were foolish enough to give him a 100000th chance. I don't know where we go from here other than League 1 but if we do punt Gus at least we have given ourselves a chance.
  18. If Gus isn't punted soon then its curtains for our season and MCT will have absolutely pissed away all good will by Christmas.
  19. I assumed it would be 4 with Jacobs at RB, this is indescribably worse.
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