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  1. Probably the best set of fixtures for a strong second place finish but disappointed we have Clyde away rather than Bonnyrigg from a fans perspective
  2. This was my thinking, surely it can't be anything else or do the resolutions way that the board of mct can sell shares without a vote?
  3. I mean, im not against the Easdales getting involved because it could really benefit the club but you are painting them as if they are beyond reproach. There are a variety of very valid reasons to dislike them and, if I had a bit more conviction and confidence that we can thrive without them then I'd want us nowhere near them too.
  4. Apparenrly the Easdales are now Billionaires. I'm not sure I'm happy where the money is coming from if it is them but its probably the only way we can get significant capital investment to actually grow the revenue potential of the club (as others have said). MCT lost my subscription after not answering an email about Lithgow and a few other things that fucked me off so ive no real say in this but as long as we retain the majority and cannot drop below 50 +1 then I'm sound with it.
  5. Scored from the halfway line as well did he not?
  6. I hope that 'in discussions' means stepping into a coaching role for McLean. Wish we could shift Jacobs as I don't imagine he is the cheapest back-up. Keeping Oliver is madness. I assume Easdale's wage isn't coming from Morton tbh so not bothered about him or the other youngsters but they could do with a loan.
  7. Stockport got skelped 3-0 by Wrexham who moved top on Goal Difference. Stockport have a game in hand though so should get across the line.
  8. Frankfurt fans are notorious as well. Seville better hide its benches
  9. Dunfermline are relegated. Beautiful. Montrose, Airdrie or Queens Park coming up.
  10. If Dunfermline go down and Kelty add more players then they won't find it easy to skoosh. Their fans are moaning about being skint so if that's the case, they'll struggle to outbid Pars for the fulltime players
  11. Lowest finish in their history. Hopefully dunfermline go down and join Kelty in absolutely burying them again
  12. There's two polos, the navy one is roach agreed.
  13. Aye its a cracker, love the shade of blue.
  14. I see that the Scottish National Team games will be shown via a Scandinavian streaming service from 2024 whilst England are on Channel 4. That means if you want to watch the spfl, european games (doesn't effect us), the cup competitions and the National Team then you are sitting at 4 paid subscriptions at over £1000 per year. How can we contrive to have viewers paying so much yet having such poor broadcasting revenue.
  15. Paul Kelly saying its not true on Facebook. Probably as close a source to the club as possible.
  16. I'd laugh it off as nonsense if we weren't prone to total fucking madness on a regular basis and didn't have such a leaky culture. Still, heavily doubt this is true. Will save the 'if it is' patter until finding out 'if it is'
  17. We do need a decent turnover of players this summer but everyone who does leave will go with best wishes unless its to a cretin club like Falkirk. 6months ago I would have not been saying that so congrats to the players because they've pulled through and improved. In the end, players with limited ability who leave without disgracing themselves and having achieved their target this year.
  18. Seen that she was getting abused by that celtic z-lister Capaldi who was then exposed for having racist tweets.
  19. As much credit as Dougie has got, this insistence on only playing 2 midfielders has cost us big time. Robbie has earned a start but not at the expense of our entire shape.
  20. Not asking the fans in the first place then being the only club to vote no despite the fact we've seen exactly why its needed in the last home game (Collum being a 'top' ref and all) is bizarre. Plenty of feel good going round at the moment and it doesnt really matter since its not in the championship and we wont pay for it but still a bit Grampa Simpson.
  21. This has McEleney all over it, wouldn't be surprised if it was a discount rate.
  22. As both of you have said, a large part of the issue is the individual stewards themselves. Not getting paid well is shite but its not an excuse to be nasty to primary school weans. I'd have a lot more sympathy for them if they just weren't doing their job and didn't care but its the reverse thats the issue. As said above, they'll be filling Cappielow with a mix of local staff and whatever folk they can get to work at the game. The better staff will be at better paying events or higher risk events. I never worked football games because I always got offered better shifts elsewhere, imagine the other stewards with people skills are largely the same.
  23. I worked at festivals and stuff through Uni. Showsec specialise in being at the stage for music gigs. What you find at festivals is different companies are in charge of different areas. I worked for Securigroup who were in charge of perimeters and, in my case, entrances including drug/drink searches and liaison with the police. G4S are the sort of, one does all, but the reality is that you're only as good as the staff you've got and they won't be sending their finest to Cappielow. There is a relatively low risk of incidents compared to other places and its not a flagship sort of event (Merchant City Festival for example got the best staff because it paid more and had a reputation implication due to clients and location). Morton will most likely have a contract until the end of the season but they absolutely will be telling the Head Steward what they expect and then its their job to implement it into a plan. I would be surprised if it was the security firm deciding kids need to go in with adults for example.
  24. Think my desire to keep Muirhead comes more from a hope that he's turned a corner and could really kick on now rather than from any concrete evidence of who performs the best at this level (clearly Reilly). I'm just unsure what the best type of striker is to make the most of a 433. Regardless, it needs to be a striker who gets double figures and not just 11 if we are hoping to push at the right end of the table.
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