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  1. I read an article recently about how manager's poor view of the pitch limits their interpratation of how players are performing. I wonder the level of video analysis available to our management team. Regardless, Dougie is learning and developing on the job. Will be gutted if we finish below 4th but if we have him next season then we can go again
  2. Thats a massive statement to make when we have a competition winner as our other option. Dougie's been looking and sounding very angry the last few weeks.
  3. I'm really worried about having Schwake for the run in. His confidence has looked shot for weeks and he's been performing worse game after game
  4. Aware that it could be classed as knicker wetting but this has the feeling of being one of those nights where a season begins to peter out.
  5. I think this is a decent breakdown and, for me, the most obvious change would be to put Grimshaw back into midfield. Grimshaw and the two Crawfords is a very good midfield for this level. Get McGratten on the Left and then if Jai's injured, I'm not opposed to playing Robbie on the right, just for his ability to change a game and since we don't have anything else. Oakley is a much more robust centre-forward than Muirhead so he has to start imo.
  6. Game on, as suspected. Lets get these maryhill cunts dispatched.
  7. Even clubs in League 2 have efficient online ticketing systems. The fact people need to queue twice, unless they've bought a paper ticket in advance or have a season ticket, baffles me. As does the fact theuve been designed so that your ticket has to go below the bit that looks specifically like the space where the ticket goes.
  8. If you're only going to go when we are winning then you're probably best supporting somebody else
  9. Thats 6 games vs Ayr at Cappielow without a win now, proper bogey team material.
  10. Plenty of twists and turns to go but really need to improve on Saturday. Defend like this and we will be getting embarrassed.
  11. We were so much better with Gillespie on the park on Saturday. Shame Blues is undroppable
  12. A defeat could not come at a worse time. We really seem to be a confidence team so another poor run would cripple our season. Need a better second half.
  13. We looked suspect defensively at every set piece on Saturday and now we've let that prick score
  14. I have been critical of him a few times now, great shotstopper but a lot of maturing to do
  15. Wouod be happy for Brian to go back to Livi and Hamilton to come back to us. The boy is learning his trade and is a good shotstopper. However, he really needs to be coming off his line. He only comes and collects, he never goes to punch or chalenge for it. He will learn
  16. Whoever shouted at Imrie about Gillespie being a shite sub, perhaps us fans do indeed know fuck all! That team were rallied by Dougie, he led by example through being urgent and his change of shape got us the point.
  17. Schwake's a fucking nightnare with balls in the box. Huge let off. He is invisible in the box
  18. Big efe worse than a man down and yet again, Schwake is the least commanding player on the park.
  19. Can always just buy your ticket online and use your phone
  20. I would love you to be right but Dougie is, and rightly so, ambitious. His ambitions will exceed the realms of what is possible for Morton. I don't see him taking the Utd job just now however a club of their size is probably his next logical step. If we continue to improve then we can dream of a run like Livingston or, previously, Hamilton in the premisrship. However, it would be a big risk for Dougie to hedge his bets on that and not cash in when his stock is high.
  21. The feeling around the club right now is incredible. What a season these boys are giving us.
  22. Plenty of time to go, the players will know we cannot be dropping points to this shite at Caplielow.
  23. Did not see Accies staying up but they've been on a good run since beating us.
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