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  1. Good Tweeting again from us... 🙄
  2. Does that mean these aren't "official" anymore? https://nostalgiacases.co.uk/collections/official-greenock-morton-fc-phone-cases The new ones look significantly worse than these Nostalgia Case ones.
  3. No reference made to it, or the one Oliver was wearing, whatsoever. Bizarre.
  4. Hopkin wanted to keep Ramsbottom. I'll now no longer listen to anything else he has to say 😂
  5. They've actually signed him on a three-year deal, which is a brilliant bit of business.
  6. Not the quickest centre back options... 😬
  7. Positive: great to get an update and some clarity Negative: what a strange, strange way to launch a lovely looking third kit. Morton Mortoning as usual.
  8. It's not when you look at the time there is still until the new season starts. But it is when the likes of Raith, Dunfermline and Dundee are signing players and the likes of Alloa and Arbroath have got most of their squad from last season tied up already. We're behind already and the available player pool is getting smaller by the day.
  9. It's annoying that Tumilty is leaving but you can't begrudge him going for a two-year deal, and after he got sent out on loan last season you maybe got the impression Hoppy wasn't a fan. Definitely caught a bit in two minds at the moment. Fearing the worst because of how important this pre-season and season is in terms of recruitment and staying in the league with it being a shorter season, and with our probable competitors for league position getting deals done early for new signings and new deals to keep their squads together. But on the flip side, Hoppy will have a plan, right?
  10. So annoyed at this. The difference between proactive clubs during this time and ones that sit by doing nothing.
  11. Come to think of it, I haven’t seen the club publicising it at all. It’s all been through the Community Twitter account, even before furlough etc.
  12. He signed for Kelty Hearts I think.
  13. Given that they’ve delivered so far on what they set out to do (still plenty to go on that obviously), I think if MCT have said they’ve identified something that can be done then they deserve some time to do that.
  14. Livi charging £20 for their PPV streaming effort, don't be surprised when ours is a similar price when the time comes to it
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