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  1. At least we're promoting the supplier there that actually look decent, as opposed to the newer ones which look crap.
  2. I was. Gerry loves an apostrophe for some reason. Pretty cringe.
  3. Not sure I'm followin' or gettin' all this patter...
  4. Just watching the McGinty video. Is this another different top that's appeared? Looking at Smiths it's a totally different colour to the one they're claiming as our new training kit (the non-Admiral Admiral one for fans)
  5. "Derek McInnes said, “It’s come to light in recent days that Tomas will require an operation and is likely to be out for a number of weeks."
  6. Would any other club actually post this? Salkeld's eyes shut, URL in an image rather than one we can click in the Tweet, still promoting a discarded prototype kit.
  7. Do we think Hopkin and MacKinnon know that we've only got 3 defenders and 15 midfielders and forwards?
  8. From what you can hear, he speaks quite well
  9. Morton fans: "the club should think about being more commercial, and make some money" Also Morton fans: "maybe don't bother... 😬"
  10. Yeah, amateur hour again to not mention season tickets since they went on sale. Other clubs give regular updates on how many they’ve sold, although it probably wouldn’t be a good look for us to say “we’ve sold 100 season tickets in 8 weeks!” Amateur hour all over the shop really.
  11. Don't even think junior teams have three different manufacturers associated with them for a kit, and multiple training kits (including the Joma gear we can still buy on Smiths). It's amateurish, it's Morton.
  12. You don't need one of those jumpers, just wear a long sleeved top underneath this and you'll be sorted
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