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  1. Not sure I'm followin' or gettin' all this patter...
  2. There's a one game pass option for UK and IE at Β£10 per match, but when you click on the options at the moment it's only Inverness' next two home matches that are available to buy. I think you know the answer to this question already.
  3. I'm not as sure about the constant switching of the cameras, found it pretty annoying on Saturday to be honest. Prefer the wider angle.
  4. Just watching the McGinty video. Is this another different top that's appeared? Looking at Smiths it's a totally different colour to the one they're claiming as our new training kit (the non-Admiral Admiral one for fans)
  5. Good highlights from QP. Really good angle of our goal and that ridiculous McPake run.
  6. It's truly a shame for Morton, and football fans in general, that he won't be covering our matches in the near future.
  7. Hopefully nowhere.
  8. Claims he wasn't on duty for the club, but he knows what he's doing even just by managing to be there last night. If he was there on media duty for his own site, where's his coverage? Nothing there post-match. Not even a Tweet about it during or after the match (other than being tagged in that Des McKeown one).
  9. If we're able to see the match on the stream πŸ˜‚
  10. "Derek McInnes said, β€œIt’s come to light in recent days that Tomas will require an operation and is likely to be out for a number of weeks."
  11. Almost needs two predicted line ups. What you want it to be and what you think Hoppy will go for. I think a 4-2-3-1 with a midfield of Jacobs and McAlister behind McGuffie, Colville and Nesbitt could be good, but I'm unconvinced by our centre and right back options in that set up. Think Hoppy might start with that 3-5-2 that's been mentioned.
  12. Saw all the Tweets yesterday but only just bought my stream ticket this morning. The FAQs are nowhere to be seen on the homepage of the site (so you'd only know about it if you're on Twitter, because the club seem to forget that Facebook also exists at times at the moment). The stream ticket is quite obviously under "shop" instead of tickets on the site. Once I found it though, the process was surprisingly smooth. Will it be as smooth when watching later? πŸ˜…
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