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  1. He had something about him last season too. Couldn't work out why Hoppy decided to ignore him when this season started. Was he injured?
  2. Get the predictions in now for when MacKinnon will be on Sportsound and how quickly he'll mention that we've got the smallest budget in the league
  3. Who had 26th January down for Hoppy’s tell all Sportsound interview?
  4. Opposition fans and commentators seem to absolutely love Nesbitt. Think he just stands out so much with his good touch and technique but his end product has always flattered to deceive.
  5. Bit annoying seeing Alloa sign Kieran Wright from Rangers and Innes Cameron from Killie. Two positions we need strengthened.
  6. Not sure how you can read that Tele article and not come to the conclusion that it was him that wrote it. Parts of it are literally first person around the CEO role.
  7. Queens looked humpty last week against Hearts, let's get at them
  8. I think with the MCT director joining the club board this week that's a really positive sign.
  9. This is definitely happening. I'm sure Off The Ball are on the phone right now for Saturday.
  10. At least we're promoting the supplier there that actually look decent, as opposed to the newer ones which look crap.
  11. Yeah, when you sign up for an account and sign in, there’s only options to purchase Inverness matches on there. Or at least there has been so far. They’re the only club to have opted into that service for live action to be shown on that site, while the other clubs in the league are going it alone for UK and overseas fans through their own systems (as we’ve done so far).
  12. Don't think you can. It's only Inverness home matches that are available to be watched live on there.
  13. I was. Gerry loves an apostrophe for some reason. Pretty cringe.
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