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  1. I hear he's put his name in the hat. 😉
  2. Don't see a lot of talk about the SLO vacancy. Are people keeping quiet in the hope that nobody goes for the job and they are the only candidate 😉? Or do people just see it as a box ticking exercise that could easily be fulfilled by one of the current MCT team and/or are not interested?
  3. One man and his “yacht” A chap once purchased a yacht in the south of France that he bought off some shyster who was selling it because he got into debt and could no longer afford to run it. The shyster tried to sink it to claim the insurance but decided that that wouldn’t work. He found somebody who just loved this particular yacht and wanted to buy it no matter its condition, and buy it he did for £450k. He spent a lot of money, not on the yacht itself to improve its value, but on lavish parties and travelling because that was his thing. He treated the yacht as you would
  4. No, this was a company set up when the Tall Ships was in Greenock. Dougie was hoping to make a bit of money by having the car park registered as a Tall Ships Car Park. But the folks organising the Tall Ships didn't or couldn't, I can't remember which, give a contract to a football club, as it was GMFC that owned the car park and not GC. So Dougie tried to circumvent that ruling by starting a new company the intention being that they would own the car park. But the whole thing got too complicated with time running out and the admin involved that it never came to anything. People still used the
  5. The car park is owned by GMFC although Dougie once tried to say differently when it suited him. So it would be implied. It didn't cost a great deal when it was bought as, and I think it was some Scottish Gov agency that was selling it, couldn't find a buyer as the land is contaminated having been a coal yard in days gone by.
  6. Option 3 the nuclear option. · MCT withdraw their support for any of the proposed deals · MCT continue to raise funds from existing members and new members · GC continue to own GMFC until such times it’s sold to another buyer · In the event GMFC go into administration MCT approach the administrator to purchase the club and it’s assets. · If no other buyers came forward MCT would make an offer to the administrator to purchase club and assets at 10 pence in the pound. · Cost to MCT for club and assets would be £306,000 approx
  7. Jim needs to get his badges first but the answer to that is yes.
  8. Time to get this thread back on track instead of talking about the £500k. Jim McAlister is heading to Ibrox to work with Rangers kit man Jimmy Bell. This a good move for Jim as he's a big Rangers fan and being about Ibrox on a daily basis will be like nirvana for him. This will give him the financial security he is obviously looking for. Jimmy Bell has been at Ibrox for 40 years.
  9. Just because it hasn't been done before doesn't mean that it can't be done. We are all hoping that when MCT take over things will be done differently. Keeping fans informed about all aspects of the club,within reason, has to be a priority. Now would be a good time to start. There should NO surprises come June.
  10. You know all this speculation could be put to bed so easily if the club (Crawford) would just be upfront and honest with the fans. Communication from the club has/had improved quite a bit but the questions that fans are most interested in don't get answered. A simple financial update from the "club accountant" would do the trick. 1. Where are we against the plan as set out at the beginning of the season? 2. Where are we now given the £500k Scottish Gov injecting of funds? 3. Where do we expect the club to be at the end of the season? These are all crucial questions tha
  11. I'm surprised there are people who are surprised that the club is in such disarRae.
  12. A detailed plan for the future would be good. Something we can all buy into. There are a lot of fans who haven't joined, me included, who want to see what MCTs plan is for the club before committing.
  13. He wouldn't go against Crawford and the rest of the family. But it was mainly Crawford who persuaded him not to.
  14. Dougie wanted to clear all the debt the club had to Golden Casket, as promised, but Crawford wouldn't agree to that. Hence only £500k was written off instead of the full amount.
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