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  1. Can anyone from MCT tell me what taking "MCT into the next phase and beyond" will encompass?
  2. Couldn't agree more. This is back to my comment about documented roles and responsibilities which appear to be missing both at MCT and GMFC.
  3. Why, I don't buy that. They had Gordon Ritchie staked out at the club for months and his role was to learn the ins and out of how the club operated. There was no reason why they couldn't have been organised other than there was a lot of navel gazing going on rather than planning for when they actually got the keys or at least a key to the front door. I get really frustrated at the lack of basic good management and forward planning that hasn't taken place long before the papers were signed. It just smacks of folk who don't know how to organise and plan ahead.
  4. This is just another example of how disjointed the organisation is. Whether you agree with the Lithgow thing or not there should have been one statement released and it should have come from the club and not MCT. There needs to be a proper demarcation of responsibilities or else there is a danger at some point of the club and MCT releasing different communications on the same subject. There needs to be defined roles and responsibilities, written down so that everyone understands their role and where their responsibility starts and ends, for everyone involved at Cappielow or else it will end up a shambles.
  5. But it's not a short space of time. They have known this has been coming for months and looked to be ill prepared for the changeover. I get that people have day jobs but if you can't commit the time you shouldn't get involved. There must be a few retired Morton fans that can at least keep a website up to date in their spare time. As for whittling down the numbers, what's keeping them? I'm also realistic to understand that money is the driving force behind any succesful enterprise but if MCT keep pissing fans off then that money will dry up and we are well and truly fkd if that happens. Time somebody at MCT got their finger out and got this organised so that we at least act like a professional organisation rather than one looks good on paper.
  6. Far to many chiefs and not enough indians. The leadership team is full of people who are qualified in one aspect of business or another. But nowhere does it say what they are responsible for at Cappielow if anything. There are far to many points raised that are not being addressed which says to me that nobody is willing to take responsibility for getting them fixed. Even the small things don't get addressed, there is no attention to detail. Like I would never have known that Gerry McGeehan had stepped down if it hadn't been mentioned here. Surely somebody is responsible for keeping the both MCT and GMFC websites current. All this does is gives the impression that MCT/GMFC are not on top of things. I would have got my arse kicked in my previous employment if I wasn't keeping information current and not being on top of what was going on. What's happened to our SLO has he been muzzled as I can't remember the last time we heard from him. This is all very disconcerting as it just gives the impression that nothing has changed since MCT moved in which is not what we were all hoping.
  7. It's time to stop all the bitching and moaning and accept where we are now and what we can achieve if we all pull together. Nobody is saying things are perfect but if we keep drip feeding negativity about everything surrounding the club then we are on the road to nowhere. We need to all get behind MCT and do what we can to improve things at the club. There is no going back, we are where we are and if we want our club to flourish then the supporters are the only ones who are going to make it happen. I have to say I'm jealous we don't have something like this that we are all behind. https://twitter.com/JamTarts/status/1432251749872685056?s=20 https://twitter.com/JamTarts/status/1432251749872685056?s=20
  8. I'd call that a great opportunity missed.
  9. They've just employed a guy who's job it is to do just that.
  10. Given a week at Cappielow I reckon I could have these problems solved. What are those folk who are running the place actually doing? Do they know what they are doing?
  11. When Douglas Rae took ownership the club and assets were transfered from Miltonview (Hugh Scott) into a holding company Regionsign, Jim McColl and Prof Pickett being the only directors, before being transfered to Golden Casket Group and Douglas Rae. At no time in any of these transactions did anyone raise a concern about what was owned by the club in the way of land mass. In fact the club under Douglas Rae did have a dispute with Arnold Clark who were using the entrance to the Wee Dublin End to store cars. There must have been some sort of land registery search at that point to see who owned what. Then again Ms Donaldson was in charge so maybe not. Morton have Arnold Clark on one side and Messrs Easdales land on the other. The railway and road have always been there so no change. Surely coming to an agreement as to who owns what could be settled very quickly and new boundaries drawn for everyones benefit. Not unless the disputed area is where Mark Farrell keeps his gear which used to be a tenement building. But I would have assumed this would have been purchased by Morton many moons ago.
  12. You have to wonder why all of a sudden this has become a problem. This is not the first time the club has been sold land and all to a buyer. John Wilson bought the club land and all and Shug bought it from John Wilson land and all and Douglas Rae bought it from the administrator land and all and at no point in any of those transactions were there any question about what they were buying. MCT are buying the club land and all but all of a sudden we have a land dispute as to what is owned and what is not owned all because the land part of the deal is being put into a different company. I know land disputes can become emotional but how come I get the impression from this latest update that there's relief that they have found something that can be used as an excuse to delay the deal.
  13. Crawford Rae has played a blinder. He transfers all responsibility for running the club to MCT while he still holds onto all the assets. Then he waits to see if MCT fall on their face where he can step back in and put the club into administration and blame MCT for the failure. MCT have be naive from the start to trust Crawford Rae he's played them like a fiddle. Time MCT grew a pair got this deal signed or walk away.
  14. Is this still on the go or has it been decided? https://www.gmfc.net/vacancy-kit-manager-2/
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