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  1. Canny take Penalties again that's all to say from a nothing game...
  2. A absolute disgrace of a performance from the Team & the Management... After 4 games of the season We have had 3 Red Card's Muirhead at Dens was just crazy & there is no Defense for MacAlister Yesterday He's supposed to lead by example being Club Captain & how Hopkin can even think of appealing the Red Card is just crazy... You can except losing any Game when the best Team win as what happened Yesterday but We were a Shambles all through the Game & Hopkin can't even think of Defending Himself Or His Player's..
  3. Jamie Lyndsey with 2 goals for Rotherham against Sheff Wednesday Tonight winning 3-0...
  4. Jim MacAlister defending His actions ( Muirhead ) in Today's match report in the Scottish Sun saying Robbie should keep His mouth shut saying the second Yellow card was daft but He's passionate & just wants to win... Nothing like helping the Team & getting sent off..
  5. Chris Doolan....Joins Arbroath....
  6. Doyle set to join snake Raymond at QP after apparently Morton made a enquire...
  7. Hoppy & Davie McKinnon wanted the Youth academy closed down to save money... But its now being run separate from the club...
  8. Pish o well still there's Blues & Ramsbottom to look forward to..
  9. Rodgers training with Killie apparently.
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