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  1. The worst part about all this is that nobody could speak up against the Rae family & I did in a letter & was told basically it's My club I can do what I like with it if You don't like it don't come back... & if You do don't booooooo & bring a friend...
  2. I met CR for the very first time when I worked sadly for Me in his sweetie factory in the Port... When I told him I was a Morton Supporter I thought He would say great We all have to stick together nope He laughed in My face & muttered well someone has to be.. He has never been interested & now his true colours are coming to light.. He just seen it like a millstone round His neck when the old man passed away & get rid of it quick..
  3. The bottom line is he's no interest in Greenock Morton Football Club he never has & never will... Just get to Fuck Crawford he's a disgrace...
  4. Don't think his heart has ever been in it with his rubbish style of play & his awful signings let's hope who ever gets the gig & someone will please no Jimbo & Midge... He gets us playing some sort of attacking football...
  5. Eddie Gavigan has sadly passed away in New Zealand at only 57... He played in the early 80s under Benny Rooney & was a young player tyring to break into a cracking Morton team..
  6. Jamie Lyndsey with 2 goals for Rotherham against Sheff Wednesday Tonight winning 3-0...
  7. Doyle set to join snake Raymond at QP after apparently Morton made a enquire...
  8. Hoppy & Davie McKinnon wanted the Youth academy closed down to save money... But its now being run separate from the club...
  9. Pish o well still there's Blues & Ramsbottom to look forward to..
  10. Rodgers training with Killie apparently.
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