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  1. Both absolutely rotten players at Championship level.
  2. Was there any talk of the third party that were rejected? Had been hearing for ages from a decent source that the Easdale’s were a stick on and was a matter of when not if. Seems a surprise for all they’ve invested in the club that we’ve gone the opposite way from them.
  3. Alex Samuel scores for Wycombe in the EFL play-off semi final. Currently 4-1 on aggregate against Fleetwood.
  4. "I've made a right c*nt of this!"
  5. First time I’ve seen that Fuck Dean Keenan.
  6. Rickie Lamie delivering #scenes in Paisley. Shame those two serpents have crept into the photo.
  7. Delighted for him. Amazing to think how well he’s done after his first few appearances for us in League 1.
  8. Also, how can any of the decision makers at the club look at Blues’ performances and think he’s worthy of a contract extension. An utterly hopeless footballer.
  9. Not that arsed about McHugh going in all honesty. Despite being our top goal scorer the past 3 seasons there is better out there.
  10. Would take O’Ware back as a ballboy.
  11. Is celebrating not winning a tournament for 100 years something we should be shouting about?
  12. Haven't watched the interview but a bit mental to write off a bit of hype around launching a new kit because of the current situation. A good marketing campaign around something like that would undoubtedly increase sales.
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