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  1. Brian Schwake apparently training with Brighton. Fair play if he gets a move there!
  2. More Fanbase info…
  3. Hopefully Falkirk join them.
  4. I’ll reserve a full blown laughing episode until full time in the 2nd leg, Airdrie aren’t great at keeping a clean sheet. Fingers crossed.
  5. Looks like Inverness’ disallowed goal was the correct call. However, the nick of Mark Ridgers at Ayr’s winner…
  6. Tough going with Ross County inevitably bank rolling their way to the title if they come down and QP will definitely be stronger. We should absolutely be going for playoffs as a minimum though. Raith will also be one to watch with their financial backing for next season.
  7. Our day will come soon. We’ve a great foundation to build on with most of this squad signed up. Hopefully no one comes sniffing for Imrie in the close season and we get some new signings in early doors. Buzzing to see the new home kit, and hopefully season ticket info is out soon.
  8. Ach, been a frustrating season but a lot better than expected. Imrie and the players deserve an immense amount of credit for the turn around.
  9. Going by Twitter it sounds like we’re getting battered.
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