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  1. Never seen him play or heard of him, but already decided he’s a baller. Welcome.
  2. Think the club need clarify this situation re increased budget etc. There’s far too many rumours flying about. “Rubbish offer” could mean it was below Strapp’s high expectations, or it could also mean it was a shite offer for one of, if not the, best left backs in the league and worse than his current deal. Clubs clearly didn’t fancy taking a punt on him last season so I can’t imagine he was on a wage above the norm for us when he returned. They really do know how to kill any buzz around a new season and drive season ticket sales. All their efforts and marketing go out the window if the rumours about budgets etc aren’t clarified.
  3. Waters had to go regardless, he was poor last season.
  4. Has the budget actually been increased?
  5. Footballers do not give a fuck, it’s all about the best deal. Oakley’s perfectly entitled to go for his best offer, but spare us the bullshit about how much the club means to him for getting his life back on track etc etc if you’re going to bail at the first opportunity.
  6. Done fuck all for us in the last 6 months and gave it big licks after Ferrie chucked one in the net for him. He’ll no doubt get it right up us when he scores against us, but cheerio.
  7. Broadfoot is fucking wild. He’s completely done and cost us numerous points last season.
  8. I wish that club nothing but misery.
  9. Ah well, good player who gave his all for us but not irreplaceable. The club should not be offering deals outwith its means and unfortunately that leaves us with a risk of other clubs poaching our players. Partick’s day will come. Be a shame if both he and Oakley are starting for them next season but I’m confident Imrie will find suitable alternatives.
  10. Muirhead has been due one of these for weeks. Idiot.
  11. I got the impression from an interview I watched that he’s a bit of a character, which is most welcome.
  12. Yeah I thought it was quite poor how many players just boosted down the tunnel at full time. Maybe they forgot, but someone should’ve been telling them to head back out there.
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