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  1. Probably just trying to shift folk out the door who quite rightly shouldn’t be getting a game. I’m encouraged that Gus has binned them so quickly and highlighted the bizarre number of outfield players being a problem. I did see Billy Mehmet suggest he was returning to Scotland this week, and given he worked with Gus at St Mirren it wouldn’t surprise me if he ended up here. We do need a goal scorer, but I’m not sure 36 year old Mehmet is the answer.
  2. I wouldn’t blame any player wanting to follow Hopkin, given the absolute state of our club currently.
  3. Gus McPherson... Andy Millen as assistant until end of season.
  4. I haven’t watched us for months but I assume the Spurs boy is utter shite as expected?
  5. How so? Jim Duffy’s spell is undeniably the best we’ve had in recent years. He had his flaws but certainly whilst he was here, it was the most enjoyable time I’ve had as a Morton supporter.
  6. I miss a lot of things right now, but I really do miss a good toxic atmosphere at Cappielow. He's so fortunate there's no supporters in this season.
  7. Would be interested to see what happened if MCT told Crawford and GC to GTF and just pulled out.
  8. Crawford and Co can get fucked. Give us the stadium and write off the debt.
  9. Not sure if the Tele reporters latest tweet means we’re signing El Bakthaoui
  10. Anton’s wee bounce over already. Hopefully Arbroath and Alloa continue to fight out 9th and 10th otherwise we’re in trouble.
  11. The Rae's will 100% be pocketing the 500K grant. We must be the only side in the Championship to have not signed anyone this January.
  12. Maybe if none of us mention it this time it might happen.
  13. Declan McManus is still pish.
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