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  1. “We need money” “Can I buy the new training gear?” ”no” 🤣🤣🤣
  2. Really struggling to see anything other than relegation this season. Pish CB’s and still require a goal scorer up front who we most likely won’t be able to afford.
  3. I’m not too clued up on the goings on when Fred left and whether the rumours are true but it’s at least nice to see a former player of ours who the majority thought was fantastic to go on to have a pretty decent career. Not sure if anyone can beat it in recent memory?
  4. Bachirou linked with a £600k move to Nottingham Forrest.
  5. I really, really, hope we've got a sponsor lined up for Morton TV.
  6. Look forward to the day we no longer have Millions as our shirt sponsors. Hopefully be able to generate some extra cash for the sponsorship next season if we allow other businesses to bid for it.
  7. Sponsor spoils what would’ve been a great kit IMO.
  8. The nostalgia ones are great. Dunno why you would want to partner with anyone else especially with this new mob’s not looking anywhere near as good.
  9. Funny how Oliver said last year he can do better than what was on offer only to return a year later. Good news on Nesbitt. Not so good news on Muirhead and Millar. No harm to the guy but he looked completely done last season.
  10. This talk of Hopkin still on furlough, surely he either isn’t on furlough now or he can be part time furloughed. Don’t believe for a minute that he’s not working.
  11. It’s 8 people ffs. Hopefully the track and trace system has already got it back under control. The Scottish system seems to have been able to stop these clusters quite quickly.
  12. Socially distanced crowds will be allowed in September. Hopefully most people will be able to attend matches by the start of the season. Edit - potentially allowed
  13. Hope we can somehow get Lamie back towards the end of his career if he’s still decent at that point. One of a very few favourite players of mine that I’ve seen in a Morton jersey.
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