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  1. Question for MCT (a) Find out what the ground is worth. And (b) And do a feasible study to see if we could afford to buy from GC. And then ask GC if they would sell it over a set period of time.
  2. I would love to know where the 1 million pounds a year maintenance cost comes from.
  3. Embarrassing that a professional football club going with no back up.
  4. Never got to see the game as working what was Muirhead's bookings for?
  5. Big risk to take if we have no back up keeper.
  6. Sad day when they can offer more money than us.
  7. I believe he stated a few years ago that he wanted to eventually finish his career at Morton maybe he is heading back to Britain to eventually do it.
  8. Never got to listen to it last night did they retract the statement?
  9. Levein was a shite manager and a bigger shite pundit.
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