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  1. It is as if that Paisley wanker and possibly Rae want us to be relegated tonight.
  2. Good news comes in 3's so 2 down Mon Eh Ton.
  3. MCT better not even think of giving McPherson a contract for next season.
  4. Rae should be flogged in front of a packed Cowshed then booted all the way down Sinclair St.
  5. I would keep Marcus, Strapp,Hynes, McAdams, Ledger and McGuffie. The rest can jog on even the management team.
  6. The strategy next week will be a team set up not to lose and hope Ayr lose.
  7. I would like to think MCT would be doing a bit better than the minimum wage to be honest.
  8. And to think the MCT members are paying those Charlatans wages we should be fining them if we go out.
  9. Derek Mcinnes leaves Aberdeen.
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