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  1. 9 games and counting without a league win tick tock
  2. Question for the board how much longer do we have to watch these poor performances McPherson is going to get us relegated.
  3. Ayr fans on P&B wanting Hopkin out and slagging Salkeld and Fjortoft.
  4. Unfortunately that is the problem fans have been staying away because of the Rae's lack of ambition over the years. MCT have major problems trying to attract those fans that have fell away back. And at the moment with the lack of signings they won't be coming back anytime soon.
  5. Side way move shows his ambition.
  6. If the even spent 100k a season since DDF passed on the stadium I would be very surprised.
  7. I believe he stated a few years ago that he wanted to eventually finish his career at Morton maybe he is heading back to Britain to eventually do it.
  8. I see Motherwell want to sign Ricky Lamie on a pre contract also interest from England.
  9. Long may it cost that rabble of a club.
  10. I would hardly say kicking off he is stating a fact which he is entitled to do.
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