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I didn’t know home clubs had the authority to prevent their opponents providing radio commentary for games too. If we didn’t block Hearts doing this for the December game we definitely should next mon

Should charge £18 for the Hearts game at Cappielow with a special offer of the Queen of the South game a fortnight later for a tenner if you buy the Hearts game. Excellent way for Morton fans to

I can just imagine everyone checking their phone at the same time to read the announcement "someone's having a jobby, so avoid the toilets".

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Just now, port-ton said:

There's no sympathy from this tonight if it doesn't work. There's no teething problems so just keep the money because the clubs need it. They've been working on this for months and the whole point of a new site was to stop this nonsense. 

They've had months to work on it but clearly any arrangements are last minute. We knew early enough there would be no fans so it should have the top priority for the club to be able to monetise match days to the absolute maximum.

The club didn't bother their arse advertising tickets or testing their capacity or even really think about it until a couple of days ago.

This is the least surprising Morton fuck up of all time really.


Peter Weatherson is the greatest player since Ritchie, and should be assigned 'chairman for life' 

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3 minutes ago, TONofmemories said:

It's really not though. Grow up!

Getting the name of one of our players wrong is pretty cringeworthy on the part of someone fronting an official club broadcast.

Brian Wake my Lord, Brian Wake

Brian Wake my Lord, Brian Wake

Brian Wake my Lord, Brian Wake

Oh Lord, Brian Wake


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MacKinnon really has to go, simple as that.

I realize that COVID is a tough time for all clubs and indeed virtually all businesses. I don't envy the task of trying to keep the ship afloat at a time when our core revenue stream - playing football matches in front of punters - has been hugely disrupted.

But nonetheless we've staggered from one screw-up to another, and he shows zero signs of being even aware of problems, much less being able to fix them. He's just not up the job at all.

And this is with the guardian angel of MCT shoving money into the club. Imagine where we'd be without it.

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The car park was just resting in my account

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