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  1. Yep would be happy to give either of them a go at it. Especially Petrie who has been working wonders at Montrose.
  2. A striker who has scored one senior goal though lol!
  3. Yep I was thinking exactly the same thing lol. Always did quite well against us, but was absolutely dire for us.
  4. Great result. A bit of a gutter that both Alloa and Arbroath won, as defeats for them both would have been helpful. Can't see any way that Queens will catch us now tbh.
  5. Just went to the site to sign up and greeted by the 504 Gateway Timeout. Sadly and predictably it is the farce we pretty much unanimously expected.
  6. Think the only option for watching on TV is through Amazon Silk Browser on Fire Stick. Which really limits the market for this - it has to be compatible with TV browsers if this is to have any chance of being a real success.
  7. I think take up will be decent if it is priced properly (i.e. no more than £10) and the quality is at least decent. If they try to charge £20 or so then they will get nobody at all, regardless of how good the stream is. Really we should know the answers to these questions by now. But it isn't surprising in the slightest that we don't.
  8. I still don't know why they didn't just change the name of the old channel. Having multiple channels is just confusing matters.
  9. Don't know if this has been shared before, but big Paartalu is mentioned in the video - earning big bucks in India now seemingly.
  10. If it follows the model of past seasons then we will be playing St Mirren away in the second matchday or third matchday. So in October.
  11. That tweet sums up Morton in a nutshell.
  12. What a horrible draw that was for us. Limited scope for progression given Midden should romp it as they are match fit and the others will all take points off each other.
  13. Given we are almost certainly not going to be able to attend the games, give us the easiest draw possible imo. So that would be Livi, Stranraer, Annan and Albon Rovers.
  14. This is a great suggestion tbh. For me it is either a pre-season tournament this year or you bin it.
  15. That interview is absolute gold. Get it right up them!
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