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  1. At minimum that is a 3-0 victory for East Kilbride then.
  2. Yeah I know. I knew better than to waste my time asking on our Twitter!
  3. I asked the Colts on Social Media and they have confirmed it is at Broadwood and ticket information will be out in due course.
  4. Assuming fans are allowed in for the Colts game then I will be heading over. Literally a km from my door to Broadwood. Been to a fair number of Colts games since I moved out here. Normally Friday night games. Will basically be a Morton home game as they have less than 50 home fans at every game.
  5. A few on twitter are saying we are going to be signing Steven McGinn on a free. That would be a great signing - hope it is true. On Lithgow, it is a difficult one. On the pitch, if he stays fit, then he will be a great signing. But his past means it isn't a signing I am overly keen on. Plus a two year deal seems quite risky.
  6. Yep agreed. Until MCT are actually in control of the club that has to be the default position.
  7. A striker who has scored one senior goal though lol!
  8. Don't know if this has been shared before, but big Paartalu is mentioned in the video - earning big bucks in India now seemingly.
  9. That interview is absolute gold. Get it right up them!
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