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  1. I see the first video from Ton TV went live today with a video showing the teams first day back at training. Good to see some good quality content coming so early.
  2. QOS and queens Park at home first. Followed by St Mirren Away on Premier sports. End away at Partick thistle
  3. 😂😂 No fans is a sickner for some of those ties.
  4. Morton need this to a be a positive season considering the switch the fan ownership is imminent and backing will be required from the supporters and its been a typical morton start to proceedings. Seeing a team in the league announcing the signing of one of our players from last season while we say happy birthday to an ex player is quite frankly not the way we should be going about our business. Also if Ayr are interested in McPake then given the way both teams are currently being run there is only 1 place he will be going in my opinion and its not here. I was the same at first and not to bothered about things while dunfermline where announcing signings a few weeks ago but the furlough period is over, we don't know who is still here and who has left. Even the part time teams such as dumbarton in the leagues below us have done that. We need to get it together and quickly.
  5. I have a feeling we are about to sign Gregg Wylde
  6. Can see both hearts staying up and Falkrik and Partick being in the league next season. What a load of bs
  7. Good interview with the Mackinnon there. We will offer streaming services from the get go with commentary and hopefully some build up with likely with Gerry doing the comms. Spfl are also installing cameras at all championship grounds. Season ticket holders will be first back allowed Into the stadium if small crowds are allowed entry Touched again on the new website which is being built up to accommodate the streaming services with the intent to start ton tv aswell. He believes Ann Budges proposal is dead in the water due to the fact there would be 6 potentially 7 teams relegated from the championship in two years time, we will vote against it. He is looking at offering extended contracts to players but only if doesbt put the club in financial troubles. Some special Kit announcement to be made which will excite the fans. Doesnt believe any build up to the kit release was necessary due to the current situation. Believes we would have made the play offs last season and had set a goal of being there again this season.
  8. Decent interview with Luca today, another player who was taken by surprise by the physical side of the scottish game but is enjoying his time. Gave a shout to chris Buchanan aswell which i thought was pretty decent of him.
  9. Yass first trip to Tynecastle next season bar any stupid reconstruction
  10. I still think the whole thing with Dundee needs an explanation. They should never have been allowed to change their vote because the first one was lost, escpailly when it was then later found, and if you were going to allow someone to change vote then the current vote standing should never have been made public which put Dundee in a crazy position of them have the abolsute power to end all 4 leagues in Scotland. Obviously something has been given to then to change from a no to a yes, because there was zero incentive for them to end the league early when they were in a play off position. That's what really needed a proper investigation in my view.
  11. While I am ultimately happy with the end result the whole process has been nothing short of a shambles.
  12. I wonder how much of the team we will be able to retain for next season.
  13. interesting that the players (or at least Tidser) was embarrassed by the way the club was being run towards the end of JJ's tenure. "I remember thinking can we not just do things like other clubs and do things better and whenever something happens at Morton everyone seems to know about it within days" he also cited it as one of his reasons for not coming back even after Falkirk got relegated. i know majority of people don't like him now but its pretty damming that our joke of backroom was putting players off.
  14. I cant believe that Ross Forbes is only 31 today.
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