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  1. Yes, I called them today after the post was delivered and they told me all tickets had been posted on Monday evening. However one of friends also called up and was told his hadn't been posted yet so he went a collected his at the ground. So im not sure what to believe. If its not here by Friday I will be driving down to the ground to sort it out.
  2. I seen the MCT say on twitter that you cannot but tickets for the cowshed or the sinclair Street end. Only main stand and WDE
  3. Quickly running out of patience with the clubs lack of activity. Not made a signing since 6th July which was 3 weeks ago.
  4. Gus confirming that some players already know they are moving onto new teams with managers they know Wonder how many Hopkin is taking.
  5. Gary Oliver with time on the ball...is dangerous for us rather than airdrie. Makes some baffling decisions.
  6. First time back in and the BBC alba cameras will be taking up the majority of the middle of the cowshed. I wonder if all the fans will be situated in the main stand only.
  7. Antons Point per game average was 1.15 while having hard games away to hearts, ict and an unbeaten at the time dunfermline. Mcphersons Point per game was 0.875 while having 2 dead rubber home ties. Averages suggests we would have stayed up under anton. Who produced our best footballing displays of season at tynecastle and Inverness.
  8. He is a liability. We have played with 10 men all season thanks to him. Least he can't play in the playoffs
  9. Where do you even start with that. Orsi absolutely hopeless probably gas cost us 4 points over the last 2 games if he starts on Friday we may aswell accept 9th there and then. Put strapp at LB and leave McGinty out, McGinty is an absolute liability regardless of were he plays on the park i do not understand why we are hampering ourselves by playing a LB at LM and CB at LB. Leaving Lyon and Colville on the bench for the entire 90 mins today was a sackable offensive in its own rights. Colville is one of our most technically gifted players and I would have him on the park f
  10. Is anyone even surprised anymore Orsi is horrendous at anything that isn't running about off the ball
  11. Can see our goal difference causing us major issues come the last day of the season
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