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  1. Its getting really worrying now. I just don't see where our next points are going to come from.
  2. We are currently a very poor side with no composure or control on the ball at the moment.
  3. Between giving queens 3 points and now this today we seem determined to get dragged back into relegation fight. Last few weeks should have put us clear of any talk of relegation but the next 4 games are not favourable for us at all and we have real prospect of going 10 games without a win.
  4. Nesbit alone with his finishing had cost us 4 points in the last 3 games.
  5. We desperately need a natural striker. We have nothing upfront.
  6. For a team which is top heavy in attacking players we really aren't very good in the final third which is seriously concerning.
  7. Been wasteful in front of goal so far but we have let thistle work their way into the game. Really not impressed with McGuffie.
  8. Omar has been quite tidy in the ball but he isn't a centre Midfielder
  9. Hoppy said in his pre match interview that we came to win yet lined us up like this,Never seen a Derby so one sided in recent times. Abolsute training exercise for st mirren, need to make big changes at half time.
  10. One midfielder and its the worst one at the club.
  11. This happened last season right? We came from 2 nil down against Partick Thistle to win 3-2 and then went on to lose 5 nil away to Inverness the next game. Exact same scoreline's again.
  12. Big Marcus seems to be left very exposed on the righthand side.
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