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  1. That would explain his visit to the boxing the other night.
  2. We should fill out pockets with cocktail umbrella's.
  3. Cabbages should be easy to locate, they only have to look at each other
  4. There were no failures in the side today. I thought King was MoM given his age etc. More of the same and we'll be fine this year, as others have said a decent striker required.
  5. Yeah me too. Only two clubs I'd like to see dead forever.
  6. I have no inside knowledge etc, but hearing it's a six figure sum.
  7. “To this day you still encounter the ‘which team do yae support?’ question, with the expected answer being Rangers or Celtic, and my answer has always been Greenock Morton. Why would I support any team but my home team? That's the one question which really does my tits in. Anyway, surely this can only be a good thing, it'll still be Cappielow to all of us. Aye,aye,aye oh Aye, aye, aye oh. Morton FC. From Cappielow Park supported by Dalrada Technology. Disnae fit
  8. Does this open the door fo Nicky Lowe's homecoming?
  9. Completely agree, but if he's desperate enough to get back playing again he might accept a six month deal or something similar.
  10. There was a guy in the Port who had a printing business a long time ago. He was a big Morton fan and he printed the programmes for free. I was told, at the time, that even with free printing the programmes were profitless.
  11. There's one person the list of candidates for the MCT board I will NOT be voting for.
  12. Wasn't there but more than pleasantly surprised at the result, added to that an Andy Graham OG puts my BTTS coupon up
  13. I'd add a pinch of salt to that too. Allegedly the reason he was dumped from Septic Park was that all of the players were given training plans during Covid. Griffiths got caught out doctoring his results and driving around with his training kit in his car while doing very little training if any.
  14. Obviously missed that, as I say just a thought
  15. Based on absolutely nothing other than he's been transfer listed. Rory McAlister, I know he's 34/35, but just a thought.
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