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  1. He seems to have something of a link with them. http://www.qosfc.com/news-5772
  2. Gavin Reilly signs for QoS http://www.qosfc.com/news-5772
  3. I know nothing of the ins and outs of these things, nor am I a mathematical or financial expert. From what I understand the MCT membership provide £180,000 per year to the club. Let's say potential investors want to purchase 10% of the shares, does that mean they get that 10% for £18,000? (I don't think that would be the case, but don't know either way) IF that is the case, and depending on who these potential investors are, that £18,000 (or more) could easily be lost to MCT by members withdrawing their support. Therefore we could end up being no better (or even worse) off than we are now. I'm happy to be corrected accordingly.
  4. I'm away to pick up a copy of War and Peace. I'll be eating my words for sometime to come!
  5. St Johnstone 2 nil up at HT, don't see Inverness coming back over the two legs.
  6. Still waiting on Muirhead, Blues,Wilson, Strapp and Hamilton to get back to him having been made offers. McLean and Ugwu still in discussion with the club. He's one or two others in the pipeline and is delighted to have secured Baird. While he doesn't put a time scale on things he recognises the club need to move things forward and thinks that the Club are "in a good place to attract players", but understands it's down to what he can offer.
  7. Dougie in the Tele dismissing all the rumours of him leaving. Says he's enjoying his role at Cappielow, and that's where his focus lies.
  8. Heard this on Monday, I didn't post just in case it was another Dougie Imrie type rumour. As others have said he seemed to be doing a good job, pity he's away.
  9. As far as his own future with the club is concerned, he's staying. Players have been made offers, he's waiting on their replies. He's spoken to players he'd like to bring in. Teh team he played fielded last week v Arbroath is what we have signed. The rest of it was an insight to his own career and his views on how players should be managed etc Altogether a thoroughly enjoyable night, with a hint that there could be another before the start of next season.
  10. An excellent night in the Lighthouse with Dougie Imrie and Gerry McDade. An honest and open evening and no questions shirked or avoided. A breath of fresh air. Looking forward to the next event whenever or whoever it it may be with. FAO the Dunning's, you know the Taliban title is going to stick😂 Fair play, you took it well👏
  11. He's heard they'd banned long throws in league 1
  12. Seems to be the same for everything, they give you a price which is actually for kids wear the add £10 for the adults size.
  13. That was one of the first rumours I'd heard over the weekend.
  14. All these things take is a throw away comment to be overhead by someone else.
  15. The Raith Rovers commentary team said the same thing during our recent game up there. Looks like I'm back to every second Saturday afternoon in the company of Jeff and Co
  16. I've said it on one of the threads on here. I've been hearing for a good few weeks the Reece is carrying an injury which, if true, might explain his lack of game time. No idea what the injury is.
  17. My thoughts exactly. If Imrie learned anything from Shiels it with have been that.
  18. I emailed Chris Ross to let him/them know my feelings on the matter. Although I never mentioned money his reply clearly stated that the Alba party were paying the same rate as anyone else hiring the facility would pay. I personally don't care if they did or didn't get a discount, my views on the matter haven't changed.
  19. IRC the SNP even changed their colours to blue an white on a badge being handed out pre match on one occasion. An obvious effort to dupe Ton fans into wearing their logo. I was handed one by Cowan as I walked down Sinclair St but immediately threw in back in his bucket as soon as I realised it was nothing to do with Morton.
  20. I take your point, maybe a bad choice of wording on my part, it just doesn't sit easy with me though.
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