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  1. We'll need to wait until Ann Budge is finished before we can sook any of their plooms
  2. Quitongo and McHugh both score for the Snake XI
  3. I'm not a fan of international football, but never wish I'll on the national team or hope they get beat. (Maybe it's something to do with years of watching good players not getting capped unless, or until they signed for one of the bigot brothers) I agree that if anyone wasn't happy on Thursday night there's something wrong.
  4. Dundee and Raith were the same, something to do with the distribution of money I think. I'm sure the Raith guys mentioned some formula that's used in conjunction with PayPal to work that out.
  5. At the same time though, we didn't play particularly well against Ayr and came back from two down to win. You never know, but I get where you're coming from.
  6. I took it at £11.99 through Sky. Depending on the result, I may be cancelling it tomorrow.
  7. Given it was a straight red, is McAllister available for Wednesday?
  8. McPake looked off the pace today and rightly subbed. He looked to be trying to do too much on his own at times, imo. Maybe just that Raith had him well guarded.
  9. That's excellent. Clears up a few questions folk have had and they are obviously trying to improve the service week on week. Credit where it's due.
  10. I signed up yesterday, once you click on the link it lets you purchase the stream
  11. Any link to Raiths for Saturday yet?
  12. Don't think a leaf blower would have had any tangible effect given the strength of the wind on Saturday. If that's all we have to worry us I'd have the pitch covered in leaves every week.
  13. Nah, you only get what you pay for. An improvement on coverage every game so far. Commentators are very good, and honest. Big Ritchie, in particular, says things as he sees them, so what if it upsets a few snowflakes. I agree football without a crowd is very strange, but that's the world we live in at the moment, nothing anyone can do about that.
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