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  1. Brendan breathes a huge sigh of relief.
  2. Temperature checks, segregation by surname, council officials with clipboards, over-officious stewards waiting to berate punters for pulling down their mask to take a sip of Capri Sun. If that’s the hoops we have to jump through, then fair enough, but count me out.
  3. Yep. Probably more concerned with Wednesday night’s game than a request from piddling little Morton.
  4. A crack on the head is what you get for not masking
  5. It was £18 with a fan card and £20 without.
  6. Glorious weather today on the Clyde Riviera. Unfortunately there’s plenty of Old Firm shirts on show, including the new ones. A good reminder, if any, to socially distance. Not a single ‘Ton top be seen anywhere though. Nothing new there of course, but disappointing nonetheless.
  7. Same. I don't much like seeing Morton in dark kits. The navy one didn't appeal to me at all.
  8. The away kit for this season was last season's navy third kit. The new white and yellow kit is the third kit. We're just making do with last season's away kit until we get delivery of the new kits. Given MCT's timescale, we'll be lucky to have them by xmas.
  9. I was fearing the worst pre-kickoff, but thought we looked solid enough. It's a shame we couldn't see out the win. The Ugwu fella done a lot of running down the channels and held the ball up well to give us a chance of getting up the pitch, when we were starting to tire.
  10. A particularly menacing one in a Lonsdale polo and Doc Marten boots.
  11. I wish the pixellot camera would focus on the ball and stop following the seagulls.
  12. My worry for MCT moving forward is how they will appeal to future members, after such an inauspicious start to their tenure (putting it mildly). It seems Mr McLennan was the driving force behind this and momentum was lost when he took ill last year. I wish him well in his continuing recovery. The ongoing delay in the takeover, the painfully slow recruitment of players, the bizarre back-and-forward with the Tele, the self-imposed deep clean leaves some of us scratching our heads and wondering what is going on over at Cappielow.
  13. That’s what I’m getting as well. I don’t think the club expected this fixture to get the go-ahead and had prepared a statement which the Tele had printed, but the SPFL have told them that they have enough players to fulfil the fixture.
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