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  1. Cleared him out a peach. I remember the return game a couple of weeks later and Lennon walking toward the Cowshed cupping his ears...after a 1-1 draw. Total fanny of a man.
  2. To the shock and amazement of no-one, Celtic have revealed another positive covid case.
  3. I meant the overspilling header text and the general ‘meh’ attitude to social media. I’m assuming this is due to resources, but how long would it take to update the results?
  4. We’re a tinpot joke compared to the likes of Harrogate Town
  5. Erm no, because apart from the first few weeks of the season, GMFC have been paying lip service to covid protocols as has been previously mentioned. With covid+ sweeping through the area, it was only a matter of time before it became an issue for the club. Now we have the administrative headache of rearranging postponed fixtures in a shortened season, with players returning from isolation fatigued and lacking match fitness. I agree that the SPFL needs to look at putting the breaks on the season.
  6. Covid outbreak during the busiest stage of the season. Can’t say I’m surprised.
  7. You Proud Boys, don't like outsiders, do you? You like to stick to your own.
  8. Utterly shameful scenes projected across the world. I had to double-check I was watching the news and Netflix. I guess this is what happens when you vote a former reality TV narcissist into power. Nic better tell him to get to fuck if he's thinking of retreating over here.
  9. So somebody's had one too many xmas sherries and let their fingers do the talking. I was expecting an injury to McAdams or a covid outbreak. All very underwhelming.
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