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  1. As it stands, I’m inclined to vote no to the proposals, given the lack of finer details as discussed above. If MCT reduce the shareholding to <75%, then that’ll reduce their/our majority holding to a controlling interest. Also, I don’t think it’s unfair of MCT members to enquire about potential investors, given our history of dealing with unscrupulous shadowy types, who saw investing in the club as a means to an end.
  2. Which is a damning indictment, seeing as they're a part-time team. 3-0 Arbroath. Done and dusted.
  3. My initial impression of the starting eleven was that Dougie was sending an indiscreet message to the board, who would be quite happy to keep the cheap squad fillers.
  4. ICT 2-0 up, so 6th is there if we want it. 1-0 Arbroath
  5. I'm glad I decided not to bother going to this one.
  6. To be completely honest, I wouldn’t miss any of our current squad. I thank them for their efforts and wish them well going forward, but hoping for a summer refresh. Maybe keep Hamilton for fear of another Ramsbottom-type replacement and obviously would like to see McEntee return, but that’s not going to happen.
  7. Didn’t even stop off at Smiths to check out the discounted face-masks. Pffft.
  8. Killie up. Unlucky Arbroath. They’ve still got a shot through the play-off route.
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