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  1. It’s a bit weird this random new kit just appearing out of nowhere, but I have to keep reminding myself it’s Morton. 😂
  2. Are we replacing the yellow away kit or is that a third kit that’s being teased?
  3. I guess I have to temper my expectations for the coming season. If you offered me a 7th place finish right now, I’d bite your hand off. I’m hoping this post gets brought up in future and shoved right down my throat.
  4. Fair enough. We’ll need to see who gets added to the mix.
  5. Millar, McAlister and McLean are all past it. We’re gonna be chasing shadows.
  6. I wonder if they outsource production to VSN Sport 🤔
  7. They just don’t help themselves. It’s like the “help me, help you” scene in Jerry Maguire.
  8. It’s a good initiative for an area where men are taking their lives due to the drink/drugs/lack of prospects/money worries. I’ve heard from a couple of guys who’ve went and had the chance to talk openly about stuff that they can’t necessarily communicate with to their partners, family, or friends. I applaud the club for at least trying and not overlooking the issue that’s been worryingly prevalent, especially during the lockdown.
  9. Inverclyde Now has reported that a further three cases have arisen in addition to the cluster of eight linked to the pharmacy in Port Glasgow.
  10. After the recent outbreak, we’ll be one of the last grounds to reopen.
  11. Andy Weatherall and now Denise Johnson. Sad times.
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