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I didn’t know home clubs had the authority to prevent their opponents providing radio commentary for games too. If we didn’t block Hearts doing this for the December game we definitely should next month.

We’ll be unlikely to gain much from it but if it fucks them over after their behaviour in the summer it gets my vote.

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I've got no idea who to vote for, frankly. And there's a big overlap between POTY and YPOTY in any case.

If I was going off consistency Jacobs would be up there but he's not actually played that much. Colville is hugely improved but not sure if it's him either. Maybe Strapp? McAdams? Hell, you could make a case for Brian McLean. (Not for young player, admittedly, unless we mean geological age.)


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Even less than that for myself.  I've had no interest in this season, the fact that we are playing football this season when everything else has been on hold has made it farcical.


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